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Alex Jones',Porter Stansberry's,Lord William Rees-Mogg's,James Davidson's,Bill Bonner's,'s Agora Inc,.touts CIA penny stock

Alex Jones',Porter Stansberry's,Lord William Rees-Mogg's,James Davidson's,Bill Bonner's,'s  Agora Inc,.touts CIA penny stock

James Davidson's Agora Inc.touts CIA penny stock
by Tony Ryals Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2005 at 10:30 PM (email address validated)
CIA uses James Dale Davidson's Agora in illegal pump and dump schemes to benefit himself and CIA insiders in various questionable penny stocks focused on 'defense' 'homeland security' and potential internet spying for personal gain - all under guise of protecting us. Americans are defrauded again !!!
James Dale Davidson,National Taxpayers Union,Agora Inc.founder, a stock fraud.

And yes I do take it personally because James Dale Davidson ran a pump and dump scheme using Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas and lied about patents while even Stanford researchers benefitted from the pump and dump of Endovasc share and the company fraudulently claimed to be a victim of 'naked shorting' from Charles Schwab my broker who hosted the account Endovasc and Davidson's shares were dumped from - possibly LOM of Bermuda'a Schwab account!!!
The following was taken from website,earlier this year.It has since been removed from Eliot Spitzer's website along with 'SS funds in manipulated markets'that I had taken over in February from someone who started it that I believe to be connected to and possibly to James Dale Davidson's Agora Inc.I still emphasise James Dale Davidson because he claims to be the founder of Agora various self promoting releases.Bill Bonner owes us all an explanation.

If Davidson has been using Mr.Bonner's Agora Inc. all these years to run penny stock scams and illegal pump and dump schemes it is time for Bill Bonner to speak up.On the other hand if CIA employees or ex-employees in the case of George Tenet have been using Agora promote penny stocks they own for personal gain it is time for them to speak up.It is my opinion that the use of CIA in penny stock scams is in the end no good for either the morals or ethics of the CIA and I am sure there are CIA employees who would agree.

But truly it is time in this post 911 era to clean up the penny stock fraud that allows the use of places like B.V.I.,Kuala Lumpur,Dubai or Bermuda,or anywhere else for that matter to be used for illegal pump and dump and probable money laundering ACTIVITIES.Why does the CIA not intervene if the SEC will not ? Is it because the CIA,by linking itself to the penny stock underworld,is conflicted ?

The SEC needs to end Reg S,or any other stock distribution scheme that encourages illegal activities and money laundering and that allows unaudited shares to be sold in mass offshore to illegal boiler rooms for the gain of a corrupt few and CIA needs to enforce it rather than becoming a part of U.S. penny stock corruption and possible money laundering.The CIA's association with the likes of Agora Inc.,Bill Bonner,James Dale Davidson and their 'financial experts' can have nothing but a corrupting influence.

And how can the CIA take seriously the need to stop money laundering with U.S.penny stocks in terrorist suspect money laundering havens when they have decided to use the same scheme for personal gain ? And how can they associate themselves with the likes of Agora Inc. and Bill Bonner and James Dale Davidson who explicitly encourage offshore havens to avoid taxes and even run penny stock scams from offshore ?

All of this corruption is apparently the modus operendi of Davidson's 'Sovereign Individual' cult that puts greed ahead of common good.The goal is to steal as much as they can from their fellow Americans and then hide or launder that money stolen from illegal U.S.stock activitie.s All the while hiding behind patriotism and a far right National Taxpayers Union here at home,thus proving pseudo-patriotism is indeed a refuge of scoundrels.

Tony Ryals

endoscam (at)


FROM Eliot Spitzer's website, since removed for whatever reason.....

CIA Tenet and J.D.Davidson connected Bonner meet

at New Orleans conference in 2004.CIA uses James Dale Davidson's Agora in illegal pump and dump schemes to benefit himself and CIA insiders in various questionable penny stocks focused on 'defense' 'homeland security' and potential internet spying for personal gain - all under guise of protecting us. Americans are defrauded again !!!

