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Are Federal Agents Connected to the Sandy Hook Shooting and the Boston Bombings?

Are Federal Agents Connected to the Sandy Hook Shooting and the Boston Bombings?

By Guerilla Girl 2

Are Federal Agents Connected to the Sandy Hook Shooting and the Boston Bombings?

Sunday, April 28, 2013 19:44

April 27, 2013
Lt. Tim McCoy: “Bull has been let out of the Pin . . . Expect more of the same”
On Friday night’s radio show, “Call to Decision”, Lt. Tim McCoy returns to the airwaves to speak out about, what he sees happening across America and brings new updated information.
Listening to previous interviews with Lt. McCoy, he explained how federal funding programs have militarized our local police departments. (Info on militarization of local Police Departments)  These officers have trained with the military, drones, choppers and how to go door to door into homes.  Lt. McCoy said, these officers are trained to kill anyone who resist.  Training of officers is now complete and on duty as of first of March 2013, to be called up at moment’s notice.
In Friday night’s interview, with host Pastor Butch Paugh, some dots were connected concerning the three officers from Connecticut, who were early responders to the Sandy Hook School shooting.  Lt. McCoy remarked, the three officers were federal agents, but knows for sure who the man in the middle is.
These three (first responders) officers were interviewed by CBS, about what happen the day of the Sandy Hook School shooting.  According to Lt. McCoy, the man setting in the middle of the three during the CBS interview, is not who he says he is, but instead a Federal Agent that goes by the name “Chrome Dome”.

How does Lt. McCoy know Chrome Dome?  He served in the military with him and said he is a Retired US Army Green Beret Special Forces & Retired Colonel,.  Lt. McCoy remarks, Chrome Dome is the controller, master mind behind these operations and a dirty, nasty person.
Lt. McCoy claims photo taken at Boston Marathon Bombings on April 15, 2013, of the three men running near the finish line are federal agents and the one in the middle is know as Chrome Dome.

In an interview done by Pastor Butch earlier in the year, Lt. McCoy answers question by Pastor Butch, “How can these agents be recognized?” He told him, they will be wearing black shirts, black coats, tan or khaki pants, tan or desert boots and tan hats, but did not know what kind of patches they would be wearing.  Lt. McCoy said, if you watch the news, you will see he was correct on this information.

Lt. McCoy, “I just know who he is and pray to the Lord, that no one messes with my family and friends over this.”

Lt. Tim McCoy, “The main colors they are utilizing are brown and black“.

Lt. Tim McCoy, “Bull has been let out of the pin . . . expect more of the same“.

Above: Lt. McCoy’s interview with Pastor Butch – April 26, 2013

Above: Lt. McCoy’s Interview with Pastor Butch – January 2, 2013

Resources: Information was taken from “Call to Decision” interviews on Jan. 2, 2013 & April 26. 2013.  Use discernment when reading this article and do your own research to verify information.

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