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National Zionism:German Jewish Elite created Hitler's National Socialist Party

National Zionism:German Jewish Elite created Hitler's NAZI or National Socialist Party

Very interesting to learn that it was a European 'Jew' ,Moses Hess,who created the tern 'National Socialist' and NOT Hitler nor anyone who could be accused of being 'anti-Semitic',(to use an incorrect term because Europeans ,Jewish or otherwise,aren't 'Semites' anyway).
And besides with so many Jews in high and low levels of the NAZI hierarchy just how could even the German NAZI Party that was in fact supported by Zionists in Palestine and around the world be truly or seriously considederd anti'Semitic muchless anti-Zionist ?
And still no good answer or no answer at all to my query of just where thew 'ZI' in NAZI came from.And if German Jewish Zionist Moses Hess or his followers were able to get the Jew Hess's term 'National Socialist' that had originally been intended for a Zionist organization, placed into the name of Adolf Hitler's German National Socialist Party,thgen iyt only becomes more plausible that the ZI in Hitler's term NAZI was put there by closet Zionists within his own ranks !After all Adolph Hitler  had a number of Jewish friends and  backers in his art as well as his political career.And it is HIGHLY unlikely that someone would spell Socialist in German with a 'Z' when socialist is spelled in German ,just as in English, with an 's' and NOT a 'z'.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


American Nazis. Johnny Milanos photos of the American-Nazis annual convention in Atlanta.

"Before 1919, Hitler had been a political 'gun for hire' who had many Jewish friends and had flirted with both Communism and Socialism."
What sort of people would organise events such as: 9 11, genocide, the torture of children, the lynching of innocent people....?

Think of Nazis and Zionists?

Or perhaps think of Genghis Khan, Caligula, the Medicis, the Hapsburgs, the Ming Emperors, the Plantagenets, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers...

Sisters. Tigray. Ethiopia
By courregesg

"Do you believe," said Candide, "that men have always massacred each other as they do to-day?" 

"Do you believe," said Martin, "that hawks have always eaten pigeons when they have found them?" 

John D Rockefeller.

The ruling elite sometimes appear to promote 'racism' - both the Zionist and the Nazi types of racism.

Most people are of fairly mixed race, but the elite like us to think differently.

155,000 Nazi soldiers had Jewish blood.

The Jews' "Worst Enemy" is Now Ours - henrymakow.com

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet... The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."

This could have been said by a top Nazi, but was in fact said by Menachem Begin, who was a fan of the Nazis.

Johnny Milanos photos of the American-Nazis annual convention in Atlanta.

 In 1939, many Americans supported Hitler.

These supporters of the Nazis included:

John Rockefeller, Allen Dulles,

Prescott Bush, Henry Ford,

William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Kennedy (JFK's father),

Robert Taft and Charles Lindbergh.

DNA tests reveal 'Hitler was descended from the Jews and Africans he hated'

Supporters of the Nazis reportedly included:

Members of the Jewish masonic B’nai B’rith, who were inside the SS, the SA and the Nazi party.

The banker Oppenheimer and the aircraft manufacturer Ernst Heinrich Heinckel.

Jews such as Heinrich Himmler, Wilhelm Canaris, Alfred Rosenberg and Joseph Goebbels. 

Rudolf Hess, who had a Jewish mother. 


From this we learn that some Republicans wanted Lindbergh, a fascist, to run against President Roosevelt.

Lindbergh, hero and fascist

Lindbergh equated the Nazis' murders with the murders committed by American troops.

Lindbergh uttered "no word of remorse or apology for his uncritical attitude toward the horrors of Hitler’s regime."


Johnny Milanos photos of the American-Nazis annual convention in Atlanta.

In 1939, many of the top people in the USA - whether generals, senators or press barons - could see little  moral difference between Britain and Nazi Germany.

That special relationship - The Economist

General George Marshall was one of a group who resisted giving help to Britain until late in 1941.

Several senior officers in the US military were "essentially pro-German".

In the end, Hitler declared war on America.

That forced the American government to side with Britain.

That special relationship - The Economist

Johnny Milanos photos of the American-Nazis annual convention in Atlanta.

Moses Hess was one of the people who helped to invent Zionism and Nazism.

Moses Hess called for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.


In 1862, Moses Hess invented the term National Socialism (Nazism).

He intended to use the term for Jewish nationalism.

He saw the struggle of one race against another as the main factor in history.

Adolph Hitler, the Mass Murdering Jew - Revelations / Nazis are Zionists ?

What about the Holocaust?

The elite, whether Jewish or Nazi, do not care about the non-elite, whether Jewish or Nazi.

Hitler was a tool of the elite.

"Before 1919, Hitler had been a political 'gun for hire' who had many Jewish friends and had flirted with both Communism and Socialism.

"Overnight he became a virulent anti-Communist and anti-Semite. What happened?

"He had become an army intelligence officer.

"Throughout the 1920's the Reichswehr secretly funded his party and trained his SA Brownshirts." More

Adolph Jacob Hitler. French Police document in 1924.

There is continual change, a continual cycle involving birth and death. 

Consciousness is continuous. 

It is forever looking for new kinds of self-expression. 

Life is a continous flow. 


Indonesians, not afraid to be silly.


Hitler's Jewish Doctor

Hitler's favorite Jew: The strange case of Dr. Eduard Bloch

Hitler's Jewish solicitor

Jewish works found in Hitler's personal record collection Independent

Hitler Loved Jewish Tunes

Adolf Hitler's homosexuality. Wiki

Hitler's Jewish maid [breaks her silence on Adolf Hitler]

Hitler's Favorite Jewish Filmmaker

The Untold Story of the Nazi Jews

150 000 Jews served in Hitler's Army

Jews in the Nazi Military

Thousands of Hitler's soldiers were of Jewish Descent

So what if you’re related to Hitler?

In the Wolf's Mouth

Hitler's Jewish Police

"Hitler was Jewish"

Youtube Censorship

'This video has been removed due to terms of use violation'.

Was Hitler Just a Pawn?

Understanding Hitler's Secret Relationship to the House of Rothschild

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

History Channel Now Admits U.S. Banks Funded The Third Reich

Hitler's death also remains a mystery.


The Rise of the Fourth Reich

World was Lied to about Hitler's Death

"Goebbels had engaged six doubles to impersonate Hitler for purposes of security and public appearances.

Hitler died in 1960 in Argentina

When war erupts in the world...

Zionism and the Third Reich

The Hidden History of Zionism

Adolf Hitler's New World Order -by Adolf Hitler

"Paddy" Hitler

Nazis were Zionists

Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983. (Nobel Prize Winner for...Peace!)

“We are Judeo-Nazis”

Hitler - Just Another Inside Job

IBM and the Holocaust

Adolf Eichmann Was a Crypto-Jewish Zionist Nazi

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