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Joel Nadel Goldcor Fraud,CIA Agora Inc - Joel Nadel ,Strategic Planner at Joint Staff,Art Nadel Huffman Aviation,Mohamed Atta,Venice,Florida,911

Joel Nadel Goldcor Fraud,CIA Agora Inc - Joel Nadel ,Strategic Planner at Joint Staff,Art Nagel Huffman Aviation,Mohamed Atta,Venice,Florida,911

Joel Nadel Goldcor Fraud,CIA Agora Inc - Joel Nadel ,Strategic Planner at Joint Staff,Huffman Aviation,Mohamed Atta,Venice,Florida,911

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    Aug 28, 2012 - Agora Inc Naked Short Liar Lila Rajiva,Goldcor 9/11 Joel Nadel ...... Bush's and Wally Hilliard's Huffman Aviation in Venice where Mohamed Atta and his Saudi ... Jul 27, 2009 – Art Nadel, the recent owner of Huffman
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    Art Nadel, Ponzi scammer, bought Huffman Aviation of 9/11 hijacker training ... the continuing criminal enterprise that is Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida. ...... With his sons Alan and Joel, he was involved in some interesting ...
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    Apr 27, 2010 - Ira Sorkin>Joel S. Nadel>Bernie Madoff>Fairfield,Ct>John S. Farkas-Ottilie Lundgren … ... Arthur G. Nadel – purchased “Huffman” flight school ..... who owned a Kwik Check cashing business in Venice,Florida that cashed a ...
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    May 26, 2011 - ... Huffman Aviation terrorist and drug trafficking flight school inVenice,Florida in the first place ! Why are ... another big-time hustler, Joel Nadel.
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    Sep 21, 2009 - The continuing criminal enterprise at the Venice Airport helmed by Rudi .... with the straight-face the story's seriousness demanded, was “Joe Bizzaro.” .... a federal receiver after Art Nadel took up residence in the slammer—to build ... And when the new owner of Huffman Aviation was arrested recently, and ...
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    Jul 21, 2010 - Nadel's guilty plea may have removed the best—maybe the .... Hilliard later went on to own Huffman Aviation, the Venice FL flight school used by ..... for the "soul of America," as Joe Biden suggested last week... it is here.
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    Operations at the Venice Airport have involved individuals whose names ... by a federal receiver after Art Nadel took up residence in the slammer—to build ... And when the new owner of Huffman Aviation was arrested recently, and ..... Joe Kennedy, Sr. and his ties to the mob go back to the Prohibition days.
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    Art Nadel and Howard P. Sturman (Muriel's son) were co-directors of FLORIDA ...... Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi arrived at Huffman Aviation in Venice, ...
  • Joel Nadel | LinkedIn
    Washington D.C. Metro Area - ‎Strategic Planner at Joint Staff
    View Joel Nadel's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Joel Nadel discover inside ...
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    Joel Nadel, Jeffrey Klein and Jerold P. Weinger comprised the executive .... While I have heard of various scams run by Agora Inc.'s Oxford Club and even David ...
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    Apr 10, 2009 - He was connected to another big-time operator, Joel Nadel. ... with a pre-existing newsletter, The Passport Club (according to Agora's website).
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    Aug 28, 2012 - Agora Inc Naked Short Liar Lila Rajiva,Goldcor 9/11 Joel Nadel,VeteransToday,Gordon Duff ,Julian Assange and the Rothschild crime family.
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    May 26, 2011 - Mr.Bud Burrell was also an insider to the Agora Inc and James Dale Davidson connected Endovasc .... another big-time hustler, Joel Nadel.
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    http://www.agora-inc...ense-publishing ... seized $6.6 million in bank accounts held by Ford and his partner, Joel Nadel, for allegedly violating ...
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    Since 1993, he has been the chief growth strategist for Agora, Inc., a publisher of newsletters and books. In 2014, Ford co-wrote the comedic coming-of-age film ...
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    Apr 27, 2010 - Ira Sorkin>Joel S. Nadel>Bernie Madoff>Fairfield,Ct>John S. Farkas-Ottilie ... Joel S. Nadel – investor 'newsletter' frauds, Agora Inc. connection.


  • Joel Nadel

    Strategic Planner at Joint Staff
    Área Metropolitana de Washington D.C., Estados Unidos
    1. Joint Staff
    1. NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, Headquarters
    2. Regional Joint Intelligence Training Facility, USEUCOM and USAFRICOM, 
    3. Peacehaven Baptist Church
    1. London Reformed Baptist Seminary
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    Trayectoria profesional y académica


    A skilled executive who creates and develops institutions, organizations, capabilities and skilled work forces.
    • Helped build the following institutions: U.S. European Command Joint Analysis Center, the U.S. European Command Intelligence Engagement Division, the Intelligence Plans Division of the USEUCOM Intel Mission Operations Center, U.S. Africa Command, the U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command Regional Joint Intelligence Training Facility.
    • Established and developed the following organizations, which continue to thrive: the Joint Analysis Center, the Regional Joint Intelligence Training Facility, an Intelligence Plans Division, the U.S. European Command Red Team and an Intelligence Fusion Cell in Africa.
    • Built and developed lasting capabilities to produce order of battle intelligence and target materials, conduct strategic intelligence planning, conduct risk assessment and alternative analysis in support of plans and operations, train foreign partners in Europe and Africa, and train and certify intelligence analysts to the highest analytic tradecraft standards.
    • Improved and enhanced organizational operations and planning processes through innovative training and performance support

