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Survivor Of Boston Marathon Bombings Marc Fucarile A Fake ?

 Survivor Of Boston Marathon Bombings Marc Fucarile A Fake ?

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 Survivor Of Boston Marathon Bombings Has Long Road Ahead  by Martha Bebinger May 31, 2013 5:21 PM

Marc Fucarile reached a huge milestone this week: He was one of the last two Boston Marathon bombing survivors to be released from the hospital.
Fucarile spent 45 days in , and he hopes someday to get back to work with a roofing company.
But first he will have to go through rehab. He lost his right leg, and his left leg was badly hurt. He also suffered head injuries.
He's eligible for compensation from a fund for victims called the . Almost $38 million has been to the fund so far.
The deadline to apply is in two weeks, yet the full extent of Fucarile's injuries won't be known for years.
Survivors with permanent brain injuries or those who lost both legs will receive more money than single amputees. The application is based on injuries to date, and there are no plans to extend the deadline.
Fucarile is not complaining, but he's also not sure which category he fits in.
"The One Fund's a great thing," he says. "I can't believe how many people have stepped up. The good that's out there in this world is just phenomenal. And, you know we're all hurting. I don't know what my outcome's going to be when I get out of here, and what kind of bills I'm going to have. And that's starting to stress me out."
From his bed on his last day at Mass General, Fucarile described what happened to him on April 15.
By the time a firefighter finished applying a tourniquet to his leg, all available ambulances had left the marathon finish line full of casualties. A police officer carried Fucarile, his skin still smoldering, to a van typically used to transport prisoners and raced to the hospital. It was a rough ride.
"I think I might have been on a bench part of the seat, and the firefighter was trying to hold me on there. I don't know, I was slamming my head a lot," Fucarile says.
Surgeons told Fucarile that if he had arrived two or three minutes later, he would have died.

In the hospital, he endured multiple surgeries and skin grafts, induced comas and dozens of tests. In rehab, he will have to start rebuilding his arm strength first because his remaining leg is still too damaged for physical therapy.
He looks down and cups the stub of his right thigh, the wound layered in bandages. "It's still wide open," he says. "It hasn't been healed or shut yet. It has its moments where it has sharp pains, and the meds can't do nothing about it."
Fucarile's left leg, in a knee-length cast, is red, scarred and still riddled with scrap metal.
"The left leg is improving," he says. "It's questionable how functional it's going to be. Potentially I could be a double amputee, but the doctors have a strong hope for it. It's going to take me and therapy to get it to really work."
Family members packed Fucarile's room for a send-off. Doctors and nurses stop by too, remembering a charred, mangled man, barely holding onto life. To nurse anesthetist Amanda Heidbreder, who saw him that day in the operating room, Fucarile was simply "Distress Patient C."
"I felt determined that I was going to find out what his name was, who he was, what he was all about, and now I know," she says. "He's an inspiration to a lot of people. The evil that happened is not going to beat him. He's going to beat it."
Jen Regan is Fucarile's fiancee and the mother of their 5-year-old son, Gavin. He cries at night, asking for his dad. But on this day, Regan cried too, tears of relief and gratitude.
"Every day's been a step forward and then four steps back, and finally we have a solid step forward," Regan says. "I'm excited for Gavin to see him in a new place, and, you know, it's just a good day."
Regan and Fucarile hope to marry soon. But she's told Fucarile it won't happen until he's ready to dance.
"I don't have a choice, she's going to make me," he says. "Like I said, with one prosthetic or two, I'm still going to do it."
Fucarile won't know if his left leg can be saved for a year or more. He expects therapy and related costs to continue for the rest of his life.
This piece is part of a collaboration with NPR, WBUR, and .


