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Sandy Hookers,Newtown,CT.:Photo Evidence Adam is Ryan Lanza ?

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Photo Evidence Adam is Ryan Lanza ?

Sandy Hook — 20 August 2013
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New Photo of Adam Lanza Surfaces – Evidence that he is Ryan Lanza?
This is the little-before-seen photo of purportedly Adam Lanza. Maybe it is true: perhaps that really is Adam Lanza. However, as many Internet investigators have proposed, perhaps he did change his name to Ryan, which means there no longer is anyone by the name of Adam Lanza as a son of Peter and Nancy Lanza.×500
The source is confirmed. However, look at the closeness in appearance of Ryan Lanza to the younger Adam Lanza. Not the hair-style but also the shape of the lips; nose is similar enough, changing over the years.
The source is a yearbook.

Now compared:
The nose in the black-and-white images is a bit pug at the tip, while Ryan’s is more sharp. While it could have changed over time, there are other similarities which lay open the possibility that they are the same person.
It would certainly explain a major missing link in this investigation.
Now, the write-up by PC Geek:

I’m starting to believe now that Adam Lanza never existed, but instead various pics of a real Ryan Lanza were used and photoshopped to create Adam Lanza. My reasons for this is the newly discovered Peter Lanza picasa albums which date back to 2006 and there are zero adam pics. There are several Ryan pics from 2006 though and if Adam was real there should be some there somewhere.
And after perusing the plenty of great info and links at…dam-lanza/2295
I’ve concluded that Adam was fabricated by the Lanza family somewhere around 2009. Until i see a hard-copy of the following school yearbooks … I shall remain on this hypothesis.
These are supposed year book pics of Ryan & Adam Lanza and note that only the tech club pic is showing Adam … any other regular pic supposedly states Not Photographed for Adam. T

he stranger part is the supposed pics of the yearbook appear to have been photoshopped with various filters … almost as if someone is trying to hide the cut/pasting.
Here are the suspect year book pics. It seems odd that they all have a yellow diffuse glow old paper look and if you look closely at the third pic the heading “Not Photographed” does not appear to be natural for the angle of the page curl.

Our addition: he is right about this flattened out appearance, as if it was added to the Yearbook to give substantiation for the existence of Adam Lanza, who appears to be a mere figment of the imagination.

PC Geek summary:
Until I can analyze a hard copy year book the presumption is based on visual inspection that the Adam Lanza tech club picture is really Ryan Lanza morphed into Adam and the other Adam not photographed references were added into the pics via photoshop.
No Blood at Sandy Hook – Or Fake Blood

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