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Mexico,Guatemala Mayan Massacres And U.S CIA Approved Israeli Miltary Training And Arms Sales There

Mexico,Guatemala Mayan Massacres And U.S CIA Approved Israeli  Miltary  Training  And Arms Sales There

And now Israeli NaZis or Nationnal Zionsists operate not only on and nerar U.S.borders on both the U.S. and Mexican side but have also pen etrated local and state and national police enforcement in  all 50 states thanks greaatly to Israeli American Michael Chertoff  anfd NSA CIA  traitor Michael Hayden his and Israel's employee.

Military cooperation between Mexico and Israel

By Jimmy Johnson and Linda Quiquivix
Earlier this month, Jorge Luis Abarca Llaven, newly appointed
secretary of public security in the Mexican state of Chiapas,
announced that there are talks between his office and the Minister of
Israeli Defence. Both countries have talked about coordinating
police security levels, imprisonment and effective use of
technology ("Israeli Military Police train Chiapas"
Excelsior, May 8).
Chiapas is home to the Zapatista (Zapatista Liberation Army
Nacional), a movement of mostly Mayan indigenous liberation,
which has received global support since took up arms against
Mexican government in 1994. The Zapatistas recovered lands where
have been able to build cooperative subsistence, charter schools,
collective clinical and other types of democratic community structures.
In the twenty years following the uprising, the government
Mexico has continued counterinsurgency programs in Chiapas.
When Llaven Abarca was announced in December as head of
security, human rights organizations expressed their
concern about the possible escalation of violence, pointing to his
history of arbitrary arrests, use of public force,
criminal pretrial detention, death threats and torture.
("Concernabouttheappointment of Jorge Luis Abarca Llaven as Secretary
of Public Security in Chiapas "Fray Bartolome de Las Casas (Frayba)
Center for Human Rights, 14December 2012 [PDF, English]).
Exactly, his recent contacts with Israeli personnel were
"Focused on sharing experiences," argues Abarca. This may be the
first time that the Mexican government has made public its coordination
with Israeli military in Chiapas. Although the agreement is just the latest
in the long history of military exports to Israel
region, an industry that took place from the experiences of
conquest and pacification of Palestine.
Climbing arms sales
The first Zionist militias (Bar Giora and Hashomer) were formed
to advance settlements on Palestinian land. Another militia
Zionist, the Haganah - Israeli army precursors and
sucesoress of HaShomer- started importing and producing weapons in 1920.
Israeli firms began exporting weapons to Latin America in 1950
including Nicaragua and Dominican Republic during the dictatorships of
Somoza and Trujillo. Massive government investment in industry
weapons continued in the 1967 war and the arms embargo.
Subsequent French. Israeli weapons, police, military training
and equipment have been sent to at least 140 countries, including
Guatemala in 1980 with Efrain Rios Monnt dictator who recently
was convicted of genocide against the Maya.
Mexico began receiving in 1972 with Israeli arms sales
Arava five aircraft from Israel Aerospace Industries. During
1970s and 80s, bikers continued exports of rare and
electronic billboards in the country. ,. Sales increased in the early
2000, according to the research we have conducted.
In 2003, Mexico formally bought helicopters belonged to
IDF and Israel Aerospace Gabriel
Missile. Another Israeli security company, Magal Security Systens
It recibieró various surveillance systems contracts "to protect
sensitive facilities in Mexico, "the same year, reported TheJerusalem Post.
In 2004, Israel Shipyards sold missile boats, and then Aeronautics
Home Systems and Elbit Defense contracts won Sytstemas police
federal and military to use home surveillance
border ("UAV makerAeronauticstosupplyMexicanpolice," Globes,
February 15, 2009) .Verint Systems, a technology firm founded by
Israeli army personnel Sponsored won several contracts
United States from 2006 to interfere massively
Mexican telecommunications, according to Jane'sDefenceWeekly.
Trained by Israel
According to documents declassified Defense Intelligence Agency
[PDF] obtained through a Freedom of Information request,
Israeli personnel was sent discreetly to Chiapas in response to
Zapatista uprising of 1994, in order to "provide
training the Mexican military and police forces "
The Mexican government also took the Arava aircraft to
suGrupo deploy Special Forces Airmobile (GAFE). Commands
GAFEfueron trained by Israel and the United States (trainedby Israel
and the US). Several elements after the GAFE would desert and create
"Los Zetas" cartel currently the most violent and powerful drug
Mexico ("Los Zetas and Mexico'sTransnationalDrugWar"
WorldPoliticsReview, December 25, 2009).
Mexico was surprised by the Zapatista, who rose the day
Tratatdo of the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect. The
Mexican government found the need to respond to the
dictates of foreign investors, including the famous case of
Case filter memoramdum Manhattan Bank (famously-leaked
Chase-Manhattan Bank memo): "While Chiapas, in our opinion, not
means a real threat to Mexican political stability,
well perceived by many in the investment community. THE government
need to eliminate the Zapatistas to demonstrate their effective
control of the national territory and of security policy. "
Marketing of "stability"
Today, faced with a village in open revolt against their own
annihilation, the perception of stability continues to be an important
modus operandi for the Mexican government. For Israel the "process of
peace "Oslo and the Palestinian neoribal spin autoridads have
I helped foster an illusory perception of peace and stability
while continuing colonization of Palestine.
In fact, "he created an atmosphere of stability" was the stated goal
recent contacts Mexico-Israel, and the hope that at least
the perception of this may help explain why it is done
Israeli public presence in Chiapas or rather, according to
Journalist Naomi Klen, being "mercadotecnizada"
(Accordingtojournalist Naomi Klein)
Even just driving perceptions can be reduced to short targets
within governments that his ambition is to annihilate. And as
Israel shares with Mexico used against their military experiences
Palestinians, it is equally likely that Israel can apply some
Mexico counterinsurgency tactics to oppress the Palestinian people.
The military relationship between Israel and Mexico is like its own
Zapatistas have long recognized its relationship with the Palestinian struggle.
This message was underlined by the Zapatista spokesman Subcomandante
Marcos, when Israel bombed Gaza in early 2009
("Of sowing and harvests," Mywordismyweapon, 4 January 2009). Although
distance between Chiapas and Gaza, Marcos emphasized that its
experiences have made people feel both territories
near each other.
It is worth recalling the words of Mark: "Not far from here, in
a place called Gaza, in Palestine, in the Middle East, here at hand, a
heavily armed and trained army, the government of Israel,
continues its march of death and destruction. "

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