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Virginia Heritage Bank,CIA,SEC Protected Money Launderer David P.Summers,Endovasc Stanford University Biotch Fraud

Virginia Heritage Bank,CIA,SEC Protected Money Launderer David P.Summers,Endovasc Stanford University Biotch Fraud

TradersNation.com - Interview: Dr. David P. Summers, CEO of ...
Kurt Schemers Host - Interviews: Dr. David P. Summers, CEO of Endovasc, Inc. (OTCBB: EVSC). Shares O/S: 50,000,000. Float: 18,000,000 52-week Range: ...

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 Virginia Heritage Bank,CIA,SEC Protected Money Launderer David P.Summers,Endovasc Stanford University Biotch Fraud

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To My Fellow Stockholders:
Let me take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am Dr. David P. Summers,PhD. I am the founder of Endovasc, Inc. and the inventor of almost 100% of its technology (both patented and subject to trade secret protection). I am also a fellow shareholder of Endovasc, Inc. with over 10,000,000 shares in the company.
As you can see, I have a vested financial interest in the long term success of the company. I am writing to you because I want your proxy to get majority shareholder voting control over Endovasc, Inc. I want majority control to stop the run-a-way management style of the current officers and directors of the company. My plan is simple, but I need your help to make a "clean sweep" of entrenched management who has led us down the slippery path to historic lows in share value.........
On December 17, 2004, armed with a majority of your "YES" proxy votes, I will fire all of the officers and directors of Endovasc, Inc. and vote into office a new slate of three (3)directors and officers composed of DR. DAVID P. SUMMERS, PHD to serve as a Director and President; JANET TAN to serve as a Director; ROBERT A. BRANER to serve as a Director; and MELISSA BLUE to serve as secretary-treasurer. If necessary, we will appoint two (2) additional Directors to fill the expanded five member board of directors from a list of independent candidates that we are currently reviewing.
Under new leadership, we can turn the corner of doom.......
Dr. David P. Summers, PhD.
Thank you for taking the time to comment on this release.
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Comments received from:
Tony Ryals
'Dr.' David P 'Naked Shorts' Summers a D.C banker ?
Email: wolfblitzzer0 (at) gmail.com
Although I posted my comments last night re my discovery that David P Summers who posed as a 'biotech' executive for years,particularly of Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas, all the while apparently residing in the Beltway and in fact being a well connected banker there for years as the AP article of 2005 in the Washington Post and SEC filings substantiate - somehow it did not post today.

I will add the Washington Post - AP article here for the record and hope that it posts tomorrow.No wonder he has had such good working relations with the National Taxpayers Union founder and Steve Forbes colleague,James Dale Davidson,- they are virtual neighbors and both live but a stones throw away from the Securities Exchange Commission and its corrupt Chairman Christopher 'Naked Shorts' Cox.No wonder Cox has lied to protect them claiming such scams as Endovasc,Jag Media Holdings, Overstock.com and Taser stun gun etc. shares were victims of 'naked shorting' - all the while knowing of the offshore bank accounts and onshore stock manipulations that were transpiring for years.

'Dr.' David P Summers NEVER disclosed that he was 'moon-lighting' as a well respected banker for those same years in the Beltway simultaneously This is government sanctioned fraud and intimidation by Beltway connected con men and probably even U.S. 'intelligence'CONNECTED INDIVIDUALS THAT I DOUBT SERIOUSLY EVEN SADDAM HUSSEIN WOULD EVER HAVE VISITED UPON HIS ON PEOPLE.

No wonder I have endured anonymous death threats and even legal threats from Israeli citizen and Miami penny stock con artist Michael Zwebner and even though he sued Wolf Blitzer and CNN IN FLORIDA FOR $100 Million because I used an alias(wolfblitzzer0)somewhat similar to Blitzer's name, CNN and Blitzer paid a Florida attorney to defend themselves and left my life to be threatened while they remained silent (You WOULD think CNN being sued for $100 million would be news even they wouyld report )

In many ways under Bush-Cheney the U.S. has become a puppet of both Israel particularly its criminal under world,which probably in clude Russian mafia types,and Saudi Arabia who the sick man we call president Bush does 'sword dances' with the king of Saudi Arabia who kicks women like dogs.When will this madness stop ?

No wonder James Dale Davidson has run offshore money laundering scams with WORTHLESS U.S. PENNY STOCKS for years with impunity.And no wonder David P Summers who I had no idea was a Beltway banker has done the same while never disclosing Christopher Cox should be in jail but unfortunately the U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey is just as bad or worse - covering up the Israeli run U.S. penny stock scam ICTS International's role in 9/11 as guardian of Logan Airport in Boston as well as Marvin Bush and at least on Kuwait royal Al Sabah family member,while his son Marc is a law and business partner to ex NYC Mayor Rudi Giuliani and their clients are mainly securities thieves from American to Israeli to Pakistani preying on U.S. investors.

And while one African-American actor faces serious jail time from IRS over perhaps $12 million in back taxes the far right criminals many suspect Middle Eastern ones are defrauding Americans with impunity and the help of law firms such as Mukasey and Giuliani's And these frauds may total into the billions Americans want there country back and the criminal frauds and bloody murder of the Bush-Cheney regime to end.I hope you do to.

Meanwhile David Marchant the UK citizen posing as a former Bermuda journalist and claiming to be the KYC or 'know your client' expert that America needs in Florida is really in bed with AIG's Kroll Associates and who knows who offshore and censors negative mention of some banks and offshore firms with obviously criminal connections and actually let Crozier Bank use his name to promote themselves and defraud the unwary.It is rumored AIG's Kroll Asociates helped him to relocate and get his paper work to reside in Florida and promote the use of offshores to expatriate money that should remain in America.Just like criminal penny stock money launderers such as British and Israeli citizen Michael Zwebner and Titan Corp's Makram Chams the U.S. government is openly inviting the worst criminal elements to our shores giving them visas no questioned asked then demonizing Mexican laborors for the evil those they purposely let in do.Why?
- Tony Ryals

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