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Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Israel Had Advance knowledge of Adam Lanza's Rampage

Sandy Hook,Prinicipal Dawn Hochsprung,Victoria Soto:Israel Had Advance Knowledge of Adam Lanza's Rampage

Alexis Israel did for sure !


Alex Israel    Adam Lanza

Just as with Victoria Soto, who may be a Washington,D.C.Manatos lobbyist for all we know,who had an RIP obituasry page on Facebook on Decemvber 10,2012 - or 3 days before she was allegedly killed !, and just like allegedly dead Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Dawn Hochsprung, who apparently did an interview with the Newtown The Bee newspaper perhaps even the day BEFORE the official massacre and AFTER she was supposedly interviewd outside the school shortly AFTER her alleged murder ! and all those 'poor' surviving family members of deceased Sandy Hook massacre victims who had their Facebook sites asking for charity and donations on the very same day of the alleged massacre of young students by GE Capital money launderer Peter Lanza's son Adam Lanza   - Alexis Israel claims to have almost slept with Adam Lanza hanging out in his mom's house in his bedroom or binker or whatever ! Was this 'kosher' ? Was Adam the young mass murdering lady's man Jewish or at least a white guy who was dellusional enough to believe he was a 'Semite' ?


Sandy Hook Newtown CT. Principal Dawn Hochsprung to The Bee AFTER She is murdered !?


Remember The RIP Victoria Soto FB page that was created 4 days ...


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I know there were many threads about this oddity. There was a RIP VICTORIA SOTOFB page that was created in Dec 10, 4 days before the ...


Alex Israel: Another Pathological Liar? | NODISINFO

Mar 25, 2013 – She laid judgement against Adam Lanza, trying to act “nice” and .... According to the various Tweeting back and forth Beth Israel is the mother ...


Sandy Hook— 25 March 2013
Alex Israel: Another Pathological Liar?
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Alex Israel: Another Pathological Liar?
We’ve discovered another known espionage operatives who did a fairly good job on TV. Setting the stage for this false flag event was an individual known as Alex Israel. Her role as a premeditated mole is made glaringly clear by her CNN interview, as follows:
She also made clear by her deceit, foreknowledge, and mostly through her initial dissemination on Twitter that she is a collaborator. Here, she achieves the impossible. She proposes to know about the name of the purported culprit before even the State Police either knew about it or announced it:
It is just as it says, December 14, 12:20, presumably EST from where she lives. The time stamping has not yet been confirmed. Note, too, what she says about having dates “in his house.” There is no mention, though, in her interview of ever being in Adam Lanza’s house or her ever having anything to do with him, other than merely seeing him in school. In fact, in the interview she indicated she didn’t know him at all, that is in any close way. Thus, the tweet is in direct contradiction with her words. Plus, her mother added to the fury by saying in her own tweets that Adam Lanza was “troubled.” That is all the public needs to hear to make up their minds, especially when combined with the onslaughts of lies and propaganda from the vast, powerful media sources.
Regardless, the nature of the (false) massacre was never announced on the 14th. This means that Israel is yet another mole amongst the cast of insidious characters.
What was Israel’s purpose? She laid judgement against Adam Lanza, trying to act “nice” and “reasonable.” In other words, not getting too aggressive, but just enough to lay the groundwork for the fallacious claims. Thus, her purpose was to disseminate false information for the progression of the plot. As there was no massacre of any kind, and since Adam Lanza is a mere patsy, this proves that Israel was clued in on the plot in advance. Otherwise, there is no way she would be perpetrating advanced tweets, as did Carlee and Jillian Soto. Thus, Israel is a pre-meditated mole who was fully in place, long before the event, as a public adversary. Keep in mind that, regardless, it makes no sense to draw interviews all the way from London, where she was purportedly residing at the time for any such local event.
The interview
Morgan: “Alex (alias Alexis) Israel, thank you for joining me. You knew…”
Editor’s note: as soon as Morgan says, “You Knew,” that is when over a few split seconds Israel exhibits the following litany of facial expressions: it is highly dramatic when seen on tape:
Editor’s note: it doesn’t appear that either of them know much. Does Morgan ever talk other than out of the corner of his mouth?
“this character. Is this something (now look at the face she makes; is that the face of self-contempt, knowing you’re about to tell dirty lies?)”
Note: the following jutting of the jaw and baring of the teeth occur just as he says, “You knew…”
Editor’s note: Israel goes through a panorama of gyrations, as manifested by the three different screenshots above, upon being asked a simple question by arch-huckster Morgan, as he, once again, speaks from the corner of his mouth, knowing he is telling nothing but wild fables. First, she essentially closes her eyes (on the vide0), then opens them, eyes rolling up (on the video). Then, she performs a jaw jut with the teeth bared, then pursed lips, the pursed lips and tightening of the jaw, all in a matter of fractions of seconds–all before she even says a word.
“that you would’ve ever predicted that he would,
one day, flip and do something as monstrous as this (at which time she juts her jaw one more time, once again, teeth bared)?”
Israel (a false name and alias):  ”I mean, I don’t know if you could ever predict
something like this that happens. You really never think that it’s gonna happen to your school somewhere where you live–and you’ve lived your whole life, but, um, ah…
I don’t know if I could have predicted it (a news anchor once again asks us to believe in another crystal ball wizard)
I mean, there was something off
about him.”
“I really only knew him closely when we were very, very, very
young, um, when we were in elementary school together
elementary school together.”
“Um, and I mean he was always a little bit different. He mostly stayed to himself, but I don’t know if you can say (note rising up of left corner of the mouth, just like arch-liar Morgan)”
that you could have predicted this.
Note: here is another shot at about the time she said, “predicted this:”
She feels no compunction of dragging Adam Lanza’s name into the mud and most likely well knows the real status of the event, even being briefed regarding her role.
Morgan: “He, he was by all accounts a pretty clever young man, particularly in math: almost genius, apparently. Tell me about that side of him.”
Israel: “I was never in any of his classes…yea, you could definitely tell, yea, that he was a genius. There was definitely something there that was a little bit above the rest of us.”
Morgan: “Did he have friends? Was he sociable (and she immediately looks off to the far left)?”
Israel: “I, I, always saw him alone when he was walking through the school or when he was sitting at the table, sitting on the bus. But..I’m sure he had, I think he had a few close friends, maybe through school, through his classes, but most of the time I saw him he was alone, yea.”

