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Buckingham Palace:White Jewish Zionist Controlled UK Royals Also Linked To Pedophile Ring ?

White Jewish Zionist Controlled UK  Royals Also Linked To Pedophile Ring ?

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  • Saturday, 29 November 2014


    According to UK government files: a 16-year-old boy was sexually abused at Buckingham Palace and at the Queen's home at Balmoral.

    VIP paedophile ring 'abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace...

    The boy said he was the victim of 'exploitation of the highest order'.


    The boy was groomed and sexually abused by a top paedophile ring while he was working at Buckingham Palace and at Balmoral in Scotland.


    The account of this child abuse was passed directly to the then Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

    Brittan ruled it was 'not practical' to investigate.

    According to Member of the UK Parliament Geoffrey Dickens: "The boy told his parents he had been sexually abused by members of the Royal Household at the Palace.

    "I am concerned the Palace could be part of a chain supplying young men to paedophiles in the diplomatic service."

    The 16-year-old went to work at the Palace in the early 1970s.

    The boy's parents were told by a close friend who also worked at Buckingham Palace that their son was being sexually abused there.
    The boy's father said that young Palace staff were lavished with expensive gifts for 'entertaining men'.
    Hayman, deputy director of MI6, and friend of the CIA

    At Buckingham Palace, the 16-year-old boy was approached by Sir Peter Hayman, the deputy director of MI6, who was a pedophile.

    Hayman asked the boy to work for him in Canada, where he became ambassador.

    Hayman was a member of the top paedophile ring operating within the UK government.

    Elm Guest House boy brothel in London, reportedly run by MI5 and MI6.

    Palace officials have been linked to the notorious brothel the Elm Guest House in South West London.

    Continued here: VIP paedophile ring 'abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace...

    Willie McRae, a top Scottish National Party politician

    Reportedly, the top SNP politician Willie McRae was murdered by MI5 because he had a dossier on the top pedophile ring that contained government ministers and others. 

    McRae was found shot dead in his car in 1985.

    McRae, who was gay, had worked for Lord Mounbatten.

    NcRae was the author of the maritime law of Israel and emeritus professor at the University of Haifa.

    SNP-activist-killed-over-child-sex-files ….

    Felix, whom Edward VII tried to seduce.

    King Edward VII tried to seduce the homosexual Russian prince Felix Yusupov.

    (Prince Felix Yusupov: The Man Who Murdered Rasputin by Chris Dobson, 1989. Sexual perversion in the royal family,)

    Edward VII was the son of Prince Albert, whose official father, Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, was reportedly bisexual.

    stuttering performance

    But Edward VII also liked women.

    A gossip columnist once wrote: "There is nothing whatever between the Prince of Wales and Lillie Langtry."

    In his journal's next edition he wrote: "Not even a sheet."

    (Secrets Of The Royals - by Gordon Winter and Wendy Kochman, 1990)

    German ancestry, Sexual perversion in the royal family, 

    Carolina Otero, who was the mistress of Edward VII, Albert I of Monaco and several members of the Russian royal family. The cupolas of the Hotel Carlton in Cannes are 'based on her breasts.'

    Edward VII had sex with Sarah Bernhardt in a silk-lined coffin which she kept in her bedroom.

    Victor Hugo and Napoleon III also made use of Sarah's coffin.

    'Daisy' Warwick, the wife of Lord Brooke, tried to blackmail the royal family by threatening to hand Edward VIII's love letters to the newspapers.

    Arthur du Cros, of the Dunlop rubber company, gave £64,000 to Daisy in return for the love letters.

    German ancestry, Sexual perversion in the royal family, 

    Cavendish Hotel - brothel

    Edward VII slept with a young maid called Rosa Lewis.

    Rosa told Edward about several little servant girls who were available.

    Edward gave Rosa the money to set up a brothel.

    This brothel was the Cavendish Hotel in Jermyn Street, next to Fortnum and Mason's.

    Members of the British elite took their teenage sons to the Cavendish Hotel.

