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San Bernardino,Apple,FBI.Where's The GoPro cameras On Islamic Terrorists ?ADL,.Israel,,Police Drill Hoax?,Cass Sunstein's 'cognitive infiltration'

San Bernardino,Apple,FBI.Where's The GoPro cameras On Islamic Terrorists ?,Police Drill Hoax?

As I've said before I believe ,Obama's ex  Jewish Zionist advisor Cass Sunstein's 'cognitive infiltration' is being taken to the streets a la Gladio in Europe or Cointelpro in the U.S.  was and still is to use false flag terrorism to herd and manipulate the masses into government submission.Bui it is longer an American government but one of international elites most probably Jewish Zionists headquarterd in City of London,Israel and internationally around the world.

Obama staffer wants 'cognitive infiltration' of 9/11 conspiracy ...

Jan 13, 2010 - Obama staffer wants 'cognitive infiltration' of 9/11 conspiracy groups ...Cass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor, co-wrote an academic article ...
Griffin demonstrates that Sunstein is completely unable to refute the major positions of the 9/11 truth movement, and doesn't actually even try to do so. Instead, Sunstein has produced a pseudo-scholarly fake "analysis" as a basis for a call for the government to infiltrate and neutralize the movement through activities which create "cognitive diversity," clearly not the least bit different from the FBI's Cointelpro operations. But in so doing Sunstein has provided Griffin the means to demonstrate yet again that defenders of the official account of 9/11 actually cannot proceed by using reason and fact. They are forced to resort to disinformation, suppression of evidence, lies, illogic, threats and intimidation, always with the same result: failure. The more people study the events of 9/11 the more certain they become that the government and its media outlets are lying.

san bernardino,islamic terrorism,enrique marquez ,syed ...

Jan 14, 2016 - san bernardino,islamic terrorism,enrique marquez ,syed farook, russia israel wife russian israeli wives, ... wolfblitzzer0: San Bernardino:ADL,FBI,Police,Grand Jury . ... San Bernardino 'Islamic' Terrorist Wives ISRAEL JEWISH .

San Bernardino 'Islamic' Terrorist Wives ISRAEL JEWISH ...

Dec 28, 2015 - San Bernardino 'Islamic' Terrorist Shootings:Russian Wives Of U.S.Enrique ... Syed Farook's 'accomplice' Enrique Marquez is married to Tatania's sister ... The Jewish ADL has trained law enforcement in San Bernardino.

GoPro cameras

They were wearing Go Pro Cameras when they were killed. The couple were at home when officers arrived. They took off when police followed them. They were shot dead.
It’s not clear at this time if they had time to download the tapes online or if they were dumped online somewhere.
The couple must have spent a long time planning the attack.
Other Jihadists have worn cameras in the past. (h/t The Gateway Pundit)
Updated: It was reported last night that the suspects were wearing GoPro cameras. It has just been confirmed they weren’t by Officials in San Bernardino

Like Sandy Hook:San BernardinoShootings,Islamic-Jewish ...

Jan 31, 2016 - San Bernardino 'Islamic' Terrorist Wives ISRAEL JEWISH . ...Marquez and killer Syed Farook were the witnesses for Raheel's wedding. .... Dec 30, 2015 - Israeli ADL Trained FBI Use Internet To Con mentally disabled ... FBI .


Dec 2, 2015 - Syed Farook's brother Syed Raheel Farook and his Jewish wife Tatiana Chernykh. The alleged San Bernardino shooter is Syed Farook. Syed Farook'sbrother Syed Raheel Farook is married to Tatiana Chernykh who has strong links toIsrael ... Hours after the shootings in San Bernardino, Enrique Marquez ...

HE SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTING – What Really Happened Behind The Scenes?