Note: none of this posturing and gesticulating is normal. The jaw jut, the posturing, the raising up of the hands, which she did several times, the jaw tightening, and the speaking from the corners of the mouth are all established as evidences of dishonesty. More research needs to be done about this individual and her collaborators.
Morgan: How would you describe his personality?
Israel: He was really quiet. He kept to himself. He was a little fidgety, a little uneasy sometimes if you were just to look at him. I think he was just socially not really into going out there and making as many friends as everyone was really doing in elementary school and middle school. He was just – he preferred to stay to himself.”
Morgan: What was your immediate reaction when you discovered that it was this person that you knew?
Israel: “I mean, it was devastating. I’m in London, now, studying here for the semester. I’m coming home on Thursday to this, but I found out first early this morning, I guess, probably when it broke at home, but at this time it was like around 2:00.
I was raised in that elementary school, raised the school system there, and finding out it was somebody I knew, ultimately, who had done all of this is just upsetting, I mean, you can’t imagine that could ever happen.”
More Twitter evidence
Israel seems to be associated with a litany of emails heaping great slander on Adam Lanza in order to maintain the hoax of the false massacre.
Beth Israel
According to the various Tweeting back and forth Beth Israel is the mother of Alex Israel.
Beth Israel, Steve Lardner, and Tim Dalton all joined in against Lanza and in support of the phony massacre:
Real neighbors report almost never if ever seeing Adam Lanza, and yet there is these grouping of commentators slinging plenty of hate, all maliciously:
In  fact, considering the cast of false actors already documented and revealed all such individuals who protest so strongly on behalf of the Zionist-orchestrated plot should be thoroughly investigated for possible complicity in the crime. Even so, there is great power in their statements, because they are bearing witness, though false, as locals. In all likelihood each of these individuals is an operative, considering the fact that people who really knew Adam Lanza and Nancy Lanza spoke both fondly and highly of them, never saying such horrible things.
If he truly is a former classmate, then, she saw no hesitance to maliciously attack a fellow student, even without the slightest evidence to support her claim. Rather, the evidence is against Israel for the acts of premeditation based upon her immediate access to the powerful contrived and controlled media as well as her premature tweets, if proven as Eastern Standard Time. Laying blame on Adam Lanza even before it was officially (though falsely) announced, she used her Twitter feed as a medium to spread the lies and slander.
That doesn’t even include the analysis of her performance, which proves through her facial expressions and posture scheming lies.
Alex Israel played no minor role. She gave international justification for the malice and slander heaped upon Adam Lanza, in other words, she aided the wild claims of the antagonistic media outlets to label Adam Lanza as disturbed and sufficiently abnormal. That is she created the necessary doubt about his character to support the official lie.
Does Israel know a simple fact: that Adam Lanza had nothing to do with this, thus, all that she said is libel, malice, and falsehoods? If not, she is hereby informed that her words amount to filthy libelous, and traitorous, lies.
Here is what others were quoted as saying in the early days after the event (London Telegraph)
He’d correct people’s Latin homework, when they were aged around 14, and at 16 was among the list of top students in his English class, studying “Of Mice and Men” and “Catcher In The Rye” – the classic tale of troubled youth.
“It was almost painful to have a conversation with him, because he felt so uncomfortable,” said Olivia DeVivo, who sat behind him in English. “I spent so much time in my English class wondering what he was thinking.”
“He didn’t have any friends, but he was a nice kid if you got to know him,” said Kyle Kromberg, now studying business administration at Endicott College in Massachusetts. He studied Latin with Lanza.
“He didn’t fit in with the other kids,” he said. “He was very, very shy. He wouldn’t look you in the eyes when he talked. He didn’t really want to lock eyes with you for very long.”
Beth Israel, Alex’s mother, added to the doubts about Adam’s character with:
Her mother Beth Israel, who lived nearby, said: “I know he had issues. He was a really troubled kid … a very quiet kid, a shy kid, maybe socially awkward.”
People read these subtle and not-so-subtle references and presume the worst. The least the Israels can do is to retract all their fallacious statements or, perhaps re-tweet the truth, that is if they are merely misguided.

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