Thursday, September 26, 2013

CIA TERRORISTS IN THE PHILIPPINES Protected By UN,Ban Ki Moon:Why Have No CIA Terrorists Been Brought To Justice?

CIA TERRORISTS IN THE PHILIPPINES Protected By UN,Ban Ki Moon:Why Have No CIA Terrorists Been Brought To Justice?

Thursday, September 26, 2013


The US military - come to rape and pillage.
The purpose of the US military is to rape and pillage countries around the world.
The CIA runs the Philippines, in alliance with the Philippino oligarchs.
Philippine troops have been battling 'Moslem insurgents' in Zamboanga city on Mindanao island in the Philippines.

The insurgents are said to be linked to the CIA.

The Philippines's President Aquino, a very rich oligarch 'in league with the CIA.' Egyptians under Mubarak were three times as rich as Philippinos under Aquino.

"The US military presence in the Philippines appears to be part of ... the emerging US strategy towards China..." 

The US military murdering Philippino children
On 16 August 2010, at Global research and ABS CBN News, we read about the Philippines: America's New Launchpad for the Militarization of Southeast Asia
The Philippines President Aquino "runs the risk of antagonizing Beijing's trade ties with Manila and its growing investments in mining, electronics, and other industries."

Philippines to charge four US soldiers...
"The U.S. government's strategic military operations in the Philippines in the guise of fighting terrorism are driven by America's war industries that are supported by big defense spending in the midst of recession." 
The USA uses the Philippines as a military and intelligence base and as a source of energy, raw materials, land and cheap labour.

The Philippines: America's New Launchpad for the Militarization of Southeast Asia
Philippines by lionel bodilis
Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark investigated the activities of US death squads in the Philippines and wrote that:
"the victims of vigilante violence were overwhelmingly poor farmers, slum dwellers and others who are pushing for significant land reform, wage increase and protection of workers rights, as well as those who oppose U.S. military bases in the Philippines."[iv]

Sabah is in Malaysia. Palawan, Sulu and Mindanao are in the Philippines.

On 15 January 2012, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) declared the Independence of Bangsamoro Land (Sulu, Mindanao, Palawan, Sabah).

Anonymous reports that the Philippines' General Enrile once made a report that white men were training the MNLF.

Michael Meiring, a CIA operative, had ties to the MNLF - CIA Operative Meiring was hurt by one of his own bombs

US citizen Michael Meiring injured himself in an explosion in his own hotel room.
An ID card with his picture on it was found in his room and it listed him as an officer in the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)
[KHOU-TV, 12/2/2004]
Reportedly the CIA arranged Meiring's swift exit from the Philippines.

In the two months prior to this explosion in his room, there were several other other explosions in the same region, killing 37 people and injuring 170 more. 
BusinessWorld, a leading Philippine newspaper, has published articles openly accusing Meiring of being a CIA agent involved in covert operations ‘to justify the [recent] stationing of American troops and bases in Mindanao.’ 
The Meiring affair has never been reported in the US press. 
Philippines by lionel bodilis
In 2003, a group of Philippine soldiers mutinied, in part because they believed these bombings were done with the secret approval of the Philippine government. (see July 27-28, 2003). 
According to a former head of the CIA in Manila, Osama bin Laden came to the Philippines in 1992, at the invitation of the Philippine government. 
(Bin Laden, CIA.)

Bin Laden was flown to the southern island of Mindanao by the Philippine President Fidel Ramos, who was reportedly an asset of the CIA.

Bin Laden was apparently invited to the Philippines in order to help strengthen Abu Sayyaf and other rebel groups based in Mindanao who were fighting the Philippine government.

The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) is similar to the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)
"The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), like Al Qaeda (the CIA), owed its existence to the intelligence establishment.

"The ASG was co-founded by Edwin Angeles, an undercover agent for the Defense Intelligence Group at the Departmentof National Defense, Republic of the Philippines." 

Americans torturing Philippinos, back in 1902
Twelfth Bough relates the situation unfolding in the Philippines with Abu Sayyaf.

"The US military does still have a presence in the Philippines, specifically for the purpose of crushing the Abu Sayyaf, which, surprising us no end (wink wink wink), they have not been able to do all this time.
"Given that the CIA helped create Abu Sayyaf; and given the US military's unrestrained access to the very areas of the Philippines where Abu Sayyaf allegedly operates from; and given the history of connections between Abu Sayyaf militants and their military handlers; and given the warm and friendly relations between US Embassy personnel and MILF leaders..." -meanwhile in Manila

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