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Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Carlee Soto,Veronique Pozner,Nelba Marquez Greene Release the photos of Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Carlee Soto,Veronique Pozner,Nelba Marquez Greene Release the photos
of Sandy Hook

Carlee Soto  has admitted to or lied about having copies of dead Sandy Hook Elementary School children in her posession for some time now.Funny thing is she never says where or how he got and whether or not family members of the various children approve of her being the sole dead children archive keeper of their alledged childrens' alleged death photos.Strange that while blogging about this on her or her mother's Facebook page dedicated to their sister and daughter that she goes on and on about viewing 'the hands' of the dead children and nothing else.Imean were the hands the only parts of the children that survived or what ?!And how could they be so affected by photos of the dead childrens' hands and not even mention the photos of their dearly departed sister whose grave they left virtually unmarked or without a tombstone unless complaints by Sandy Hook skeptics or cynics such as those as motivated them to finally place one.
Veronique Pozner is the one who claimed or lied outright about havibf an 'open casket' burial for her alleged son Noah and yet the only 'witness' to the event was Governor Malloy who is in bed with the very Chabad Lubavitch Zionist crime family that the Pozners are in bed with !

Re Carlee Soto:Besides posting on her Facebook site about staring at 'hands' of the dead Sandy Hook Children she alo says this.:
She says one other thing that proves that she is lying. She states that she saw her sisters clothes and that there were big baseball size holes in them that she says was caused by the AR-15. This isn’t true. An AR-15 fires a .223 round, which is equivalent to a mag 22. In other words it is just bigger than a 22. The NATO round for the AR-15 is a 5.56, which still wouldn’t cause a baseball size hole. I don’t think that AR-15′s are actually fitted for 5.56, I suppose they could be with modification. Either way, it wouldn’t cause a baseball size hole. In order for a baseball size hole to occur you would probably need a shot gun that fires the leaded round, or possibly a 50 Caliber. Many sniper rifles are 50-Caliber. However, an AR-15 does not fire such rounds. I am retired military and I have fired the M-16 (the military version of the AR-15), the M_203, M-60, SAW, 50 Caliber, 9 mm, 357. TOW, Dragon, Viper, 45, uzi’s, riot shotgun, and other weapons. An AR-15 is a small round unless NATO rounds were used, however this is doubtful.

Sandy Hook — 11 April 2013
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Nelba Marquez-Greene and the Purple Cupcake: a Veiled Threat?

