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NSA-CIA Air Force Pervert AND 9/11 Terrorist Hayden Uses Episcopal Church to claim 'terrorists love using Gmail'

NSA-CIA Air Force Pervert AND 9/11 Terrorist Hayden Uses Episcopal Church to claim 'terrorists love using Gmail'

Sepatation of church and state ? Ha.

The St. John’s Episcopal Church  near Barack Obama's White House should lose its tax free status for allowing the Air Force terrorist Michael Hayden who allowed 9/11 to happen in the first place by allowing  Dick Cheney to take control of Air Force should have been locked in a prison a long time ago for aiding and abetting the mass murder of 9/11 including not only at the WTC but at the Pentagon as well !Michael Hayden's rant against all users of gmail that he himself is reponsible for violating the privacy of and reading their or our  email is just another good example that the criminally insane U.S. 'intelligence agents' such as himself and his fellow NSA Air Farce KKKiller  KKKlown Keith Alexnder are more  dangerous than the
low level nuts such as Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis and the Israelis at the NSA who they allow to also stal our email and financial records !

Former NSA and CIA director says terrorists love using Gmail

WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 06: Michael Hayden, former director of the National Security Agency (NSA), speaks about the electric grid cyber security initiative during a conference hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), August 6, 2013 in Washington, DC. The initiative is a joint effort of BPC's Energy and Homeland Security Projects to come up with proposals for protecting the North American electric grid from cyber attacks. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA and the CIA using air quotes at an event earlier this year. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden stood on the pulpit of a church across from the White House on Sunday and declared Gmail the preferred online service of terrorists. As part of an adult education forum at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Hayden gave a wide ranging speech on "the tension between security and liberty."
During the speech, he specifically defended Section 702 of the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act (FISA), which provides the legal basis for the PRISM program. In doing so, Hayden claimed "Gmail is the preferred Internet service provider of terrorists worldwide," presumably meaning online service rather than the actual provider of Internet service. He added: "I don't think you're going to see that in a Google commercial, but it's free, it's ubiquitous, so of course it is."
Asked whether the United States's promiscuous surveillance was setting a harmful example for other nations, Hayden suggested that the Internet's origins in the United States partially justifies the NSA's conduct. If the Web lasts another 500 years, he said, it may be the thing the United States is remembered for "the way the Romans are remembered for their roads."
"We built it here, and it was quintessentially American," he said, adding that partially due to that, much of traffic goes through American servers where the government "takes a picture of it for intelligence purposes."
That response may not comfort U.S. technology companies who are already seeing suspicion of the NSA hurting them with overseas customers. One report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) earlier in the summer predicted U.S. cloud service providers would lose out on $21.5 to $35 billion over the next three years due to recent revelations. More recently, the CEO of CloudFlare, a Web site security firm and network provider, said the gag orders on government requests for data are "insane" and the whole scandal is costing them customers.
Hayden also conceded that the United States. "could be fairly charged with the militarization of the World Wide Web." The NSA's Tactical Access Operations (TAO) is reportedly charged with hacking foreign targets to steal data and monitor communications. It also reportedly develops programs that could destroy or damage foreign computers and networks using cyberattacks.
At one point, Hayden expressed a distaste for online anonymity, saying "The problem I have with the Internet is that it's anonymous." But he noted, there is a struggle over that issue even inside government. The issue came to a head during the Arab Spring movement when the State Department was funding technology to protect the anonymity of activists so governments could not track down or repress their voices.
"We have a very difficult time with this," Hayden said. He then asked, "is our vision of the World Wide Web the global digital commons -- at this point you should see butterflies flying here and soft background meadow-like music -- or a global free fire zone?" Given that Hayden also compared the Internet to the wild west and Somalia, Hayden clearly leans toward the "global free fire zone" vision of the Internet.


Hayden and the NSA- the most ignored "9/11 connection"?

A 'rant' based on research, compiled between 2001 and 2006,
by ewing2001

Gen. Michael V. Hayden, currently Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence
has also served as Commander of the Air Intelligence Agency
and as Director of the Joint Command and Control Warfare Center.

But more important, he was also former head of the NSA (March 1999 - April 2005).

The role of the NSA regarding 9/11, and ironically also the 9/11 truth 'community',
is consequently dismissed and ignored by many '9/11 truthseekers'.

Apparently because some particular '9/11 authors'
and self appointed '9/11 activist leaders'
distracted too much with 'CIA, Cheney and the Pentagon'.

It was always clear, why.
To also delay or distract from all physical evidence, based on military operations,
scripted by the NSA and their private contractors.

The NSA, but also the NASA had their eyes not only on the 9/11 "plotline"
but also on the "military operation" of 9/11.
More closely than any other U.S. Government Agency.

The National Security Agency (NSA) has traditionally influenced
and been a very early and sophisticated user of the highest performance
of commercial computer, storage, and networking systems.

That includes also the Internet and the internet "daisy committees" of the NSA.

These are unidentified online trolls, which nicknames share different I.P. addresses,
though only impostering 'one and the same user'.

However this "user", represented with a nickname
is also able to post 24/7 on particular discussion boards, apparently without any sleep.

The NSA can also basically login and monitor all important databases of the U.S.,
especially aviation databases.

Among them the National Flight Database (NFD).

Current data elements included are:
Airports and Heliports,
Standard Terminal Arrival Procedures (STARs),
GPS and RNAV (GPS) or Runways for airports that have a SIAP coded in the NFD.

Would the NSA 'log in' on the morning on Sep11th?

Sure they would.

That's why they also know, that the BTS database of the FAA already proves,
that "AA77" and "AA11" did not exist on the morning of 9/11.

The NSA knew all alleged passengers on the morning of Sep11th.
They know this faster than the FBI or CIA.
They know which plane does exist and which doesn't.

They also know in real time, what really happened in NYC, Shanksville and
at the Pentagon, because of less stress of 'competence'.

In other words, the NSA are important part of the perpetrators who 'did 9/11'...........


9/11:Air Force,NSA,CIA Terrorist Michael Hayden, behind the very 9/11 mass murder and treason that unfortunately only increased his and his U.S. government and foreign government allies powers within the military industrial complex to further terrorize us and cover their tracks.The perpetration of 9/11 sabotage and terrorism has also been the greatest theft and looting of U.S. and other nations by internal saboteurs in world history,even using it as an excuse for spying on not only international financial transactions under the guise of 'looking for terrorists' but even spying on individuals financial transactions.

The evidence described ......raises many questions that require serious investigation. Other facilities, besides those discussed here, were presumably in the same "information void" during the 9/11 attacks. Investigators and researchers should determine if this was the case. If it was, which facilities were affected, and what problems did they experience?
We also need to know when key facilities and agencies, such as those contacted by Mark Stuart and David McNulty, finally gained a greater awareness of the crisis and became able to make use of their own capabilities, rather than having to rely on television reports as their main source of information. And we need to determine what caused the information blackout. Have previous investigations looked into this? If so, what did they find?

If, as previously suggested, the lack of awareness within the U.S. government and military of the catastrophic events on September 11 was due to sabotage, this would have serious implications. The 19 young Arabs accused of hijacking four planes and carrying out the attacks would surely have lacked the capability to cause an information blackout across numerous intelligence facilities. Highly skilled individuals with knowledge and experience of how the military and intelligence agencies operate must presumably have been involved. If this was the case, it would mean that men who had worked for the U.S. military or U.S. intelligence agencies likely helped plan and carry out the 9/11 attacks.

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