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Islamic State(CIA,NSA,Mossad,etal.) operating in Mexico just 8 miles from U.S. border

Islamic State(CIA,NSA,Mossad,etal.) operating in Mexico just 8 miles from U.S. border

Islamic State operating in Mexico just 8 miles from U.S. border: report

Washington Times-6 hours ago
Four people sneak away from the US/Mexico border fence behind them after illegally crossing into the border town of Nogales, Arizona, on May ...

  1. ISIS agents crossed over US-Mexico border – Former CIA ...

    Sep 8, 2014 - Uploaded by RT America
    Islamic State terrorists have crossed from Mexico into the US, claims former CIA ... ISIS agents crossed over ...

  • Public domain: Drugs Guns Mexico CIA Mossad

    Jun 28, 2012 - Officials on both sides of the border say the new efforts have been devised to get around Mexican laws that prohibit foreign military and police ...
  • Zeta gang connected to U.S. Special Forces/Mossad ...

    Mar 10, 2011 - In addition, Zeta's activities are not merely confined to Mexico but ... using U.S. and Israeli-supplied technology, along the U.S.-Mexican border. ... the drugs are coming from the Zetas with the support of the CIA and Mossad.

    1. Documents allege Texas DPS spying on Mexico

      Chron.com-Apr 13, 2015
      RELATED: Do U.S. Predator drones peek at Mexico? ... Federal law enforcement agencies like the CIA and Department of Homeland Security ...

    1. False flag fails: A new paradigm shift?

      Press TV-16 hours ago
      ... by tens of thousands of well-placed “sayanim” (Mossad volunteers) to try to ... Every major American war since the Mexican war has been sold to the ... on a communist (actually a low-level CIA-FBI asset pretending to be a ...
    In his speech calling for a false flag blamed on Iran, Clawson admitted that such false flags are the customary means used to start wars. And he is right. Every major American war since the Mexican war has been sold to the American people, and officially launched, by way of a fabricated or orchestrated “enemy attack on America” for which America’s own leaders, sometimes in collaboration with friendly foreign leaders, have been responsible. From the nonexistent “Mexican attack” of 1846 to the USS Maine in 1898 to the Lusitania in 1915 and Zimmerman telegram of 1917 to the eight-point-plan that produced Pearl Harbor in 1941 to the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 to Nurse Nayirah and the fake satellite photos of 1990 to September 11, 2001 and alleged Iraqi WMDs, every American war is sold to the people through one or more spectacular acts of deception.
    Assassinations often accomplish the same objectives. The assassination of President Kennedy, for example, prevented the US from making peace with Vietnam, Cuba, and the USSR. The JFK hit was falsely blamed on a communist (actually a low-level CIA-FBI asset pretending to be a communist) in order to create an anti-communist atmosphere in which the Vietnam War and the larger Cold War could flourish.............



    Washington, Tehran, as well as Tel Aviv and al-Qaeda took advantage of the ensuing chaos to advance their own agendas.
    And a year later, they rebounded and began to dominate the region once again under the pretext of the danger of the newly found Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group and its affiliates.
    Meanwhile, Daesh, ISIS, ISIL, IS - or whatever its name - broke away from al-Qaeda to become the definitive regional, and even global threat.
    Its pornographic barbarity provided a new bloodier banner for al-Qaeda affiliates throughout the region, with a prime real estate location to erect a whole new caliphate on Syrian and Iraqi soil.
    In the process, the rise of ISIL gave a whole new momentum to American and Iranian interventionism in the greater Middle East.
    ISIL replaced al-Qaeda as the new pretext for pre-emptive and revenge air strikes, redeployments, war, and occupation.
    Thanks to ISIL, the main losers of the Arab Spring emerged as the new hegemons.
    Moreover, ISIL became the alibi or the justification for all regional warmongers to carry any atrocities.
    Regimes in Syria, Iraq, and Egypt exploited the scourge - or the pretext - of terror to justify repressions and murder on a large scale. Revenge bombings and attacks became the new rule, as international law took the backseat in the Middle East.
    The question one must ask is not who's behind the rise and expansion of ISIL, but rather what led to its rise and what helps it withstand the international coalition's bombings and pressures.

    And the non-Arab powers took advantage of ISIL to reshape their strategies, redraw maps and even reinvent relationships. As the New York Times put it: US and Iran Both Attack ISIS, but Try Not to Look Like Allies.
    Likewise, Israel exploited the world's preoccupation with ISIL to attack the Gaza Strip, take over more Palestinian lands and deny Palestinians their basic rights with no repercussions, even when it turned its back to Washington.
    This strange, even spectacular turn of events led many to question the mystery surrounding ISIL. Who's behind it and why? Are those benefitting from it, behind it?
    Invisible hands behind ISIL?
    Iran's first female vice president, Masoumeh Ebtekar, singled out the United States and the CIA as the progenitor of ISIL. And Iran's former Iranian minister of intelligence, Heydar Moslehi, went further by arguing that Mossad, MI6, And CIA created ISIL, or Daesh.
    Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir agreed. He told Euronews this week that America's CIA and Israel's Mossad are behind Boko Haram and ISIL.
    "I said CIA and the Mossad stand behind these organisations. There is no Muslim who would carry out such acts," he said. (Bashir also blames the US and Israel for the ICC's 2013 warrants accusing him of responsibility for war crimes, crimes against humanity and acts of genocide.)
    And so does Fidel Castro. He believes that Israel and certain American elements are behind ISIL.
    Others believe the opposite; that it's actually Iran that's culpable. Former Syrian National Coalition President Ahmad Jarba insisted that Iran is behind rise of ISIL.
    Could "Quds Force be behind the ISIL in Iraq?" asked one observer.
    And yet, more than a few argued that the Saudi Arabia stood behind ISIL. Then Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, claimed in a statement last summer that the Saudis were supporting ISIL and "facilitating genocide".
    A former US general, Wesley Clark, reckons it's all part of an ongoing strategic conflict: "Our friends and allies funded ISIL to destroy Hezbollah."
    For Clark, radical Islam is not the issue per se, as it's been generally exploited for strategic ends. For example, according to him: "The United States used radical Islam to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. We begged the Saudis to put the money in; they did."..................

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