Thursday, May 9, 2013

Boston Marathon:CIA & FBI Made Pressure Cooker Bomb & The Israel Connection

Boston Marathon:CIA & FBI Made Pressure Cooker Bomb  & The Israel Connection

CIA & FBI Made Pressure Cooker Bomb in Boston & The Israel ...


CST Israel photographed at Boston Marathon

     CIA and FBI Made Pressure Cooker Bomb in Boston and The Israel Connection Pt III

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Publicado el 09/05/2013
Perhaps events of the past week will stimulate efforts to rectify these deficiencies. Coincidentally, I had already been enlisted to teach a forthcoming course on "terror medicine"

M-TACS was founded in 2009 in order to supply unique tactical medical solutions to the Military, Law Enforcement and Security teams.

Israeli Technology Aids in Deciphering Boston Attack

Israel HI- Tech Firm Helped Capture Boston Bombers

Global CST specializes in strategic and security solutions for governments, international organizations, institutional and official groups around the world.

Global CST

Israel Defense

Data Fusion as a Central Component in Creating Intelligence Pictures

BriefCam VS

BriefCam Video Synopsis: The meet-cute

Software that tracks people on social media created by defence firm

Obama quietly strips anti-corruption provisions from STOCK Act

Fact Sheet: The President's Plan to Make America a Magnet for Jobs by Investing in Manufacturing

S.716 - A bill to modify the requirements under the STOCK Act regarding online access to certain financial disclosure statements and related forms.

Do Business with DHS

Out-Hoover Hoover: FBI wants massive data-mining capability for social media

IDF claims victory in Pillar of Defense social-media war

BriefCam Video Synopsis: The meet-cute

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  • TheScorpio1108
    hi-tech cameras to track u.s. citizens,idf boast about being victorious over the social media defense, global cst agents all over boston it's pretty obvious that israel was all over this false flag attack america is no longer a country instead it's become a corporation. thank you havf8 for putting this out.
  • havf8
    you are very welcome sir!

    · en respuesta a TheScorpio1108
  • jleetxgirl
    The picture of the CST guys looks very similar to the "Craft" soldier of fortune guys. Tan pants & shoes/boots, black shirt & jacket, and black ball cap or did Craft have a tan cap? I don't remember the caps, but very similar to each other. Is Craft a branch of CST, then?
    What got Chris Kyle killed/executed just a month or two prior to Boston? Just askin'....
  • havf8
    yes they were CST Jlee that was what I was trying to point out and i'm not sure about Chris Kyle
    · en respuesta a jleetxgirl

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  • ianelieff
    wow when will people wake up...what will it take dammit!!!!!
  • Arthur Danielian
    You got some serious work done in these vids, thank you... I share it with friends I know physically... Just a few things, the design of David's star on the Israeli flag, has 666 in it (visualize what you can't see), 6triangles, 6sharp ends & hexagon in the middle,
  • little bird zene
    part of what your saying is its an INDUSTRY for them
  • daniel son
    we are alien ant farm, they are a smooth criminal.
  • mlayton02
    Get ready for a massive upheaval in the whole kingdom of the earth!! I'd say the amount of Traitors are about ONE THIRD... Just a wild guess.. All these corporate soulless careless idol worshiping sellouts. Trading in their loyalty to the human race for a paper GOD for Security and control of the planet while destroying it because you know WHO hates it and us!!! WELL, they are going to have to face the other TWO THIRDS of us and that is a FACT!!! Sorry to dump out so much I just had to say that.
  • MissX905
    Look up on youtube videos about Zionist Jews killing Orthodox Jews so Orthodox Jews IMO do not support the Zionist State of Israel JMO
  • mlayton02
    Yep the Devil is setting up shop in Israel the Holy Land and using his bastard seed line to do it. GO figure.. Like in the war in the world that was. He merchandized himself throughout the kingdom and Drew a third of the Stars (angels) away from GOD and sought to conquer the whole kingdom. WELL, GOD destroyed that earth age and restarted with this one. to test souls ( to choose GOD or Devil ) Except for the ALIENS they refused to be Born here! WELL. They are all back and they are at it again

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