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SEC Whistleblower Shawn McKessy:Yes OnDeck Capital IS A Boiler Room,SEC's Whistleblower Program IS A Fraud And ALL Penny Stocks Should Have Been Closed Down DECADES AGO !

SEC Whistleblower Shawn McKessy:Yes  OnDeck Capital IS A Boiler Room,SEC's Whistleblower Program IS A Fraud And ALL Penny Stocks Should Have Been Closed Down DECADES AGO !

SEC Whistleblower Shawn McKessy:Yes  OnDeck Capital IS A Boiler Room,SEC's Whistleblower Program IS A Fraud And ALL Penny Stocks Should Have Been Closed Down DECADES AGO !

Here's one character Sam  'Crazy Eddie' Antar who should still be in jail since the 1980's but instead has become a con artist in reverse - instead of being CEO and promoting or 'pumping' worthless penny stock scams he has spent recent years 'bashing' and then profiting from shorting,(NOT 'naked shorting'),them because he knows a fraud when he sees one ! And he's never been to jail and he has money that SHOULD HAVE GONE LONG AGO TO THE VICTIMS OF HIS OWN STOCK FRAUD MONEY LAUNDERING OPS BUT JUST AS WITH HIS FELLOW JEWS OF THE SO-CALEED 'WOLF ON WALL STREET' THAT ACTUALLY WAS OPERATED OUT OF THE WASHINGTON, D.C.,VIRGINIA AREA BY NOW DECEASED AIR FORCE MAJOR GENERAL RATKOVITCH - SAM ANTAR HAS NEVER PAID BACK A PENNY AND HIS JEWISH PARTNERS IN CRIME INCLUDE BUSINESSWEEK'S GARY WEISS AND JEW BARRY MINKOW PRETENDING TO BE CHRISTIAN  PREACHER IN ORDER TO RIP OFF THE DUMB CHRISTIAN FUNDIES SHEEP HE 'PASTORED' TO .......

  1. Crazy Eddie CFO: 'We are in the golden era of white-collar crime'

    CNNMoney-Nov 17, 2014Share
    That's the message from Sam E. Antar, one of the masterminds of the massive Crazy Eddie fraud of the 1980s.

  1. wolfblitzzer0: Jewish Mafia on Wall Street:Businessweek ...


    Jan 30, 2012 - I only recently noted that stock shorter Gary Weiss who along with his nemesis stock .... (Barry Minkow) has since left San Diego County for his wife's hometown in rural ... In recent years, Sam Antar – like Minkow – has made a career of . .... jail for his role in the Crazy Eddie stock scandal and now spends his
Yes thanks to the Zionist Israel and City of London controlled 'U.S.' SEC WE ARE AS SAM ANTAR, UNREPENTANT CRIIMINAL AND ISRAELI MONEY LAUNDERER STATES,IN THE 'GOLDEN AGE OF WHITE COLLAR CRIME...' And Shawn McKessy giving away millions of dollars to anonymous individuals or groups and their offshore accounts is as suspect as the anonymous whistleblowers he gives U.S.tax dollars away to for having allegedly allowed the SEC to get millions OR billions ACCORDING TO of dollars (ACCORDING TO phillipsandcohen.com BELOW)more from anonymous companies ! Has any msm 'business' journal used the FOIA to find just who McKessy is giving all this money away to and what SEC cases they have won to get this money to give to these anonymous 'whistleblowers' ?Did Ed Snowden get anything for exposing NSA and CIA Michael Hayden's and Keith Alexander' financial frauds ?! Well anyway ex NY Post reporter Christopher Byron exposed Michael Hayden in 2006 New York Post article that also mentioned me,Tony Ryals by the way,called 'CIA Inc Stinks.....I was pointing out that a boiler room in Kuala Lumpur called Bellador Group run by a British citizen  named Peter Taylor was promoting stocks in Hong Kong including the CIA and U.S.government's foremost 'IT' company called SRA International.The Brit Taylor was probably a UK 'intelligence' agent but of course whatever his reason for being protected by the SEC he was and is a criminal like many U.S.,Israeli and UK etc. government connected goons using stock scams to fund their terrorist activities ans self enrich themselves at the same time!All I ever got out of exposing numerous penny stock frauds as well as ex SEC Chair Chri Cox's aiding and abetting the 'naked short selling' lie of James Dale Davidson et.al. are death threats including from a pedophile involved in touting or promoting British Israeli Michael Zwebner's UCSY or Air Water Corp that ex Jerusalem Mayor and Israeli PM eHUD oLMERT WAS INVOLVED WITH AS WELL AS EX ISRAELI pRESIDENT mOSHE kATSAV WHO WAS LATER CONVICTED IN ISRAEL OF RAPE BUT HIS PENNY STOCK INVOLVEMENT IN THE U.S..WAS COVERED UP BECAUSE THAT'S HOW ISRA.HELL FUNDS ITSELF !

