Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Saudi Arabia,Israel Using Yemen To Pull U.S. Into War With Iran? -Just Like 9/11

Saudi Arabia,Israel Using Yemen To Push U.S. Into War With Iran? -Just Like 9/11

Pentagon: US Warships Preserving 'Options' in Yemen Crisis

Voice of America - ‎39 minutes ago‎
THE PENTAGON—. U.S. military officials say the decision to strengthen their naval presence in the Gulf of Aden is designed to preserve options as Yemen's security situation continues to worsen.....

PressTV-'US, Israel OK'd Saudi war on Yemen'

Press TV
5 days ago - Reports said last week that the US has increased its intelligence support for Saudi Arabia to help Riyadh in its military aggression in Yemen

US directing Saudi attacks on Yemen: Houthi leader

Press TV-Apr 20, 2015
The US is directing the attacks against Yemen,” the Houthi leader said. ... Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel, are killing innocentYemeni people ...

Israel benefiting from Saudi'dirty' war on Houthi rebels,senior Iranian ...

Jerusalem Post Israel News-Apr 19, 2015
American talk of all options being on the table is a bluff, supreme leader ... that Israel is benefiting from Saudi Arabia's “dirty” war onYemen, the ...
Making Unnecessary Enemies in Yemen
Consortium News-Apr 18, 2015
Save Yemen's democratic aspirations
Opinion-Haaretz-Apr 17, 2015
Yemen Shiite rebel leader vows not to surrender amid strikes
In-Depth-U.S. News & World Report-Apr 19, 2015
Why Is the U.S. Backing a War That's Helping al-Qaida?
Blog-Slate Magazine (blog)-Apr 17, 2015

Saudi airstrikes pound Yemen's Shiite rebels, killing 20

The Times of Israel-1 hour ago
The US-backed campaign by Saudi Arabia and its allies, mainly Gulf ... The ground fighting and the airstrikes have pushed Yemen, the Arab ...

Yemen's Houthi fighters have tough record in ground war
International-YemenOnline-7 hours ago
Sale of US Arms Fuels the Wars of Arab States
In-Depth-New York Times-Apr 18, 2015

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