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire
The latest media driven shooting attack said to have taken place in San Bernardino, California over a week ago now – and still there’s a growing list of details that don’t add up.
After a week of whitewashed reports, a media scripted ransacking of the alleged ‘shooters’ home (tampering with a potential crime scene) and eyewitness accounts that contradict the official narrative, we also learn that in the very room where 14 people were reportedly killed (along with 21 injured) during a deadly shooting attack at the Inland Regional Center,  there was an“active-shooter” training drill involving some of the victims almost a year before the attack.
Here’s what doesn’t add up…
New information emerged casually in the mainstream media, prompting critics of such sensationalized events to have even more reason to question the validity of the official story surrounding this latest ‘mass shooting’ incident.
In our previous articles on this subject, we pointed out multiple markers which clearly indicate ‘active shooter’ armed rehearsal drills held at and around the Inland Regional Center location. Here’s another – another unbelievable development discussed recently by the LA Times:
“About a year ago, employees of San Bernardino County’s Environmental Health Services division underwent an “active-shooter training.” 
It was held at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino — in the very same room that would one day be a site of bloodshed and horror.”
“It was not clear if gunman Syed Rizwan Farook, an environmental health specialist for the county, attended the earlier training, but some of the victims of Wednesday’s mass shooting were likely to have participated, said a county spokeswoman.”
One must consider that statistically speaking, the chances of a real shooting event taking place in the exact same room where a multi-agency ‘active shooter’ drill took place approximately one year ago – has to be close to zero. Furthermore, this strange and unlikely coincidence should highlight the suspicious nature of the shooting event itself.
More than any other entity, the mainstream media are playing the central role in managing the official version of events in San Bernardino…

‘DESTROYING EVIDENCE’ –  Why would authorities allow members of the press and victims families to trample into a potential crime scene? (Photo leoaffairs)
Official Story Under Fire
As 21WIRE  previously reported when this story first broke:
“THREE shooters are said to have opened fire with ‘long guns’ [AR15 model rifle] inside a conference venue, in the Inland Regional Center, a government-run disabled services office complex, located in San Bernardino. Police gave chase to suspects and claim that 3 assailants were masked (therefore could not be ID’d at the scene), heavily armed and possibly wearing body armor.”
In fact, authorities did apprehend a third suspect but that aspect of the case, has seemingly  gone down the memory hole, as has the very detailed eye-witness testimony from Sally Abdelmageed, (an Inland Regional Center employee) in a CBS interview with Scott Pelley, which clearly states that there were three white men in tactical gear dressed in black involved in the shooting event.
Abdelmageed’s account, echoed that of Juan Hernandez, who was interviewed shortly after the shooting incident by a local NBC affiliate, where it was described that three white men in military fatigues,” had fled the scene in black Chevy Impala or SUV.
Despite all of this, CNN, ABC, FOX and all other media outlets on the scene – all pivoted, in unison, to validate authorities’ (the FBI) revised official ‘Jihadi Bonnie & Clyde’ story of “only 2 shooters – a husband and wife”.
We were then told, that the suspected shooters died in a dramatic shootout with police. However, immediately following the televised chase/shootout, the public was offered up only a few blurry ‘still’ photographs of the two dead suspects, in addition to inconclusive wide-angle camera shots from a distance. The entire shootout unfolded like a multi-agency drill, as police methodically approached the suspect’s SUV with several armored MRAPs.
Prior to law enforcement slowly closing in, 23 officers fired a combined total of approximately 380rounds according to a police spokesman. The vehicle’s damage was beyond anything that would be considered a normal engagement. The scene was also captured on a cell phone video by a local eyewitness, who appeared to start filming right as shots began ringing out during the dramatic car chase.

‘SAN BERNARDINO KILLERS?’ – An apparent image of Tashfeen Malik, along with her husband, Syed Farook at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. Notice that Farook and his wife appear to look different than other photographs released by the press. ( Photo
In addition to the questionable information outlined above, it was reported that the alleged gunman in the San Bernardino shooting, Syed Farook, received $28,500 in his bank account some two weeks prior to the events of December 2nd.
A recent FOX News release, disclosed the murky origin of the deposit:
“The deposit came via Utah-based, which describes itself as “a leading provider of national consumer and commercial private-label and bank card financing programs” on a nationwide basis.”
Those in mainstream media appeared to be in a frenzy over the bank deposit transaction, citing the new detail as further “proof” that somehow Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, had premeditated an attack – never stopping to consider how Farook obtained such a large loan or who might really be behind the transfer of money in the first place. An anonymous loan? This supports many narratives; that of a patsy, a man in debt, as well as a potential ‘terrorist’.
Only 24 hours later, Farook was said to have acquired the loan through the crowd sourced online lender named ‘Prosper’.
Unfortunately, we’re told that the suspects are dead, and therefore no longer available for cross examination.