If a law firm has actuially made $11 billion off the corrupt SEC's largess then that wouild mean the SEC has recovered up to $100 billion from the cases and whistleblowers who are  phillipsandcohen.com‎'s client whistleblowers.Is there something fraudulant about  phillipsandcohen.com‎'s claims or something criminal and fraudulent about the SEC's 'whistleblower' program - or both !?

Note Yahoo! a majoe beneficiary of Alibaba stock promotion in the U.S.stole my email and removed all my warnings about stock frauds such as Novastar Financial,Overstock.com and the CIA's SRA International and Ionatron in 2005 and 2006.

  1. Alibabas Dark Side: Censoring Customers

    Daily Beast-4 hours agoShare
    The rules of Hong Kong's stock exchange prevented Alibaba Group from ... the company's September 19 trading debut on the New York Stock Exchange. .... “Hayden took J.W. into a boiler room in the City of Ferguson jail,” the ...

Top SEC WhistleblowerFirm - phillipsandcohen.com‎


The Most Successful Whistleblower Law Firm Over $11 Billion Recovered

I've already told SEC's Shawn McKessy about ex SEC Chairman Christopher Cox lieing about myriad financial 
and mortgage stocks being victims of 'naked short selling' at the time of his orchestrated collapse of the stock market in 2008.Cox began promoting the lie created by National Taxpayers Union and Agora Inc founder James Dale Davidson using such elite soapboxes as Michael Bloomberg's bloomberg.com that is the source of the businessweek story about  OnDeck Capital below.Ex NYC Mayor Bloomberg basically allowed or continued the use of New York City as a stock fraud money launderi8ng center for corrupt hjedge fund operators and elite money launderers and terrorized the young Occupy Wall Street protestors who called for reform.
The lies about penny stocks being 'naked shorted' a term made up by NTU and Agora Inc founder James Dale Davidson who has used his office a few blocks from the main SEC office in Alrexandria Virginia where the SEC 'Whistleblower Program's Shawn McKessy MUST BE JERKING OFF AND WATCHING PORNO ON THE SEC'S  COMPUTERS ,WHICH BY NOW IS AN sec TRADITION, 
to be continued

  1. Introduction by Office of the Whistleblower Chief Sean ...


    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
    Hi, I'm Sean McKessy, Chief of the SEC's Office of the Whistleblower. Welcome to the Office of the Whistleblower website, designed to be a one-stop shop of ...


Is OnDeck Capital the Next Generation of Lender or Boiler Room?
By Zeke Faux and Dune Lawrence November 13, 2014

Onstage at a conference in San Francisco in May, Noah Breslow is gliding through a slide presentation on why his company, OnDeck Capital, is going to make bank loan officers as obsolete as travel agents. Dressed in jeans and a blazer, he pulls up an image comparing OnDeck to Amazon (AMZN), Priceline (PCLN), and Zillow (Z). “Financial services is being disrupted—full stop,” he says. “Lending is one of the last industries to be transformed.”

Breslow shows a photo of a beaming Brooklyn wine store owner as he explains how banks aren’t lending to good small businesses. His point is that they want to borrow so little—say, $20,000 to make payroll—it’s not worth the banks’ effort to perform their expensive due diligence.

OnDeck’s software, Breslow tells the audience, gives potential borrowers an “OnDeck Score,” a proprietary assessment of creditworthiness that pulls in more and better data than banks do. The startup’s technology analyzes thousands of variables—from cash flow metrics to clues from social networks—and spits out a loan verdict in hours, not weeks. Algorithms replace loan officers, entrepreneurs get the money they need, and everyone is happy. “We set out to create a different kind of score,” Breslow says. “And a billion dollars of loans later, we think we’ve done it.”

STORY: What We Learned From High-Cost Lender OnDeck's IPO Filing
OnDeck’s Big Data pitch has investors panting. The lender has raised $180 million in capital from elite investors, including Google Ventures (GOOG) and Peter Thiel. Goldman Sachs and others have given OnDeck more than $300 million to make more loans. Its New York headquarters has all the trappings of a hot startup, with weekly happy hours, a game room with foosball and Pac-Man, and team-building scavenger hunts. Now the company plans to go public; on Nov. 10 it filed a prospectus for an initial public offering. Morgan Stanley (MS), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), and Deutsche Bank (DB), among others, are underwriting the share sale, which could happen by the end of the year and value OnDeck at around $1.5 billion, according to a person who’s familiar with the underwriters’ internal estimate but isn’t authorized to release that information.

Despite Breslow’s talk of tech disruption, algorithms alone don’t explain OnDeck’s growth. Rather than disrupting bank lending, it’s more accurate to say that OnDeck is part of an industry known as “merchant cash advance”—essentially payday lending for businesses. It’s a high-risk market, and interest rates can exceed 500 percent a year, or 50 to 100 times higher than a bank’s. (OnDeck’s rates average 54 percent, according to a document it sent to investors in the spring.) To fuel its rapid growth, OnDeck has worked with independent brokerages, which at one point found takers for nearly 9 of every 10 dollars the startup lent. It’s the equivalent of Priceline getting old-fashioned travel agents to enter orders into its website.

