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Boston Marathon,Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion,Monsanto,Blackwater,Craft International ?

Boston Marathon,Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion,Monsanto,Blackwater,Craft International ?

Why Would Anyone Want To Blow Up A West Texas Fertilizer Plant?

I cannot let this story of the West, Texas explosion die. I am a truth seeker and I feel like the American people are not being exposed to a story that could and should be huge. By now most of us have seen the footage. Some claim that a missile hit the fertilizer plant. Some say it was simply an optical illusion and what we witnessed was a gas cloud igniting and triggering the explosion. None of this really matters without a motive. Whether it was a missile, arson, or a simple case of an industrial accident does not matter if we cannot establish a potential motive. Why in the world would anyone want to blow up an obscure fertilizer plant outside of Waco, Texas?
I must admit that there is one reason that I refuse to let this story die. It’s the old misdirection trick. This stinks of misdirection.

The Boston Marathon Bombings are a complete media circus. We all know that. We all see that. Half of the current news stories are related to the Boston bombings. We have printed several stories on The D.C. Clothesline about the Boston Marathon bombings. It’s a big story and it’s not going away any time soon.
But what have we learned throughout history about big media stories? A big story sometimes proves very useful to distract us from what is going on behind the scenes.  My cynical side tells me that the government is way too eager to leak their own mistakes in regards to the handling of the Tsarnaev brothers and I wonder if it’s an attempt to cover something up. I am not accusing them of a “false flag” attack in Boston but I have learned to keep an open mind. You do not get to the truth unless you are willing to stay open to all possibilities.
As we hear about every potential angle in Boston,  we get little or nothing about a fertilizer plant that exploded in West, Texas. No foul play seems to be suspected. Again, I am sure you have seen the YouTube videos but they prove nothing. In case you haven’t seen the videos I will post one of them here but today I don’t want to discuss the reason for the explosion. I just want to discuss any possible motive.
Whether a missile hit West, Texas or not really isn’t the issue. What seems to be the bigger issue is that no one seems to feel there was a motive. I want to lay out one possible motive today. Ultimately you have to make up your own mind on whether or not you think this motive is viable.
We have read in a few places that this fertilizer company had a lawsuit against Monsanto. A few sources have mentioned this and they seem to expect the American public to “piece it together” but the American public is very much in the dark and that’s the way our government likes it. Most Americans truly don’t understand the significance of Monsanto.
The Wall Street Journal was the first to break this story and it’s important to note the details. This is not a small lawsuit and it was not dormant as some have suggested. Dormant tends to imply that it’s dead by choice. It was “dormant” only because of a pending appeal that has not been resolved:
“Many documents in the case are sealed, and the public documents don’t reveal the names of the plant’s then-current owners. Texas corporation records list the president of the company as Donald R. Adair, and show a business operating as Adair Grain Inc. at the same address.
Texas Grain Storage was represented by roughly 30 lawyers at 12 firms, according to court records. One lawyer who represented Texas Grain said the suit stalled in 2010 after a magistrate judge denied a request to certify the case as a class action. The lawyer said Texas Grain appealed the ruling, and that a district judge has yet to rule on the appeal. The last public filing in the case was in 2010.”
30 lawyers from 12 firms is not a small lawsuit. Is that enough to rattle the Monsanto cage? I don’t know. But if anyone is looking for a motive this might be it.
Some have said that Monsanto owns the old “Blackwater” and thus owns the largest private army in the world. That is false but it’s on the right track. This rumor started when a blog was translated from Spanish to English years ago. The Spanish version mentioned that Monsanto was a client of Blackwater and someone translated that to English improperly. Dozens of blogs ran with it from there and the rest is history. Monsanto does not own Blackwater (now known as Academi).
However, Monsanto did hire Blackwater to infiltrate some groups to gather intelligence:
“‘Black also noted that Monsanto was concerned about animal rights activists and that they discussed how Blackwater ‘could have our person(s) actually join [activist] group(s) legally.’ Black wrote that initial payments to Total Intelligence would be paid out of Monsanto’s ‘generous protection budget’ but would eventually become a line item in the company’s annual budget. He estimated the potential payments to Total Intelligence at between $100,000 and $500,000. According to documents, Monsanto paid Total Intelligence $127,000 in 2008 and $105,000 in 2009.”
Who is Blackwater? Well Blackwater is now called Academi but for those who are unfamiliar with Blackwater, please watch this 5-minute video:
These are not Mom and Pop private investigators that Monsanto hired. These are mercenaries. All this proves is that Monsanto has hired a company with a pretty shady history to help with intelligence gathering. A lot of companies have contracted with Academi (Blackwater) so this means nothing in and of itself. It is not even clear if Academi is still working for Monsanto, but I think it is important to note one of their biggest clients. Academi’s biggest client may have been the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency):
“Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater – now known as Academi – claims his firm ‘became a virtual extension of the CIA,’ taking orders from the agency.
In an interview published Thursday by the Daily Beast, Prince revealed how deeply connected Blackwater was to the Central Intelligence Agency, especially in the early 2000s. Last month, federal prosecutors dropped felony charges against Blackwater personnel after it was revealed that the employees had been acting under the orders of the US government. After a three-year-long prosecution, most of the company’s executives walked free and two men received nothing more than probation, house arrest and $5,000 fines.”
