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Ex SEC IG David Kotz 'Naked Shorts' Female SEC Employees ?

Ex SEC IG David Kotz 'Naked Shorts' Female SEC Employees ?

About ex Peace Corp cover up attorney and SEC Chair Cox's 'naked shorting' propagandist or liar :

The Report also found that Kotz should not have participated in a probe of the re-organization of the SEC’s office, because he engaged in “extensive” and “flirtatious” communications with afemale SEC staffer associated with the project during the probe.[8] Among other things, he emailed her in 2008 a suggestion that she buy a "short skirt or two," and as to the dress code he indicated that she would qualify for a “Special exemption for after work get togethers.”[8] Kotz said he was communicating with her the way he would talk to any other employee and that he didn’t think any of his communications were inappropriate, and denied having any personal relationship with the woman.[8][55] -Wikipedia

Yes our little Zionist money launderer and liar who waged an anti-porn watching campaign againt SEC employees is what he complains about.And he was one of ex SEC Chairman and money launderer Chris Cox's chief propogandists for the 'naked short selling' or naked shorting'  lie for promoted by National Taxpayers Union founder Jamees Dale Davidson for DECADES a few blocks from the main SEC headqurters in Alexandria,Virginia ! I always thought the fraudulent term used to distract from illegal pump and dump scams and insider stock manipulations was created by Washington,D.C. scum with perverted minds.
And even though no legit economist or securities expert seriously believes or claims that Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac shares collapsed in value due to so-called 'naked shorting' both ex SEC Chairman and his hand picked IG or Inspector General David Kotz and Agora Inc AND ntu founder James Dale Davidson will all swear they collpsed to to 'naked shorting' and not because their collpse was rigged and engineered to be shorted by insiders to stock market manipulation and the wealth of the U.S. and perhaps European middle class was shifted to anonymous and semi anonymous offshore accountss as insiders to the shorting dumped the shares they held in them !Triilions of dollars ! Yes Bernie Madoff whose frauds David Kotz should never have been qualified to investigate,are quite small by the standards of the orchestrated collapse of the markets in 2008 that Kotz and Cox erroneously and fraudulantly blamed on 'naked short selling' - a lie that also ended up being promoted in the english version of Al Jazeera by securities fraudster Max Keiser who like Agora Inc scum probably has CIA connection as well and is now spewing his 'buy silver' garbage,etc. on RT
or Russia Today.Ha.

Note that Kotz is lauded by Patrick Byrne Geico insurance billionaire and operator of the Utah stock fraud called Overstock.com that he has  claimed was a victim of 'naked shorting'.He has used its proceeds to bribe a number of politicians including ex Utah Governor to back up his fraulent claim.He had a website called NCANS meaning National Coaltion Against Naked Shorting that replaced James Dale Davidson's and Agora Inc.'s NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling in 2005.The SEC DID NOT
prosecute a single person or entity for 'naked shorting' Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or other sleezy financial stocks whose execs remained silent in 2008 when SEC IG Kotz and Chairman Cox posted the lie that their shares had been 'naked shorted' while they collapsed almost simultaneously in 2008.It was only a year later we learned that Goldman Sachs whose own share collapse Cox and Kotz blamed on 'naked short selling' had in fact had one of the best years of its existence by shorting shares of Fannie Mae Freddie Mac GM etc, itself !

SEC Enhances Investor Protections Against Naked Short Selling


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15/07/2008 – The SEC's order will require that anyone effecting a short sale in these securities arrange beforehand ... formation is more important now than it has ever been," said SEC Chairman Christopher Cox... GoldmanSachs Group Inc, GS ... Fannie Mae, FNM. http://www.sec.gov/news/press/2008/2008-143.htm ...

David Kotz | Deep Capture
  1. www.deepcapture.com/tag/david-kotz/

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    29/04/2010 – In his most recent report to Congress, David Kotz, Inspector General of..... naked short selling and the unsettled trades that can result from that.

  2. Cabinet backs wider ban on naked short trading - The Local


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    02/06/2010 – H.David Kotz has misinformed if not out and out lied about the supposed danger of ¦#39;naked short selling¦#39; and even met personally with ...

  3. Practices Related to Naked Short Selling Complaints and Referrals - Página 16 - Resultado de Google Books

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    H. David Kotz - 2010
    H. David Kotz. pertained to naked short selling. Based on our review, the naked shortselling complaints received by Enforcement generally fell into three ...
Agora Inc.'s Porter Stansberry who brags of being the Rothschild's or Fleet Street's only American editor brags of predicting the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and GM rather than acknowledge that he was an insider to the sacking and looting and stock manipulation himself !He is the one with the money to buy advertising time with CNN,Fox News,CNBC,etc. promoting his and 'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones' endofamerica2011.com gold etc. promotion scam.


Goldman Sachs[edit]

In 2010, Kotz looked into allegations regarding the timing of an SEC fraud case against Goldman SachsKotz did not find any evidence that SEC officials coordinated the timing of actions against Goldman Sachs with anyone in the Obama administration or Congress, to help speed passage of the financial overhaul law.[41]


In both 2010 and 2011, Kotz investigated the accessing of pornography sites on SEC computers during business hours, finding a number of SEC staff had been visiting such sites.[22][42][43][44] He released two reports, documenting his findings.[42][43]

SEC office lease[edit]

In 2011, Kotz issue a report criticizing the SEC for its 900,000-square-foot, $557 million, 10-year lease for new office space.[45][46][47] He called the process, which lacked competitive bidding, deeply flawed and unsound.[46]

Controversy and departure[edit]

