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Russia Putin Has Jewish Roots Just Like Michelle,Barack Obama - Or Better

Russia Putin Has Jewish Roots Jst Like Michelle,Barack Obama - Or Better

Note that both the White House as well as Putin's Kremlin are more at home with the far right Jewish Chabad Lubavitch sect than with Russian or American Christians unless the Christians are brainwashed to believe the white Jews of Russian or European origen are -Semites- which is nothing but a historic lie still promoted by politicians in power whether they be,Putin,Obama,Germany Jewish Angela Merkel or even the Zionist Pope Francis who colluded with with Israelis and Argentine military junta in masscre of over 30,000 Argentinians and muder of over 500 pregnant Catholic women who were tretated like cattle for slaughter made into baby machines then brutally murdered after the babies' births who were then handed over to more pro Israweli Argentine military connected elites to be raised and brainwashed into pro Israel robots.

President Obama Welcomes Chabad-Lubavitch to the White ...

Apr 27, 2015 - President Obama Welcomes Chabad-Lubavitch to the White House ... leaders in Chabad-Lubavitch children's service organization, the Jewish ...

Putin’s Chosen People  
What’s behind the Russian president’s close relationship with an Orthodox Jewish Chabad Lubavitch sect ?  
By Joshua Keating


And re Russia's Kosher Nostra ... From Russian websites an interesting photo article in English on the very, very Jewish Vladimir Putin

Article claims that Putin's mother was Jewish with original family name Shalomovitch later altered to Shelomova, with Putin's maternal grandfather a 1917 Bolshevik revolution Jew, as well as Putin's paternal grandfather being the chef to Lenin & Stalin ... so Putin fully Jewish (and an Israeli citizen) under rabbinic law

Much on Putin's links to Rothschilds, Jewish oligarchs, many photos of Putin wearing his kippah (Jewish male religious head covering) with rabbis, at Jewish sites etc

Putin is certainly very Jewish given his close friendship with Netanyahu, his support for the Mossad-tied Chabad in Russia etc ... An overall big 'tell' regarding Putin & NWO, is the continual feebleness of Putin's state media regarding easily-shown Western scandals

Though these Russian articles give a slight feeling of perhaps assuming too much or exaggerating a bit, perhaps re Putin's mother or similar ... no need for that if the case, as Putin's Zionist credentials are very solid regardless

Anyhow interesting ... 2 versions of the article, one with some photos & better text layout, the other with several more Putin family & Jewish-scene photos, but text a bit scattered -

'Jewish roots of Russian president Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin is a pawn of NWO':

Some photos, good text layout version

With more photos, not-as-good text layout


Jewish roots of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin is a pawn of NWO.

