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Boston Bombing Amputee Actor Erika Brannock (Nicole Gross' sister)?

Boston Bombing Amputee Actor Erika Brannock (Nicole Gross' sister)?

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6 days ago – Boston Bombing Amputee Actor Erika Brannock (Nicole Gross' sister) .... hard-drives and that's just Sandy Hook & The Boston Marathon Hoax.


Boston Bombing Amputee Actor Erika Brannock (Nicole Gross' sister)


This investigation started out looking into an identified victim, Nicole Gross and from there it resulted in a little logical deduction that will show that Erika Brannock is likely a fabricated identity and that Erika Brannock was a pre-existing below the knee amputee before the Boston Bombing.

Evidence Exhibit: Fabricated Name

To start I utilized Intelius & Radaris, 2 separate online identity search sites that if researched properly should show any expected family relationships, ages, locations and aliases or married name relations. The next 8 images show those results and you will see that Erika Brannock has no known relationship to the Brannock family name and therefore is likely a fabricated identity and likely her occupation and family picture history also. This fabrication is what prompted myself to take a closer look at Erika.

The family members searched are Wayne Brannock, Carol Brannock, Nicole Brannock and Erika Brannock.

Wayne Brannock

Carol Brannock

Nicole Brannock

Erika Brannock

Based on the above the results it MUST be logically assumed that Erika Brannock is a fabricated identity and is possibly an amputee actor inserted into the Brannock family as cover for the Boston Bombing event.

By doing some Facebook investigating I uncovered several persons of interest tied in with Erika Brannock & the Boston Bombing first on deck is Bre Michelle and I didn't investigate her too much, but used to the comments to branch off and uncover others. Below is Bre Michelle's Facebook pic and comments which I used.

From there I looked into Liz Harlan who I noticed was always posting on Facebook re: Erika and discovered she is the director at Erika's preschool job and has started her own pre-school called Davenport of which Erika was supposed to start work at this fall. The news article below outlines that Erika may not have insurance and needs lots of donated $$.

And below is proof of Erika's Facebook friendship with Liz Harlan

Further into the Facebook spiderweb I stumbled onto a picture of Erika on a Emily Whitaker's Facebook and look close at the unknown lady on the right .... she looks a lot more like Erika than Erika's own supposed mother Carol Brannock(aka Carol Phillips Downing)

Moving along I looked into Liz Harlan's husband Luke Harlan and discovered he too is friends with many of Erika's friends and happens to own his own well connected Marketing Firm and is towing the same Boston Strong theme.

Moving along further I stumble across a Rob Schweitzer who is friends with both Liz Harlan & Luke Harlan. Not only that he is also a FEMA Executive at the Whitehouse.

Now you might think what significance this has ? Likely Liz Harlan is Erika Brannock's handler for the event and her husband Luke Harlan & Rob Schweitzer are part of the event planning committee with good old Rich Serino.

Physical Evidence: Pre-existing Amputation

This is a little harder to prove since there are very few bare leg pics of Erika online and with HD silcone prosthesis it can be hard to spot. I will note that I did find a pic on Facebook today on my mobile smartphone from one of Erika's friends commenting on a pic of a female in a wheelchair that looked alot like Erika and it referenced her being a car accident victim from South Carolina within the last 2 years.

I haven't uncovered any news articles related to this info, because her name likely would not have been Erika Brannock when that occurred.

I do have this pic from the Bomb site which is labelled and I believe to be Erika. I encourage others to help pinpoint Erika at the scene.

And finally a picture from Erika's mother's Facebook (Carol Phillips Downing) which if you look very closely appears to be a HD Silicone Prosthesis attached to Erika's lower left leg.

Pic is self explanatory, and with all the above research I am fairly confident to state that Erika Brannock is a fraud and likely was recruited into this Boston Bombing hoax on the premise of receiving lots of free prosthesis care and finacial gain. I attached the last pic for a better view.THE END

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