    The hotel was also popular with members of the American elite.

    Sexual perversion in the royal family

    Jennie Jerome

    Winston Churchill's Jewish mother, Jennie Jerome, was King Edward VII's mistress for a period of two years.

    Winston Churchill may have been an illegitimate son of Edward VII.

    Winston Churchill, his mother and the philandering Prince

    Prince Eddy, who mysteriously disappeared in 1892.

    Edward VII's eldest son was Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, known as Prince Eddy.

    Prince Eddy appears to have been bisexual, like his father.

    Prince Eddy was involved in the Cleveland Street Scandal of 1889.

    This scandal involved a boy brothel in London's Cleveland Street.

    Public Record Office police papers and the letters of Lord Arthur Somerset show that the Prince was involved with boys.

    Prince Eddy is linked to the Jack the Ripper murders.

    According to the late Stephen Knight, in his book Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution:

    Prince Eddy secretly married a poor Catholic girl named Anne Crook, and she gave birth to his child, a girl named Alice.

    Sir William Gull, one of the royal family's doctors, was commissioned to operate on her brain and have her placed in a mental institution.

    Anne Crook had left her baby in the care of Mary Kelly, a prostitute in London's East End.

    Mary Kelly and three other prostitutes tried to blackmail the royal family.

    The British prime minister, Lord Salisbury, sent Sir William Gull to murder these prostitutes.

    Sexual perversion in the royal family

    King George V, who liked boy scouts.

    King George V was the second son of Edward VII.

    At one time George shared a girl with his brother Prince Eddy.

    She was kept in a luxury apartment in London's St. John's Wood.

    Angela Mary Culme-Seymour

    Before he became king, George had lived for a time in Malta.

    According to the French newspaper The Liberator, Prince George, while in Malta, had married an admiral's daughter, Angela Mary Culme-Seymour, and produced several children by her.

    Those children were claimants to the throne.

    When Prince Eddy disappeared, the Royal family decided that Prince George should discard the admiral's daughter.

    Sexual perversion in the royal family

    Children of George V. 

    Top left we see the future King George VI. Top right is the future King Edward VIII.

    Bottom left we see Prince John who died in mysterious circumstances.

    Bottom right we see the bisexual Prince George Duke of Kent who died in a mysterious plane crash.

    Prince George Duke of Kent.

    Prince George, Duke of Kent, is said to have been addicted to drugs (notably morphine and cocaine).

    Reportedly he was blackmailed by a male prostitute to whom he wrote intimate letters.

    Reportedly he had a sexual relationship with his distant male cousin Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia.

    The current Lord Rothschild and the current Duke of Kent, formerly Britain's top Freemason.

    Reportedly George Duke of Kent had a sexual relationship with Sir Anthony Blunt, who was a spy, a child abuser and a friend of Lord Victor Rothschild.

    Reportedly, George Duke of Kent The Duke was part of a ménage à trois with Jorge Ferrara, the bisexual son of the Argentine ambassador to the Court of St. James's, and drug-addict Kiki Preston.

    Prince George, Duke of Kent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Prince Edward, Jimmy Donahue and Wallis Simpson, who allegedly was a man.

    Edward VIII was the eldest son of George V.

    According to Christopher Wilson's book, "Dancing with the Devil, The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue": Prince Edward had a gay love affair with his Oxford University tutor Henry Peter Hansel.

    The slim Wallis Simpson and Edward.

    By 1935, Prince Edward was friends with Wallis Simpson.

    Prince Edward allegedly allowed Wallis Simpson to play dominatrix.

    According to Christopher Wilson, Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, was a man.

    Dr John Randall, of the Charing Cross hospital in London, reportedly told Michael Bloch, the Duchess’s bigrapher, that Wallis Simpson hadandrogen insensitivity syndrome, a hormonal irregularity that causes a genetically male body to develop as a woman, although without fully developed sex organs.


