Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fox 'News' Whore GretaVan Susteren,Navy Yard,D.C.:Still No Explanation Why Aaron Alexis Died With Rollie Chance's ID

Fox 'News' Whore GretaVan Susteren,Navy Yard,D.C.:Still No Explanation Why Aaron Alexis Died With Rollie Chance's ID

Greta Van Susteren To Rollie Chance: NBC, CBS 'Need To Pay' For ...
Huffington Post-Sep 23, 2013
Fox News host Greta Van Susteren told Rollie Chance, the man falsely labeled by NBC and CBS News as the Navy Yard shooter, that she ...

In light of the fact that D.C.Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis died with Rollie Chance's 'badge' or ID on his person and that Rollie Chance had actually (according to him) turned that badge or security clearance ID into  the proper authorities  almost a year ago when he went on what appears to be an 'administrative leave' from an apparent civilian job at the Navy Yard which at least explains how he might afford a large house if he was no longer a petty officer who would unlikely be able to afford one.
Note that CNN-Fox News whore Greta Van Susteran and Petty Officer Rollie Chance while pretending outrage that the FACT that Rollie's security ID or badge was found on Aaron Alexis dead body just as alleged Sand Hook Newtown,CT.  mass shooter Adam Lanza's dead body was found with the ID of his alleged brother Ryan Lanza,no one particularly Zionist whore Greta  Van Susteran and Rollie Chance seem outraged by that.They are just pissed that the FACT was even mentioned !
When will Greta ask herself and Rollie's emloyees and masters at ther Navy Yard just how in the heil his ID that had presumably been turned in for whatever reason last October - almost a year ago! - ended up on Aaron Alexis dead body ! Huh !? It's Greta Van  Susteran and her pimp Rupert Murdoch who sould be called out for NOT reporting the FACT that Rollie's ID was on that ded body and NOT any journalist who pointed the fact out before their bosses were ordered by the Barack Obama regime to censure that news FACT as well !

Gunman in Navy Yard Shooting Identified as Aaron Alexis

Gawker-Sep 16, 2013
Officials have identified Aaron Alexis, a 34-year-old from Texas, as a gunman in ... CBS News also reports that Alexis was "carrying an ID card belonging to Rollie Chance, who was placed on administrative leave last October.

Rollie Chance, misidentified as Navy Yard shooter, demands media ...

Washington Post-by Tom Jackman-Sep 21, 2013
Rollie Chance was home in Stafford, about 40 miles south of ... one of his identification cards reportedly was found near the body of Aaron Alexis, the man actually responsible for the shootings. ... cards to his division head and went on administrative leave from his civilian job as an engineering technician.

Chance's name was reported Sept. 16 by two network news organizations as the shooter in an apparent mix-up involving his long-discarded Navy Yard identification badge. NBC reporters tweeted Chance's name as the shooter, while CBS used Chance's name in tweets and in a radio broadcast. Both networks retracted their reports within minutes of misidentifying him as the shooter.
Chance, a Stafford, Va., resident, has reluctantly spoken with reporters in recent days because he hopes getting stories out about the mix-up will crowd out archived versions of stories on the Internet that misidentify him as the Navy Yard shooter. He also says he wants to ensure that others don't go through what he did........

On the day of the shooting, Chance was also was dealing with the shootings on a personal level. He had worked at the Navy Yard for years, first as a U.S. Navy sailor and later as a civilian in engineering, specifically modernization and maintenance.
He knew one of the victims fairly well; their families met and spent time together at a Christmas party a few years back. Chance declined to identify the person, concerned that bringing the victim's name into the public eye could cause the family pain.............

NBC News said in a statement Monday, "We received misinformation from reliable sources and immediately corrected."
Sonya McNair, senior vice president of communications for CBS News, issued a similar statement: "We reported what we learned from law enforcement sources and it was corrected within minutes.".......

He first learned for certain that news outlets had identified him as the shooter from FBI agents who visited his home that day. They were trying to figure out why Chance's badge was found at the scene.
Chance said he still has no idea how his badge got mixed up in the case. He retired in October from his civilian Navy job and turned in his badge as a matter of routine. He said multiple people, including his boss, were there when he did so. He didn't give the badge a second thought between then and the day of the shootings.
He said the FBI and other agencies that came to his home a week ago concluded relatively quickly that he had no involvement in what occurred.
Still, "that day was pretty emotional. You're trying to alleviate any doubt in anyone's mind," he said. His family received condolence flowers that day from people who heard the news and thought Chance was dead.
Chance declined to comment on potential legal action against NBC and CBS.


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