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James Dale Davidson - my original wikipedia bio of j.d.davidson before jimbo wales,wikipedia censorship of it.

James Dale Davidson

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James Dale Davidson is author of the Sovereign Individualthe Great Reckoning, and Blood in the Streets, all three co-authored with William Lord Rees-Mogg. He is also formerly the founder and head of the National Taxpayers Union, a group seeking to defend individual taxpayers against government abuse.
However the NTU or the National Taxpayers Union is not an unbiased entity coming to the aid of any taxpayer but an elitist far right organzation disguising itself as a defender of the middle class .In truth it uses its membership to push a far right agenda to aid very wealthy individuals.James Dale Davidson who apparently founded NTU in 1969 and Steve Forbes,Grover Norquist,et al.,who have used it to push their agendas,both inside and outside the Beltway,do not have the same interests as those they pretend to represent as leaders of NTU.
James Dale Davidson appears to keep much of his past a secret and only selectively releases aspects of his past such as having been a Rhodes scholar and Oxford grad sometime before his nemesis Bill Clinton who he claims to have supported during his first presidential campaign,for whatever reason,until,for whatever reason, he didn't.This according to Davidson occured sometime into Bill Clinton's first term.Then he teamed up with Richard Mellon-Scaife to attack Clinton unmercifully with the accusation,even using fraudulent evidence,that Clinton killed Vince Foster.His mini self promotional biographies are little more than that. And while he always seems to flourish,his investors,(unless they are insiders to his usual penny stock pump and dump scams),always seem to lose big time.
He is also the founder of the far right wing website and has always claimed to be founder of Agora Inc.with its web of interconnected scammy websites that mainly tout penny stocks.Since he and Porter Stansberry was taken to court by the SEC for touting or promoting the penny stocks Endovasc and Genemax as well as the nuclear refining and recovery stock 'USU' or USEC in 2003,using his Agora Inc's 'Vantage Point' website and mail promotions,he has been quiet about his claim to having founded Agora Inc..Instead Bill Bonner,a long time associate of James Dale Davidson and accoring to Porter Stansbery,(personal communication), a chilhood friend,takes full credit for founding Agora his stead.
James Dale Davidson was CEO of Genemax that was created by a 'reverse split' of a shell company called Eduverse leaving very few shares,perhaps leaving only a few hundred thousand shares at first after the 'reverse split',in its entire 'float'.This is to say that only that small amount was available to be bought and sold daily by investors or speculators.I have no way of knowing but I believe it a good guess the name Genemax was inspired by his far right
Shortly after Genemax appeared on the OTC penny stock scene promoting itself as the company that would develop a 'cancer vaccine'with the help of University of British Columbia researchers,James Dale Davidson who was CEO of Genemax for a short while resigned.This was not until after a heavy promotional campaign of the company and its shares,and particularly with the emphasis that only a few hundred thousand shares were available to be bought on the open market,through Agora Inc. and Businesswire etc.,press releases.Davidson resigned and quietly disappeared from the Genemax scene as has been the case with so many penny stock companies he has been involved with or on the boards of and sold or dumped millions upon millions of shares of,amid the controversy and attention he was receiving in the Wall Street Journal from Carol Remond's well researched and hard hitting articles.