    Especialidades:Strategic leadership, intelligence operations, training and education management, instruction, intelligence operations, strategic planning, operational planning, contract management, Red Team, international affairs, international negotiations


    Strategic Planner

    Joint Staff
     – actualidad (2 años 5 meses)pentagon
    Strategic planner coordinating JCS J2 review of plans for U.S. Combatant Commands and NATO. Oversees J2 participation is Chairman's Exercise Program exercises with combatant commands. Coordinates Joint Planning and Execution Community(JPEC) review of Combatant Command plans. Coordinates national support to combatant command plans and operations.

    Strategic Planner

    NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, Headquarters
     –  (7 meses)Kabul
    Planning for NATO and ISAF support to the Government of Afghanistan in preparation for 2014 political transition.

    Director of Intelligence Training and Education

    Regional Joint Intelligence Training Facility, USEUCOM and USAFRICOM
     –  (3 años 9 meses)raf molesworth, united kingdom
    Supervised all intelligence training and education for U.S. European Command, U.S. Africa Command, and training for foreign allied militaries in Europe and Africa. Supervised the Regional Joint Intel Training Facility, consisting of 35 instructional staff. Focused on intelligence and analysis tradecraft and techniques. Managed a $60M training contract.


    Peacehaven Baptist Church
     –  (3 años 9 meses)Cambourne, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
    Deacon, Director of Music and Religious Education and Religious Education for a small congregation in the British Midlands. Assisted with all facets of church administration. Charter member of the church.

    Ministry Leader

    Victory Baptist Church
     –  (4 años 6 meses)Stuttgart y alrededores, Alemania
    Led and directed music. Led the production of a CD, "Songs of Victory" which featured the talents of the church membership. Served as Sunday School teacher and Lay Preacher. Continued evangelistic and outreach activities in the greater Stuttgart area.

    Deputy Division Chief and Red Team Leader, Intel Plans Division

    U.S. European Command
     –  (2 años)

    Deputy Chief, International Engagement

    U.S. European Command
     –  (2 años 3 meses)

    Ministry Leader

    Community Bible Church of Stuttgart
     –  (1 año 11 meses)Sindelfingen, Germany
    Founding member, administrator and musical director for the Community Bible Church of Stuttgart. Responsible for the rental of church facilities, set up for services, and leadership of worship services. Led Thursday night adult Bible studies and continued as lay preacher and with community outreach in the city of Stuttgart.

    Desk Officer, Sub-Saharan Africa

    U.S. European Command
     –  (5 años 5 meses)


    International Baptist Church of Stuttgart
     –  (3 años)Stuttgart y alrededores, Alemania
    Pastoral responsibilities for ten families. Adult Bible Study Leader. Lay preacher and evangelist. Short term missionary visit to Romania. Led Bible Study for 12 Chinese graduate students at the University of Stuttgart.

    Ministry Leader

    Alconbury Independent Baptist Church
     –  (2 meses)Great Stukely, United Kingdom
    Led the outreach ministry to the Skeels Court Retirement Home, a residential home with 53 residents in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. Led bi-weekly services which included musical worship, preaching and refreshments for the residents. Also conducted visitation for shut-in residents and assisted residents who wished to attend church.

    Branch Chief, Joint Analysis Center

    U.S. European Command
     –  (6 años)

    Military Capabilities Analyst

    US Army
     –  (4 años)

    Reconocimientos y premios

    NATO Medal Non-Article 5 - ISAF/Afghanistan

    Headquarters, North Atlantic Treaty Organization

    Joint Service Civilian Achievement Award

    DCOS INT, Headquarters, International Security Assistance Force, Kabul, Afghanistan

    For service in Afghanistan

    Reconocimientos y premios adicionales

    Meritorious Civilian Service Award, 1991
    Commander's Award for Civilian Service, 1993 and 2003
    Superior Civilian Service Award, 2009


    1. English

      Competencia bilingüe o nativa
    2. German

      Competencia básica


    Special Men and Special Missions; Inside American Special Operations Forces 1945 to the Present

    Greenhill Books
    marzo de 1994
    A detailed history of the development of America's full spectrum special operations capability.

    Military Lessons of the Gulf War

    Greenhill Books
    agosto de 1991
    • Joel Nadel
    • Bruce Watson, 
    • B. L. Cyr, 
    • Peter Tsouras

    Foreign Policy Decision Processes in the United States Government: A Reexamination of Rationality(Enlace)

    The Substance of Publich Policy/Nova Science Publishers
    This study explores the utility of rational choice and games theory in the analysis of United States foriegn policy and international relations and seeks to answer two key questions. Firstly, can the theory of rationality in international relations, and its instruments, such as the theory of games, provide insights into the decisions a U.S.administration takes in crisis and war? Secondly, are decisions leading up to crisis, in the case of this study, the persian Gulf War, the result of a rational decision-making process in which the President and his administration carefully considered the nature of the issues at stake, weighed the alternatives, and chose the alternative with the optimum utility? If this is not the case, what theory best explains the decision-making process going in to this crisis?
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