‘TRUMPED’ –  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump proposing what amounts to a fascist solution to the ‘War On Terror’ this past week. (Photo: Twitter)
‘Divide & Rule’ Politics
Another troubling aspect to this case, is that the public has been force-fed a massive amount of propaganda in the aftermath of the apparent shooting in San Bernardino, most recently from GOP front-runner Donald Trump, with his polarizing and xenophobic calls for a unilateral immigration ban on all Muslims entering the United States this past week.
Rather than discuss his recent plan unveiled in the Fall for nationwide gun concealed carry program, or the restrictive gun legislation currently upheld in California and in particular San Bernardino, we see that the reality TV star and real estate mogul has instead chosen to feed into blind hysteria following the apparent terror incident by proposing a ban on all Muslims entering the US, while also recently taking a shot at free speech on the internet due to ISIS postings on social media. On all fronts, Trump appears to be cherry-picking various positions in order to gather poll percentage points.
San Bernardino, along with staged-managed events like the sensational Garland Shooting in April 2015, and the highly engineered Paris Attacks (January & November of 2015) and many other shootings this year and year’s past – have conveniently opened the door for sweeping ‘national security’ changes, while at the same time reigniting the old War on Terror meme, rebranded as the ‘War on Radical Islam’, for new audiences to be politically seduced by western media and politicians alike.