Putin’s maternal grandfather was a Jew involved in the bolshevik revolution, his paternal grandfather worked all his life as the chef of Lenin and Stalin.
His paternal grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich Putin (1879–1965), was employed at Vladimir Lenin‘s dacha at Gorki as a cook, and after Lenin’s death in 1924, he continued to work for Lenin’s wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya. He would later cook for Joseph Stalinwhen the Soviet leader visited one of his dachas in the Moscow region. Spiridon later was employed at a dacha belonging to the Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, at which the young Putin would visit him.
Putin was put into power by the Federation Of Jewish Organizations In Russia. The Jewish Chairman of this organization Abramovich stated in a 2005 interview that Putin could obtain Israeli citizenship if he wanted as an ethnic Jew. And that his mother was a Jew Shelomova. This makes Putin full Jewish by Jewish law.
Putin traces his earliest connection to Judaism back to his early childhood in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, when he befriended a Jewish family that lived in his apartment block. In his 2000 autobiography, Putin wrote that the unnamed family loved him and that he used to seek its company.
“They were observant Jews who did not work on Saturdays and the man would study the Bible and Talmud all day long,” Putin wrote. “Once I even asked him what he was muttering. He explained to me what this book was and I was immediately interested.” Can anyone believe that Jews let goyim read their holy books? 
Just look at Putin’s face and ears closely; he is no more a Christian than Benjamin Netanyahu. He is just another crypto Jew, having conveniently converted to Orthodox Christianity. How convenient. As the New Republic’s Julia Ioffe notes, a number of his closest confidants, as well as the Judo teacher who served as a mentor and surrogate father, are Jews. Moreover, Putin's closest associate and prime-minister of Russia, Dmitriy Medvedev is also a Jew. Vladimir Putin is just another manipulative, greedy, demonic, billionaire, oligarch Jew – who is deceiving everyone in Russia. 
Besides, Israel and its media were always friendly to Putin’s Russia, and completely ignored political position of US towards Russian president. During a March 4, 2014 news conference, Putin called the anti-Yanukovych protesters “reactionary, nationalist and anti-Semitic forces”, most Israel media used against Euromaidan protesters the same definitions. Putin has repeatedly cited the alleged anti-Semitism of Ukrainian nationalists in justifying Russia’s 2014 annexation of the Ukraine-controlled Crimea. In January, 2015, Putin inveighed against Ukrainian nationalists — he called them “Banderites,” a reference to the Ukrainian Nationalist and anti-Semite Stepan Bandera, which during WWII fight against soviet army — during a speech he delivered on International Holocaust Memorial Day, when he was Lazar’s guest at Moscow’s Jewish museum.
By contrast, hostile attitudes to Jews are prevalent in only 30 percent of the Russian population, according the Anti-Defamation League’s 2015 world index – less than in France (37 percent), Poland (45 percent) or Ukraine (almost 50 percent).
Putin was also the first Russian leader to visit Israel, where he attended an official reception. He also visited a Moscow synagogue, participated in candle-lighting ceremonies on Chanukah and reportedly had an open door for one of Russia’s two chief rabbis, Berel Lazar.
Under Putin, the Hasidic FJCR became increasingly influential within the Jewish community, partly due to the influence of Federation-supporting businessmen mediated through their alliances with Putin, notably Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich. According to the JTA, Putin is popular amongst the Russian Jewish community, who see him as a force for stability. Russia's chief rabbi, Berel Lazar, said, Russia has in Vladimir Putin its “most pro-Jewish leader,” whom he credits with “fighting anti-Semitism more vigorously than any Russian leader before him.”
For Russia’s Jews, whose estimated numbers range from 500,000 to 1 million, Putin marked a departure from the anti-Semitism of past Communist elites and of the once all-powerful KGB, which he served for nearly two decades.
Treated as a punching bag by Communist rulers and waved off as a nuisance by Boris Yeltsin, the restitution-resistant president who replaced them, Russian Jewry has experienced a golden age under Putin. From the maritime border with Japan to the land border with Finland, dozens of synagogues in Russia have been returned to communities that, with help from Chabad rabbis, began to flourish and open hundreds of kindergartens, schools and Jewish community centers.
While human rights groups reported surges in xenophobic attacks at various times during Putin’s presidency, Jews rarely were the targets. Under Putin, harsh laws have led to a crackdown on ultranationalist groups that once had flourished in Russia. Hundreds, if not thousands of Russian nationalists and anti-Semites were sent to jails during his presidency.
Mikhail Chlenov, secretary general of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, says Putin’s pro-Jewish tendencies are part of the reason that anti-Semitic incidents are relatively rare in Russia. In 2013, the Russian Jewish Congress documented only 10 anti-Jewish attacks and acts of vandalism, compared to dozens in France.
Few would dispute that Putin has been friendly to Jewish institutional life in Russia — especially to organizations and leaders that belong to the Chabad Hasidic movement.
Gorin, a Chabad rabbi and chairman of Moscow’s $50 million Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, credits Putin personally for providing state funding for the institution, which opened in 2012. Putin also donated a month’s wages to the museum.
“Putin has facilitated the opening of synagogues and Jewish community centers across Russia, at the Jewish community’s request. This has had a profound effect on Jewish life, especially outside Moscow,” Gorin said. “He instituted annual meetings with Jewish community leaders and attends community events. His friendship with the Jewish community has given it much prestige and set the tone for local leaders.”
Zvi Gitelman, a professor of Judaic studies at the University of Michigan who studies the relationship between ethnicity and politics in the former Soviet Union, said “Chabad, with the help of Putin, is now the dominant religious expression of Judaism in a mostly nonreligious population,” Gitelman said.
(JTA) — When even Russian policemen had to pass security checks to enter the Sochi Winter Olympics, Rabbi Berel Lazar was waved in without ever showing his ID.

