Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Washington Post,Fascism: Police need body cameras,Particularly When They Are Murdering Children,Black Or Other,In The Streets

Washington Post,Fascism: Police need body cameras,Particularly When They Are Murdering Children,Black Or Other,In The Streets

40 Cops Convicted or Charged With Sex Crimes and Child Rape JUST Within This Month

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The Washington Post is only responding to the recent verdict in favor of Fergusdon Missouri police officer and his mudering of a young unarmed blck man which is bad enough and all too common.However the recent shooting of children with no motive whatsoever other than outrageous lies about pointing toy guns that they allege to believe are ral is beyond outrageous.If they are so cowaerdly at best as to murder iunnovcent children it is time they were themselves taken off our streets or simply not allow partcuñarly white police iofficers from the suburbs to patrol uraban impoverished ghettos as if they are the KKK or a white supremacist gang.

Washington Post: Police need body cameras

After weeks of anticipation, protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, heard on Monday night the news they had feared: A St. Louis County grand jury declined to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teenager shot dead by Wilson this summer.
The burning and looting of local businesses that followed cannot be condoned or excused. But the frustrations of Ferguson residents — most of whom have behaved lawfully since protests began over the summer — are more than understandable. A life had been lost needlessly. Now the process of holding Wilson to account had gone easy on the officer. And though the grand jury declined to indict Wilson, the evidence it heard — even Wilson’s own account — makes clear that wiser policing on that August day would have saved a life.
St. Louis prosecutors used kid gloves when questioning Wilson before the grand jury. They practically coached the officer to describe the area where the shooting occurred as hostile to police. They went out of their way to note that Wilson cooperated with investigators. A more challenging process would have pressed Wilson on critical details, such as why he got out of his cruiser in pursuit of Brown after an initial confrontation with the teenager, rather than waiting for backup. That would have required self-restraint, but it also might have prevented Brown’s death. The record brings home how justice would have been better served had Missouri authorities named a special prosecutor to pursue the case....

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


The 12-year-old boy fatally shot by Cleveland police, on 23 November 2014, did not point a pellet gun at officers who approached him at a playground, police have now admitted.

Cleveland boy shot by cop didn't point replica gun at officer - police

But Americans like to carry guns and shoot little black kids?

"When police stopped a teenager stepping off the T-train to show his transfer as proof he’d paid his fare – $2 at most – he ran from them. 
"They shot him as many as 10 times in the back and neck, according to witnesses. 
"The boy lay in a quickly growing pool of blood writhing in pain and trying to lift himself up as the cops trained their guns on him and threatened bystanders.
"Having killed the boy at 4:44 p.m., according to the San Francisco Chronicle, in broad daylight at the main intersection, the police seemed eager to terrorize the community. 
"They waited and waited and waited as the teenager stopped moving but continued breathing before eventually setting him on a gurney and taking him to the hospital, where the Chronicle reports he died at 7:01 p.m."


"Police officers have been responsible for more homicides in the state of Utah since 2010 than gangs or drug dealers, a new report has revealed."

The basic rule for the police seems to be:

Police can shoot:

Unarmed poor blacks

Unarmed poor whites

Police cannot shoot:

Rich, important people.

Important terrorists and gangsters working for the government.



  2. Towards a Solution:
  3. Forget Ferguson, 244 Teenagers Have Been Shot In Chicago Since Michael Brown Died

    From the comments:

    - The MSM is concerned with keeping black people in what TPTB think is their proper place. They will hype the more "defensible" homicides by cop because it will divide the populace, and if there is an over-reaction by the protesters then the broader populace with clamor for MOAR PIGS armed with MOAR WEAPONRY (at more cost to the serfs). Meanwhile, the MSM will ignore all the "indefensible" homicides by cop, because that might actually unite the under-classes in rallying against the police state, instead of accepting MOAR.

    divide et impera

    - Nailed it. There are protests because .gov wants protests. These protests are doing a dandy job of keeping the issue on race relations (lol) rather than on the murderous police state that works for the banksters/politicians. If .gov actually wanted a productive, law abiding black population, they would have one. They do not want that because then they would not have millions of voters who are dependant on .gov. How long would it take .gov to off Al Sharpton once they gave the order? If .gov didnt want him stirring up race relations, he would be gone tomorrow. Like you said, we need MORE police! MORE welfare! MORE laws!
  4. What the Media Isn’t Telling You About Ferguson
    The Michael Brown controversy is designed to discredit opposition to police brutality

    The shooting death of Michael Brown which prompted yet another wave of rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri has been framed by much of the media as another example of an innocent unarmed African-American being brutally murdered by a white police officer.

    This narrative has been hijacked by the establishment to foment racial tension and division between blacks and whites.

    There’s no doubt that blacks in America are indiscriminately targeted in acts of police brutality that occur on a regular basis. However, the Michael Brown shooting clearly does not represent such an example.
    Whereas the hundreds of cases of egregious police brutality directed against people of all colors every year are routinely ignored or forgotten by the mainstream media and political leaders, the race baiters only ever direct African-Americans to get excited about ambiguous or outright justifiable cases like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown.

    This misdirection succeeds in fooling activists into rallying behind lost causes, while convincing the majority of Americans that people who complain about police brutality are ignorant, stupid, bias and even violent.

    This is the one true narrative that the mainstream media won’t tell you about in advance of expected further unrest in Ferguson and other major American cities in the days and weeks to follow.
  5. Albuquerque Cop Who Killed Homeless Man Will Retire With Full Benefits
  6. 40 Cops Convicted or Charged With Sex Crimes and Child Rape JUST Within This Month

Police Body Cameras Seen As A Fix For Ferguson-Style Killings

Huffington Post-22 hours agoShare
Ferguson police started using the cameras shortly after the killing, and departments across the country have been trying them out, including ...

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