‘BOTCHED GETAWAY’ – Although authorities obtained a paper trail for the rented SUV above –  there are still many questions surrounding those said to be driving the vehicle. Why isn’t there footage of the alleged ‘terror couple’ leaving the SUV? ( Photo Twitter)
Security Linked to Terror
Unbeknownst to the average media consumer, the international background information released regarding wife Tafsheen Malik, and her husband Farookappears to shine a light on clandestine activities that might exist within Pakistan.
Readers should note Malik’s murky connection to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a place which has long been implicated as one of the largest financiers of terror globally – as acknowledged in this passage from Huffington Postin an article about the Paris attacks last January:
Exact numbers are not known, but it is thought that more than $100 billion have been spent on exporting fanatical Wahhabism to various much poorer Muslim nations worldwide over the past three decades.”
Relatives of Malik, claim that she spent most of her life in Saudi Arabia before studying as a pharmacy student at Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan, Pakistan between 2007 and 2012, but Saudi officials are insisting that Malik had only visited twice for a few months in total. This is in stark contrast to a faculty member in Pakistan, who referred to her as the “Saudi girl.”
Interestingly, both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are in damage control mode, politically speaking, as neither country wants to be associated with what is now being dubbed “the deadliest terror attack on US soil since 9/11.”
The San Bernardino shooting joins the Chattanooga shooting in July, an event that failed to provide a solid motive or believable timeline, with an All-American appellation added to the Muslim-American, thus dispensing wide-spread subliminal fear and Islamophobia.
In a recent Daily Mail release, we’re also told that supposedly Pakistani-born Malik, had ties toThe Red Mosque in Pakistan, a well-known Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) linked mosque:
“Sources have told Daily Mail Online that US officials handed over information to their Pakistani counterparts about links between Tashfeen Malik and the Red Mosque in Islamabad. The mosque is infamous for its links to violence and authorities in Pakistan are now considering taking action against its preacher, Maulana Abdul Aziz, after the disclosures by US officials.”
If Malik was inspired by ISIS, as claimed by authorities (via social media) then why does her background suggest a Pakistani/ISI/CIA/Al-Qaeda connection, if she was in fact radicalized’ as US plot writers insist? Her affiliations should suggest that she may be involved with one of the intelligence agencies active in the exact location she resided in Pakistan.
The UK’s Telegraph states that the part of Pakistan where Malik was staying is “known as a recruiting ground for Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist groups, including Lashkar al-Taiba, responsible for a bloody attack in Mumbai, India’s financial capital, in 2008.”
If true, this new twist in the media hyped San Bernardino shooting, could display a startling link between the Al Qaeda/ISI affiliated Red Mosque and other Western-backed black ops in Pakistan.
In May of 2011, The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) outlined the ISI’s material support for various militant groups, including the formation of Al-Qaeda – giving historical context to recent events:
“The ISI’s first major involvement in Afghanistan came after the Soviet invasion in 1979, when itpartnered with the CIA to provide weapons, money, intelligence, and training to the mujahadeen fighting the Red Army.”
The CFR further stated, “Pakistan’s government has repeatedly denied allegations of supporting terrorism, citing as evidence its cooperation in the U.S.-led battle against extremists.”
The CIA and ISI, have had a long, sometimes contentious relationship on the surface but the reality is that their collective footprint, is all over many tribal areas in Pakistan and places like Afghanistan – where extremism continues to grow to this day.
How has terror continued to grow, considering both agencies have such heavy surveillance within Pakistan?
Perhaps we should consider a historical perspective…
In the years following 9/11, a covert training facility run by the CIA, called Penny Lane, was setup and in use until 2006, as a location to train terrorists to become double agents. These agents were to be trained and released back out in the field to work with other officials within the agency.
However, the CIA ‘lost touch’ with many of its newly trained agents, even though the public had been told that this operation had been successful in its scope. The money to pay the informants and double agents was provided for by the CIA under the codename ‘Pledge.’ 
The shadowy dealings of the CIA, immediately recall the many hatched plots by the FBI, in addition to the FBI’s involvement in the suspicious events surrounding an international Moldova bust recently, following Russia’s airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria.
Time and time again, we see terror linked back to security in one shape or another.
As Western foreign policy engineers in Washington have been desperate for a deeper conflict in Syria and Iraq, we’ve seen a series of terror related incidents unveiled around the globe, as the security and oil business has also been in the forefront since NATO member Turkey, downed a Russian Su-24 Fighter Bomber near the Syria-Turkish border less than a month ago – sparking claims that ISIS and Turkey perhaps has an oil partnership, along with the Kurdish Regional Government’s (KRG) advantageous oil dealings.
Additionally, the US has continued to back the so-called FSA ‘moderate’ rebels whose members and mercenary fighters have either joint membership or at least known ties to ISIS, and other Sunni extremists, including members of al-Qaeda, the Islamic Front and the al-Nusra Front – causing major concern for those observing the escalation of violence in Iraq and Syria over the last several years.

‘COVERED UP’ – There are still so many unanswered questions about Enrique Marquez. (
Co-conspirator or Patsy?
As the San Bernardino shooting story continues to unfold, the FBI has been drip feeding the public with bits and pieces of new information, telling the public they’ve known that the ‘terror couple’ was radicalized for sometime, while also disappearing Farook and Malik’s neighborEnrique Marquez for further questioning after he was said to have legally purchased two AR-15s allegedly used in the shooting.
Now authorities say that Marquez could be brought up on additional charges and are now suggesting that Farook and he may have considered plotting to target other places in 2012 – but this appears to be based on several photographs of various schools seen allegedly seen on Farook’s cell phone.
Interestingly, Marquez was said to have checked himself into a mental health facility shortly after the shooting attack but authorities have been murky on most of the details.
Marquez has not been seen in public since being questioned after the San Bernardino event. This has prompted some to wonder if the National Defense Authorization Act has been invoked (NDAA), a bill passed back in 2012 that authorizes the executive branch to indefinitely detain any American citizen on suspicion alone, without the burden of proof and without a trial.
Mainstream media is now referring to Marquez as the ‘third suspect’ arrested whitewashing the early reports of a person apprehended near the scene of the incident.
But if media continues to present Marquez as the third suspect they will have totally contradicted eyewitness testimony at the crime scene, as multiple witnesses claim seeing “three tall white,” (as listed at the top of the article) males fleeing the area after the apparent attack.