Vladimir Putin for 16 years  was an officer in the KGB, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel but in 2000 he became an uncrowned Tsar of Russia (1/6 of Earth's land), or rather the new global Shah of Oil and the richest man in the world. It is not wise to be too curious about how the rich got their fortune, but many Russians wonder why they are so poor? Why are they poorer than in the most difficult years of Soviet power, and why does Russia have so many orphans, as if in war? The Russian economy is in decline, and almost nothing is done. Everything is purchased from abroad, even military equipment, although the Soviet Union was a leading exporter. Russia has become a third world country, a raw materials appendage of the industrialized world. 
Russia excels some African countries in terms of corruption - 154th place out of 178th. The Russian press mentioned that Vladimir Putin has secret savings of more than 40 billion dollars. People wonder how comrade Vladimir Putin  could make a huge fortune and where he, a former Communist and KGB spy keeps his dollars?  In the Kremlin?
From 2000, when Putin became a new President of Russia, the oil prices have risen considerably and Russian economy received more than 2 trillion dollars from oil and gas trade. Not a cent of this money has been invested into real Russian economy. Part of the oil money goes on imported goods and the rest vanished in the pockets jewish bosses who sit on the oil pipe. The eternal question is: "Who Lives Well in Russia?"  At different times, they were different people, but now everyone knows that life is only good for the super-rich oligarchs, mostly Jews.
Putin did not kill Oligarchic rule in Russia, what nonsense! He pushed back Berezhovsky and Khodorovsky, because they were a threat to his rule, which the Money Power needs to be strong and centralized. The Putin – Oligarch deal is quite clear: The Kremlin for him, the economy for them.

According to a report by Russian banking website lenta.ru, which gives the 48 Jews on the list a combined net worth of $132.9 billion, while Jews account for only 0,5% of Russian population. The whole wealth of Russian billionaries is less than 300 billion.
Among the 48 Jews who made the list, 42 are Ashkenazi and together have a net worth of $122.3 billion; the average net worth of each Ashkenazi billionaire stands at $2.9 billion. The wealthiest Ashkenazi is Mikhail Fridman, who has a net worth is $17.6 billion and is Russa’s second richest man. The Ashkenazi billionaires include Viktor Vekselberg (net worth of $17.2 billion), Leonid Michelson (net worth of $15.6 billion), German Khan (net worth of $11.3 billion), Mikhail Prokhorov (net worth of $10.9 billion), and Roman Abramovich (net worth of $9.1 billion).
Journalist Nikolai Svanidze, a member of the Public Chamber of Russia, a consultant for the office of President Vladimir Putin, said in response that the list is a “Nazi report” and that the ethnicities of the wealthiest members of Russian society should not be published, as it is “subject to cause issues.”
The Jewish Rothschild's who created the Soviet Union at the top. Still own Russia, who Abramovich is a front Jew of Russian gov. owned Rosneft in business with Rockefeller [Rockefeller's are Jewish they are of the Rothschild bloodlines] run Exxon and BP despite “sanctions.”
The Putin Government and Chubais are joint owners of RUSNANO.
In 2012, Rothschild Capital Partners bought a 37 percent stake in the Rockefeller’s wealth advisory and asset management group.
Rothschild run Glencore and the Putin Government joined forces to create the world’s largest aluminum company, RUSAL.
The Rothschild Global Financial Advisory is located in downtown Moscow and their website brags of “high level political access” to the Russian government.
Deripaska is CEO of RUSAL.
Abramovich is Putin’s close confidant, and a joint shareholder along with the Russian government in assets such as Gazprom, Aeroflot, and RUSAL.
Putin selected close friend Oleg Deripaska to represent Russia in ABAC (APEC Business Advisory Council). Deripaska is also a close friends and RUSAL business partners with Roman Abramovich.
The Rothschild family are majority shareholders of Rio Tinto. RUSAL and Rio Tinto are involved in joint mining operations despite so called “sanctions” imposed by the West.
The Rothschild family are majority shareholders of Rio Tinto. RUSAL and Rio Tinto are involved in joint mining operations despite so called “sanctions” imposed by the West.
Nat Rothschild is a fellow RUSAL investor, and best friend of Roman Abramovich. Nat is also close friends, and RUSAL business partners with with Oleg Deripaska.