And yes I do take it personally because James Dale Davidson ran a pump and dump scheme using Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas and lied about patents while even Stanford researchers benefitted from the pump and dump of Endovasc share and the company fraudulently claimed to be a victim of 'naked0shorting' from Sharles Schwab my broker who hosted the account Undovasc and Davidson's shares were dumped from - possibly LOM of Bermuda'a Schwab accouNt!!!

from offshoreRusiness . com message board :

Hunter Check This Out
By Ol' Hap on 9/23/2004 5:36:07 PM
E-mail: olhap@roastymail . com

There's a conference coming up in New Orleans in November. Featured speakers include Bill Bonner of Agora, Alexander Green of The Oxford Club, Michael Checkan (wrote for The Q Newsletter), Porter Stansberry, Dr. Steve Sjuggeruud of True Wealth, and a whole load of names. And's the topper ">">";>




">">http://www";> ">">";>

April 25, 2005 -- SHARES in a high-flying penny stock called Ionatron Inc. had been climbing for months on a steady flow of press releases about the company's opportunities at the sword's point of high technology in the post-9/11 world of homeland defense.
Then suddenly, on March 18, with Ionatron's shares having climbed to a high of $10.41, the company's stock was hit with an avalanche of insider selling, as more than 50 Wall Streeters privy to Ionatron's innermost secrets bailed out of nearly every share of stock they held, knocking more than 30 percent off the price in the days that followed.

Another cautionary tale from the pump-and-dump annals of the penny stock market? In fact, it's a lot more than that, for behind last month's bailout at Arizona-based Ionatron Inc. lies an astonishing tale of taxpayer-financed intrigue on capitalism's street of dreams.

In reality, nearly every one of the more than four dozen insiders who dumped their Ionatron shares on March 18 have now been identified by The Post as employees of a secretive, Arlington, Va., investment group that is owned, operated and financed out of the black box budget of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

The group, which calls itself a "venture capital fund," and goes by the name of In-Q-Tel Inc., was set up in 1999 by the C.I.A's then-director, George Tenet. His idea: that by investing in promising young companies in digital technology, the fund would be able to keep the agency abreast of developments in this fast-changing world while they were still on the drawing boards.

Whether Tenet was troubled by the many worrisome consequences of allowing the CIA to become a force on Wall Street, he clearly saW at least one pRoblem with the approach, and soughT to address it by setting up the funT as a not-for-profit corporation - in this way0presumably sanitizing it from a~y suspicion that employees of the spy agency might0be using it to speculate with taxpayer }ney for their own pErsonal benefit.

NoneTheless,0a Review of various financIal docu}ents filed aT the Securities and Exchange CommiSsion reveals at least three public companies in which the CIA-backed fund has taken major equity positions. And in each of the three cases, the fund's employees were able to stage an end-run around In-Q-Tel's not-for-profit legal status and benefit personally from the fund's investments.

Tony Ryals

04/27/2005 at
11:09:34 AM

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chatter from the Dilligizer board :

Subject: In-Q-Tel Background from CIA site
Posted By: MissHap - Registered User
Posted At: (4/26/05 5:10 pm)

The official CIA line on In-Q-Tel.
Not gonna copy out the whole article here because of the explicit copyright warning on the web page. There's also a sort of In-Q-Tel FAQ at the top left of the page.

I wonder how many of the penny stock companies invested in by In-Q-Tel, and more germane for this board, the for-profit In-Q-Tel employee fund LLC, were touted in Agora investment publications??

Tony Ryals

04/27/2005 at
2:21:47 PM


Post 3
more Dilligizer board :

Subject: Hell wiTh CIA backing and Agora promoting ....
Posted By: HuntersHelper - Registered User
Posted At: (4/26/05 6:50 pm)

Where can we sign up to invest??????????????

