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Charles Schwab,James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia

Charles Schwab,James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia


Charles Schwab,James J. Angel,Georgetown University and ex University of California Haas 'business' professor James Angel should have been in jail years ago for colluding in stock fraud with Geico insurance billionaire Patrick Byrne and his many scam websites such as deepcapture that lying claim worthless penny stock 'companies' were 'naked shorted' when as he knows they were all illegal 'pump and dump' scams.Not only does the corrupt Georgetown University back his lies but Rupert Murdoch's WSJ and NY Mayor and money launderer Michael Bloomberg's scam business disinfo organization does as well.Below is a post warning about him from 2005 indymedia websites,now virtually disappeared from internet searches.The video made by Patrick Byrne to promote the lie that his fraud and scams such as Novastar Financial were 'naked shorted' a term made up by Steve Forbes National Taxpayers Union or tax dodging billionaire's club has since been disapperared from internet and even Germay's PM Angela Merkel lied that Euro bonds were naked shorted or counterfeited  which if true would mean people holding the bonds would not reciver their interst which never occured so she lied as well for whatever reason.

CNBC is part of GE and GE Capital that supposedly is employer or Peter Lanza whose son allegedly murdered all those allegedly murdered students in Newtown Connecticut in December last year  and they are also guilty of promoting the 'naked short selling' lie of James Dale Davidson founder of CIA and Rothschild connected Agora Inc of Baltimore and the world wide internet that has become the major tool of their financial frauds.Even so-called Austin,Texas 'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones is part of their crime family and did the buy gold voice for  Porter Stansberry's and Agora Inc.'s that was promoted on CNBC,CNN,Fox News,etc.,as well as WSJ connected Barrons.These 'people' have sure made me wish many times I weren't an American or that they would just give my stolen money back and leave me alone.An Israeli has more rights and protections from the Zionist Zombies infiltrated into our government at all levels than we do and they wish us no good !

Indeed you can call the naked short selling lie a conspiracy when even the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission elite such as ex SEC Chair Chris Cox and his specially selected IG or Inspector General David Kotz all helèd spread the rumor before and during the market collpse of 2008 and had the help of major media such as Bloomberg financial 'news' to do it with.Forbes is also guilty of working with James Dale Davidson who began the lie in 2002 to distract attention from his illegal pump and dump of penny stock biotech frauds Genemax and Endovasc and later MANY more.I have complained to the SEC since 2003,  BUT THAT IS LIKE COMPLAINING TO THE MAFIA ABOUT CRIMES  BECAUSE SEC STAFF FROM THE HIGHEST LEVEL DOWN TO YOUR AVARAGE ATTORNEY WATCHING PORN SITES ON THE JOB ARE ALL IN ON IT !
Just go to this link and view the ex SEC Chair himself saying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapsed due to 'naked short selling' in 2008 !Everyone knows he's lieing and trillions were stolen from American retirement accounts to fill offshore accounts of U.S.governmenrt protected croiminals including if not particularly Israeli accounts !
The shear number of major media outlets that speard the lie that stocks were being 'naked shorted' is mind numbing.Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone is part of this criminal conspiracy as well as self promoter and former Al Jazeera 'journalist' Max Keiser among many many others !

SEC Enhances Investor Protections Against Naked Short Selling


Washington, D.C., July 15, 2008 - The Securities and Exchange Commission today issued an emergency order to enhance investor protections against "naked" short selling in the securities of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and primary dealers at commercial and investment banks.
The SEC's order will require that anyone effecting a short sale in these securities arrange beforehand to borrow the securities and deliver them at settlement. The order will take effect at 12:01 a.m. ET on Monday, July 21. In addition to this emergency order, the SEC will undertake a rulemaking to address these issues across the entire market.
"The SEC's mission to protect investors, maintain orderly markets, and promote capital formation is more important now than it has ever been," said SEC Chairman Christopher Cox. "Today's Commission action aims to stop unlawful manipulation through 'naked' short selling that threatens the stability of financial institutions. We will continue our vigorous commitment to investors by working within the SEC and in close cooperation with our regulatory counterparts to promote the continued health and vibrancy of our markets."
The Commission's emergency order, pursuant to its authority under Section 12(k)(2) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, will be effective at 12:01 a.m. ET on July 21, 2008 and will terminate at 11:59 p.m. ET on July 29, 2008. The Commission may extend the order to continue it in effect thereafter if the Commission determines that the continuation of the order is necessary in the public interest and for the protection of investors, but for no more than 30 calendar days in total duration.
# # #
The securities identified in the Commission's order:
CompanyTicker Symbol(s)
BNP Paribas Securities Corp.BNPQF or BNPQY
Bank of America CorporationBAC
Barclays PLCBCS
Citigroup Inc.C
Credit Suisse GroupCS
Daiwa Securities Group Inc.DSECY
Deutsche Bank Group AGDB
Allianz SEAZ
Goldman, Sachs Group IncGS
Royal Bank ADSRBS
J. P. Morgan Chase & Co.JPM
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.LEH
Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.MER
Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.MFG
Morgan StanleyMS
Freddie MacFRE
Fannie MaeFNM

Modified: 07/23/2008


What is Naked Short Selling? - CNBC
May 19, 2010
In the wake of Germany's ban on short selling certain asset classes, Professor James Angel from Georgetown ...


Charles Schwab,James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia

This is related to the illegal penny stock pump and dump of Endovasc penny stock with its Stanford patent in late 2002 from a Charles Schwab account but it is also related to political fraud and penny stock fraud in Washington,D.C. area and also other penny stock pump and dump ops from Schwab accounts that Schwab wishes to keep hidden and thanks the SF Chronicle, Examiner ,and Bay Guardian for looking the other way.LOM of Bermuda's Schwab account comes to mind.News ? We don't see any news.
Charles Schwab,James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia
by Tony Ryals Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005 at 1:28 AM
endoscam (at)
This is related to the illegal penny stock pump and dump of Endovasc penny stock with its Stanford patent in late 2002 from a Charles Schwab account but it is also related to political fraud and penny stock fraud in Washington,D.C. area and also other penny stock pump and dump ops from Schwab accounts that Schwab wishes to keep hidden and thanks the SF Chronicle, Examiner ,and Bay Guardian for looking the other way.LOM of Bermuda's Schwab account comes to mind.News ? We don't see any news.

A: ''Someone complained to the registrar that I had used false information to register the first domain.
Did you? A: Sure. I didn’t realize that anyone cared or that it violated any rule. I listed the Cheetah Club in Vegas, a strip club – internet servers, “topless servers�? – get it? A joke.''
- from WSJ interview of 'Bob O'Brien' who some suspect is the Beltway's James Dale Davidson of the National Taxpayers Union of Alexandria, Virginia and propagator of the smear rumor,'Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster'

This article has a Washington,D.C. AND Bill Clinton, Arkansas connection because James Dale Davidsom mentioned below is the central figure in the claim that Clinton killed Vince Foster.Davidson is both a political fraud and a securities fraud.

Note this topic has a Utah connection by way of Senator Bob Bennett who erroneously claimed before ex-SEC Chairman Donaldson earlier this year that the fraudulent penny stock 'pump and dump' company Global Links, that has no business other than dumping shares on defrauded investors, was a victim of 'naked short selling'.

Senator Bennett,James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia

This in fact caused a buying frenzy of its worthless shares and a bonanza for its scammy management and a ripoff to any naive investor that Senator Bennett's erroneous message reached. Global Links was glad to print and dump as many shares as demand allowed them to dump and Senator Bennett's erroneous claim certainly increased that demand.

Senator Bennett was later featured in this fraudulent 'infomercial' with Georgetown University's James Angel.Note Patrick Byrne of who at first claimed NCANS was funded mainly from donations by 'mom and pop' investors,later admitted he was one of its biggest sponsers.

Many believe Senator Bennett was manipulated to make his erroneous claim by Utah's Patrick Byrne of who goes further in claiming that his company is 'naked shorted' or shorted by a 'Sith Lord' !

Pure fraud.Perhaps Patrick Byrne and his billionaire insurance company dad Jack were owed Republican and Utah favors for putting one million dollars into ant-John Edwards campaign and donations Patrick Byrne made to 'Swift Boat Veterans Against Kerry'.

Also Patrick Byrne now includes in his army of lawyers ex Utah SEC attorney Brent Baker who may have let James Dale Davidson and Porter Stansberry of Agora Inc.walk.James Dale Davidson has been the biggest promoter of this fraudulent naked short selling claim probably to divert attention from his illegal penny stock
promotions through Agora Inc.and possible money laundering. with unaudited shares both onshore and offshore.

Agora Inc.s Stansberry hints SEC attorney Brent Baker let him and James Dale Davidson walk :

In addition Byne has enlisted Texas attorneys John O'Quinn and Wes Christian who have promoted a vast victims of 'naked short selling' conspiracy defense for their fraudulent penny stock CEO clients,some of whom have even worked with Kuala Lumpur and Dubai terrorist suspect boiler rooms post 911 who use U.S. PENNY STOCK SHARES TO LAUNDER MONEY !

One might ask cynically,as your humble reporter has become,' Did James J. Angel get his degree and credibility to be an influential economist and 'expert' in penny stocks,from Haas School of Business or Haas School of Lap Dancers ? And if Jesuit and Catholic Georgetown University sits quietly by and allows him to do propaganda and infomercials for a supposed (don't laugh,it's true) 'anti-naked short selling' mafia,(they threatened my life and put hedge fund manager Marc Cohodes and his wife's and son's California adresses on world wide internet after berating him as a villain of 'small investors' and inflaming hatred towards him),how can Georgetown claim educational or ethical credibilty ?

This is not even to broach the valid question of,'If a Georgetown professor is endorsing anything whose only address,besides their fraudulent internet sites, and ,is a lap dance club in Las Vegas,how could the Jesuits and Catholic Church possibly oppose birth control ? I mean,do they know where babies come from or are they as clueless about that as their penny stock expert James J.ANGEL IS ABOUT WHERE PENNY STOCK SHARES COME FROM !?

Below is my letter-email of last night to Georgetown's James J.Angel Associate Professor of Finance The McDonough School of Business.:

Open letter to James ANGEL , Georgetown University
By re Time article , Badian on 11/10/2005 11:14:23 PM
E-mail: endoscam (at)

Dear James J.Angel,
Did you note that you were mentioned in the Time article by Daniel Kadlec re Badian and supposed naked short selling ? Did he contact you in advance to say you would be mentioned ? Or was it perhaps Wes Christian and John O'Quinn who did the name dropping to lend credibility to their fraudulent penny stock pump and dump criminals-clients,such as Endovasc's Dwight Cantrell,Judge Ken Reilly,or Jag Media Holdings Gary Valinoti,etc. that they have represented or mis-represented all these years,as the case may be ?

You may have noted I have written some of my own articles on indymedia and also several where you were mentioned.I hope you don't mind,I'm only sorry I was never able to get any statements from you regarding the use of the naked short claim for fraud as I know it has been used by James Dale Davidson of the National Taxpayers Union and of Agora Inc.,in Baltimore.

Have you ever looked at Endovasc or Genemax that Mr.Davidson claimed were naked shorted ? Have you ever estimated how many 10's of millions of shares he dumped of both while making that false claim ? Could Charles Schwab or Refco or Ameritrade,that both Davidson and O'Quinn claimed had been 'naked shorting' Genemax and Endovasc,really have done more damage to the share price than Davidson,did wth their massive dumping ? And I was under the impression that naked shorting',at most,caused a temporary decline of share value whereas dumping, as Davidson and Endovasc did,was forever,so to speak.Was, or am I wrong ?

For instance if Endovasc had under 3 million shares existing at the time of the reverse split and Davidson's promotion or touting through Agora Inc.'s Vantage Point in late 2002 and now their are admiitedly way over 100 million shares floating around,(no one knows exactly and the Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur boiler room deal was never really officially accounted for in SEC filings),wouldn't that have been the source of most damage to the 'share value' and not 'naked shorting'?

The same goes for the float or shares in circulation of Genemax that the insider touters on ragingbull as well as James Dale Davidson, Brent Pierce,Grant ATKINS,ET.AL.claimed,in BusinessWire press releases of 2002-2003,were ONLY A FEW HUNDRED THOUSAND SHARES .Now the company acknowledges millions have been sold or dumped into the float.So what percentage of decline or collapse of shareholder value would that account for compared to any 'naked shorting'?

And why are only scams 'naked shorted' ? Have you noticed that strange phenonmenon ? No Dow or Blue Chip stocks have complained or am I wrong ?I didn't mention you in the article about Wes Christian,John O'Quinn and Daniel Kadlec of Time because I was hoping to get some good statements from you before I ever mentioned you again in my writing.But I do plan to do another article again I have time now that ragingbull has blocked my posting so I can't warn others about penny stock fraud.The Endovasc insiders who illegally post and tout there are quite pleased about that.

So I would really like to post your answer to the question above about which did most damage to naive shareholders who allowed themselves to be lied to by Davidson and Endovasc management regarding all that research and drug devopment they were supposedly doing,'naked shorting' or the dumping of all those tens of millions
of shares by insiders ?

Also again regarding,when you did the video for them did you have a respectable and credible address for them,perhaps the National Taxpayers Union address in Alexandria,Virginia or even Mary Helburn's home in California or did you really know in advance that the only address 'Bob O'Brien' had given to reporters was a striptease joint in Las Vegas,the Cheetah Club,that is the only lap dance club I've ever heard of that has been investigated by the FBI under the Patriot Act ?

You realise why I no longer have my original email with my own name is because of the harrassment I have received and even death threats as I interpret them by the people,'Bob O'Brien',you made the infomercial for don't you ? If not, do a google search,'yahoo mafia o'brien guatemala machete cabby'.I don't believe the people you made the infomercial for were just your regular old 'mom and pop' investors as they claim,do you ?

Have you had a chance to confront Mary Helburn for pretending she was such a defrauded investor on the mis-infomercial they conned you into making and not instead the titular head of 'Bob O'Brien's' and Patrick Byrne's NCANS.NET ? I am more than little curious and would really like your answers to post with this letter.Or Patrick Byrne the billioaire's son for claiming that the $100,000 ad in the Washington Post of February 8 was paid for by 'mom and pop' investors ? Or maybe he meant his billionaire,'mom and pop'?


The famed alcoholic attorney O'Quinn is caught up in his own lies again just as 'Bob O'Brien' is in claiming NFI is a victim of 'naked shorting' when that ponzi scheme must pay a dividend on each share - and it does.No one claims at dividend time that they didn't get they're dividend because they had bought 'naked shorts' by mistake ,now do they ?

James Angel how can you allign yourself with these penny stock criminals and lend your academic credibility,and both Georgetown's and Haas School of Business's,TO THEIR CRIMINAL FRAUDS WHETHER THEY GET AWAY WITH IT OR NOT ?

Tony Ryals

Houston attorneys Wes Christian,John O'Quinn aid massive penny stock fraud

Well Mr.Angel,as you surely must know your and's 'naked shorting' claim is a massive fraud used by penny stock promoters and insiders of penny stock scams to divert attention from the VERY REAL SHARES the penny stock insiders and mafias and their stock transfer agents issuse themselves !!

Do you really believe CMKX Diamonds has sold any 'diamonds' lately or just more worthless shares they have dumped upon investors while fraudulently claiming to be victims of 'naked shorting' ?How about USXP or the Beltway's James Dale Davidson and his Endovasc and Genemax ?

Did you take note that both 'Bob O'Brien' who you did that infomercial for,(but who won't identify himself and who has threatened my life),promoted CMKX as a victim of 'naked short selling' shortly after he and's Patrick Byrne placed their fraudulent $100,000 letter in the Washington Post on February 8 to W. Bush, erroneously claiming 'naked short selling'was the major risk of placing SS funds in stocks ? Oh,there are risks but that is not one of them as you surely know,unless of course the SS money is 'invested' in penny stocks controlled and manipulated by the crooks you now aid and abet.

But I have already explained that in my letter to you of last night above.And if there is any real risk it comes from the kind of stock frauds you lend your and Georgetown's credibilty to and aid and abet,whether they list their address as Los Altos,California as in the case of Mary Campbell Helburn,Wall Street proper,or the National Taxpayers Union of James Dale Davidson of Alexandria, Virginia,(who first began this massive fraud through his and Bill Bonner's Agora Inc.that promotes worldwide stock fraud from its Baltimore headquarters),and his NAANSS website in 2002.

And Agora Inc,is now run by that 'successful' former Georgetown graduate William Bonner.And, according to Agora Inc. employee Porter Stansberry,Bonner is also a childhood friend of his boss and founder or co-founder of Agora Inc.,James Dale Davidson.

So while this supposed 'anti-naked short selling' scam has grown massive and has scamsters promoting it in Canada or Nevada and other U.S. states where penny stock frauds are being promoted, or even in Europe and Asia for all I know,my belief is that James Dale Davidson was and is the fraud's biggest promoter to divert attention from his offshore and onshore penny stock frauds and possibly even money laundering.Someone should investigate.Ha.



Georgetown University's James J.ANGEL is either the stupidest economist in the world,OR AMONG THE MOST CORRUPT.

BELOW :J.D.Davidson in his own words about his 'anti-naked short selling' securities fraud and penny stock promotions and fraudulent naked short claim to cover up his illegal pump and dump activities.I,no doubt,am the 'crazy dog'of his obsessions,but it's Mr.Davidson who lies.He knew my name at the time he did the Agora Inc.Vantage Point penny stock promtion in 2004 and knew I was a victim of his penny stock scams not a shorter or 'naked shorter' as he claims in Agora Inc.'s Vantage Point'.And he feigns fear of me when he himself hires former CIA Chiefs as employees : ve…

Lies, Lies, Lies: Stalkers Meet the Stock Market

It is hard to imagine a retiree or a housewife with time on her hands suddenly deciding to make a hobby of posting anonymous slanders on the GeneMax thread. But one can read dozens of embittered messages there complaining of everything but the real problem. For example, some bozo whose screen name translates to "crazy dog" recently posted an outrageous slander of me: "Does Davidson, as founder of National Taxpayers Union, ever pay taxes on fraud pump-dumps he"s orchestrated using "naked shorting" as a subterfuge to mask his fraud?" In one sentence he manages to falsely imply that I have engaged in a whole range of felonies. I don"t know whether to feel flattered that the naked short sellers find me so formidable an opponent that they would stoop to anonymous smears, or to hire a bodyguard.

In any event, I would hope that Mr. "crazy dog" is well paid for his pains. With the possible exception of a few demented people I"ve crossed paths with, I can"t imagine anyone other than stalkers and major parishioners of naked short selling being so obsessed with me. And what humanitarian motive could explain the smears they pour down on GeneMax - a company that if it can raise sufficient funding may possibly help cure cancer? Go figure.

The Electronic Counterfeiter"s Worst Nightmare:
Circle Group Holdings Rallies 30,000%

The worst nightmare of naked short sellers is that the companies they attack should survive and actually succeed. When that happens, as recently occurred in the case of Circle Group Holdings Inc. (CXN: AMEX), the counterfeiters are obliged to enter the market and buy the duly authorized shares of the capital stock of the company they have sold. CXN rose by nearly 30,000%, from 3 cents to almost $9, as naked short sellers were obliged to buy and deliver shares they counterfeited prior to CXN"s move to the AMEX.

When you think of what happened in the case of Circle Group Holdings, you can see why the malicious charges leveled against me by anonymous smear-mongers on Web sites are ridiculous. If their assertions that I was orchestrating naked short selling were correct, I would hardly have become one of the leading critics of the practice. Nor would I continue to champion the causes of the companies I had "sent under" by allegedly selling wave after wave of electronically counterfeited stock.

And as the example of CXN demonstrates, the damage done to the share prices of companies targeted for destruction by electronic counterfeiters is also a measure of their upside potential - for everyone but the counterfeiters.

Of course, even the most virulent rantings of Mr. "crazy dog" are unlikely to carry much weight with thinking people. To orchestrate more effective smears, the electronic counterfeiters needed a more apparently credible platform. An Internet site called our-street. com emerged to fill the market arising from naked short sellers for seemingly trustworthy smears of small-cap companies that threaten to succeed.

Thus for one reason or another, our-street. com and its marquee character, who writes under the pseudonym Nick Tracy, stepped up to service this
market. Our-street immediately began hurling accusations about securities violations left and right. I first became aware of Nick Tracy and his tendentious exposés when someone sent me a copy of an hysterical attack he did on ChampionLyte Products (CPLY: OTCBB) , a company in which I and a group of investors took a portfolio interest as it attempted to restructure its balance sheet and realize the potential of its low-carb sports drink.

James Davidson


Below:an earlier non reply from James Angel,the Georgetown penny stock securities 'expert' and my longer detailed query that illicted his non-reply.:

Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 12:52:34 -0400
From: "James Angel" Add to Address Book
To: ncansisscam (at)
Subject: RE: Utah Senator Bennett Duped In Penny Stock Scam

Dear Tony -
Thank you for letting me know these things. I do not know James Dale Davidson.I got a call from an author doing a book on naked short selling. Would you like me to pass your information on to the author so that you and he can talk about this?

07/27 5:54 PM >>>
Dear James Angel,
Excuse that I have yet a new email address,I guess I can thank 'O'Brien' or 'dirtydirtydeeds' or 'ncansd3' or James Dale Davidson for that once again.He,'ncansd3', proudly boasts he could have me killed by a 'cabby' for $500 in Guatemala. Real nice company we keep,huh ? I guess at least none of us can deny that the 'O'Brien' who set you up for that naked short selling 'infomercial' is the 'dirtydirtydeeds' who posted personal info re Marc Cohodes of Marin on Yahoo NFI message board and the same one who,(as 'ncansd3'),claims I'm an evil short seller,or 'naked short seller',whatever,(rather than someone defrauded in one of his 'naked short scams' or pump and dump ops),in Guatemala.

I have not dug out my original communication with you but I remember the general questions I had for you.First was,do you know James Dale Davidson who is indeed a Beltway figure and the founder,to my knowledge,of the National Taxpayers Union ? I know he kept shares of his penny pump and dump MIV Therapeutics at that same address as the National Taxpayers Union in his and his children's name.I don't believe he made a claim for MIVT being 'naked shorted' but he did a arrange phoney collaboration in order to enhance the touting and dumping of both(Endovasc and MIVT).

I am almost positive Senator Bennett knows who conned him.He probably sat at the hearing or hearings where Mr.Davidson spoke to a Senate Committee as representative of the National Taxpayers Union.So that's my main question,do you know Mr.James Dale Davidson and do you not now believe he is 'O'Brien' or at least,(hee hee),the 'brains' behind Mr.Bob O'Brien' ?

In retrospect do you feel you were used by this man,whoever he is ? Do you now realize Mary Campbell in the infomercial is really Mary Helburn who touts NFI on Yahoo incessently and an unending amount of penny stock pump and dump scams that all claim to be victims of 'naked shorting ? And she of course is 'president' of the whose infomercial you and Senator Bennett appeared in ?

I suppose having lost everything to these frauds I would like to see you take as much interest in exposing the scam that is using the naked short claim for fraud to mask their illegal pumps and dumps as you have to decry the evils of 'naked shorting'.Again do you have a single proven case of 'naked shorting' that harmed a viable company ? Neither James Dale Davidson nor 'Bob O'Brien' or Mary Campbell Helburn have provided a single one to my knowledge.And the fact is James Dale Davidson NEVER disclosed his holdings of Endovasc shares as he touted to dump through Agora's 'Vantage Point' and he lied straight out about another 'nicotine patent' that did not exist and would have conflicted with Stanford's patent if it did !!!

It's been so long since I got back to you I forgot whether or not I sent you the NFI board post of June 1 where 'ncansd3', in his excitement after an email communication with Jesse Eisinger of WSJ,actually blurted out the name 'James Davidson' in regards to a 'significant contributer' to ncans as well as a 'boat' by that name.I presume the boat to be kept on or near the Potomac.Perhaps near that of San Diego Congressman Cunningham for all I know.

So I think you can make out the most important queries above.Do you know James Dale Davidson and do you realise he has had a history of using the 'naked short claim' to mask his illegal pump and dump operations with penny stocks ? Do you now see that O'Brien' and Mary Campbell Helburn are repeating the same scam as Davidson's older 'naanss' and David Patch's investigatethesec' ? Not to menton Mark Faulk's the that touted Global Links heavily after Senator Bennett made his claim which also appeared in the infomercial you were in.

Do you wish to stop at the infomercial and just let it be seen that you oppose 'naked short selling', without providing one single example, by the way.Or are you as mad as I am that you were used to promote a fraud by penny stock con artists and wish as much as I do to clean up the fraudulent mess ?

Tony Ryals
Below is from 'Bob O'Brien of and who Georgetown's James Dale Angel did the videoinfomercial for claiming that 'naked shorting' was the greatest danger for investors in markets.You may read the whole interview with Wall Sreet Journal reporter by link below.Most significant is that 'Bob O'Brien' acknowledges he has only given his websites address as Cheetah lap dance club as a 'joke'.Well the 'joke' is on James Angel and Georgetown University for promoting such a fraudulent scam.:

Who is Bob Obrien? A: A private investor and shareholder.
Are you with NFI? A: No, I have no affiliation with the company.
Why is the website in the BVI? A: I thought it would be amusing to locate it down the street from Rocker Partners’ offshore funds.
Why did it start off as a .com and go to a .net? A: Someone complained to the registrar that I had used false information to register the first domain.
Did you? A: Sure. I didn’t realize that anyone cared or that it violated any rule. I listed the Cheetah Club in Vegas, a strip club – internet servers, “topless servers�? – get it? A joke.
Why in Germany? A: They were the cheapest. Since then I've had a number of people tell me how I could just have registered it completely anonymously, but at the time, I had no reason to go to that length or believe that this would ever get as big as it has...
Do you have a mortgage industry background? A: No. I just got interested in it as I became more and more involved in the stock and the company’s story.
Why do you take such pains to guard your identity? A: There’s people with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake – I’ve been told that not all of them play by the king’s rules. I don’t want to wake up one morning to a horse head in my bed. That, and I’ve gotten threats.
You’ve actually received threats? A: Yes, I’ve received threatening correspondence. That, and my attorneys have advised me that there’s all kinds of whackos out there, and it’s best to protect your privacy in cases like this.
Some would say that all of this is to make it harder for the shorts. A: Harder for them to do what?
To find out who you are. That you are taking advantage of them. A: How would that look, exactly? How would I be taking advantage of the shorts?
Some people think your Ben Stein. A: Like in Ben Stein’s money? That’s funny stuff. I’m not, for the record.

Charles Schwab Share-Money laundering

Time Magazine, Daniel Kadlec duped by Houston attorneys Wes Christian and John O'Quinn
by Tony Ryals

Is Lycos RagingBull, Waltham,Ma. profiting from penny stock scams,money laundering ?

To SEC : James Angel,Georgetown University,Aids Penny Stock Fraud

Senator Bennett,penny stock scam,Cheetah Club

Is NCANS a Fraud ?

STRIP CLUBS SEARCHED: Raids seek corruption clues

Utah Senator Bennett Duped In Penny Stock Scam

James Angel of Georgetown again infomercial

James Angel,Haas School of Business

James Angel(claims) doesn't know James Dale Davidson

Yahoo protects stock mafia's death threats

Is Lycos RagingBull, Waltham,Ma. profiting from penny stock scams,money laundering ?

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