Meet the Jewish cousin of Barack Obama's wife, Michele. His name is Rabbi Capers Funnye and he is the chief Rabbi of the Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation in Chicago - one of the largest black Jewish synagogues in America.

Meet Mark Obama Ndesandjo. He is Barack Obama's Jewish brother. "Jewishness" is passed down through the mother's line. Mark had an American Jewish mother, Ruth Nidesand, who was the third wife of Barack Obama Senior.

This month, Mark Obama Ndesandjo visited Israel secretly to get in touch with his Jewish roots. Wearing a Jewish beanie cap called a yarmulke, Mark met with Ashkenazi chief rabbi Yona Metzger and received a blessing.

We know Barach Obama Senior chose one Jewish bride but did he choose two? Was President Barack Obama's mother Jewish? Not according to news reports...but news reports can be wrong or misleading...and so can "records of live birth" and birth certificates.

Barack Obama's mother "Stanley Anne Dunham" worked for Timothy Geitner's Jewish father in Indonesia at the elite Ford Foundation. Who is Timothy Geithner? None other than Barack Obama's Jewish United States Secretary of the Treasury.

Barack Obama's maternal grandmother, Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham, had connections with Jewish bankers. She was one of the first female bank vice presidents in Hawaii.

To attract the Jewish vote, Barack Obama told Jewish voters, "Barack, interestingly enough, means the same as Baruch (a Jewish name). They have the same Semitic root. So you can call me Baruch Obama."

Obama was the first president to host the Jewish passover ritual known as "seder" at the White House.

In 2004, the Huffington Post named Obama as “The First Jewish Presidential Nominee” after he received 77% of the Jewish vote in exit poles. "These numbers were higher even than the 2004 election, when Democratic candidate John Kerry received 74 percent of the Jewish vote.

Obama campaigned for the office of President of the United States by visiting the wailing wall and Yad Vashem in Israel.

This is a man who went from being a low profile Senator to President of the United States in two years flat. He beat out the first high profile woman to run for office, and became the first black President of the United States. How? With the blessing of the banksters. Without their blessing, he would not be today's United States President.

Obama is "Jewish" in DEEDS. “There is a kinship and a sense of shared community that predates my political career and will extend beyond this particular election", declared Obama. "My links to the Jewish community are not political. They preceded my entry into politics...Know that I will be there for you, just as I believe that you will be there for me."

Obama kept his word. Close to 100% of his White House staff appointments were Jewish - Emanuel, Geitner, Summers, Axelrod, Clinton, Paulson, Napolitino to name a few.


Why is a Jewish White House a problem? Any ethnic minority group that dominates the White House is a problem. It empowers that minority group to enforce an ethnic agenda. The Jewish population represents only 2.5% of the American population.

Would Americans tolerate a White House dominated by a visible minority of black Americans? Mexican Americans? Japanese Americans?

Texe Marr has produced a new DVD about Barack Obama called "Rothschild's Choice." It spotlights Barack Obama's role in turning America into a Jew World Order.

Texe Marr is labeled an anti-semite. Charges of anti-Semitism are hurled at anyone who dares to expose the deviant role that Jewish bankers, politicians and media moguls are playing in American politics and culture. They dominate business, government, banks, corporations and the entertainment industry. Those who dare to criticize their New World Order policies or the policies of Israel are branded "dangerous anti-Semites."

Since taking office, Obama has headed the largest criminal enterprise in history - the mass looting of America's national wealth to enrich the Jewish Wall Street banksters. The trillions in bailouts have been a HUGE payday for:

Lloyd Blankfein: Jewish Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs Here. Stephen Roach: Jewish Managing Director & Economist of Morgan Stanley Here. Martin Feldstein:Jewish Director of American International Group (AIG) Here. Alan Fishman: Jewish CEO of Washington Mutual (WaMu) Here.

The Jewish Zionists have driven gas prices to a national average of $4.56 a gallon. Gold is near $1,600 an ounce. Israeli snipers are shooting protestors in Syria, and Obama is sending kids to die in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Libya, while Jewish kids enter Harvard at a 50% enrollment rate.

The Zionists don't want to be seen as the manipulators of their planned economic implosion designed to usher in a New World Order. They have to mastermind a "false flag" mega-9/11 type event which they can blame on the Muslims.

A dirty nuclear bomb in a midwest city perhaps?

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