After all, I want a piece of the pie of my tax dollars at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Information Current Through: 04-14-2005

Database Last Updated: 04-15-2005

Update Frequency: DAILY

Current Date: 04/26/2005

Source: Thomson Financial Lancer Analytics


Insider Name: IN Q TEL INC

If Link Available-Last Known Address Reported to the SEC

Relationship: UNKNOWN


Company Name: IONATRON INC

Ticker Symbol: IOTN

CUSIP: 46207010


SEC Receipt Date: 03/28/2005

Proposed Sale Date: 03/18/2005

Market Value: $5,552,963.00

Shares Sold: 547,090


Tony Ryals

04/27/2005 at
2:29:01 PM

Post 4
Subject: Where Can You Sign Up?...

Posted By: MissHap - Registered User
Posted At: (4/26/05 6:55 pm)

Just talk to George Tenet at the next Agora investment seminar!

(from Dilligizer board)

Tony Ryals

04/27/2005 at
2:57:48 PM

Post 5
In-Q-It to In-Q-Tel


See In-Q-Tel Website at: ">">http://www";> ">">";>
Materials presented in chronological order.
Ignatius, David. "The CIA as Venture Capitalist." Washington Post, 29 Sep. 1999, A29. Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 4 Oct. 1999, 26.

"The CIA has decided to create its own venture capital firm, called 'In-Q-It' [later changed to In-Q-Tel], to help the agency connect better with the Internet revolution. The fear at Langley is that in a world of start-ups and instant millionaires, the CIA isn't getting technology's best and brightest anymore. So the spymasters have opted to create their own start-up.... The idea is for In-Q-It to fund promising technologies that can help the CIA keep pace with the information explosion."

Markoff, John. "C.I.A. to Nurture Companies Dealing in High Technology." New York Times, 29 Sep. 1999. [">">http://www";> ">">";>]

"Hoping to insure that the nation's spies have the latest information technology in the rapidly changing Internet age, the Central Intelligence Agency has established a venture capital company to nurture high-tech companies, company executives and former C.I.A. officials said....

"[T]he agency has named its new nonprofit venture In-Q-It, in a reference to Major Boothroyd, a.k.a. Q, the master technologist whose basement laboratory develops advanced gadgets for the fictional British super-agent. It will be headed by Gilman Louie, an executive in the Hasbro toy company's online business group.... In-Q-It is being financed with $28 million appropriated last year by Congress as part of the C.I.A.'s budget.... The company will seek joint projects and investments in crucial technology areas."

Glave, James. "Valley VCs to CIA: 'Huh?'" Wired News, 29 Sep. 1999. [www.">www.">http://www";>www.]

It is the opinion of some venture capitalists and policy watchers that "[t]he CIA's new venture capital project isn't going to come up with anything that the free market won't do on its own." Gregory Barr of Fleet Equity Partners "said that the agency should stick to the current scheme of contracting out for products. 'It seems like they would only add layers to [the procurement bureaucracy],'" he said.

MacIntyre, Ben. "CIA Gets 'Q' Firm to Build Its Espionage Gadgets." Times (London), 30 Sep. 1999. [">">http://www";>]

Loeb, Vernon. "Wall St. Wiz Is More Than CIA's Cyber-Eye." Washington Post, 7 Oct. 1999, A33. [">">http://www";>]

A year and a half ago, DCI George J. Tenet "brought in Wall Street heavyweight A.B. 'Buzzy' Krongard to serve as his 'counselor'.... The man who helped underwrite Microsoft and AOL as head of Alex Brown & Co." is now "helping Tenet & Co. start up a CIA venture capital firm called In-Q-It that's supposed to keep the agency abreast of computer technology."

Strobel, Warren P. "The Chip from U.N.C.L.E.: The CIA Eyes Silicon Valley Brainpower." U.S. News and World Report, 11 Oct. 1999, 55.

Brief report on forming of In-Q-It.

Yannuzzi, Rick E. "In-Q-Tel: A New Partnership Between the CIA and the Private Sector." Defense Intelligence Journal 9, no. 1 (Winter 2000): 25-37.

"The Agency's leadership recognized that the CIA did not, and could not, compete for IT innovation and talent with the same speed and agility that those in the commercial marketplace, whose businesses are driven by 'Internet time' and profit, could." Thus, In-Q-It (renamed in January 2000 as In-Q-Tel).

