Thursday, November 20, 2014

Drones,Darknets And Israeli Blackmail,Extortion In Mexico:,Ben Gurion Airport Lahav 433 cyber unit Arrests Israeli Cyber Terrorist

Drones,Darknets And Pena Nieto Israeli Blackmail,Extortion In Mexico:,Ben Gurion Airport Lahav 433 cyber unit Arrests Israeli Cyber Terrorist

As usual,as with the Israeli Mexican who transpoted a drone by passenger plane through the U.S. and on to Isra-hell for 'repairs' a while back,this scumbag Israeli's name is withheld by the Israeli press ands not even mentioned in the Israeli Zionist controlled American media.And of course Mexican dictator Nieto Pena,A BOUGHT 'MAN', is the allie of Isra-hell who will protect Israeli blackmail and cyber and drone terrorism and Israeli mercenaries and drug traffickers operating in and along and across the U.S. BORDER.

  1. Entering Israel, Mexican tourist busted with drone parts in ...

    Nov 21, 2012 - Unusual cargo had gone undetected at airports in Mexico and France; man alleged that he was merely bringing them into the country for ...

  2. Nothing like this had ever happened at Ben-Gurion International Airport before: A routine customs inspection uncovered an attempt to smuggle two unmanned aerial vehicles into Israel.
    The incident began when a Jewish citizen of Mexico tried to go through the "nothing to declare" lane with three suitcases. Something in his behavior aroused the customs inspectors' suspicions, so they asked him to open the bags.
    To their astonishment, they found two dismantled drones inside. The unusual cargo had gone undetected on both legs of the man's flight to Israel: from Mexico to France, and then from Paris to Tel Aviv via El Al.
    The inspectors detained the man for questioning and summoned security agents. They, too, were stunned at the sight of the cargo.
    The Mexican visitor, however, didn't appear to be fazed by the fuss. When asked to explain the drones, he calmly explained that the Mexican authorities had bought them from the Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems. But they had broken down, so he was bringing them to the company's Yavneh factory for repairs........

  3. Stocks rise for Israeli drone-maker as Gaza slaughter ...

    The Electronic Intifada
    Jul 29, 2014 - Gaza is an open-air laboratory for Israel's weapons industry. ... million contract to provide surveillance technology at the Arizona-Mexico border.

An Israel Police cyber unit at Ben-Gurion Airport arrested an Israeli man on suspicion of blackmail and attempting to extort 2 million shekels ($530,000) from a number of companies.
According to the investigation, the suspect hacked the computers of several companies and threatened to disclose sensitive information about them unless they paid a ransom. The suspect demanded to be paid in bitcoin.
The Israeli, who lives in Mexico, was tracked by Lahav 433’s cyber unit. Detectives were deployed at the airport and arrested the man as he returned to Israel.
The arrest followed a secret investigation using a so-called Darknet file-sharing network. Darknets are private networks, participation in which is supposed to be limited only to people who know and trust each other.
The suspect will be brought before a judge in Rishon Lezion for an extension of his remand.


MEXICO CITY – The Mexican government in the middle of last year acquired an unknown number of Israeli-made surveillance drones to perform monitoring tasks in border areas and near strategic installations, according to a defense ministry document obtained by Efe under freedom of information laws.

The ministry said it paid $23.5 million for each Hermes 450, an unmanned aerial vehicle manufactured by Israel’s Elbit Systems, but it declined to say how many units were purchased.

The Hermes 450, which is being used in the southwestern portion of the United States to watch the border with Mexico, has an electronic system that can provide information in real time and allows the aircraft to fly independently with the help of a GPS system.

The drones can operate at a maximum altitude of 5,500 meters (18,000 feet) and can remain in the air for up to 20 hours. Each drone is operated by three people, who must go through a training period lasting between one and eight months.

The purchase of the Hermes 450 was made under President Felipe Calderon, who has turned the fight against organized crime into one of his political priorities and deployed the army at key points in the country’s most conflict-ridden states to carry out public security tasks.

Mexico’s drug war has claimed more than 28,000 lives since Calderon took office in December 2006.

In contrast to other acquisitions of military technology by Mexico, up to now the Hermes 450 purchase had not been made public and not a single one of the drones had been publicly presented. EFE

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