Saturday, September 17, 2011

Euro-Judeo Christianity

Euro-Judeo Christianity ...

by Tony Ryals

Millions of Jews in Europe died,
Only by fools or fascists would that be denied,
This twentieth century high-tech genocide,
But the historians and governments story-don't believe
them-they lied,
Just blame it on their pseudo-Christian pride,
Because the Allies and Christians who won the war,
Rewrote history to separate Christianity from the Nazi horror,
They'll tell you the Nazis weren't Christians,
They worshipped astrology and Norse pagan religions,
This should revolt many modem Germans,
Who must still pay taxes for their Christian sermons,
But no Norse pagans held a grudge or accused Jews of killing Thor,
So Christians should not defame the Norse gods anymore,
And for many years of European history,
It was Christian aristocrats who worshipped astrology,
Saint Dominic de Guzman of Dominican fame,
In the 13th century put all heretics to flame,
And the Catholic Church is still proud of his name,
With their barbaric old Testament theology,
They were just Nazis without the technology,
And when the Russians unleashed their pogroms,
It was again Christian mythology that drove their
psycho-neural programs,
I guess I could go on and on,
The list of atrocities is pretty long,
Then we get to World War 11,
We all cry Hitler killed the Jew,
It wasn't a Christian me and it wasn't a Christian you,
But Hitler was once a little boy,
In Christian Austria he searched for joy,
And asked his mom to buy him a toy,
It was there he learned to hate,
That Jews were going to run his state,
So his culture sealed his fate,
You should face it Fundamentalist Christians,
It was Hitler not Jesus who died for your sins,
And Jesus who really was a Jew,
Would be amazed and outraged by you,
The German Jews lived a mythology too,
That aided and abetted this false Christian view,
They thought that they were Semites too,
They couldn't separate their religion,
They took literally what their religion told them,
And just said, " Next year in Jerusalem",
So German Jews just to inform ya,
Your historic home was probably Khazaria,
It was probably in the Caucasus,
It's all just a big historic mess,
All Jews aren't Semites and all Semites aren't Jews,
Christian Moslem and Jewish fundamentalists are just bad news,
It doesn't matter whose their savior, .
Language and religion are both just a learned behavior,
Now the Christian fundamentalists support the Jewish state,
Why? Because they hope it will bring about
Armageddon-they can't wait,
Just chalk up this apocalyptic Judeo-Christian vision,
To man and his confused religious symbols in collision.

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