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Barack Obama's Hollow Points:Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.,James Botti crime family,Neil Heslin,Emillie Parker,Jessie Lewis,Vickie Soto,

Barack Obama's Hollow Points:Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.,James Botti crime family,Neil Heslin,Emillie Parker,Jessie Lewis,Vickie Soto

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All it tells us is that a man by the name if Christopher Manfredonia was arrested. ......The father (Neil Heslin) of Jesse (1st grade victim) stated they were due to ......

What's the government buying these days? Hollow point bullets ...

Mike Adams
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Apr 18, 2012 – What's the government buying these days? Hollow pointbullets, hardened checkpoint booths and radiation pills.

DHS adds another 200,000 rounds to its 2 billion round stockpile ...

Jan 4, 2013 – “The contract for 200,000 rounds was $45,758, which boils down to about... has been that the rounds are for target practice; however, hollow points are not ...Department of Homeland Security buys even more hollow point ... after Connecticut shooting · President Obama announces new effort to ban guns ...


Note that Barack Obama's anti-gun lobbyist,Neil Heslin,father of alleged Sandy Hook student Jesse Lewis,killed at Sandy Hook,is himself involved with a nefarious criminal underworld of bribes and money laundering with  the worst of Connecticut 'society'.:

Neil Heslin, a long time Botti friend, and Paul DiMauro, a part-time Shelton public works employee, as his final witnesses.
Heslin claimed he overheard Andre Czaplinski, a key prosecution witness, angrily tell Botti he was going to lie and tell federal investigators the developer paid the mayor $50,000. Heslin said the argument resulted from Botti’s failure to sell Czaplinski a piece of property on Bridgeport Avenue.
But on cross examination, Assistant U.S. Attorney Rahul Kale tore into Heslin pointing out he told no one about this 2006 incident until last month. Kale further noted Heslin did prison time for a DUI conviction.- CT Post

Some believe that the photo of Barack Obama,aka Barry Soetoro,immediatley after the Sandy Hook incident a young boy unnamed boy and Emillie Parker's alleged sisters in Newtown is really  Emillie herself
as well as the 'dead' and Jesse Lewis  together with Obama for a photo op !


Jessie Lewis,Emillie Parker: Barack Obama poses with
two 'dead' Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT. child 'actors' ?

If true this should be VERY good news for the grieving parents and they can all close down their fund raidsing websites and return money with apologies to those who were deceived into sending donations !



As it turns out,it was Neil Heslin who was also at Sandy Hook Elementary School  that day of the massacre or incident  who was, like Chris Manfredonia,scheduled to make 'gingerbread houses' at the school that infamous day.Chris Manfredonia was one first suspected by police of involvement or fleeing through the woods away from the scene.

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    We have Chris Manfredonia, a guy named Pete from the radio interview, and now Neil Heslin father of Jesse Lewis. www.youtube.com.
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    Notice that Chris Manfredonia does not mention anything about the broken glass? Or car with the doors open? Or the black sweatshirts strewn ...

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      Dec 18, 2012 – Chris Manfredonia needs to explain himself. ... different name of a different father [Neil Heslin] who was also there to make gingerbread houses ...
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      Neil Heslin, the father of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, was in the minority at the .... Answer: It was Chris Manfredonia, the father of a 6-year-old who attends the school ...
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      Jan 8, 2013 – Jesse Lewis is the son of Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, who is ... that is the excuse Chris Manfredonia gave for being there - the same Chris ...

Neil Heslin, Father Of Newtown Victim, Testifies At Senate Assault Weapons Ban Hearing

Huffington Post ‎- by Christina Wilkie ‎- 26 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - Neil Heslin, whose son Jesse McCord Lewis was killed in the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., gave moving testimony on ...

'Heckled' Sandy Hook dad has sordid past | The Dubuque Town Crier

Feb 12, 2013 – Neil Heslin, father of a boy who was killed in the Dec. ... driving conviction in a 2010 courtroom trial of his friend, developer James Botti. Despite ...

Botti witness called to discredit accuser- The New Haven Register ...

Mar 24, 2010 – A longtime friend of Shelton developer James Botti portrayed a key ...On Tuesday, the defense called Neil Heslin of Shelton, who testified to ...

BOE Fights, GE Demo, Health Benefits And UB Donation

Mar 24, 2010 – William F. Dow, III, Botti's attorney, called Neil Heslin, a long time Bottifriend, and Paul DiMauro, a part-time Shelton public works employee, ...


