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CIA,FBI Cover Up:Boston Marathon 'Victim' John Odom Retires To California On Boston Hoax Fund Raising Profits

CIA,FBI Cover Up:Boston Marathon 'Victim' John Odom Retires To California Beach On Boston Hoax Fund Raising Profits

Not since convicted money launderer Menahem Atzmon the other Mossad Israelis of ICTS International 'guarded' Logan Boston airport on September 11,2001 have so many nice Israelis shown up to lend support to the Boston police and medical community.I wonder why !?

BOSTON (CBS) – When John and Karen Odom fly home to California this Friday, they will be celebrating a huge milestone in John’s recovery. Nearly five months after he was gravely injured in the Boston Marathon bombings, he is finally well enough to go home.
“Karen and I will be able to walk down to the village where we live, grab a cup of coffee and walk along the beach. In the evening, we can have a glass of wine on the balcony of our home and watch the sunset. I cannot wait for that,” John told WBZ-TV in an exclusive interview Tuesday.
It’s especially exciting because, for months, John didn’t know if he’d ever walk again. John had eleven surgeries to repair his badly damaged leg. He walks with a brace and still uses a cane much of the time. But he has gained tremendous movement and strength in the past month.
His countless hours of physical therapy at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital have paid off and he’ll continue working with therapists in California. Since he put on his shoe, by himself, for the first time a month ago, he says much of the anger he felt for the bombing suspects has been replaced with a focus on getting well. “I’m looking forward,” he says with resolve.
Both Karen and John describe the love and support of people in Boston, New England and beyond as a critical part of his recovery. Their daughter, son-in-law and three of their eight grandchildren live outside Boston. John’s been able to play catch with them and he took them to a Red Sox game last month where which he delivered the ceremonial game ball to the mound.......................

Boston marathon bombing survivor in iconic photo is writing memoir ...
4 days ago - Jeff Bauman's lower limbs were blown apart when bombs went off near the finish of the Boston Marathon. In a now iconic photograph from that day, Bauman is shown holding what is left of his legs, while rescuers speed him to emergency help.

Marathon Bombing Survivor Heading Home To ... - CBS Boston
by deanreddington
5 days ago - John and Karen Odom are eager to return to California but leaving Boston is bittersweet.

  1. Wretched Israeli Moles and the Boston Smoke ... - NODISINFO
    Jul 13, 2013 - As Boston and the world reels from the recent terrorist attacks and violence ... like the explosives at the Boston Marathon – designed to create a huge amount of .... Here are John Odom and his son in-law Matt Reis in action.

  2. Rene Fielding, Queen of Evil Manipulation - NODISINFO
    Jul 13, 2013 - NODISINFO .... BOSTON — Her rescue from the scene of the Boston Marathon bombings quickly … ... Nicole Reis- John Odom's daughter.

  3. Pink Lady Caught and Busted by AnonPyrates | NODISINFO
    May 9, 2013 - Boston Hoax arch-perpetrator the lady in the pink vest and more are caught ... Don Odom is his name. .... I'm even starting to doubt that the actual Tsarnaev brothers were even standing in the crowd at the marathon that day.
    Don Odom is his name. “My father’s at the hospital. I was 15 feet from him. I went to take a photo, moved out of the way, and the bomb went off. It seemed like (the injuries) were lower extremiteis. There were some bad looking people. We’re all trying to put pressure on the wounds, tourniquets.” The man is lying.
    Notice the wheelchair behind him. Is that the double amputee who goes by the name Jeff Bauman? Other moles identified in the video, as follows:
    The man with the sunglasses on is the same individual as above, the lack of the hat and the sunglasses being a part of the disguise. Woman in brown sweatshirt noted at the  purported bombing epicenter. Curiously, Krystal Campbell and Karen Rand not seen. The child is pointed out, because he can be seen on the DHS collaborator’s neck during and after the actor set-up. Let’s enlarge this to see if there is anyone else:
    As noticed by posters that’s him, the man posing as Chris Bauman, right in the frame. However, one key issue: notice the same clothing but that the hair is not curly, which many people have brought up as an issue.
    Other agents include the two younger-appearing women in the front, both of whom are also crisis actors. Let’s have a closer look:
    In the crowd awaiting the smoke bomb detonation.
    Acting as if injured: not true.
    Acting as the girlfriend of Christian Williams, but it’s not true. Behind her, Homeland Security, fully positioned, major perpetrators.
    Other fraudsters and secretive moles are found in this screenshot taken from the video, including the scissors mole and the co-producer:
    Another duo of actors or, rather, coordinators:
    One major question: why is it that none of the coordinators were injured, including those who were a mere few inches from the supposed blast site, only the crisis actors? Oh, wait, there was one injury, but it was fake:

    I am working on a massive post against that wretched Brassard family.
    PlasmaBurns Busted in Boston Bombing Bastard Brassard family! Holy Crap
    Exploding Thigh Bomb Fake John Wesley Odom – Boston Bomb Con Celeb
    I hope this is what you’re asking for.

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