Canadian associates Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins,with a past history of dubious penny stock promotions and sales,were claiming Genemax's shares were being 'naked shorted'.They for a while ran ICI,or Investor Communications International, out of the same Blaine,Washington office on the western Canadian border,that GMXX or Genemax office was located.The related NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling was also housed there.
The 'naked shorting' claim would mean that market makers who buy and sale shares of various stocks to retail clients were counterfeitting shares to sell to retail customers,who in turn dumped them into the float,increasing its size and devaluing the price of shares already in circulation,just like printing too much money.In truth when all was said and done,Genemax SEC filings late in the game revealed the the truth and since staring with only a few hundred thousand shares and manipulating and promoting the share value for a brief time up to $20 per share the value collapsed as more insiders to the scam dumped and tens of millions of Genemax's worthless shares,now worth about 10 U.S.cents a piece inundate the market.And worse,none of the money from those shares ever entered a Genemax account to further the supposed research of the company but disappeared into the accounts and pockets of James Dale Davidson and his fellow penny stock promoters.This was yet another illegal 'pump and dump' of a penny stock the SEC,or U.S. Securities Exchange Commission,did nohing about.
As it turns out it is obvious,in retrospect,that this was another big hoax or fraud on the U.S. and international penny stock market.James Dale Davidson,,had years of experience dating no doubt to pre-computer days in the pumping and dumping or promoting of such fly by night companies followed by massive selling of shares they bought at steep discount,or received for free to promote the stocks,through the mail or phone or other means before internet.These are called 'boiler room' activities or illegal 'pump and dump' activities.
With the internet promoting shares with lies and false promises of a company's or companies' potentials remains the same but the cost to reach potential 'marks' or suckers becomes much less expensive. And the potential victims of penny stock scams are now reached virtually instantaneously at little or no cost when compared to the use of mail delivery service and the printing of thousands of paper promotional or investment advice letters or pamphlets.Also phony websites can be created and taken down overnight when the heat is on and the once useful websites have served their purpose and may be used as evidence in court if they remain.
James Dale Davidson of 'Clinton killed Vince Foster'fame a fraud ?
I wish to try to tell the story of my encounters with James Dale Davidson,Rhodes scholar like Clinton and a Clinton supporter until,for whatever reasons of his own,or others,he wasn't.

I am here to state as much how little is known as how much is.He is the founder of the far right National Taxpayers of which Steve Forbes has been a president.And if he were to catch you in a dark alley of the internet he would rob you blind,as he did to me.But it's nothing personal and he's sorry for your losses just the same. Of course I had no idea who James Dale Davidson was at the time I became his victim.I thought I was investing in a Stanford patent to use nicotine and the acetylcholine receptor it attahes itself to for angiogenesis or blood vessel formation among other things.And from living a long time outside the U.S. and having no experience with either investing or the internet I had no idea what I was in for.
All with a pretense of 'nationalism' and 'patiotism' operating his scams mainly from the Beltway and taking advantage of years of political and financial contacts made there and elsewhere.He is founder of of which the likes of Al Haig and many other far right and one might say neo-fascists contribute. His years at Oxford and as a Rhodes scholar,I believe, distanced him further from his fellow Americans and made him feel and act as an elite who only associated with those of like mind and economic class.On the other hand it could have been his particular American upbringing as those earlier years are perhaps even more profound in personality development.
I believe he is James Dale Davidson III but his youth is left out of his self-agrandizing business auto-biographies is if he is hiding or ashamed of something in his earlier years.But this is only a guess as little or nothing is known for the public record. I find no mention anywhere from him or anybody else as to who James Dale Davidson I and II were.And no mention of his childhood although I am sure he had one.He no doubt entered Oxford sometime before Clinton and is older but this has rarely been a topic of his 'I'm a great businessman' autobiograhies.Funny if one looks at the companies he sites as examples,they all fail or go out of business,yet he is always doing better than ever.
Below is the now famous or infamous quote from Hillary Clinton regarding 'the vast right wing conspiracy'.Funny,James Dale Davidson has a habit of saying 'good guys' and 'bad guys.He's always one of the 'good guys',of course.Well I don't know,I always thought liberal' and 'conservative' like 'communist' and 'capitalist' were inadequate and artificial ways of labeling people.But I will say Davidson prides himself on being far right and I believe elitist,not my ideal of America.And like the Lord Rees-Mogg he collaborates with he believes in class and being in the upper tiers strongly,at whatever cost.
It was Baron Rothschild who in the early 19th century advised investors to ' Buy when there is blood on the streets.' ' Blood in the Streets', is also,not so coincidentally a title of a book co-written by the Lord Rees-Mogg and James Dale Davidson.Yet I have met what I would consider 'conservative' Americans and they are still not blood thirsty and many do hold high standards and morals just as the so-called 'liberals',that in todays America for political purposes are made to be 'radicals' or the equivalent of old line Russian communists by the likes of Rupert Murdoch who is a friend to Davidson's Lord Rees-Mogg and owner of the London Times where Rees-Mogg was once editor.

