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WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THE USA?;Censored Trump Video NJ Casino Mafia

WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THE USA?;Censored Trump Video  NJ Casino Mafia



The historian Thomas Frank wrote the book entitled What's the Matter with Kansas?

He explains how those politicians who support the rich 0.1% manage to persuade ordinary folks to vote for them.

Thomas Frank writes:

"Strip today's Kansans of their job security, and they head out to become registered Republicans.

"Push them off their land, and next thing you know they're protesting in front of abortion clinics.

"Squander their life savings on manicures for the CEO, and there's a good chance they'll join the John Birch Society.

"But ask them about the remedies their ancestors proposed (unions, antitrust, public ownership), and you might as well be referring to the days when knighthood was in flower."

(Frank, T. 2004 "What's the Matter with Kansas?", pp. 67-68)

In 1999, Donald Trump, on the subject of abortion, said that he was "very pro-choice."

In 2016, Donald Trump says that he is "pro-life."

Trump realises that you can win support in elections by pressing the right buttons.

These buttons relate to guns, gays, God, Blacks, Moslems, immigrants, and abortion.


According to Thomas Frank, right-wing politicians prefer to talk about abortion and gay marriage, rather than about poverty.

And of course politicians do not like to talk about false flag operations or child abuse rings.

Too many Americans elect politicians whose economic policies will not benefit the majority of ordinary Americans.

Thomas Frank writes:

Instead of fighting for working class interests, the Democratic party has adopted economically conservative policies.

The Democrats also press the buttons relating to guns, gays, God, Blacks, Moslems, immigrants, and abortion.

The Democrats prefer to talk about being pro-choice rather than about false flags.

Thomas Frank writes that the conservative coalition is the dominant coalition in American politics.

The economic conservatives have achieved business tax cuts and deregulation.

The social conservatives have failed "because the very capitalist system the economic conservatives strive to strengthen and deregulate promotes and commercially markets the perceived assault on traditional values."

In other words, people like Trump and Clinton do not hold traditional values.


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