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CIA,George Tenet Provided Nickel Tipped Uranium Bullets To Israel To Kill Palestinians,U.S. Soldiers?

CIA,George Tenet Provided Nickel Tipped Uranium Bullets To Israel To Kill Palestinians,U.S. Soldiers?

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    Mar 6, 2014 - Israel's crack-shot snipers are to be equipped with "invisible" nickel-tipped bullets. ... were originally designed to be used by U.S. Special ...

Isreali Terror Weapon DescribedFrom Emmet
Note - We cannot confirm the details of this story for obvious reasons but in light of other advanced technologies which have been transferred to other countries, this report is worth considering. -ed
Israel's deadly snipers are using "Invisible" nickel-tipped transuranium bullets to kill key Palestinian targets. The bullets have no tell-tale muzzle flash when fired. There is no recoil from the specially adaptd U.S. super-pressure rifles that have twice the range ordinary sniper rifles and a killin distance of a mile.
The bullets and rifles were originally designed by the CIA armourers to be used by NATO special forces against bodyguards of wanted war criminals in the Balkans. The request for the weapons was made by Israel's prime minister Ariel Sharon to George Tenet when the 45 year-old CIA chief made his failed peace mssion to the Middle East earlier this summer.
Tenet raised the matter with President George Bush - who agreed to supply Israel.
Fifty of the state-of-the-art weapons and ten thousand rounds of "invisible" bullets were flown out of Kennedy Airport, New York, on an EL AL freighter to Tel Aviv.
Israel's best army snipers - some of whom are women - were sent to a secret base in the Negev Desert to familiarise themselves with the weapons.
They will be deployed around the Gaza Strip and the West Bank this coming week.
Until now Israel snipers have been unable to operate at night - due to the risk of discovery from the give-away flash from their rifle barrels. Now, using special night sights also developd by the CIA, the snipers will be able to pick out a target without any risk of detection once they shoot. Unlike other bullets the "invisible" ones make no sound as they travel towards a target.
"Not only is it an effective killing weapon but it is designed to create panic. A target can be standing in the middle of a crowd one moment. The next moment he keels over dead," said an Israeli source.
Prime Minister Sharon has also ordered Mossad's most secret unit - its kidon assassination teams - to be deloyed in the killing fields of Gaza and the West Bank.
From Mike Nelson
The weapon is not described...but here is the ammo, maybe?
Generic Dim Trace
5.56mm, XM996, Dim Tracer Cartridge
7.62mm, M276, Dim Tracer Cartridge
Caliber .50, Dim Tracer Cartridge
Dim Tracer ammunition provides the user community with a tracer cartridge which is invisible when viewed with the naked eye but is visible when viewed through NVDs and does not cause visual interference to the wearer of a night vision device.
From Wm Gerald Beecham, Jr
I am writing in response to the article Israeli Terror Weapon Described written by an individual named Emmet. First my experience level/knowledge base, I have nearly 30 years as a serious student of weapons, 6 years in the US Army as an infantryman and signal soldier, and 11 years a police officer. The article described 2 things a new wonder weapon and wonder ammo that allows it to be fired at night. This isn,t a new weapon most likely it,s the Barrett M82A1 .50BMG caliber anti material rifle. It is in the Israeli inventory and has been since the early 90,s. It is a magazine feed, semi auto rifle firing the .50 cal Browning machine gun round. Currently in Afghanistan the Coalition forces (US, Canadian, and Brit) have scored hits on individuals out to approximately 2200 meters or roughly 6600 feet, slightly over a mile. This rifle is extremely effective and accurate with special match ammo of 700-750 grains made of turned bronze or other such metals. It doesn,t need special high speed ammo to achieve kills, soft or hard at this distance. As to the new nickel tipped transuranium ammo, well anything is possible.Nickel has mostly been replaced as a bullet jacket material by copper. As for transuranium, the current solid bronze, brass, and conventional copper jacket lead core/steel penetrator match/regular issue ammo has proven most effective without dealing with uranium. Depleted uranium is used in cannon shells for anti armor applications due to its dense nature.
As to the muzzle flash issue, at 2000 meters the muzzle flash is a non-issue as the chances someone will be looking in the right direction, at the right piece of real estate, at the right moment, is slim to none. If for some reason it is an issue, there are companies that make muzzle mounted suppressors that would work with this weapon. The suppressor would eliminate the sound except for the bullets sonic crack (caused when the bullet breaks the sound barrier) and almost totally eliminate the muzzle flash and blast.The down side would be that the effective range might be reduced a little.
Below is a link to a non official site on IDF special Operations forces. The link is to the sniper section that covers the Barrett M82A1. The individual who wrote the original article with just a little research could have determined the believability of his information beyond a WAG (Wild Arse Guess) with a little time and research.

From Tom Hunt
Dear Jeff,
In reference to the article about the new Isreali weapon article... It sounds to me like it is a gun based on electronic technology called a rail gun. That is why it has a nickle jacket. Nickle is more magnetic than steel. That is why there is no muzzle flash. All gunpowder produces a muzzle flash. And that is why it is silent. The only type of gun that fits what was described in the article is the electronic rail gun. I will provide two links. The first is a good introductory site and the second is just a web search on the topic of "rail gun".

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