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Leg Amputees: Heather Jean Abbott,Boston Marathon-Raytheon and Heather the Hollywood Actress

Leg Amputees: Heather Jean Abbott,Boston Marathon-Raytheon and Heather the Hollywood Actress


Heather Jean Abbott

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.
Press Correspondent # 59465SUT
I’m going to start off by saying what happened in Boston, no matter who did it no matter who really got injured, was senseless and a tragedy. It shouldn’t happen anywhere. And if what I am about to show is just a coincidence then it will be “ONE HELL OF A COINCIDENCE” . And if it is a coincidence I apologize in advance for what I have found and the two of you should meet so everyone can see that coincidences do happen. But if as I am beginning to believe these people are one in the same, then someone needs to explain how and why.
By now people are saying what is he talking about I’m talking about Heather Jean Abbott who lost her leg in the Boston Bombing. Here take a look.
Now I have some issues with this interview for a few reasons. First I have never seen someone that dressed for an interview from a hospital just a few days after surgery? Second where’s the IV line into her arm? And there’s a few more but okay I’ll just let that go.
Here’s what I found out doing a search for Heather Jean Abbott to learn more about her.
Heather Jean Abbott, 38 years old, lost her left foot in the Boston bombing supposedly. Is she the same heather seen on the http://www.amputeesinhollywood.com/ website?  More on that in a minute.
Linked in Profile.
How many points have to match before the picture is believed? If you match several points do you need to continue to prove the evidence, how many points are needed?
Both are 38, both have lost the leg. They look alike, sound alike and if it is the same person what does that say?
Having contacted the website and been told I could get no information on her, we’ll do it the old fashion way and match up faces and voices and photos. The more I look at it the more that they are appearing to be the same person.
Here are the facts about Heather Abbott that can’t be denied.
And she just happens to be involved with Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. How many more coincidences do you need to see what is going on.
Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems just happens to be involved in ready for it…..
That’s right “HOMELAND SECURITY” also TSA and INTELL, how many dot do we need to line up before we start seeing a different picture then the one they say we have to believe. And I am using my “COMMON SENSE” that what she does for a living it’s all over there is no denying she is who she is.
Now the issue of is this the same Heather from the website http://www.amputeesinhollywood.com/TalentLower.html Pictured below. Now here’s where I earn my tin foil hat. Is this person who lost their leg in a motorcycle accident the same as the the Heather lying in the hospital from the Boston Bombing?
Watch the video even if they are two different people there’s way to many things that fit. But that’s why I ask questions. To find answers. I have also found documents straight from FEMA saying they Hire Actors to be parts in DRILLS And That at time these drills seem to be real.. Don’t believe me check it out for yourself. It’s really sad that they lost their legs and no matter how it was done I feel sorry for them. But if this is a staged actor playing the part in a drill that’s still going on enough is enough. Stop trying to get rid of my rights for some sick reason. Who every blew the bombs up in Boston should rot in prison. But if this is an actor do yourself a favor and come clean, if it turns out she was a victim of the incident then you have my sincerest apology.
Now on to the FEMA Documents. Available for download straight from the FEMA website.
Video I found some of the information from. Very well done and very informative.
And I am questioning the Boston Bombing the dots they are giving don’t make a complete, let alone accurate picture. And the more dots I find the more the picture looks like it was staged.
If all the dots are pointing to it being staged, then why would I want to believe the Government or elements in the government had nothing to do with it? If the map is pointing that way thats the way I’m going to go. And if I’m wrong so what I’ll be the first to say hey I was wrong. What was I thinking. But if I’m right who will apologize to me? NO ONE..
I’ll leave with this…


Some more about actors in drills.


The Boston Bombing: More questions then answers.


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.
Press Correspondent # 59465SUT
I am questioning the whole narrative of the Boston False Flag. This whole PSYOP is more full of holes then the boat that got shot up. Where is the evidence that the brothers were the ones behind the bombing? Why is it that the second brother was not found till after the curfew was lifted? Why was the Ricin mailer released and the stories changed? Why is there more questions then answers? Why did Glen Beck say he had answers and then show what INFOWARS.COM released days before?  Why do we have to wait till the government tells us what the official narrative is? Why were the brothers called “Actors” by the Boston PD Commissioner Ed Davis? And why is the media condemning anyone who calls the bombing a false flag? At this point there shouldn’t be any questions yet more come to light every hour as new things keep popping up. And why do we have no real answers? The simple answer is since it was badly planned and executed there will be no clear answers. Their PSYOP fell apart thanks to people like INFOWARS.COM and others. I still have more questions but they’ll wait till later.
Stay tuned and be ever vigilant, always question lies.


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