“…this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for President.” —Hillary Clinton. on The Today Show, after the Monica Lewinsky story broke.
Below is a hodge podge of writing from different sources including James Dale Davidson's far right that describes in his,or his sympathetic British writer Christopher Ruddy's words, an encounter between Bill Clinton and James Dale Davidson during Clinton's first inauguration. Christopher Ruddy it should be remembered,was inspired to write much of the slander that 'Clinton killed Vince Foster'.It was Davidson who found and paid an Oxford handwriting expert to prove or at least insinuate it.Had the handwriting on Foster's suicide note been forged and the FBI said no,it would not have proven a thing.But proof was never Mr.Davidson's strong point,like his '' etc.and his fraudulent penny stock mailings and and websites,inference is everything,proof nothing.
Mr.James Dale Davidson never had any more proof for his fraudulent claim that the corrupt penny stock companies he has been involved with were victims of 'naked shorting' ,or of brokers etc., inundating the market with non-existent 'electronically counterfeitted' shares than he did that Clinton killed Vince Foster,but he didn't care,it was the idea that counted.It is all psy-ops whether it be promoting wothless companies to dump their shares on naive investors or spreading the idea Clinton killed Vince Foster.It was and is,all the same.Promote and sell a perception or the perception of an idea you speadnnot the truth and not 'facts'.
So while Richard Mellon-Scaife and other far right contributers to the cause made their contributions most Americans who carry around the idea in theuir heads that Clinton killed or maybe killed Vince Foster virtually none can say where they got the idea.Well in great part and for the most part hats off to James Dale Davidson and his behind the scenes propaganda machine.
If you do a google search of 'naanss' or better 'naanss davidson colby' you will find my comments or complaints to the SEC of late 2003 regading James Dale Davidson and his National Association Against Naked Short Selling'.This would be closed down at its former office in Blaine,Washington sometime after my complaint.This office also housed 'Genemax' penny stock that touted a 'cancer cure' but only produced an unending stream of penny stock shares inundating the market,never putting money in the coffers for research and always more shares being dumped from U.S.or Canadian accounts and through offshore entities.Davidson and the Lord Rees-Mogg promoted LOM or Lines Overseas Management of Bermuda in their book 'The Sovereign Individual' without even disclosing their substantial ownership.It is now under long over due investigation by the SEC for dumping huge volumes of shares of penny stocks from its U.S.accounts including Charles Schwab.This is what Davidson fraudulently claimed were 'naked shorts' or non-existent shares sold by Schwab.Schwab kept quiet because the fraud and what I term 'share-money laundering' was a very good business.

National Taxpayers Union's John Berthoud re Chairman Emeritus James Dale Davidson,founder 1969
This letter addressed to Michael Oxley in favor of GSE's:
National Taxpayers Union Letter to Chairman Michael Oxley, Committe on Financial Services, U.S. House of Representatives
October 7, 2003
The Honorable Michael G. Oxley, Chairman Committee on Financial Services U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515

Political Blues in the Mail - Don Tighe in 2003 on receiving solicitation for donation from James Dale Davidson of NTU.The unusual thing to me is why Davidson solicited personally and why I can't find the P.O.Box p.o.Box ggiven for reply officially associated with NTU. complaint re James Dale Davidson
When Bad Things Happen to Good People: James Dale Davidson and Genemax:
PowerChannel Inc and James Dale Davidson from :

Note On Anarchy State and Utopia James Dale Davidson

Jim Davidson and the Week That Was

On the death of Ezra Pound - James Dale Davidson
Lord Rees-Mogg connections to Davidson enterprises

James Dale Davidson Lord Rees-Mogg Ulysses Blanchard III
New Zealand Burmuda etc.
email correspondence with Porter Stansberry of Agora Inc. re James Dale Davidson
Porter Stansberry responds

