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General Keith Alexander:Abu Ghraib to NSA: Surveillance Used for Financial Theft and Worse ?

NSA Surveillance Used for Financial Theft.Put General Keith Alexander in Jail

Lt. GenKeith B. Alexander, sought to portray the abuse,(torture and sexual abuse at Abu Graib Prison), as the deeds of a handful of military police soldiers, with the peripheral involvement of U.S. military intelligence personnel in Iraq." See what's going on? - from Another Bush Cover-up

Pentagon cyber chief downplays NSA email snooping; says attack is ...
Jul 10, 2012 – National Security Agency Director Army Gen. Keith Alexander, who also heads the Pentagon's Cyber Command unit, tells reporters this week ...


While I don't  agree with Guardian writer Ross Anderson's extreme prejudice in regards to the more secular government of Syria, that the U.S. and UK wish to replace with Islamofascist governments more in line with their fascist allies in the UAE such as Saudi Arabia,(WHO BEHEAD THEIR OWN PEOPLE AND WOMEN THEY ACCUSE OF BEING  'WITCHES FOR THEIR AND W BUSH'S AND BARACK OBAMA'S ENTERTAINMENT), and who are implicated in 911 along with Israelis and right wing fascist elites in the U.S.government and military as well,he does make good points about the manner in which NSA and UK surveillance of U.S.and UK citizens and others around the world can spy upon both attorneys and doctors and gain information prejudicial and dangerous for their clients considering that fascists  like General Keith Alexander have no regards for individual rights or the U.S.Constitution.He is as guilty of overthrowing the U.S.Constitution as the mass murderer Rumsfeld and Israeli American Michael Chertoff who gave us the Patriot Act that dangerous scum like General Keith Alexander use as their operating manual that allows them powers that the U.S.Constitution would otherwise hold in check.
And it should be taken into consideration as the folks at have pointed out,the Guardian paper is connected to UK 'intelligence' and thus to the CIA and NSA as well.:
Pentagon 9/11/01:NSA General Keith Alexander's Ignorance or Corruption Costs US More Than just a $Trillion !

9/10/01:Rumsfeld 2.3 Trillion Dollars missing Pentagon 1 

Donald Rumsfeld says 2.3 Trillion Dollars missing at Pentagon 1 DAY before the 9/11 tragedy.

Hard to imagine in light of trillions of dollars admittedly unaccounted for at the Pentagon pre 9/11 and gawd knows how much unaccounted for since the war criminals lied us into a war with Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Yemen and Syria,etc.etc.,all because of 15 alleged Saudi terrorists who allegedly boarded flights 11 and 175 at Logan Airport Boston which was guarded FOR A FACT by Israelis Menachem Atzmon and Ezra Harel, of ICTS International who were part of the Israeli government and its' Shin Bet or Mossad espionage and terrorist organization.

Here's the Israeli Nazis who 'guarded ' Logan Airport on 9/11/01! They certainly didn't provide a video of Egyptian Mohamed Atta and his Saudi terrorist allies boarding either flight 11 or flight 175 that day before alledgedly boarding the planes they should have been guarding at Logan Airport and allegedly according to these suspect Israelis,Menachem Atzmon and his Mossad money launderers and stock fraudsters and  IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman and SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro protected Israeli scum.Why hasn't the General Alaxander done anything about them since 9/11 ? They even allowed the Nigerian  'Islamic terrorist'
Mutallab to board from Schiphol AMSTERDAM on Christmas 2009 and we didn't hear a discouraging word from NSA General Alexander even then ! These Israeli scumbags and murder suspects in the deaths of 3000 Amereicans on 9/11 that led to the deaths of MANY MORE shortly after in Iraq never even provided a video of Atta and his merry band of Saudis boarding those planes on 9/11! One can only wonder if they got a video of General Alexander giving someone a blow job in the Logan Airport public restroom or have him implicated in stolen money from the Pentagon.Whatever,General Keith Alexander and his ilk would sure be doing the American public a favor if they all resigned and were replaced by pro Americans rather than pro Israeli Nazis !: 

September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks

As a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, numerous lawsuits charging the Company with wrongful death and/or property damage were commenced in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York (the "Court"), resulting from certain airport security services provided by the Company for United Flight 175 out of Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts....


Why NSA surveillance is a threat to British doctors and lawyers

Professionals using cloud services will have to guard against the danger of patients and clients being snooped

So now the penny drops, and we all know why GCHQ has long refused to allow government departments to store information classified at "Restricted" or above in US cloud computing services. But what about the private sector? Well, Edward Snowden's revelations are now causing something of a crisis in the IT industry as its international customers start thinking through the implications. In the past week I've heard of big firms reconsidering plans to spend hundreds of millions on services that would have been hosted in the US, as they start to realise that US agencies might snoop on their data and use it to tip off their competitors. US service firms now fear this will harm their growth, and it's not just Microsoft and Google; many other companies such as Amazon, Salesforce and Rackspace could lose out.
But how will the Prism affair affect ordinary middle-class people in Britain, like doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers? Surely we're of no interest to the analysts at the NSA?
Yet some of our patients and clients surely will be. As well as being an academic, I also do occasional expert-witness work, mostly in computer forensics. A few years ago I had a defendant in a terrorism trial as a client. I cannot use a US webmail service if it will leak attorney-client conversations straight to the prosecution. Perhaps for such cases I'd better get on a train to London for a conference at the defence barrister's chambers, as we all did years ago. But as the Legal Services Commission is reluctant to pay for that any more, perhaps I'll have to have a separate email service for sensitive cases.
But you can't always tell in advance which cases might be sensitive. A client I recently helped to get acquitted of a rather dubious fraud charge turned out to be a refugee from a South Asian country whose secret police work closely with the Americans. This emerged only after I'd accepted instructions. So I'd better have a non-US service for all client work. But how can I tell which service to use? For years, BTinternet was outsourced to Yahoo. Where can I find a service that will guarantee to keep my confidential data in the UK? The information commissioner can't help: data-protection law has "safe harbour" loopholes designed to allow US service companies to pretend that they follow European law, even when their own government won't let them.
The third problem is that, even if a client is completely innocent of any wrongdoing, machine-learning algorithms can tar him with guilt by association. If a system just uses Bayesian probability, without paying attention to social context or legal rights, then it may well stigmatise any service that's had anything to do with terrorists in the past. The implications for NGOs like Liberty or law firms like Bindmans are clear. If we don't want to risk innocent clients ending up on no-fly lists and watch lists (or ending up on a list ourselves) then we shouldn't use communications that the NSA's search engines can devour. Bang goes your beloved BlackBerry, Shami Chakrabarti!
The fourth problem is that many people will fear they're at risk from the US intelligence community even if they're not. Last week I heard from a Greek colleague that a friend of his in Athens was raided by a local security agency, who told him that the Americans had tipped them off after reading his Gmail. That was surely nonsense. But if you're a Greek secret policeman, and a suspect's ex has tipped you off, then blaming the NSA is the perfect cover story. The world's spies and secret policemen treasure their aura of mysterious power, and the paranoia this generates; it helps them to get information out of suspects, and money out of treasuries. Expect this meme to run and run.......

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