Monday, September 19, 2011


 by Tony Ryals

Around the world the ruins lay,
Reminders of a better day,
Modern man he doesn't heed them,
Only for tourism do they please him,
For this he too shall pass away,
And there shall come another day,
Rats and roaches shall have their way,
I dreamt I saw the first creation,
Of humanity's earliest civilization,
From a distance it looked rather nice,
Rather like a paradise,
They carved their stones to tell their tales,
And dug their very first wishing wells,
They sowed their soils they plowed them deep,
So their first harvest they could reap,
And to further increase their population,
They invented irrrigation,
They got their seeds from nature's garden,
And cut the remainder in the bargain,
The said to the rest you have no value,
Uproot yourselves we're going to plow you,
So a little of the biosphere disappeared,
And the civilized said that's good and cheered,
We with big brains and hands shall rule the earth,
We'll till the soil for all it's worth,
We'll build our temples to our gods,
And subdue our neighbors those uncivilized clods,
With our wheat our rye our barley our corn,
A new man has now been born,
And of course they also planted beans,
To complete agricultural man's proteins,
 And so the population grew,
From where other animals and plants did to,
Tigris,Euphrates and the Nile,
Cradles of civilization for a while,
The Tigres and Euphrates silted in,
Somewhere else to begin again,
Go out and multiply said the man on top,
Reproduce until you drop,
And that's just what they've been doing,
While the biosphere they're misconstruing,
Trouble for civilization is still brewing,

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