Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ode to the Psychomolecular Code

Ode to the Psychomolecular Code ...
by Tony Ryals
Franklin, Watson and Crick,
Cracked the gene code - pretty slick,
But yet another code,
Upon which their intellects rode,
Still eluded their scientific mode,
The scientific sages,
Still haven't discovered the source from which
their intellect rages,
Even though it appears certain,
That behind the intellectual curtain,
Another code is working,
Like the gene code - the brain code moves through space,
While relatively sets the pace,
Even for the basket case,
Evolution obeys the rules,
And uses them as tools,
Regardless of societies fools,
The gene code created Einstein's brain,
Crick, Watson and Franklin the same,
But their genes were in a different space,
Which gave to each a different face,
And this also applies to the brain, But this ain't the end of the tale,
Because another code exists that ain't known so well,
Although the genes create the brain,
This ain't the end of the game,
Thus I begin my ode,
To the psychomolecular code,
It's experientially evolved,
Although its separation from the gene code is far from resolved,
Every central nervous system organism,
Has a code that at least approximates human intellectualism,
Lobsters and chickens do,
Dogs and monkeys too,
Although Pavlov's dogs salivated at a bell,
Their gene codes did not predetermine this hypnotic spell,
Sociobiologist Dawkins might account for these poor dogs response with memes,
Which he proposes is the mind's answer to genes,
A meme is to the psychomolecular code,
What the gene is to the genetic code,
That a dog should have memes we should not be surprised,
It's just that the human brain is bigger and more organized,
In the human female estrus has become extinct,
And human female desire is now more brain linked,
So even sex is no longer driven exclusively by instinct,
And this must surely say something even for the human male,
Whose brain often dictates sexual preferences as well,
This is obvious in the male homosexual,
Whose attraction is not only hormonal but also intellectual,
And of the males there are very masculine gays,
So hormones don't determine sexual preference always,
The synthetic organics polluting the land,
Cannot be blamed directly on a genetic strand,
There is no gene code making DDT, Or Dr. Thimann's 2,4-D,
Just a human brain with a university degree,
There once was a doctor named Bateson,
Who said the mind had no time-space in,
His theory was a mess,
And as you might guess,
Einstein had no real place in,
But when he died,
And his mind entropyed,
It dispersed from the space he denied,
And only a year or so later,
His former home in Ben Lomond, California was used to empty a container,
It was malathion - a pesticide,
From the very time-space Dr. Bateson denied,
In Sacramento there's the Bateson building,
Dedicated by Governor Brown who thought it a solar building,
But the solar heated air in it wouldn't move,
Thus the solar heated toxins it couldn't remove,
From the solar heated atmosphere of the Bateson building&
It may have been formaldehyde,
Or another synthetic organic out gassed from the building materials inside,
But the state employees became sick inside,
From the very mind-space Dr. Bateson denied,
But there's still the question of religion,
Which is also probably located in the psychomolecular region,
We have Aryans who call themselves Jews just for politics,
And Asians who are no longer Buddhist but Catholics,
We have Christians of every extraction,
Thanks mainly to GuttenbergĂ­s printing press contraption
If Aryans can be Jews,
I guess what this proves,
Is that the genes don't program religion,
If the human brain codes do not become more synchronous with the needs of the gene codes that makes them,
Their very own brain codes may very well bake them,
Herein I end my ode to the psychomolecular code,

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