Boston Bombing — 12 May 2013
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The Boston Bombing Hospital Patients Are Fakes: Proof
Note: because of the urgency of disseminating this information an initial version of this post, The Hospital Patients Are Fakes: Proof, is initiated, here. More to follow, later.
Fraudster Marc Fucarile is a liar and a fake. Nothing that he says can be trusted. Nor can anything that is said by his so-called relative, friends, and girlfriend be held as anything other than a falsehood.
This nasogastric tube was photoshopped in. It doesn’t reach anywhere near his nostril. It does NOT go into his nose. Moreover, the right nostril has been taken out. Remnants of the blur tool are seen. He’s a fake, make no mistake about it.
Now fully enlarged:
The entire picture is man-made, that is it was never taken. Look at the proportion of the medical pad in the back; plus it is more detailed and crisp than the images of focus, which would be the two people. This is a fake: the family is fake and virtual. They’re all in on the scam.
Finger ghosts out, background anomaly, impossible crease in the skull (cut-and-paste defect), Photoshop-drawn hair, use of the blur tool in bracket; features exceedingly soft.
Therefore, are his injuries also virtual? Can’t be real, otherwise the family photos would be real.
What nurse put those tattered bandages on? Seems like they’ve been on for days. What about those severely injured limbs and the amputation?
Is that the cookie monster? Whatever it is, it isn’t a real injury, and it didn’t happen on April 15, 2013.
This is painted on. It’s not a real injury. You can see the paint, here:
No evidence of any injury to this leg of any kind. No cuts or residue of a laceration/abrasion. No scabs, suture holes, residual suture components, elevations, bumps: nothing. How about a bit of scar tissue? Bionic healing?
Regardless, what’s that brown swirl? Is that supposed to be blood? Or, a vein? The artificial is surely uniquely different that the real. Moreover, that is that brown component on the knee? How is that real, with those tight nearly perfect edges.
There are no sutures. Just paint. Another view of the cookie monster (silicon-Teflon fake):
Looks like he has a leg for sure, just going out of frame and hidden by the white object. More paint on the front of the knee going down the tibia. Let’s have a closer look:
The brush strokes are clear and evident. No way around this one. Look, too, at the attempt to cross the line with a stroke of paint horizontal and one vertical to give the impression of a suture. This is his knee. The leg goes down. He is likely even faking the amputation.
See his interview, here:
What are these people doing lying to the world?

BOSTON РWith tears on her cheeks and determination in her voice, Jen Regan of Stoneham, Mass., spoke publicly for the first time Monday about the challenges facing her fianc̩, Marc Fucarile, who was severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.
At Massachusetts General Hospital, Regan detailed Fucarile’s condition, which the hospital lists as serious. His right leg had to be amputated above the knee. His left leg suffers from multiple fractures. Half his body is burned, including some third-degree burns.
“Shrapnel litters most of his body, the most serious being his heart,” Regan told reporters as six of Marc’s family members stood by her. “Even though his heart was physically damaged, it did not lessen the size of his incredibly loving heart.”
Fucarile is one of nine bomb victims still being treated at Massachusetts General. Five others are in good condition, while three are listed as fair. They’re contending with injuries similar to those seen elsewhere in the city: broken bones, damaged tissues and shrapnel penetration, especially in the lower legs, according to trauma surgeon David King.
Fucarile recently regained consciousness, Regan said, and spoke to Regan about her and their 5-year-old son, Gavin. As she spoke, a photo on a wall nearby showed Fucarile and Gavin smiling at a New England Patriots football game.
“The first words he said to me when he woke up were, ‘I am sorry for being there. I love you and Gavin,’ ” Regan said, reading from a written statement. “He then proceeded to ask how his friends were, just proving how Marc is always worried about everyone else before himself.”
Though wounds have required close monitoring, none of those treated at Massachusetts General had developed infections, according to King. He attributes that remarkable record largely to techniques learned in Iraq and Afghanistan, such as conducting multiple surgeries in stages and letting affected areas heal a bit before doing the next one.
Discharged patients have generally moved on to rehabilitation facilities, King said. There they are continuing various types of therapy – physical, mental and emotional.
“We’re at the very beginning of treating and curing their medical and surgical problems,” King said. “The amount of rehabilitation, (plus) psychiatric and psychological healing that will be required, will honestly result in a lifetime of care and therapy.”
To aid Fucarile in his recovery, a cousin has created a website to collect donations at As of Monday, the campaign had raised $62,000 toward its $500,000 goal.
Fraudster #2 Adrianne Haslet-Davis
Haslet-Davis is lying, and she knows it. Relative to the Boston event all that comes out is a lie. She claims she’s a dancer. In fact, she may have been at one time, but not recently. She lost her leg, long ago. Not this comparison. Her dancing photos are a fabrication. The lower left leg was put in artificially, no doubt about it.
They are virtual patients: for a virtual massacre. However, the money may well be very real. Let it be said again ANYONE who claims to have suffered an amputation from the Boston hoax bombing and is/was hospitalized on that basis is a fake and fraudster.


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  1. I can't believe I am even going to waste my time responding to this trash, but as someone who knows this family personally, and has seen what they have suffered through over the past 99 days, you should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting what Marc has gone through is anythign other than horrific and tragic and that his recovery is anything other than the result of the grueling rehab, fight, heart and determination he has shown over the past three months.

    1. The American people are the victims. This is a massive defrauding of the American people. This man was not standing behind the Martin's at the time of the blast because that picture is, in whole, a photoshopped crowd. The actual crowd at the actual time of the blast was all federal agents.