Porter Stansberry responds again
Porter Stansberry hints that ex SEC attorney Brent Baker who litigated against himself James Dale Davidson and Agora Inc. is a crook
James Dale Davidson sometimes founder,sometimes Co-founder of Agora Inc.,that he,and according to Porter Stansberry,childhood friend of Davidson,Bill Bonner created and have operated since 1979.:
Article by Brent Mudry,,re SEC litigation against James Dale Davidson,Porter Stansberry and Agora Inc.
Christopher Byron,New York Post article re SEC litigation against James Dale Davidson,Porter Stansberry and Agora Inc.
Championlite penny stock pump and dump and James Dale Davidson from :
Edgetech,ICI,James Dale Davidson,note ICI or Invesror CommunicatioN International created NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Shot Selling :
email correspondence from James Dale Davidson :
reply 1 :
reply 2 :
reply 3 :
Agora Inc.meets ex DIA George Tenet at their new Orleans Investment Conference 2004 :
investmentu,Agora Inc. and CIA 's Ionatron 'investment' or pump and dump ? :
Agora Inc, appears to have promoted Ionatron in Germany ?
The Millionaire's Secret :James Dale Davidson discusses Bill Clinton,Oxford,etc. :
color highlighted for names: 'james dale davidson clinton iraq iran foster mexico mena oxford '
Orlin Grabbe who may have libertarian or Eris Society Davidson connection,both were involved in the Vince Foster suicide or mystery for some reason,Grabbe seeming to take more of an Israeli conspiracy against Foster for whatever reason and James Dale Davidson trying to pin the blame on Bill Clinton,of course.Grabee does seem to have some connection to two Brits implicated in the Enron offshore money trail. :
Ex CIA Chief 'William Colby Death Mystery',by Christopher Ruddy, from James Dale Davidson's own .Note Colby was appointed CIA Chief by Richard Nixon and yet refused his request that the CIA intervene in the Watergate scandal.Paradoxically he was reviled by the Beltway far right for testimony he gave before Congress in the late 1970's.And his employee at the time of his death was James Dal Davidson whose Beltway connections and alegiances were indeed the far right.
Paradoxically James Dale Davidson,or his employee, Christopher Ruddy,a hack British writer who lied to make Davidson's and his case for Clinton being responsible for the death of Vince Foster,actually in trying to blame Clinton for Colby's death as well has a slip of thee tongue or the pin or keyboard as the case may be and states in the article below that right wing newsmax source perhap his agent,predicts Colby's death a month in advance, only that the first prediction is by auto accident rather than the drowning that befell him a month later in 1996.
It should be noted also that Colby was only paid by Davidson to have his name on the letterhead of a questionable Agora Inc. stock tout or promotion mailing sent out to subscribers called 'Strategic Investment',not unlike the Agora Inc.'Vantage Point' and other hype mailings,(or their internet sites),sent out by Davidson and Porter Stansberry that led to their close brush with the SEC in 2003.
In the article below Ruddy mentions his desire to have Colby endorse his book on the same subject,i,e.- that Clinton killed Vince Foster.However from the time in 1995 when Davidson sent out his 'Strategic Investment'special edition claiming that Clinton was involved in the death of Vince Foster we find nothing but a wall of silence from William Colby untill his mysterious drowning a year later.No where do we find any indication that Colby would lend his name to a book by Christopher Ruddy that Davidson took the liberty to put his name on earlier without his endorsement or permission as far as anyone can tell. article from google,'christopher ruddy vince foster james davidson richard mellon scaife'And there are more better researched articles as well :

'America's Dreyfus Affair' by David Martin :re Clinton,Vince Foster, James Dale Davidson's and Agora Inc.'s 'Strategic Investment'smear with ex-CIA Chief Colby's name on the letterhead.Also Davidson's and www.newsmax's smear writer Christopher Ruddy's guffaw about the hand Foster used to pull the trigger.Orlin Grabbe who has British associates connected to Natwest of Enron scandel also mentioned.Both Davidson and Grabbe may be members of 'Eris Society' which I know nothing about but the godess is one of disharmony and chaos I believe which is fitting. :
The Christopher Ruddy that Mike Wallace interviewed on 60 Minutes, whom Wallace credited as responsible, more than anyone else, for Americans' skepticism about the Foster death, certainly came across as sheepish and shifty-looking. I credited it at the time to skillful editing, lighting, and camera angles by the same people who had admittedly pulled Bill Clinton's chestnuts out of the fire during the Gennifer Flowers stink in the `92 campaign and to Ruddy's youth and inexperience. But maybe the camera doesn't lie. He looked his absolute stumbling worst when he tried to explain away the bold assertion of the video (that he had a major role in producing) that Foster was left- handed, when the gun was found placed in his right hand. His weak retort was that the video was not his, but was instead a product of James Dale Davidson's Strategic Investment Newsletter. "You edited it, didn't you," shot back Mike Wallace, and Ruddy was left with no defense.
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