If Google Ventures and Goldman Sachs (GS) represent the prestigious end of OnDeck’s dealings, then merchant cash advance brokers are at the other extreme. The field is rife with unsavory brokerages, staffed by many of the same people who pushed subprime mortgages a decade ago and worked the bottom rung of the stock market in the boiler rooms of the 1990s. One of them is Mario Figueroa, president of Chadwick Cashflow Advances, a brokerage in Saddle Brook, N.J. He got into high-interest small business loans in 2011, shortly after doing time in a Newark halfway house for stock fraud.

BLOG: OnDeck’s Latest Deal Shows Banks Are Ready to Outsource Some Small Business Loans
OnDeck hired his brokerage to market its loans a few years ago, Figueroa says. Near his office in October, over a lunch of pizza, calamari, and tequila shots, his brand-new BMW 6 Series parked outside, he describes how an OnDeck representative offered to pay thousands of dollars for every borrower he brought in. He could hardly believe it was legal to charge such high rates, until he learned that most states’ usury laws don’t apply to business loans. His salesmen, who spend their days cold-calling businesses to offer easy money, are a colorful lot. The list of Figueroa’s past and present employees includes a former hedge fund manager convicted of stock fraud and a recovering heroin addict on probation for a motel stickup gone bad. One new hire stopped coming to work after he robbed a bank. “I saw an opportunity here,” Figueroa says of working with OnDeck. “The banking world is not using the cheap money the government is giving them to fund small businesses. Thank God we exist.”

OnDeck has teamed up with brokers convicted of stock scams, insider trading, embezzlement, gambling, and dealing ecstasy, according to interviews with the brokers and court records. Brokers have brought $349 million of loans to OnDeck so far this year, already 35 percent more than 2013’s total, according to the prospectus. That represents a risk, the company acknowledges in the filing: If partners “mislead loan applicants or are engaged in disreputable behavior, our reputation may be harmed, and we may face liability.”

VIDEO: OnDeck Leads the Way in Alternative Lending’s R


  1. Alibabas Dark Side: Censoring Customers

    Daily Beast-4 hours ago
    The rules of Hong Kong's stock exchange prevented Alibaba Group from ... the company's September 19 trading debut on the New York Stock Exchange. .... “Hayden took J.W. into a boiler room in the City of Ferguson jail,” the ...

  2. Is OnDeck Capital the Next Generation of Lender or Boiler Room?

    Businessweek-Nov 13, 2014
    Its New York headquarters has all the trappings of a hot startup, with weekly ... and worked the bottom rung of the stock market in theboiler rooms of the 1990s. ... One new hire stopped coming to work after he robbed a bank.

  3. All about my mother: 'It's amazing what the living expect of the dying'

    The Guardian-17 hours ago
    It was late December and her lease was up on the first of the new year. ... patient in New York, a man who was dying of something other than cancer and .... it personally when they aren't privy to the pot smoking in the boiler room. ... She was out late rehearsing summer stock productions of Sweeney Todd.

  4. The top 10 places to buy a leather jacket in Toronto

    blogTO (blog)-25 minutes ago
    In any case, new or used, the era of tough-skinned individuals ... With two locations in Toronto (one in Yorkville and the other in NorthYork), m0851 stocks .... if you have a room of normal dimension and five sitter couches, if you have a generous living area. ... Edmonton dropoff of a waste heat boiler in.
  5. Ex-Sky Capital Exec Gets 2.5 Years For Aid In $140M Fraud

    Law360 (subscription)-Nov 13, 2014
    Law360, New York (November 13, 2014, 1:23 PM ET) -- The former chief ... from Sky Capital's alleged "boiler roomstock-selling operation on Wall Street.

  6. The Lure of Forex: Conflict, Debt and Loss in a $400 Billion Market

    Bloomberg-Nov 12, 2014
    ... more than the daily dollar volume of the New York StockExchange. .... the FX business was 100 percent made up of boiler rooms,” he says.
  7. The Morning Risk Report: Buybacks' Value Depends on Governance

    Wall Street Journal (blog)-Nov 12, 2014
    Parts of New York's Long Island and South Florida, long notorious for “boiler room” operators, made the list. But so did areas around Detroit, ...

  8. Asian stocks sag as US growth jitters mount

    Businessweek-Oct 15, 2014
    TOKYO (AP) — Asian stock markets sank Thursday after a torrid session ... a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
  9. Watts Water - Aerco Deal Looks Appealing, Yet There Are Many ...

    Seeking Alpha (registration)-Nov 11, 2014
    Aerco manufactures high-efficiency boilers and water heaters being distributed ... Watts will paid $264.5 million in cash for the New York business, which does ... ratio of 3-4 times, which leaves enough financial breathing room. ... With a $2.2 billion stockvaluation, the equity in the business is now valued at ...

  10. Jon Stewart Talks Rosewater and the Chickensh-t Democrats ...

    Daily Beast-Nov 9, 2014
    Stock market breaking records every day. .... Now, I'm from New York so I've never had the distinct pleasure of visiting one of these fine .... “Hayden took J.W. into a boiler room in the City of Ferguson jail,” the papers charge

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