    Wilson writes about the Duchess, the Duke and their relationship with the Woolworth heir Jimmy Donahue, "a gay playboy twenty years her junior."

    Donahue liked to dress as a nun.

    Donahue was an 'intimate' friend of Francis Spellman, New York's gay Cardinal Archbishop.

    In 1936, in the months before his abdication, Edward VIII was being hypnotised by Dr Alexander Cannon, a qualified psychiatrist.

    Cannon had links to 'the occult' and to fascism.

    Strange story of the king and the hypnotist doctor - (Telegraph)

    The actor Tim Seely

    One of Prince Edward's mistresses was Freda Dudley Ward.

    In September 1934, while Wallis Simpson was away on vacation, Edward reportedly had sex with Freda's sister Vera, who gave birth to a boy in mid-1935.

    This boy was Tim Seely.

    In March 1988 the Daily Express had a front page story naming him the Duke of Windsor's "secret son."

    Sexual perversion in the royal family

    George VI, who liked boy scouts

    George VI became king after the abdication of his brother Edward VIII.

    George VI is reportedly the father of Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret.

    According to author Kitty Kelley, Elizabeth and Margaret were conceived, in 1926 and 1930, with the help of artificial insemination by anonymous donors.

    King George VI's other stuttering performance

    The Queen Mother, next to Sir Jimmy Savile

    George VI's wife Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was the daughter of Lady Glamis.

    There are doubts about who was her father.

    The Queen Mother's favourite servant was William Tallon, who died of Aids.

    Tallon had an underground passage leading from his room to the Queen Mother's room.

    Tallon used the underground passage to smuggle controversial guests in to see her.

    Paul Kidd

    Paul Kidd was the Queen Mother's butler.

    He sexually abused a number of boys over a 30-year period.

    He took at least one of his teenage boys to meet the Queen Mother.

    More boy scouts

    Kidd claimed to have met and looked after three U.S. presidents, including Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

    In 1979 Kidd was awarded the Most Noble Order of Merit by then West German president.

    Kidd is also said to have worked closely with Princess Diana at Buckingham Palace


    Queen Elizabeth II in Canada

    Queen Elizabeth II, daughter of the Queen Mother, became Queen in 1952.

    The journalist Nigel Dempster wrote that when Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip, she was: "as virginal as her eponymous ancestor."

    Her eponymous ancestor Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, had several young lovers.

    Sexual perversion in the royal family

    Stephen Ward

    The media has spoken of Prince Philip's alleged involvement in the Profumo sex scandal, the scandal which involved Stephen Ward.

    Stephen Ward studied at the College of Osteopathy in Missouri.

    Ward's friends included Prince Philip, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Paul Getty, Nancy Astor, Ava Gardner, Princess Margaret, the Duke of Kent, various spies, various prostitutes and John F Kennedy.

    In 1961 a British Intelligence officer named Keith Wagstaffe recruited Stephen Ward as an agent of MI5.

    Sexual perversion in the royal family

    Sir Anthony Blunt, friend of the Rothschilds.

    The author Anthony Summers (co-author of Honeypot) has alleged that photographs removed from the home of Stephen Ward showed a likeness of Prince Philip alongside various naked girls.

    After Stephen Ward was murdered, reportedly by MI5, the portraits that he had made, of the Duke of Edinburgh and others, were removed from an art gallery and made to disappear.

    The man who removed the portraits is said to be Sir Anthony Blunt, who worked for both MI5 and Soviet intelligence.

    Blunt told his friends that he was the illegitimate child of King George V, by his mother, Hilda Blunt.

    Sexual perversion in the royal family


    Reportedly Anthony Blunt ran a paedophile ring which included included a lot of top people.

    (aangirfan: Sexpionage)

    Reportedly Blunt's friend Peter Arne shared boys with the head of MI6 Maurice Oldfield, Noel Coward, several bishops, and an archbishop.


    In 1940 Rothschild (above) suggested that Anthony Blunt should be invited to join the secret service. ( Blunt was a member of the 'Cambridge spy ring' which is believed to have been run by Lord Victor Rothschild.