Loeb, Vernon. "Web Security, Privacy Are Goals of CIA Effort: Agency Funding Software Development." Washington Post, 16 Feb. 2000. [">">http://www";>]

Gilman Louie, president and CEO of the CIA's new venture capital fund, said in an interview on 15 February 2000 that In-Q-Tel "has entered into a $3 million contract with Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) for development of software designed to protect Web sites against 'denial of service' attacks and to make computer addresses invisible to 'sniffer' programs."

Loeb, Vernon. "Silicon Valley Veteran Tries a Venture at CIA: Fund Aims to Keep Agency on Top of High Tech." Washington Post, 1 Mar. 2000. [">">http://www";>]

Profile of Gilman G. Louie, President and chief executive, In-Q-Tel Inc.

[Louie, Gilman G.] "Gilman G. Louie Discusses In-Q-Tel, the CIA's New High-Tech Investment Company." National Security Law Report 22, no. 2 (Mar.-Apr. 2000): 1-2, 5-8.

Remarks on 1 December 1999 at Standing Committee breakfast in Washington, DC.

Breslau, Karen. "Snooping Around the Valley: The CIA Sets up a High-Tech Investment Fund." Newsweek, 10 Apr. 2000, 45-46.

Discusses the activities of the CIA's venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel, and its head, Gilman Louie.

[Louie, Gilman G.] "Speech by Gilman Louie, President and CEO, In-Q-Tel, Inc., 8 May 2000." CIRA Newsletter 25, no. 2 (Summer 2000): 4-13.

Louie speaks about the role of his company in supporting the technological advancement of the CIA and U.S. intelligence.

Strobel, Warren P. "The Spy Who Funded Me (and My Start-Up): The CIA's Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley." U.S. News & World Report, 17 Jul. 2000, 38-39.

"Marrying the CIA's demand for information and secrecy with Silicon Valley's gift for speed and ingenuity is no sure thing. But there's hope the two worlds can be bridged."

Loeb, Vernon. "CIA Adventures in Venture Capital: Hill Reviewing Agency's Multimillion-Dollar In-Q-Tel Offshoot for Value." Washington Post, 3 Jun. 2001, A5. [">">http://www";>]

"Three years after the CIA began pouring millions of dollars into an unclassified venture capital fund called In-Q-Tel, Congress has convened a panel of technical experts to determine whether the initiative is worth the money in the face of emerging Internet technologies."

Loeb, Vernon. "Panel Supports CIA Venture Fund: Agency Still Slow to Embrace New Technology, Report Says." Washington Post, 8 Aug. 2001, A17. [www.">www.">http://www";>www.]

According to a panel of business executives, representatives from a nonprofit group called Business Executives for National Security, "[t]he CIA's unclassified venture capital fund, In-Q-Tel, should continue as the agency's 'technology accelerator'.... But ... the panel said significant reforms must be made -- particularly within the CIA -- if innovation spawned by In-Q-Tel is ever to transform the way the agency collects, analyzes and disseminates information gathered externally and generated from within."

U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings. "In-Q-Tel: Bringing Next-Generation Technologies to the CIA." Sep. 2001, 35.

Report on remarks by In-Q-Tel CEO and President Gilman Louie, presumably at a panel, "How Do We Win the War to Protect the Information," at the Naval Institute/AFCEA Western Conference and Exposition in January 2001.

Lashinsky, Adam. "Spying on Sand Hill." Fortune, 24 Jun. 2002, 42.

Interview with Gilman Louie, head of In-Q-Tel.

Henry, Shannon. "In-Q-Tel, Investing in Intrigue: CIA Unit Scours Country for Useful Technologies." Washington Post, 1 Jul. 2002, E1. [">">http://www";>]

Since its creation in 1999, In-Q-Tel, the CIA's venture capital unit, "has made about a dozen investments in technologies that could potentially be used in information gathering and analysis of America's enemies." After September 11, "In-Q-Tel became a sort of anti-terrorism matchmaker, introducing those with problems to those with high-tech detective abilities."

