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Crisis Management Institute,(CMI),Guide for Children 4 days BEFORE massacre Sandy Hook

Crisis Management Institute,(CMI),Guide for Children 4 days BEFORE massacre Sandy Hook

Crisis Management Institute weighs in on Sandy Hook 8:57 PM, Dec 17, 2012


Update (Jan. 17, 2013):

Since this post was published yesterday morning, we’ve received many reader comments, some of which by individuals more knowledgeable about computers and the Internet than I am. They point out that CMI’s “Talking With…” PDF document actually was created on December 14, 2012, but for some reason was uploaded to their October 2012 folder (thus, the 2012/10 in its URL). Other commenters maintain that still doesn’t explain why the Arlington Red Devils’ page on the CMI document indeed was published on December 10, 2012.
Most helpful, however, is a comment by reader Peter. He points out that “It is very simple to change the creation date of any document” and provides how that is done. More importantly, Peter states that “To me the most damming evidence is the fact that the google cache shows that there was once a file called ‘talking-with-your-child-about-the-sandy-hook-tragedy’ in the directory ‘[b]/news/2012/12/10/[/b]‘. There is no doubt that /2012/12/10/ means december 10th 2012. This directory structure is created automatically by wordpress when an authorized author creates a new piece of content such as the news item in question.”
Peter than counsels that a screenshot of the Google cache be taken, in order to preserve the evidence in the event Google erases it. So I went on the Google cache site and took this screenshot, which clearly shows the “Talking With” guide was published on December 10, 2012 — FOUR days before the Sandy Hook massacre:
Arlington Red Devils on CMI document
To conclude, I stand by my original assertion that Crisis Management Institute had created a PDF guide “Talking With Your Children/Students About the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting” on December 10, 2012, four days beforethe Sandy Hook massacre took place.
In the meantime, here’s my post today on “Another Sandy Hook fundraiser that pre-dates the massacre.”

Update (Jan. 26, 2013):

Peter Offermann lent his Internet technical expertise to an anlysis of this. Here’s “How we know a guide on counseling children about Sandy Hook predated the massacre.”

Guide on how to talk to children about Sandy Hook 4 days BEFORE massacre

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See our follow-up forensics analysis of this phenomenon:
We need more duct tape to keep our heads from exploding.
In addition to the four memorial-donation webpages for Sandy Hook victimswhich were created one to three days BEFORE the massacre, here’s another pre-massacre document.
It’s a PDF document counseling parents and teachers across America how to talk to their children about the terrible shooting deaths of 20 children and 6 adults on the morning of December 14, 2012, in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The document, titled “Talking With Your Children/Students About the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting,” is the work of an organization called Crisis Management Institute (CMI).
Based in Salem, Oregon, with just a P.O. Box address instead of a physical locale, Crisis Management Institute describes itself as follows:
“Our mission at CMI is to help schools prevent crisis for individuals as well as the whole school population, and to plan and prepare such that each small response mitigates the likelihood of a larger crisis growing out of the current situation.  By providing solid foundational materials and cutting-edge online updates, we aim to give all schools a range of resources with which to face emerging challenges.”
Some of the “resources” CMI provides are short (1-2 pages) guides in PDF format posted on its website, such as “Talking With Your Children/Students About the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting” (henceforth abbreviated as “Talking With…”) that you can read for yourself. You’ll see that the PDF document does not have a date for its creation. However, when a document is uploaded onto a website, it acquires an Uniform Resource Locater (URL), which is a specific character string that constitutes a reference to an Internet resource.
Think of the URL as the Internet address of a website, or of an article or picture within that website. Or in technical jargon, “Every URL consists of some of the following: the scheme name (commonly called protocol), followed by a colon, two slashes, then, depending on scheme, a server name (exp. http://ftp.,http://www., smtp., etc.) followed by a dot (.) then a domain name, a port number, the path of the resource to be fetched or the program to be run, then and an optional fragment identifier.”
For example:
And so it is also with Crisis Management Institute’s online documents. Despite the absence of a date in CMI’s PDF document “Talking with…,” there are other ways to ascertain when “Talking With…” was uploaded to CMI’s website. That date is December 10, 2012, four days before the Sandy Hook massacre. Here’s the evidence:

1. Arlington Red Devils site

The Arlington Red Devils (ARD) is the website of the Arlington Local Schools in Ohio. According to an article on Investor Discussion Board, an alert Internet sleuth posting on the chat site, found a posting on ARD about CMI’s “Talking With…” guide, with a link to the PDF document. Here’s a screenshot the sleuth took of the ARD post. Pay special attention to the two yellow circles I’ve drawn on the top left and bottom right of the screenshot.
Arlington Red Devils
Inside the bottom right yellow circle I drew is the date when the sleuth accessed the Arlington Red Devils’ website: 1/10/2013 (January 10, 2013).
Inside the top yellow circle I drew is the URL of CMI’s “Talking With…” document with its date of 2012/12/10 (December 10, 2012), which is FOUR days before the Sandy Hook massacre:
CMI Talking with URL
Since Jan. 10, however, that Arlington Red Devils page has been scrubbed. If you go to, you get sent to this page ( that says “Error 404 – document not found”. Good thing the sleuth had taken a screen shot of the ARD page on January 10, 2013!

2. The URL for “Talking With…” on CMI’s Website

But we don’t have to rely on the now-scrubbed Arlington Red Devils webpage. We can go directly to Crisis Management Institute’s website for its PDF document “Talking With Your Children/Students About the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting.” Click here for the document. If CMI scrubs it by the time you try to access the document, I’ve saved the document in FOTM’s media library. Click here: Talking-With-Your-Children-About-the-Sandy-Hook-Elementary-Shooting/
Look at the URL of the document. It shows a date of 2012/10. Here’s a screenshot I just took of CMI’s “Talking With,” showing the URL on top:
CMI Talking with
Notice the document’s URL on top, and in the bottom right, the date when I took the screen shot: 1/16/2013 (for January 16, 2013).
Here’s an enlargement of the URL for “Talking With…,” showing the 2012/10 date:
CMI Talking with
The Spanish language version of the same “Talking With…” document has an URL date of 2012/12 (for Dec. 12, 2012), which is two days before the Sandy Hook massacre.

One document or webpage bearing a pre-massacre date may be due to a computer glitch. But we now have at least FIVE cases (I know of a 6th, which will be posted tomorrow).
And so, we must now ask ourselves why Crisis Management Institute— like the people who put up the “R.I.P. Victoria Soto” Facebook page, the United Way “Sandy Hook Support Fund,” the Sandy Hook Elementary Victims’ Fund, or the Fundraiser for Families Involved in Tragic Newtown, CT Shootings somehow knew, days in advance, there would be a massacre in Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.
Oh, one more thing.
Crisis Management Institute’s director is a woman named Cheri Lovre.
Cheri LovreScreenshot of Cheri Lovre from a video she posted online, Dec. 16, 2012.
Cheri Lovre is an anti-gun gun-control advocate. Lovre posted an essay, “Talking About Gun Violence,” on a rabidly anti-gun site called Praying the Devil Back to Hell – HERE AND NOW!
This is below the website’s masthead:


pray the devil
We are people of faith, seeking to eliminate semi-automatic weapons and high capacity ammunition clips in our state, our nation, and around the world.  After the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, December 14, 2012, it is time for us to say ENOUGH!  There is no excuse for civilian possession of semi-automatic weapons or high capacity ammunition clips.  Our children will not be safe at school, in a mall, or in a theater until we take these weapons out of circulation!

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