ACCOMPLICE? – An easy-going Enrique Marquez seen on KTLA back in April of 2015. (PhotoTwitter)
A recent CNN report, added to the mystery surrounding Marquez:
“Investigators are still trying to corroborate information provided by Marquez and haven’t verified details of the alleged plot. Officials caution that Marquez’s claim of a 2012 attack could turn out to be false and an attempt to deflect his role in helping buy weapons that Farook later used in the San Bernardino shootings last week.”
“Marquez, 24, has not been charged with any crime and has told investigators he didn’t know about the plans for the San Bernardino attack. Since the shootings, he has waived his Miranda rights, cooperated with investigators and provided information, according to the officials.”
“Marquez could not be reached for comment. No attorney has come forward.”
Witnesses have come forward stating that there was “nothing” alarming about Marquez or the authorities would have been notified according to the Islamic Center of Riverside.
Spy Games, Drills & Red Herrings?
While the FBI has apparently been on the hunt for Farook’s missing hard drive in a lake near the San Bernardino shooting – it was also revealed that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deployed a sophisticated spy plane above San Bernardino for several days after the apparent attack.
The Daily Mail, recently discussed the details of the hi-tech equipment in use:
Sofrep, which first reported the plane’s use, said the use of the spy plane showed that law enforcement was ‘actively searching for other members of a terrorist cell.”
The article continued by adding that, “Spy planes have been deployed by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI before, such as over the protests in Baltimore in August in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray.”
“A story by the Wall Street Journal described in detail how the two foot wide ‘Dirtbox’ allows an astonishing level of surveillance once it is up and running.”
The device works by pretending to be a cell phone tower – mobiles automatically connect to the nearest one so latch onto the box – and can sweep up data on tens of thousands of phones in one go.”
Note that the website ‘Sofrep’ is quoted by the often used British Intelligence media dispensary the Daily Mail. Sofrep describes itself as follows: “SOFREP has real operatives giving insights onmilitary news and events”. The website claims to be run by “former special forces”, and formerNavy SEAL and a former clandestine service officer, giving it an “insider” brand cache, in almost identical fashion to Israeli Intelligence disinformation website Debka File which also promotes itself as “insider Israeli intelligence source”. Sofrep tries to sell itself as “off Broadway” or independent (how independent can a US military website really be?) while actively promoting various Pentagon projects and policies, such as the US-trained ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria, essentially validating Washington’s illegal dirty war in Syria. Like Debka, Sofrep also injects a lot of “insider” news regarding Israeli intelligence, and always mixed in with real mainstream news. Nothing groundbreaking, with most debates falling inside a Hobson’s Choice dialectic, along the lines of, “who is better equipped to manage the Syrian Rebels, the CIA, or the Pentagon”.
Drill Gone Live
There was a massive roll out of law enforcement equipment during the shooting in San Bernardino, prompting critics to suggest the entire event may have been a multi-agency ‘fusion’drill. 21WIRE reported on the day:
“This was one of the most impressive mobilizations of multiple local, state, county and federal law enforcement agencies. Within 90 minutes of the alleged ‘active shooter’ situation at Inland Regional, at least 12 different agencies were mobilized, including over 500 armed agents, at least 300 vehicles, over 1000 personnel, 5 SWAT teams, 3 helicopters, 3 mobile command centers, 10 armored MRAP vehicles, bomb squads with “tactical robots” being dispatched.”
And in fact, there was even more evidence of an active shooter drill on the very same day as the Inland Regional Center shootings, according to the LA Times:
“The day of the mass shooting in San Bernardino, my son’s high school was placed on a short lockdown.”
“I listened attentively as he explained the difference in lockdown levels: A Level One is when an active shooter is in the town or city; a Level Two is when the shooter is in the neighborhood; and a Level Three is when the shooter is actually on campus.”
The FBI’s special agent David Bowdich, has been in charge of the San Bernardino investigation and he was also in charge of the investigation into the LAX shootings in November of 2013, a highly theatrical event that displayed many inconclusive anomalies, along with what appeared to be an emergency related drill. The shooting followed an airport active shooter drill outlining an identical scenario almost exactly a month prior.
As we examine the spy games and drills on display following San Bernardino, it would be remiss to not at least mention that there were several strange media reports and some hoaxing following the attack, including GOP candidate Carly Fiorina‘s comments regarding the gun purchase details in the San Bernardino case. Fiorina stated the following, as she appeared on the Morning Joe Show recently:
“the ATF believes that someone purchased this gun on behalf of the police department and somehow that gun ended up in the hands of this guy.”

‘WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN?’ –  Social media propaganda went global following the Paris attacks this past January, centering the public’s focus on ‘freedom of speech’ while alarming details of the case were glossed over. ( Photo link
Staged Crisis: From Paris to San Bernardino 
The reality designers that exist within media and other curious creatures of the intelligence community would have the public believe that the Paris Attacks this year were the work of a smaller terror cell infiltrating Paris surreptitiously. But based on the reportage in days after the carefully staged and synchronized attacks, it was revealed that French authorities had prior knowledge of terror linked individuals inside of its borders.
Indeed, as critical pieces of this latest global puzzle have come together – evidence suggests ahighly organized and coordinated event involving many players. Those players have shaped the three dimensions of this event – carrying out the event are as follows: members of the police and security services, and most crucially, members of the global media. The last and most important group provides the fourth dimension of this reality, and that is you the public.
How you perceive any questionable event – is the ultimate prize for the architects of any impressive psy-op.
The fifth dimension of Paris is based on the fourth, which is how the architects and social engineers observe your reactions to the event. From this, data is collected, social media is monitored, then metered, opinions are analyzed, and public reactions are measured. The conclusions will be used to form the baseline and design of future ‘shock and awe’ operations.
US authorities claimed that, a US database for terrorists called the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, or T.I.D.E., had been tracking the apparent shooters said to be involved in the Charlie Hebdo “Magazine Murders,” and had been placed on a no-fly-list for to the United States.
ROBIN COOK – Killed for blowing the whistle on the international al Qaeda and ISIS criminal enterprise.
It’s worth noting that the TIDE database sounds identical to how many experts and whistleblowers have described ‘al Qaeda’, itself translated as “the base”. In fact one whistleblower who did not live long after admitting to the public what he knew, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who said that al Qaeda was “a database” used to track and manage Islamic fighters used by western intelligence agencies to carry out covert operations and false flag attacks world-wide.
Sky News outlined the ‘Terror Database” inadvertently mentioned by some media investigators at the time:
“On Thursday (January 8th, 2015) night, helicopters buzzed overhead in the region as the hunt continued.”
“Witness Benoit Verdun told Sky News he believes the suspects are in a large forest near Longpont, which he said is “bigger than Paris” – measuring some 13,000 hectares, or 50 square miles.”
It comes as a US official confirmed the brothers were both flagged as terrorists in a US database, and were also on the no-fly list, meaning they were barred from travelling to the United States.”
The apparent failure in the intelligence was blamed on the system being “overburdened” and a “lack of coordination”, or fusion, with US authorities. This phenomenon is something the public sees over and over in media without ever questioning that the various figureheads on TV and so-called ‘security experts’ have deep ties to the intelligence community themselves.
The media provides adequate cover for security agencies the world over – whether it’s Paris,Chattanooga, San Bernardino or any other seemingly manufactured event.
Here’s YouTube clips depicting CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewing various ‘victims’ family members’ seemingly affected by the San Bernardino tragedy. Critics of this video believe that these people may be crisis actors – decide for yourself…

There’s so much to question regarding the San Bernardino shooting story, as it echoes many other stage-manged shooting events in recent history.
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