Associated Press. "Gemplus Executive Leaves In-Q-Tel." Washington Post, 2 Sep. 2002, E5. [">">http://www";>]

"Alex Mandl, the newly appointed chief executive of smart-card maker Gemplus International SA, said Friday [30 August 2002] he has resigned from the board of the CIA's venture capital technology unit, In-Q-Tel." Tony Ryals

04/27/2005 at
3:06:28 PM

Post 6
Byron follow-up to In-Q-Tel piece

SPOOKY SITUATION by Christopher Byron

Link to N.Y.Post is below.I only hope he or someone delves into Agora,Bonner, Davidson, connection to touting and just which brokerages aid and abet and what offshore connections these spooks use,if any.




May 2, 2005 -- LAST week we told you about a mysterious CIA outfit on Wall Street that goes by the name of In- Q-Tel Inc. and claims to be operating as a not- for-profit investment firm that channels seed money into promising young companies in the homeland security field.

This week there's more to report on this fishy, six-year-old firm, which has been pouring a reported $35 million annually of taxpayer money into deals running the gamut from the shrewd to the idiotic. The one common feature of them all: if an investment proves profitable, much of the money flows into the pockets of In-Q-Tel's own employees; if a deal proves a loser, the nation's taxpayers get stuck with 100 percent of the loss.

Now, evidence is emerging that In-Q-Tel's brand of "Heads I win, tails you lose" deal-making may go even further than that. A source familiar with In-Q-Tel's inner workings claims that once an equity deal with a company is worked out, In-Q-Tel officials routinely begin talking the company up on Capitol Hill to help the new partner land lucrative government contracts. A Newsweek story in March of last year suggested much the same thing, reporting that In-Q-Tel helped one of its investment partners ? a Nevada-based software firm called Systems Research and Development ? obtain government business.

Since In-Q-Tel employees all hold personal stakes in the very companies they've been promoting in this fashion, their efforts amount to yet another way in which the firm is using public tax dollars for the private benefit of its employees.

It seems doubtful that former CIA director George Tenet intended anything of the sort when he authorized the creation of In-Q-Tel (known initially as In-Q-It) in March 1999 as a tool to help the agency stay on the cutting edge of technological development in the private sector.

In a June 2001 report that the CIA commissioned for Congress on the activities of In-Q-Tel, the new group was described as being authorized to engage "only in unclassified projects." Yet it wasn't long before the distractions of America's global war on terrorism began to envelop In-Q-Tel in a patriotic cloak of secrecy.

ONE disturbing result: none of the four con gressional committees charged with oversight of In- Q-Tel have ever held an unclassified hearing on its activities or published any reports. When asked why not, a spokesman for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence said last week that oversight of In-Q-Tel is classified ? which, of course, it was never intended to be. Left to itself, In-Q-Tel has thus evolved into a kind of self-enrichment machine for its employees as well as a handy little pork barrel for Congress.

In the June 2001 report to the Congress, In-Q- Tel's employee compensation program is described in detail, including the purposes and structure of a so-called "Long Term Incentive Compensation Investment Fund" in which participation by all employees is "mandatory."

As explained in the report, the fund takes equity positions ? paid for by In-Q-Tel on behalf of its employees ? in each of the companies in which In-Q-Tel itself invests. The idea: to make a job at In-Q-Tel competitive with salaries in the private sector, where stock option programs are commonplace.

It is, of course, deceptive enough that by requiring all employees to participate, the fund becomes in effect a profit-making mirror image of In-Q-Tel itself, operating just off-stage and in the shadows, while the spotlight of public attention remains fixed on the fund's "non-profit" alter ego.

But it gets worse. According to the CIA's 2001 report to Congress, even if In-Q-Tel should decide to bail out of an investment, the employee fund is prohibited from doing the same thing. In this way, the employees are presumably prevented from turning In-Q-Tel into a vehicle for speculating in the stock market.

Yet as we reported in this space last week, when In-Q-Tel decided to bail out of its position in a shaky startup company called Ionatron in mid-March, upwards of 50 In-Q-Tel employees cherry-picked their imputed shares in Ionatron out of the employee fund and sold them as well.