Another actor who LOVES gun control.

Heslin supposedly lost a son (Jesse Lewis) at S.H. and testified recently before the CT State Legislator mimicking Obam's exact gun control talking points:

[link to www.slate.com

He was seized on by the MSM everywhere as a victim of gun "crazies" who simply answered his question beginning at 15:00 in the above.

He also is a criminal check kiter:
[link to newtown.patch.com

...who is ANOTHER recent (media-sensation) addition to the area:
[link to www.mylife.com


The following statement has been released by Mayor Mark Lauretti on the corruption trial of James Botti.

For more than 18 years you have allowed me to serve as your Mayor. During that time economic development has been the cornerstone of my administration.

Our success can, in part be attributed to the many fine men and women who have volunteered to serve on Boards and/or Commissions. People such as Dan Orazietti, successful downtown businessman and Planning & Zoning member and Alan Cribbins, successful CEO of a local company, former P&Z Chairman and Griffin Hospital Corporator are among those who had their judgement questioned during this trial. The City of Shelton has been fortunate to also have people like Robert Scinto, respected businessman and number one Shelton taxpayer and Monty Blakeman, another successful businessman and huge contributor to Shelton’s tax base, who have created much of the Bridgeport Avenue infrastructure that we admire.

These people who are willing to invest in Shelton and those who make our difficult growth decisions have been subjected to serious legal scrutiny and media innuendo as a result of the Botti trial now in progress.

Assistant US Attorney Richard Schechter said “The town is corrupt, the town is crooked…” Through that improper, unethical and unproven statement we have all been accused of wrongdoing…hardly a statement one would expect from an officer of the court. The government has resorted to suggestions of wrongdoing without documented proof thereby subjecting the good name of these public servants to public question. After 7 years of intense investigation at taxpayer expense what has the government accomplished? They have disrupted, dishonored and cast doubt upon the integrity of Shelton’s citizens and developers and damaged the reputation of the City of Shelton.

Never once did the Federal Government investigators seek to bring their thoughts and concerns to the attention of local government officials in an effort to work cooperatively to build awareness and prevention of the issues raised in this trial. Instead, they chose the punitive route making accusations of widespread corruption and implication by innuendo in an unprecedented attempt to bring down the elected government of the City of Shelton.

The objectives and process employed by the US Attorneys Office shall not go unchallenged.

Check back to ctpost.com for the complete story and reaction.

I found this at this Google search result:

255 - Connecticut News
Mar 23, 2010 – William F. Dow, III, Botti's attorney, called Neil Heslin, a long time Botti ... and the planning of a gun theft,” Dannehy said in the press release.

You have to scroll a few pages to get this gem:


NEW HAVEN — The evidence against James Botti, a Shelton developer accused of conspiring with Shelton Mayor Mark A. Lauretti to push through Botti’s 828 Bridgeport Ave. development, came to an end Tuesday with testimony from two witnesses.
William F. Dow, III, Botti’s attorney, called Neil Heslin, a long time Botti friend, and Paul DiMauro, a part-time Shelton public works employee, as his final witnesses.
Heslin claimed he overheard Andre Czaplinski, a key prosecution witness, angrily tell Botti he was going to lie and tell federal investigators the developer paid the mayor $50,000. Heslin said the argument resulted from Botti’s failure to sell Czaplinski a piece of property on Bridgeport Avenue.
But on cross examination, Assistant U.S. Attorney Rahul Kale tore into Heslin pointing out he told no one about this 2006 incident until last month. Kale further noted Heslin did prison time for a DUI conviction.
DiMauro testified that he spends every Christmas morning with Lauretti. DiMauro said he asked the mayor once if he was ever a partner in any way shape or form or had any transactions with Botti. “The mayor said no,” Di Mauro testified. “He emphatically said no.”
When the trial resumes Wednesday morning the jury will hear final arguments from both sides and are expected to begin deliberations on Thursday.
—By Michael P. Mayko


I smell a plea bargain here..."You testify for gun control, and we'll drop your check kiting charges and stop pursuing your connections to Botti. You'll do that for us, won't ya, Neily?"

