Friday, April 24, 2015

Shel Silverstein - Fuck 'Em - Fuck 'Em

Shel Silverstein - Fuck 'Em - Fuck 'Em

  • Shel Silverstein - Fuck 'Em - Fuck 'Em - YouTube

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    More than a decade after his death of a heart attack at age 68, Shel Silverstein's career avoids any defining ...
  • Shel Silverstein – Fuck 'em | Genius

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    Hell, I take 'em in when the warm winds blow. But, I boot 'em in the ass once it starts to snow. Cause, fuck them! Yeah, got a letter from my folks, and, they say ...
  • Shel Silverstein's Secret, Raunchy Recording Sessions ...

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    He's best remembered for his beloved children's poetry, but Silverstein had a very ... Listening now, "Fuck 'Em" is all too apt for today's turbulent economic times, ...
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