Many questions remain unanswered about In-Q-Tel's Ionatron investment. Ionatron claims to have developed a new kind of "Directed Energy Weapon" that can, in effect, shoot laser-guided lightning bolts through the atmosphere, disabling cars, trucks and even boats without harming the occupants.

But the founder of the three-year old company, which as yet holds no patents to back up its claims, is a twice-fined Wall Street stock promoter named Robert Howard, who agreed to pay $2.9 million in penalties in 1997 in settlement of a Securities and Exchange Commission suit charging him with making false and misleading statements about another company he founded and controlled, called Presstek, Inc.

HOWARD'S newest venture, Ionatron, is closely tied to the politically well-connected Philadelphia law firm of Blank Rome LLP, which may explain the company's greased ride into Washington. Blank Rome's chairman David Girard-diCarlo, is widely viewed as a Republican Party king-maker and is reported to have strongly pressed the White House to name Pennsylvania's Republican governor, Tom Ridge, to the post of homeland security chief following the attacks of 9/11.

Howard's ties to Girard-diCarlo's firm come by way of the head of Blank Rome's New York office, Robert Mittman, who appears as attorney of record on numerous Presstek and other Howard-linked SEC filings dating back to the mid-1990s.

He also appears, at around the same time, as attorney of record for a California-based penny stock company called U.S. Home and Garden Inc., which eventually wound up being merged with Ionatron in March 2004, thereby giving Howard a revived post-Presstek presence on Wall Street.

These connections may help explain how Ionatron, which did not even exist as a private company until it was incorporated by Howard in Delaware in June 2002, wound up hiring Blank Rome as a fully and properly registered Washington, D.C., lobbyist nine months later, in March of 2003. Shortly thereafter, Ionatron inked its deal with In-Q-Tel, while Howard began bolting together the merger with U.S. Home and Garden.

Next, this zero-to-hero penny stock headed for the corridors of Capitol Hill. There it received a hearty thumbs-up ? along with a personally pencilled-in defense spending supplemental budget authorization of $18 million ? from chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Thad Cochran.

When and how did Cochran first learn about Ionatron? His committee spokesman professed not to know, and insisted the question didn't matter because the senator had recognized the importance of what Ionatron had to offer.

That, however, is not an opinion universally shared outside the committee room. A spokesman for the private watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste says the organization has listed the budgeted amount (cut back from $18 million to $12.6 million in a conference committee meeting last June) as pure pork-barrel spending.

Even In-Q-Tel appears to have had second thoughts, and by last November it had pulled the plug on its deal with Ionatron, triggering the avalanche of insider selling by In-Q-Tel employees that followed.

As for the rest of us, well, what can one say but hey, we really didn't need those tax dollars anyway, right?

cbyron (at) Tony Ryals

05/08/2005 at
8:13:15 PM

Post 7
Also interesting links to posts on

message board about the article above and business asscociations and activities of some of the charcters mentioned by Chistopher Byron.


Byron follow-up to In-Q-Tel piece

By jurisper on 5/2/2005 9:33:23 PM
E-mail: jurisper (at)


Robert Mittman is interesting. The firm he headed, Tenzer Greenblatt, was counsel to Whale Securities, of fond memory to pennytrash afficianados. (TG subsequently merged with Blank Rome, with the NY firm rebadged as Blank Rome Tenzer Greenblatt for a while.)

Whale was intimately connected to Robert Howard & Presstek, by all appearances. Whale underwrote Presstek, and according to Susan Antilla of the NY Times, Robert's son Lawrence worked for Whale, apparently at the same time as he was vice chairman of Presstek.

See ">">http://www";> (open as a Word doc). This is a reversal of a judgement for Howard against Antilla for defamation.

Whale got its 15 minutes in connection with the Torricelli scandal. Chairman Matthew Gohd was a friend-of-Bill & Democratic fundraiser. He and Whale managed Torricelli's not-so-blind trust.


These little insights do tend to reinforce suspicions about why the US pennytrash market doesn't get shut down despite being an obvious roiling snakepit of fraud.

