Saturday, May 4, 2013

elizabeth warren boston marathon

elizabeth warren boston marathon

In her speech, Warren described one of her encounters, in which she met a badly injured woman eager to get back to work.
"That is the strength and resilience of Boston. Our spirit is indomitable, our will is unyielding," she said. "Our governor and our mayor have demonstrated unwavering resolve. The men and women of law enforcement are hard at work."
Warren didn't dwell on the investigation behind the incident and simply echoed the words of President Barack Obama and other lawmakers, pledging to bring the attackers to justice. Instead, she commended the fighting spirit of Boston and its people -- a spirit she said would not be shaken by terrorism.

Susan Crawford Emerges As The Next Elizabeth Warren

Huffington Post-Apr 30, 2013
AlecMacGillis Have you heard of Susan Crawford? Nor I. But watch out -- she's the Elizabeth Warren of Internet-service monopolies: ...

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