Why would Sandy Hook’s fake parents be contacting this Website? The Website is an investigation platform for proving the various elements of the Sandy Hook scam. It has already been demonstrated that none of these so-called parents had lost a child that day to a bloody massacre. No one was there gunning children down. Adam Lanza is a patsy whose photos have virtually all been subject to alteration from Photoshop manipulation.
Countless millions people now know that the massacre was faked. The parents also know this. So, what would they gain from contacting this site? Is this an attempt to maintain the cover for the fraud? Is it an attempt at intimidation? Does these contacts represent veiled threats? It is surely worth considering; there would surely have to be a desperate reason of some kind, since their role in the scam has been clearly and categorically demonstrated, here.
The parents are fraudsters. They are lying. They are acting maliciously. They are committing great corruption in the land. Yet, despite this a number of Sandy Hook collaborators have made direct or indirect contact with
One of the most persistent of these is Nelba Marquez-Greene. It is Marquez-Greene who specifically claims to have lost a daughter, Ana Marquez-Greene, to gun violence. Yet, is there any basis for such a claim? This Website has demonstrated irrefutable evidence that not only were there no such killings at Sandy Hook but, rather, any attempt to proclaim this is a fraud. She lies about losing a daughter, then contacts precisely the Website which proves such a lie. Thus, to understand the psyche of such an individual it is crucial publish, here, her communications in full.
Why analyze her emails sent to this site? This is yet a further aspect of this investigation into the fraudsters of Sandy Hook, the most preeminent of which are the so-called parents themselves. It is these parents who are the essential elements of the scam. Without them, there is no gun control hoax. They are driving it more so than any other force. They are the fake agents of grief and crying before the world and also, crucially, the legislature, including the Congress and Senate.
A mere residue of these arch-antagonist seemingly remains. Many of the parents and their cohorts have seemingly gone into hiding, the expected consequence for such terminal moles. The remainder, though, are clearly demonstrating their venom. Fierce Zionists, who relish the thought of succeeding in the plot to undermine the people’s native rights, they are working full bore to serve their masters in the Apartheid Zionist entity. This group of individuals has now resorted to the most extreme measures conceivable, personally delivering their ‘message’ to the White House itself, in fact, the Congress and the Senate. Marquez-Greene is one of the ring leaders of these, who may appropriately be called the White House 11.
According to media reports with great fanfare and pomp the White House 11 were delivered directly to Washington, D.C., April , via, incredibly, Air Force One. What a waste it is to transport 11 lying collaborators to give testimony on another cadre of fabricators, including the Liar-in-Chief, Barack Obama, himself. Moreover, make no mistake about it Marquez-Greene and her lying Jew husband are ringleaders of this rouge’s gallery of criminals and hucksters, as demonstrated here:
Leading the pack this enemy clique of the human race Marquez-Greene, fully unrepentant,holds up a sign, “Love Wins,” which really means ‘love for the filthy desires of the Zionist entity at the expense of the entire world’ is what she likely really means will win. Regardless, does she really mean in this inane world “Lies win?” She masquerades as a promoter of love, even scripture, when, in fact, she is nothing more than yet another plotter for Zionist machinations. This arch-liar is followed by what appears to be none other than that terminal liar Jillian Soto, Neil the scoundrel Heslin, arch-criminal and spy Nicole Hockley, and behind them Obama and miscellaneous other collaborators.
Another view, above, by; no truer diagram could be made.
Zionist asset Nicole Hockley (an alias) is seen, here, with the arch-fraudster of all time, Neil the liar Heslin. Criminal element Bill Sherlach is seen at the top of the steps with Zionist agent Francine-Lobis Wheeler and Mossad collaborator, David Wheeler. Both the Wheelers and Hockleys, along with the Jew Heslin, faked the deaths of children for purposes of acting as lobbyists against the 2nd Amendment and far more. Heslin is apparently attempting to earn his credits with the Netanyahu regime. Have additional promises been made, courtesy of besieged U.S. taxpayers? Make no mistake about it Neil Heslin, lying rat, is an enemy to the human race.
Though misery loves company it could not be complete without that most miserable individual of all, Richard Blumenthal, with is pandering cohort and fellow collaborator, Zionist mole Chris the scoundrel Murphy.
Another view of their descent into infamy, actually into the bowels of hell, each of them a filthy Zionist collaborator—each of them nothing less than a liar and usurper:
Four lying, thieving filthy Jews in a row, Zionist antagonists Jack and Mark Barden, ‘purple cupcake’ liar Nelba Marquez-Greene, and terminal fraudster Jillian Soto. Hand-in-hand as they lunge into Satan’s lair, complete with the greatest Sandy Hook scammer of all, Zionist asset Barack Obama. Fraudster Mark Barden should be banned from the universe for faking the death of a child.
Therefore, let one thing be known definitively. Sandy Hook is a Zionist plot aimed at destroying the remnant status of America as a nation. The chief enemies of the nation and criminals in this regard are the so-called parents and other fraudulent relatives, including Nelba Marquez-Greene. Curiously, as these two women hold hands both have seen fit to contact this Website, Soto doing so through a phone call. No return calls or emails will be made, that is unless such individuals admit their lies, that they were telling fables about this fake massacre.
The Sotos do have an obligation to the world, which is to report precisely who is Victoria Soto and where is she at this time? That’s because since this was all an act there is no possibility that anyone by that name died that day.
The emails
What is she praying for? That this site will quit pursuing the truth? That the authors will quit writing about the scamming parents? It cannot be a corrective prayer, like one to aid the deranged or unstable. The only deranged ones, the only ones who are truly mentally unstable, are those who tell great lies about a massacre that never occurring, using actual children’s names and photographs in vain in order to maintain such a fraud. The team doesn’t need any such prayers. Nor the perpetrators. They already know what they are doing and are fully unrepentant. Regardless, prayers will not help such persons. The only help that can be done is to prosecute them, in order to prevent further victimization of freedom-loving people.