PS: I think it would be excellent if Robert J. Mittman were somehow sonnected to Barbara R. Mittman of Grushko & Mittman but I guess that's too much to ask for, even in the foetidly tight little world of pennytrash.


Re: Byron follow-up to In-Q-Tel piece
By Help and sidenote (Ed Grushko, Owen Naccarato) on 5/3/2005 10:36:37 AM
E-mail: hunter61 (at)

Anyone got a copy of the NY article how about sending a copy to hunter61 (at)

I get a parsing error when I try to register.

Sidenote on Grushko / Owen Naccarato. Meant to throw up this corporate record in the Naccarato thread but this is as good as place as any.




Filing Date: 01/12/2001
State of Incorporation: CALIFORNIA
Status: ACTIVE
Address Type: BUSINESS
Registration ID#: 200102710054

1500 - 11TH STREET


Address: 18301 VON KARMAN AVE STE 430
IRVINE, CA 92612




Address: 551 FIFTH AVE STE 1601
NEW YORK, NY 10176




Re: Byron follow-up to In-Q-Tel piece
By Grushko/Alvin Abrams/Stratton Oakmont on 5/5/2005 9:16:28 AM
E-mail: jurisper (at)

It's kind of interesting that Grushko is still in this line of business.

His former client Alvin Abrams blamed him for his fraud conviction, at a time when Grushko was an informant for the feds as part of his own fraud conviction work-out.

Abrams was said to have been a mentor for Jordan Belfort, of bucket shop Stratton Oakmont, and seems to have been the first to rat out Stratton back in the day.

Tenzer Greenblat (Robert J. Mittman's firm, now Blank Rome) acted for Stratton Oakmont, BTW. ">">http://www";> Tony Ryals

05/08/2005 at
8:35:40 PM

Post 8

the hits just keep on comin'



Email Archives
Print Reprint

May 9, 2005 -- RIPPLES continue to spread from recent revelations in this space concerning the Central Intelligence Agency's baroque fascination with the penny stock market.
Last week an array of disturbing new documents surfaced regarding the formation three years ago of one such CIA darling -- a Nasdaq Stock Market-listed defense contractor called Ionatron Inc.

Taken in their entirety, the documents show the alarming ease with which a well-known stock market offender named Robert Howard was able to penetrate the inner sanctums of classified weapons research in the Missile Systems Division of Raytheon Co., one of America's leading defense contractors.

Other documents -- on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission -- show that once having done so, Howard, operating out of an office on East 57th Street, was able to hire away two of Raytheon's top project managers, then use them as bait to attract funding from the CIA, and after that, to reel in more than $11 million in weapons development spending from the Pentagon, as well.

Much of Ionatron's support at the Pentagon is now coming from the office of J. David Patterson, Special Assisistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense, who last month helped NBC Nightly News prepare a soft news feature in which Ionatron was expected to play a starring role concerning "directed energy" weapons research.

The NBC segment aired last week on the eve of a new round of budget talks in Congress. But when the segment failed to mention Ionatron, the company issued a press release the next morning falsely implying that NBC had aired comments of a Pentagon official who had endorsed Ionatron by name, which had not happened.

Stunts like that have helped the shares of this Tucson-based outfit soar more than 1,100 per cent in the last year -- to a mid-March high of more than $10 per share. But accumulating evidence now suggests that at least some of the technology that Ionatron claims to possess may actually belong either to Waltham, Mass.-based Raytheon Co., which has been conducting its own government-funded "directed energy" weapons research for years, or to a small California tech company rival called HSV Technologies, Inc., or perhaps to both.

A review of e-mails, nondisclosure agree ments, board memos, letters and other similar documents, all supplied by officials at HSV Technologies, appear to support the assertion of HSV's president, Peter Schlesinger, that he and his board were hoodwinked by a Raytheon official named Joseph Hayden.

Specifically, Schlesinger claims that in early 2002 he was approached by Hayden with what purported to be an officially authorized partnership and licensing offer0from Raytheon Co. -- contingent, of course, on Raytheon first being permitted to review0HSV's own directed energy research efforts.