    Reportedly, during World war II, "Maurice Oldfield was arrested with the King’s brother, the Duke of Kent, Prince George, a boyfriend to Sir Anthony Blunt...

    "A policeman rounded up what he thought were 3 drunken street whores, only to find they were ... the HIGHEST in the land...

    "Maurice Oldfield and the Duke of Kent ... had links to Victor Rothschild.

    "Rothschild was Churchill’s mentor; he made Churchill’s decisions."

    The Biggest Secret of World War II

    Lord Victor Rothschild 

    Lord Victor Rothschild, who was extremely influential within MI5 and MI6, was a close friend of Anthony Blunt.

    According to T. Stokes, Blunt, while undergoing a cataract operation, blurted out to the surgeon that he had been recruited by Lord Victor Rothschild.

    (Sir Anthony Blunt)

    The bisexual Prince George Duke of Kent, brother of Edward VIII and of George VI.

    "Blunt would insist that the mysterious death in 1941 of the king’s brother, the Duke of Kent, was a murder on Churchill’s orders, as he was trying to make peace..."

    Reportedly, Anthony Blunt claimed Nazi party funding came from the same Jewish banks that supported the allies.


    Queen Elizabeth's son Andrew was married to Sarah Ferguson, whose father is Major Ron Ferguson.

    In 1988 the British newspaper The People reported that Major Ron was a regular visitor to a London brothel for top people, the Wigmore Massage and Sauna Club

    Major Ron had asked one prostitute: "What does it feel like to be dealing with royalty?"

    Major Ron was Prince Charles's polo manager.

    Princess Michael and Russian millionaire Mikhail Kravchenko, one of her many friends. Kravchenko was murdered not long after this photo was taken. Princess Pushy's toyboy shot dead

    In 1985 a British paper photographed Princess Michael entering a London house for an alleged overnight rendezvous with Texas billionaire John Ward Hunt.

    Princess Michael is the wife of Prince Michael of Kent, the son of Prince George Duke of Kent who was the brother of Edward VIII and of George VI.

    Princess Anne.

    Queen Elizabeth's daughter Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips in 1973.

    Before long, Mark was being regularly photographed in the company of various women, including Pamella Bordes, who reportedly earned £500 a time for entertaining various top people.

    Princess Anne befriended her bodyguard, Sergeant Peter Cross of the Royal Protection Squad.

    Cross was sacked from the squad.

    While Princess Anne was pregnant with Zara, he met Anne secretly at her Gatcombe Park home.

    Cross then gave his story to The News of the World.

    Cross said he had met Princess Anne secretly on several occasions, at a cottage in the grounds of Princess Anne's country estate, and at a friend's house.

    Mountbatten (back row, centre) uncle of Prince Philip.

    The bisexual Lord Louis Mountbatten was married to Edwina, who had Jewish ancestry.

    Reportedly, on one occasion, Lord Mountbatten entered Quaglino's restaurant and told the bandleader: 'I am lonely and sad and drunk. That nigger Hutch has a penis like a tree-trunk, and he's fuc**** my wife right now.'

    (Daily Mail (15th November 2008) )

    Hutch was a bisexual gigolo called Leslie Hutchinson.

    Lord Mountbatten was rumoured to have been a visitor to Northern Ireland's Kincora children's home which "was run as a virtual gay brothel by loyalist leaders and MI5."

    (Lord Mountbatten linked to Kincora child - united kingdom)(aangirfan: Child abuse at the Kincora boys' home)

    "Mountbatten was particularly attracted to boys in their early teens; it was this characteristic which made him especially vulnerable to the IRA , because he needed to slip away from his personal bodyguards to keep dates with such boys , some of whom came in contact with IRA men."


    Prince Philip, aged 9, was sent to England to be looked after by George Mountbatten, the 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven, and by Lord Louis Mountbatten.

    The Marquess of Milford Haven had the largest collection of sadomasochistic pornography in Europe.


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