greene4Here is that fraudulent “Love wins” motto again: from a person who is spreading only angst and corruption—who lies even about the massacre of children, who even fakes the death of a child? There she is again praying: seems as if she is attempting a kind of mind control, a kind of psychological tact. After all, she prides herself on being a mental ‘therapist.’ Furthermore, who is we, she and her Mossad handlers? The goal of these hostile ones is that their lies win strictly on behalf of this Zionist-orchestrated plot.

greene3More prayer and quotes, the joy of the Lord is in seeing his people NEVER give false witness. It can be presumed, therefore, the almighty God is not filed with joy at the actions of these fakers, who would even seem to be faking their claim to common decency. Note the second line, that it is not a direct email from Marquez-Greene but another, third-party reference. Keep in mind that each of these operatives have further lying, thieving operatives as handlers.


These hostile ones can’t even leave the finest souls that every walked the planet out of it. They even bring them into the scam. Now, look at the innuendos of her fellow spy. Are they insinuating that has a mental disorder, like they have accused against Adam Lanza? After all, Marquez-Greene specializes, or at least she claims, in mental disorders. Who else pursues such a field other than the disordered themselves?
The fellow mole also notes, “I promise you hat (sic) god (little ‘g’) can heal every wound…” No one, here, at is wounded by anyone ,  unless it is the hucksters, fraudsters, and criminals of Sandy Hook, any wound being due to the simple stress and effort necessary to unwind their scam. More hostility and insinuation, that is the same inane tactic, ‘Do you have a job, do you live in a basement, do you have a family?’
Note, too, the psyops tactic with reference to a ‘birthday party’ and far more, notably taking a break to, incredibly, “eat a desert” then to “Dance a little” then to “smile.” What taking a “deep breath” means is anyone’s guess. Is that “eat desert,” arsenic-tainted by chance? Are veiled threats inevitable by the Marquez-Greene nest of spies:

More “lies wins” (literary licence) inanity, but see what else, to quote, “Please have a purple cupcake in Ana’s honor today.” Not only this, “Dance, sing, or shout for joy.” Does anyone really believe that this is merely Marquez-Greene who is penning this? Is this anything other than a veiled threat? These spies have continuously used color as a psychological tool in this operation. For instance, the CIA often uses purple as a means for their scams. In one case the agency uses purple colored combs, hiding a dagger within it for purposes of assassination.
Marquez-Greene her fellow Zionist moles, though, are relentless:

Love lifted me, love lifted me. When nothing else would help-

Love lifted me.

What lifts you dr. K?

Nelba L. Márquez-Greene, LMFT
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you,
and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Nelba L. Márquez-Greene, LMFT

As far as what might motivate the agents of to do what they do, it is the fight against corruption and injustice that is the primary motivation. Moreover, it is the so-called Sandy Hook parents who will continue to motivate actions and reactions against their injustices. As long as such faux parents continue to commit their high treason—as long as they continue to corrupt the truth— will be lifted, motivated, to act. Moreover, here, there is surely love for even the enemies, but part of that love is in exposing them and prosecuting them for their crimes. That’s the tough but very real love of the proponents of
Regarding persecution, Zionist moles, like Marquez-Greene and her fellow spies, have plenty of experience in this regard. Their very existence is the epitome of persecution, as the plot and scheme against the good people of this land, even viciously plotting a fake massacre in order to strip the people of the rights and freedoms—in order to perpetrate total control over them, all for their own vile gains. In this regard Marquez-Greene is a ring leader in the attack against the people’s freedoms and is the source of the persecution, surely not its victim.
Moreover, as this Website is being attacked by these same Zionist spies let it be known that no one, here, is warped or deranged. Nor is anyone here committing sabotage against others. It is rather this Website that is the victim of malicious attacks and other criminal acts. In this regard the Purple Cupcake cabal is merely one more deranged element in this terminal scam, Sandy Hoax, a corruption and evil beyond comprehension. It is only in this ludicrous world where the acts of Satan are deemed grand, while the acts in the pursuit of justice are held de

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