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9/11:Mother Jones,Main Stream Media Lie As Usual:Alexis'D.C.Naval Shipyard Shooting Was Not Biggest Loss of Life In Washington Since 1982 Air Florida Crash - The 9/11 Pentagon Attack Was !

Mother Jones,Main Stream Media Lie As Usual:Alexis'D.C.Naval Shipyard Shooting Was Not Biggest Loss of Life In Washington Since 1982 Air Florida Crash - The 9/11 Pentagon Attack Was !

Mother Jones and any other msm source who claimed that the Washington,D.C. Naval Yard shootings was the biggest mass casualty in the D.C. area  since a 1982 plane crash do a great disservice to both their readers seeking real info but also to the many who died at the Pentagon that day ¿even though it is alleged that normally more Pentagon employees should have been working there than were actually at that patrt of the Pentagon at the time? !

''Monday's attack left at least 13 people dead, the largest mass-casualty event in DC since a plane crash in 1982.'' — Mother Jones Magazine (or 'digital rag')

On  9/11 or September 11,2001
''...attendants, and both pilots on board, as well as 125 occupants of thePentagondied.'' 

Although I don-t neccessarliy believe that it was a plane that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11 nonetheless I and most everyone agree that over 100 people died there that day so Mother Jones and the other msm are completely wrong or liars in comparing the Navy Yard shooting the biggest mass casualty sine a 1982 plane crash into the Potomac in 1982 !

''On a patch of land in Northern Virginia, the morning sun streams through young crape myrtles and casts shadows across a cool gravel surface. Perfect rows of smooth steel and granite benches — 184 in all — line the property with grace and symmetry........
''This is the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial. The moment of silence marks the time on Sept. 11, 2001, when terrorists crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the building and claimed the lives of 184 men, women and children. One victim’s name is permanently etched into each bench.......''

Many years ago before the internet I was a fan of and reader of Mother Jones but in recent years I consider the magazine or now 'digital rag' on the internet to be an insult to the real historic Mother Jones name.For one they have been part and parcel of the 9/11 cover up just like the major cable news and main stream dailies like the New York Times and Washington Post.etc. that they pretend to be an alternative to.Just like the Zionist controlled Roling Stones magazine and digitral rag might be an even better comparison that sells itself as what it's not - an alternative to mainstream 'news'.As you can read below,Mother Jones,repeating the disinfo of virtually all msm or mainstream media,claims that the crash of an airliner into the Potamic in 1982 that  cost the lives Seventy-eight people was the biggest mass fatality in Washington,D.C. area up until
the alleged recent shooting of  a little over a dozen people by the Navy's and  Hewlitt Packard's contracted employee  Aaron Alexis' recent rampage at the Washington,D.C. Naval Shipyard.

In fact the Pentagon 9/11 casualties on September 11,2001  not only greatly exceed the dozen or so victims of Alexis at the Naval Shipyard but greatly exceed the number of casualties from the presumably accidental
airline crash of   Air Florida flight 90 in 9882 as well !I find it very strange that a country or its politicians and mass media that claimed it would never forget 9/11 and its victims have ALL without exception totally forgetten or blocked from their minds the FACT that it was the 9/11 Pentagon death toll that it the largest number of D.C.area fatalities since the recent rampage by Alexis at the Naval Shipyard and NOT the crash of Flight 90 in 1982 ! How could they forget ?!

For anyone familiar with U.S.government lies and dogmas about what really happened on 9/11 in NYC or
the Pentagon it is easy to peruse a 'magazine' or digital rag such as Mother Jones ior the Rolling Stone or the NY Times for that matter and prove for oneself that  these main stream 'news' sources are all controlled and owned by a wealthy elite who mirror one anothers lies or outrageous ommissions in their reporting of 9/11 at the time as they still do today !Just one example is the fact that Israelis of ICTS International,(Menahem Atzmon,Ezra Harel,et.al.),with high level U.S.and Israeli government connections and protections were the ones guarding Logan Airport in  Boston  as well as Newark New Jersey airport at the time and that thery were also running a stock fraud and money laundering operation with shares of that company and still are ! They also have UK ROTHSCHILD BACKING AND CONTROL THE NETHERLANDS' STRATEGIC SCHIPHOL AIRPORT IN AMSTERDAM WHERE THEY ALLOWED OR FACILITATED THE NIGERIAN 'ISLAM,IC' CROTCH BOMBER MUTALLAB TO BOARD FLIGHT 253 WITH HIS ALLEDEGED 'CROTCH BOIMB' ON CHRISTMAS 2009 FOR A TRIP TO DETROIT WITHOUT EVEN HAVING A PASSPORT OR U.S. VISA!This what what Mother Jones,the Rolling Stone,as well as mainstream cable news like Fox and CNN and CNBC all conspire to suppress from their mind control or 'news' programs during and ever since 9/11/01 ! JUST DO A GOOGLE OR OTHER SEARCH ENGINE SEARCH FOR ANY MENTION OF ICTS INTERNATIONAL LOGAN AIRPORT 9/11 TO PROVE TO YOURSELF THAT ALL OF THESE MAINSTREAM  NEWS SOURCES HAVE CENSORED ALL MENTION OF THESE CRIMINAL ISRAELIS AND THEIR ICTS INTERNATIONAL FROM ANY MENTION WHATSOEVER IN THEIR REPORTING ON 9/11!

What We Do and Don't Know About the Washington Navy Yard ...

1 day ago - What We Do and Don't Know About the Washington Navy Yard Mass Shooting. Monday's attack left at least 13 people dead, the largest mass-casualty event in DC since a plane crash in 1982. —By Tim Murphy, Asawin ...

Note that SF Chronicle also erroneously claims the 1982 flight 90 crash into the Potomac was the biggest loss of life in D.C. up until Alexis' rampage when any idiot should know that the Pentagon 9/11 death toll was much higher and much more recent !:

At Least 13 Killed, Others Wounded At US Navy Yard In Washington ...

San Francisco Chronicle-Sep 16, 2013Share
The F.B.I. believes Alexis used a former employee's ID card to enter ... within D.C. borders since 1982 when Air Florida Flight 90 crashed, killing ...


At 4:01 PM on January 13, 1982 Air Florida Flight 90 crashed into the icy Potomac River during a Washington snow storm. Seventy-eight people, including four who were in their vehicles on the inbound 14th Street Bridge, died in the accident. Within a half-hour of the crash into the Potomac, the area’s subway system, Metro, suffered its first fatal accident. It happened just north of the 14th street bridge in a tunnel south of the Federal Triangle station. Three people were killed and 25 were injured.

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    The five-story Pentagon is made up of five pentagonal structures arranged in concentric rings. ... attendants, and both pilots on board, as well as 125 occupants of thePentagondied.... 9-11 firefighter memorials, tributes, gifts, and collectibles.

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