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OOOOOOooooooo boy....The Obama administration's newest gun control advocate has some pretty sleazy friends!!! This from fbi.gov:


Shelton Developer Sentenced to Six Years in Federal Prison for Corruption, Currency Structuring Offenses
U.S. Attorney’s Office September 17, 2010

District of Connecticut (203) 821-3700

The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut announced that JAMES BOTTI, 47, of Shelton, was sentenced today by Senior United States District Judge Charles S. Haight in New Haven to 72 months of imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release, for public corruption and currency structuring offenses. Judge Haight also ordered BOTTI to pay a fine in the amount of $25,000.

On April 1, 2010, a federal jury found BOTTI guilty of one count of mail fraud. According to the evidence presented during the trial, BOTTI used the U.S. Mail to execute a scheme to defraud the citizens of Shelton of the honest services of its public officials relating to a project that BOTTI was developing at 828 Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton. The project was approved by the Shelton Planning and Zoning Commission on June 20, 2006. On June 28, 2006, the Shelton Planning and Commission mailed a letter of approval to BOTTI’s attorney, which notified BOTTI that the Commission had approved the 828 Bridgeport Avenue project.

The jury was deadlocked on two additional counts in the indictment on which BOTTI was tried, conspiracy to defraud and bribery of a public official. The court declared a mistrial relating to those counts.

On November 10, 2009, another federal jury found BOTTI guilty of one count of conspiracy to structure cash transactions and one count of structuring cash transactions. The jury found BOTTI not guilty of two counts of making false statements to the Internal Revenue Service - Criminal Investigation.

According to the evidence presented during the trial, BOTTI conspired with his father, Peter C. Botti, to structure cash deposits in order to hide the existence of a large amount of BOTTI’s cash from the IRS and federal law enforcement authorities.

Federal law requires all financial institutions to file a Currency Transaction Report (CTR) for currency transactions that exceed $10,000. To evade the filing of a CTR, individuals will often structure their currency transactions so that no single transaction exceeds $10,000. Structuring involves the repeated depositing or withdrawal of amounts of cash less than the $10,000 limit, or the splitting of a cash transaction that exceeds $10,000 into smaller cash transactions in an effort to avoid the reporting requirements. Even if the deposited funds are derived from a legitimate means, financial transactions conducted in this manner are still in violation of federal criminal law.

>From approximately June 2006 through January 2007, JAMES BOTTI, or Peter Botti at JAMES BOTTI’s direction, made numerous deposits of cash in amounts less than $10,001 at various financial institutions in order to evade the requirement that financial institutions file CTRs. The cash was deposited into bank accounts in the name of either JAMES BOTTI or Peter Botti. The cash that was deposited into Peter Botti’s accounts was distributed by check for the benefit of JAMES BOTTI, to an account controlled by BOTTI, or to a person associated with JAMES BOTTI. In addition, JAMES BOTTI structured large cash payments to a credit card company.

As a result of his conviction of these currency structuring offenses, BOTTI was ordered to forfeit $120,500 to the government.

Today, Judge Haight ordered BOTTI to serve 72 months of imprisonment on the mail fraud conviction, and concurrent 60-month terms of imprisonment on each of the two structuring convictions.

On June 1, 2009, Peter C. Botti pleaded guilty to one count of structuring cash transactions. He awaits sentencing.

This matter is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service - Criminal Investigation. The case is being prosecuted by Senior Litigation Counsel Richard J. Schechter and Assistant United States Attorney Rahul Kale.

Remember now, Heslin (who I doubt lost any child) is RIGHT NOW the MSM poster child for demonizing gun owners. He was close friends with James Botti!

Re: Sandy Hook: Neil Heslin: One crooked gun-control "hero"
Heslin was clearly not "harassed" by the audience. He asked the question once, paused 10 seconds or so, then asked again, and only then got a few polite (not "screamed") replies.

Remember now, he is also new to the area--or kept a place in NY, and went back and forth--

Was he a courier for the Botti crime family?? (James's father, Peter, has also been in trouble for money laundering/structuring.)

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Yousa, that's some big stuff there. I knew about Heslin's DUI and caught a whiff of his issue with check kiting. I'm surprised he went to jail for DUI...was that his first one? Odd sentence for a first-time offender, isn't it? When did the check kiting thing happen? Everyone in that town is up to their eyebrows in bs.

Main Street (police department): Neil Heslin, 48, of Poplar Drive, Shelton, was charged with issuing a bad check in connection with boarding a horse in Newtown on Jan. 19, police said. He appeared at the police department Monday to turn himself in an arrest warrant, police said. He was released on a promise to appear April 19 in state Superior Court in Danbury.

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