Liberty Chocolate began just two years ago in the home kitchen of owner Katrina Coravos (pictured at right), who wanted to make a wholesome, delicious chocolate bar using local honey as a sweetener instead of refined sugars. The result was pure decadence and uniqueness!

Now situated in a commercial kitchen space, Liberty Chocolate sells to hundreds of locations around the country. All of the chocolate is still made and wrapped by hand using only the finest quality ingredients. The brand has expanded to 12 flavors: Dark, Almond Coconut, Maple, Acai Blueberry, Cherry Pomegranate, Hot Pepper, Passionfruit Lemon, Peppermint, Salt, Strawberry, Vanilla Rose, and Coffee.

The name Liberty Chocolate comes from the founder’s intention to one day create a women’s self-sufficient retreat center. The company is committed to sustainable agriculture, traditional practices, and hand crafting from farm to finish. Made with organically grown Peruvian cacao beans that are harvested, aged, and laid on banana leaves to dry in the sun on small farms in Peru, the chocolate is then hand blended, mixed, and packaged right here in Calais, Vermont. It's another story of success from a Vermont Mom!

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