Despite that, Trump is still leading the polls. According to an NBC News Online poll conducted by SurveyMonkey just hours after the GOP debate, Trump is leading the GOP pack with 23 percent support, ahead of Ted Cruz who has 13 percent support.
But while the current criticism of Trump is quite serious, and rightly so, he has shown a lighter side when it comes to the topic.
For instance, in this video skit from 2000, which was shot for “Inner Circle Press,” then-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is dressed in drag, while The Donald gets a bit, well, handsy.

There is this clearly-not-innocuous perfume sniff:


And then there is this full-on motorboat, after which Giuliani exclaims “Oh you dirty boy!” and slaps Trump:

We’re sorry you had to see that. But, if you want more, here’s the full video: