Also, since this article was posted, I have received documentation that the vans are the property of DirectTV, and are being outfitted with new GWEN TOWER and Satellite accessing technologies.  Doesn’t that make you feel better??  (How can the CIA and NSA collect data for the new “Data Collection Center” in Utah — do you think they would use vans with government license plates and CIA/NSA Collections on the side – or would they use a cover corporation such as DirectTV??)
Open Google Earth and enter these GPS coordinates: 29.972464,  and 81.660923.
The You-tube video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHGIShZ_ThA&feature=player_embedded is a bit spurious and misinforming to say the least. First, this is not an “Air Force Base” — it is a PRIVATELY OWNED FACILITY known as “Reynolds Airpark” a private Airport and “manufacturing facility”.  A Mr. Ted McGowan is the manager – and their phone number is: 904-284-3505.  Second, these are not “U.N. Vehicles”.   These white vans belong to Pegasus International and Cerberus/DynCorp.
Check it out: http://www.airport-data.com/airport/FL60/ and the latest (May 28, 2010) picture of the airport at:  http://www.airport-data.com/airport/photo/017237.html.html
Now, for the BAD NEWS — “Reynolds Airpark” is listed in the Clay County Fla. plat/tax rolls as being wholly owned by a company named Pegasus International.  Ok, I thought, what exactly is “Pegasus International” and what exactly do they do??  Well – among other things, they just happen to be involved in the OIL DRILLING BUSINESS – with ties to Halliburton and BRITISH PETROLEUM!!!  What the hell??? See their website at: http://www.pegasus-international.com/site.php
Then, of all things, they just happen to have an office in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Here is where the plot thickens. Their SLC office also houses Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, and is next to the Minerals Management Service (MMS) offices. Worse, their U.K. office “address” is next door to (or possibly even a part of) British Petroleum as well.  What is going on?? They also have “offices” in Turkmenistan, Nigeria, and Azerbijan – hotbeds of political intrigue and profiteering for BP.   Seehttp://www.universalpegasus.com/locations.php
But — it gets worse, if possible.  “Pegasus International” owns and operates Pegasus Technologies – which is involved in a neat little NSA/CIA operation titled the “Information Sharing Council” or ISC.  Their “unclassified” 2006 report can be seen at http://www.ise.gov/docs/eds/edspo-conops.pdf.  A careful reading of this document shows that part of the “Pegasus Program” is the deployment of thousands of vehicles across America, outfitted with domestic spying “Maximum Information Technology” (MaxIT) systems.  MaxIT is a joint venture of the following companies:  Appriss Inc., Bio-Key International, Inc., Business Communications Inc., Circadence Corporation, Cquay Technologies, Dell, eLabs Inc., MS e-Center and Sun Microsystems.  (See 12/12/03 report onhttp://www.eetimes.com/press_releases/prnewswire/showPressRelease.jhtml?articleID=117687&CompanyId=1)
When I studied DynCorp International, I found that DynCorp and Pegasus International are basically joined at the hips with many international “joint projects”.  There is NO DOUBT in my mind that DynCorp, and Pegasus are CIA FRONT COMPANIES involved in the deepest black ops.   (See NanoTech expose in “Dr. Ott’s Papers” on this website.)
Also, check this out.  Dyncorp Int. was “purchased” back on April 12 by Cerberus Capital, and the “deal” was brokered by, you guessed it, Goldman Sachs who SHORTED TRANSOCEAN STOCKS on April 17, three days before the Gulf Oil debacle began.  See http://finance.yahoo.com/news/DynCorp-International-Inc-to-bw-3625293200.html?x=0&.v=1
WHAT IN THE GATES OF HELL IS GOING ON?????  Here we have VISUAL PROOF of hundreds of vehicles undergoing modifications by Pegasus International teams at their Reynolds AirPark facility, all indications of MaxIT information is that the process involved is basically making the vehicles ultra-modern “spy-mobiles” (the on-line google-earth picture was dated Jan. 2008, while the most current picture of May 28, 2010 -shows the spy-vans still on property.)  We also now know that Dyncorp is now Cerberus, and they are tied to Pegasus International. So, what’s in a name?
Consider that Pegasus and Cerberus are both central figures of Greek (and Roman) mythology.  Pegasus is the preferred mode of transportation for the pantheon of gods, while Cerberus — well — this is the mythical guardian of the gates of hell!  What would possess anybody to name their corporation Cerberus???
This world is in deep trouble, it would appear.

Cerberus was the guard to the gates of hades, sometimes described as a dog or a wolf and the original “hound from hell”. Cerberus had three heads & its said a serpents tail, like the Chimera it was said to be the offspring of Echidna and the Dragon Typhon. This creature crops up not only in greek myth but also in ROMAN myth. Said to have been placated with honeyed cakes mourners would place them in coffins to appease the beast. Any spirit attempting to leave hades was said to have been torn apart by the savage guardian.

Drew, you know what else Cerberus owns? Many of the US small arms makers. The government will not have to make the 2nd Amendment illegal. All they have to do is close down the manufacturers that they own. Cerberus has been buying up gun and rifle makers in the US for the better part of a decade.