OK so Blackwater worked for the CIA back in the day. Maybe they still do. What does that have to do with Monsanto? Well hopefully nothing but Monsanto has a long history of ties to the Federal Government and the CIA. Let’s just provide a short list from the Bush administration:
“‘The connections between Monsanto and the new Bush administration are also very solid. G.W.’s pop, Bush Sr. appointed Clarence Thomas, a Monsanto attorney, to the Supreme Court. Thomas played a key role in the selection of G.W. as president. John Ashcroft, the current attorney general, was the top recipient of Monsanto contributions when he recently tried to get reelected to the U.S. Senate. Donald Rumsfeld, the current secretary of defense, was president of Searle Pharmaceuticals, now owned by Monsanto. Tommy Thompson, now the secretary of Health and Human Services, helped the biotech industry by getting the state of Wisconsin to set up a $37 million biotech zone there. He received $50,000 from the biotech industry for his reelection campaign. The current secretary of Agriculture, Ann Veneman, was on the board of directors of Calgene Pharmaceuticals, an affiliate of Monsanto. Recently, Linda J. Fisher, a former Monsanto official, was nominated by Bush to be second-in-command at the EPA. She was Monsanto’s representative in Washington from 1995 to 2000 and coordinated the company’s strategy to blunt resistance to genetically modified food’[1] See also GM lobby takes root in Bush’s cabinet. Other high level government connections include Stansfield Turner, former Director of the CIA and member of the Monsanto Board [2] and Earle H. Harbison former president of Monsanto and CIA officer for 19 years.”  (Emphasis added)
Seems like one big happy and dysfunctional family to me, does it not?
  • Monsanto had some serious ties to the federal government and the CIA.
  • The CIA had some serious ties to Blackwater/Academi.
  • We have already established the willingness of Monsanto to contract Blackwater/Academi.
Missile or not…would it surprise you if it came out that Monsanto paid Academi employees to infiltrate a company that was suing them to do a little damage control?
It would not surprise me if it happened but it would surprise me if it happened and the truth came out. Monsanto is for the most part untouchable. So we may never know, but consider a couple of things…
Forget about growing extra limbs because of GMO-Corn for a minute. Think about the history of Monsanto. This is a company that is fully or partially responsible for The Manhattan Project and Agent Orange. They are also credited with the development of DDT, Saccharin and Aspartame. Intentional or not, this company has produced some really bad stuff that has killed hundreds of thousands of humans. Maybe millions.
Is it out of the realm of possibility that the federal government might be called upon to look the other way or to even aid Monsanto in a time of need? With their ties to the Bush administration and the CIA I doubt absolutely nothing. Here is a short clip on the history of Monsanto. Be warned that there are a couple of graphic images in the clip:
Let’s not forget the recent controversy over “The Monsanto Protection Act.” H.R. 933 was signed into law by Obama earlier this month. This video will not only give you a quick synopsis of how H.R. 933 went through the legislature in “stealth mode,” it will also give you some names and faces of the current ties between the Obama administration and Monsanto. Not much changes in Washington D.C. Political parties are very much a smoke screen. There may be a few differences in ideology but Democrats and Republicans both have an equally unquenchable thirst for power:
Today I think the real question is not whether a missile hit the fertilizer plant. I don’t even think that a motive is in question. Monsanto has a long history of bullying those who have stood in their way. I think the only question is how far this company might go to protect its interests.
Make no mistake my friends. If Monsanto wanted this fertilizer plant gone then they have the pull to get it done. Companies like Monsanto are the puppet masters. They have the money and they pull the strings. This government works for them and many other special interests. Washington D.C. would not stand in their way.
You do not bite the hand that feeds you. This is American Politics. You can accuse me of wearing a tin foil hat if you want, but this is what I see. The fact that major media sources are ignoring this story just makes me think that my suspicions have a high probability of being correct. The real “false flags” tend to be the things that go unnoticed. Our government is not as stupid as people think.
When a state run media ignores a story that should be huge, chances are pretty good that there is more to it than meets the eye. I am not smart enough to watch those videos and tell you whether or not a missile hit the West, Texas plant. I can’t watch those videos and tell if it was arson. I can’t tell you if it was an honest industrial accident. We may never know.
But I am smart enough to know that whatever Monsanto wants…Monsanto gets. This is how America works and don’t think for a minute that it doesn’t make me sick to see a big name Republican from my home state sharing a bed with Monsanto and special interests.  It reminds me once again that even the good guys aren’t really good.
I don’t like Claire McCaskill much but Roy Blunt isn’t much better. The only difference is that he tells me what I want to hear more often. I love it when they tell me what I want to hear. In the end they are both crooked politicians who answer to crooked special interests. This is the American political landscape.
If you disagree with that then I will let you borrow my tin foil hat.
You need it worse than I do.
Monsanto really wouldn’t have to ask for the government’s help if it wanted to wipe out that fertilizer plant. Monsanto and their corporate counterparts run this government. That is a fact.
They run the government and the government runs the media. Suffice it to say that you won’t be seeing this article picked up by the likes of CNN or MSNBC.
So what do you think? Would Monsanto go this far?
I certainly hope they would not but if I weren’t at least open to the possibility then I would not put it before you today. Feel free to comment and leave your opinions below. Am I crazy?

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