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Freddy Gray:Did Baltimore Police Murder Rey Rivera For CIA,Agora Inc and Porter Stansberry,Bill Bonner,James Dale Davidson

Freddy Gray:Did Baltimore Police Murder Rey Rivera For CIA,Agora Inc and Porter Stansberry,Bill Bonner,James Dale Davidson

Agora Inc with its many fraudulant financial websites is a CIA as well as City of London Rothschild operation that has defrauded billions of dollars of Americans' wealth into offshore accounts over the decades.The founder is James Dale Davidson who also founded the National Taxpayers Union that is
used to trick the middle class or former middle class into its lobbying for international billionaires,many
Jews or white people who lie about being 'Semites.Before his death the British Lord or Lard William
Reese Mogg was a part owner.He udsed to meet regularly with the head male of the Jewish Rothschild crime family.They seem to have no qualms about hiring pedophiles and ex Maryland Republican Congressman Bauman who had to resign freom the House of Representatives over a pediphile or under age male prostitute scandal.More recently in Nicaragua the American  School pedophile Vahey who also had an Agora Inc connection to International Living of Nicaragua and owned property belonging to them.
When Rey Rivera''s body was found it was over a week after the fact it was alleged or assumed that he 'jumped' to his death from the 14th floor of the Belvedere Hotel.Conveniently the surveillance video happened not to work that day !
to be continued

Man found dead at Belvedere worked at company that had SEC complaint STEPHEN JANIS • | JUNE 01, 2006 

The company that employed Rey Rivera, whose body was found in an empty office at The Belvedere on May 24, sold investment advice that the Securities and Exchange Commission cited as "false" and that led to threats against the company?s owner before Rivera was hired.
A complaint filed by the SEC obtained by The Examiner charged that investment newsletters distributed by Mount Vernon-based Stansberry Associates "contain nothing more than baseless speculation and outright lies."
According to a Stansberry Associates official who did not want to be identified, Rivera was employed by the company for 18 months ? starting roughly a year after the complaint was filed. Rivera edited a financial newsletter called The Rebound Report that identified the best "turn-around companies," the company?s Web site said.
Rivera was not cited in the SEC complaint.
The complaint alleges that Frank Porter Stansberry, the company?s owner, sent an e-mail in 2002 that said investors could "Double Your Money" by investing in a company that was alleged to be on the verge of signing a contract to dismantle "nuclear warheads" for Russia. The newsletter offered the name of the company for$1,000, the complaint said. The complaint alleges that "the information was false."

Karen Martinez, one of the SEC attorneys who filed the complaint against Stansberry, said investors who paid for the tip are angry.
"Many investors testified in discovery that they lost substantial amounts of money based on the investment advice of the company," Martinez said.
"Investors said they were very unhappy," she added.


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Baltimore police acknowledge mistakes in Freddie Gray's death

Baltimore Sun - ‎1 hour ago‎
Protesting about the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, a group of people affect traffic near the Inner Harbor in Baltimore City.

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