Employee Complaints
At least two formal complaints were filed against Kotz by SEC staff members (including Linda Baier, acting Branch Chief of Acquisition Policy, and Nancy McGinley, an enforcement attorney, in April 2011), with the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE).[17][48][49] They alleged that Kotz distorted facts to build a case, and that he created a culture of fear at the SEC of Kotz's "false allegations and retaliations".[17][48] Kotz sought to have Baier disciplined, but her managers declined to take action.[17] Kotz similarly sent a criminal referral to federal prosecutors regarding trading by McGinley, but the Justice Department declined to act.[17] Kotz denied the allegations, but ultimately left the SEC in the midst of a scandal concerning ethics and potential conflicts of interest.[17][48] On the one hand, Julie Preuitt, an assistant regional director in the SEC's Fort Worth office, said Kotz was "trying to shine a light" on an agency that previously had not received intense scrutiny, but on the other hand current and former SEC staffers and lawyers outside the Commission said Kotz's over-zealous effort to uncover waste, fraud, and abuse at the SEC had gone overboard and had led some talented attorneys to leave the Commission.[17][48]
Another complainant against Kotz was the office's former Chief of Investigations, David Weber, who accused Kotz of improper conduct in the Madoff investigation.[7][50] In November 2012, Weber filed a federal lawsuit after he was terminated by the SEC in which he alleged that Kotz unethically conducted personal relationships with colleagues that might have compromised the SEC’s Madoff and Stanford prosecutions.[51][52] Weber had been on leave since the spring after some employees complained that he was physically threatening and spoke openly about his desire to carry a gun at work. Weber denied those allegations.[53] An independent, outside review of Weber's charges relating to Kotz's conduct, after Weber was placed on leave, by Inspector GeneralDavid C. Williams of the U.S. Postal Service did find that Kotz may have had conflicts of interest in a number of important investigations, including relationships with individuals connected to subjects he was investigating, but did not identify instances in which information in any of his reports was compromised.[54] Kotz responded to the civil lawsuit saying that: "for some inexplicable reason, my name has been dragged through the mud in the most ludicrous and unbelievable allegations."[36][50][51][55] The SEC settled with Weber for $580,000, one of the highest SEC settlements in a whistleblower retaliation case, in May 2013.[56][57]
Report on improper conduct by Kotz
Because of concerns of improper conduct by Kotz, Inspector General David C. Williams of the U.S. Postal Service was brought in to conduct an independent, outside review of Kotz's alleged improper conduct.[7] Williams concluded in his Report that Kotz violated ethics rules by overseeing probes that involved people with whom he had conflicts of interest due to “personal relationships.”[7][8][58] He also concluded that Kotz may have had an inappropriate relationship with an SEC employee.[7][35][55][58] Williams did not identify specific examples of Kotz's reports being tainted.[59]
One conflict of interest for which Kotz was criticized was his decision to accept club-level tickets from a financial adviser, for himself and his sons, to a sold-out Philadelphia Eagles football game.[7][8][51][60] Kotz reimbursed the financial adviser $95 apiece, for three tickets that the team said had a value of $240 each.[8] Commenting on the matter, Professor Geoffrey Hazard, a legal ethics specialist, said that “However passionate a fan you might be of the Eagles, it’s just imprudent” to take the tickets.[60] Kotz called the incident: "an insignificant matter."[51][55]
The Report questioned Kotz’s work on the Madoff investigation, because Kotz was a "very good friend" with the whistleblower in the case, Harry Markopolos.[8][35] Although investigators were not able to determine when Kotz and the whistleblower became friends, the Report concluded that it would have violated U.S. ethics rules if their relationship began before or during Kotz’s investigation.[8][36]
The Report also questioned Kotz's work on the Stanford investigation.[8] It found that Kotz “appeared to have a conflict of interest” when he opened and supervised the investigation, because of his relationship with a Massachusetts attorney representing Stanford's victims who, one month after starting the investigation, Kotz listed as a business reference and a “personal friend”.[8][35] Kotzmet with her after his departure from the SEC in an effort to seek business for his new job.[8][55]
The Report also found that Kotz should not have participated in a probe of the re-organization of the SEC’s office, because he engaged in “extensive” and “flirtatious” communications with afemale SEC staffer associated with the project during the probe.[8] Among other things, he emailed her in 2008 a suggestion that she buy a "short skirt or two," and as to the dress code he indicated that she would qualify for a “Special exemption for after work get togethers.”[8] Kotz said he was communicating with her the way he would talk to any other employee and that he didn’t think any of his communications were inappropriate, and denied having any personal relationship with the woman.[8][55]
Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) said in a statement that the Report revealed "poor judgment".[8]
On January 17, 2012, Kotz resigned amid criticisms of his behavior and questions about his conduct, and the SEC announced that he would leave the agency at the end of January.[8][18][50] Kotzannounced that he was leaving the SEC, describing the reports he had issued as being “significant to the agency, Congress and the investing public.”[61]
Senator Grassley, an Iowa Republican who was a frequent critic of the SEC, said: “David Kotz produced strong, conclusive reports, even as critics claimed he was too aggressive. An aggressive, independent inspector general is best for the agency in the long run, even if that’s uncomfortable for management.”[22][62]

Gryphon Strategies (2012)[edit]

In late January 2012, Kotz joined Gryphon Strategies, a small New York corporate fraud investigation firm, as its Washington representative and managing director.[63][64]

Berkeley Research Group (2012–present)[edit]

In August 2012, Kotz joined the anti-corruption team as a director in the Financial Institutions practice at Berkeley Research Group.[65] Kotz had become familiar with Berkeley when he hired the firm while he was at the SEC, during the Madoff investigation.[63]


Kotz's wife Deborah is a reporter for the Boston Globe.[66] The couple has three children.[66]

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