Three sepArate meetings followed Between the Raytheon officials and Schlesinger's people, with one of the meetings being attended by a man who handed out a business card from the Department of Energy's "Office of Intelligence," but then added that he was actually employed by, and on loan from, the CIA.

At these meetings Schlesinger says he and his colleagues provided the Raytheon people with an array of patented, confidential information regarding HSV's own directed energy development work.

Unfortunately, says Schlesinger, at the third and final meeting of the two groups, which took place on May 31, 2002, at a Raytheon missile defense facility in San Diego, Calif., the HSV officials discovered that Hayden had apparently been secretly passing their information along to an outsider, in violation of the nondisclosure agreement that Hayden had signed with HSV. The recipient: twice-fined Wall Streeter Howard.

Schlesinger says the revelation came when Howard unexpectedly entered the conference room, seemingly fully briefed on all that the HSV people had previously shared with Raytheon, and was introduced by Hayden as a "person who does much R&D [research and development] funding for Raytheon."

At that point, Howard took over the meeting, and according to notes taken by HSV's treasurer, David Kauppinen, began sounding as if he were actually in charge of the meeting.

In that role Howard promptly pronounced the HSV patents "worthless," and declared that as a result, he and Raytheon were thus prepared to pay only a "token amount" to obtain them.

According to Kauppinen's notes, the meeting ended with Hayden and Howard pressing for an answer by the following Monday when, they said, some sort of "management meeting" involving Raytheon and Howard was scheduled to take place.

Reached for comment on the matter last week, Hayden would say only that he cannot comment on Howard's presence at the meeting because he is bound by a confidentiality promise he had signed before leaving Raytheon to go to work for Ionatron and Howard.

Hayden did say, how ever, that Howard was definitely at the meeting under an agreement with Raytheon, and that Howard has the paperwork to prove it and that he [Hayden] would immediately phone him to urge that he answer any questions on the issue. Howard himself failed to return a subsequent phone call on the matter for this column.

As for Howard's status regarding HSV Technologies, a spokesman for Raytheon's Missile Systems Division in Tucson last week said that a search of corporate records has so far produced no evidence that Howard has ever been employed by, or used as a consultant for, Raytheon -- in the missile division or anywhere else for that matter.

And as for that so-called "management meeting" that was supposedly scheduled for the following Monday, June 3, 2002, between Howard and Raytheon, the actual Big Event of the day involved something else entirely: The incorporation in Delaware of Ionatron itself, a company controlled by Howard and soon to become the employer of both Hayden and a second Raytheon official named Stephen McCahon, both having been enticed aboard with equal-sized 6.2 million share blocks of Ionatron stock -- blocks that were last week worth roughly $47 million apiece.

A cynic might shrug and say that things like this happen all the time in business, so what's the big deal? After all, if the people at HSV Technologies think they were defrauded, then they can hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit.

But this situation is different. It is different because it involves the nation's fifth-largest defense contractor, on which we annually lavish more than $8 billion in defense spending, and in which we entrust some of our deepest and most vital defense secrets, from the guidance systems of Sidewinder missiles, to the capabilities of our deep space intelligence satellites. And on that basis alone, the public as a whole has an interest in what went on here.

What's more, while the country was running around in the aftermath of 9/11, pulling on rubber gloves and wriggling into wetsuits to open the mail, the folks at Raytheon somehow failed to notice a Wall Street investor with nearly $3 million worth of SEC fines clanking behind him like the chains of Jacob Marley's ghost, had begun wandering the halls of its Missile Systems Division with a new stock scheme.

And because his handiwork has now acquired the fingerprints of the CIA and its whacko scheme to spy on Wall Street, the whole affair is already fading to black behind a false scrim of national security.

People, it is simple: In this way, and in the fullness of time, freedom dies.

cbyron (at)


Tony Ryals

05/11/2005 at
11:54:40 AM

Post 9
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Tony Ryals

05/15/2005 at
1:34:24 PM

Bill Bonner :Agora Inc,Baltimore has aided penny stock fraud

To SEC : James Angel,Georgetown University,Aids Penny Stock Fraud

Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering

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