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Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT, Israeli Chabad Lubavitcher Veronique Pozner says Give her money and Plant Israeli Trees on the bodies of Dead Palestinians to honor Noah

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT, Israeli   Chabad Lubavitcher Veronique Pozner says Give her money and Plant Israeli Trees on the bodies of Dead Palestinians to honor Noah

Israel to plant grove in memory of Sandy Hook victims - Israel Today ...
Jan 6, 2013 – When asked how sympathizers could honor her son, Mrs. Poznerreportedly told them to plant trees in Israel. Hadassah President Marcie Natan ...

Governor Malloy who claimed to be only witness, besides Veronique Posner, to see the  body of Noah Pozner in casket:

Govenor Dan Malloy Praises Chabad - Chabad Jewish UConn
Israelinks · Mayanot Birthright Israel · Loaves of Love · Sinai Scholars Society ...WATCH Short clip of Govener Dan Malloy praising Chabad HERE! Hartford, CT -- Republicans and Democrats, State Senators and Representatives, the Governor ...

MetroHartford Alliance and Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford to ...
Oct 15, 2012 – Ido Aharoni, and Governor Dannel P. Malloy, and include panel discussions for developing Connecticut-Israeli business collaborations, ...

The governor filed a motion for the protective order against U.S. Senate candidate Lee Whitnum on Tuesday in Stamford Superior Court. Aides to Malloy haven’t disclosed why he wants the order.

Whitnum filed a slander lawsuit against Malloy in May 2010 before he was governor. She claims Malloy was wrong to call comments she made anti-Semitic.

  1. Connecticut Pitch To Israelis: We're A Tech State - Hartford Courant - United States
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Wednesday: Gov. Malloy Welcomes Attendees to Connecticut-Israel
Jun 5, 2012 – The summit will bring together representatives from Connecticut andIsraeli businesses, including venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and ...

Sandy Hook Newtown,CT.,Chabad Lubavitch Mafia,'Connecticut Single'Veronique Posner,Reuben Vabner,Governor Malloy and Israel

As you will see below an office 'The Connecticut-Israel Exchange Commission' exists right in the Governor's office in Bridgeport,Connecticut even though Israeli's with Israeli government intelligwence connections are known to use U.S.incorporation both both fraud and offshore money laundering against Americans but for corporate and security sabotage as occured on 9/11 when Israeli agent and money launderer Menachem Atzmon and Shin Bet agents controlled Boston's Logan Airport and allowed the planes to take off flights 11 and 175 that the U.S.government later acknowledged or claimed were the very ones that hit the WTC in NYC that infamous day !And they could have been easily prosecued for both negligent homocide as well as stock fraud money laundering by incorporation of the criminal organization in Joe Biden's State of Delawatre but weren't.Connecticut Governor Malloy is either an idiot corrupt or the Israeli government has something to blackmail him with !

It is evident by the appearance of both Veronique Posner and her ex husband or whatever, Reuben Vabner,
that Israel and its NAZIS or National Zionists are behind the events of Sandy Hook as well.And then what about rolly polly 'real' husband Leonard ? Veronique and her Chabad Lubavitch mafia buddies must be laughing at him behind his back if not in his face because his wife Veronique with her plastic lips dyed day glow red actually signed up online to  'Connecticutt Singles' website.Ha.I wonder if she's shown those un 'orthodox' Jewish mafiosi cult her tattoos yet ?Why didn't first hubby Reuben Vabner 
not warn poor Leonard Pos-nar about Veronique in advcance?
Poor Noah indeed if he really was her child who died in Sandy Hook,to have a sleazy Zionista mother
like Veronique Posner !Maybe he just ran away. 

 Sandy Hook - Veronique Pozner her Real Kids? - YouTube
Jan 18, 2013 - Uploaded by JrStudi0s Noah had 2 big sisters Danielle and Sophia, his big brother ...
June 2012 was the tweet the daughter made about Veronique spending time with her boyfriend. See the tweet at 4:01 in this video /watch?v=mBZKRqRkNi8
This is not her step daughter. It's her real daughter and she is a step sister to Noah. Haller is Veronique's maiden name. Perhaps she had this daughter as a single parent, then married Vabner, then married Pozner. There is also a recent tweet by this daughter that said "I'm not bothering with my mother anymore. All she wants to do is spend time with her boyfriend". so apparently the Pozner marriage is on the rocks, too, or was just a set-up for this event.


Nothing that Veronique Posner has said about Sandy Hook has a ring of truth and the fact both she and ex hubby Reuben Vabner who never explains what he does in Washington D.C. much less what he did before that in Stamford Connecticut another Zionist money laundering 'community' - but they have NO PHOTOS whatsoever of the allegedly deceased Noah Posner and his sister Arielle together as twins would be photographed and none of them as the proud parents of twins.And they refused an autopsy of the body meaning they have no intention whatsoever nor real interst in  investigating his death but instead rushing to the 'official' conclusion that 'Adam Lanza' did it all by himself when no onwe in the community had seen him for years and certainly no one in Sandy Hook or elsewhere had ever even seen hinm drive a car! In fact as I think about it no one has even come forth to claim they even saw him target practicing with his mother Nancy Lanza.

But even more suspicious is the lying hussy Veronique Posner's and her alleged hubby's  un-kosher relationship with the Zionist Chabad Lubavitch cult that is nothing less than an international orgainzed criume family with Russian and New York roots and with tentacles around the world.They are the gang that ran Iowa's un-kosher Agriprocessors beef processing plant that used Guatelamalan wage slaves who were then persecuted by U.S. government rather than being allowed to give testimony against their Zionist employers-abusers and receive compensation for the abuses they suffered under these religous racists and fanatics.And besides having cows with mad cow disease on property they also had a meth lab that was covered up by the DEA and 'illegal rabbis' in U.S.illegally !They seem to turn up in strange places where acts of terrorism occur such as the Mumbai terrorism perpetrated by Jewish FBI,CIA terrorist David Headly  in 2008 to ber blamed on Pakistan as well as the bombing at the Moscow airport in 2008.:

When little Arielle Pozner, twin sister of six year-old Noah, who was murdered Friday along with nineteen classmates at his school in Newtown, Connecticut, met President Obama on Sunday she handed him a picture that she drew: it was of her mother smiling.
“Obama was very kind. He thanked her and put the picture in his pocket,” Rabbi Sholom Deitsch of  the Chabad of Ridgefield, Connecticut told The Algemeiner.
“The President coming to share in their sorrow and share in their grief was really important to the family,” Rabbi Deitsch said.
Rabbi Deitsch has been meeting with the Pozner family since Friday, when news broke of the massacre. Very little smiling has taken place since then however, as the family–and community–has come together to support one another.
“He (Lenny, the father) looks like he is dealing with it inside. On a day-to-day basis he has his ups and downs. The mother is more emotionally outgoing. They’re a very loving family. The grandparents are there, the siblings are there, the uncles are there; relative to the situation they’re holding together pretty strong,” Rabbi Deitsch said of Noah’s family.....

The wicked bitch of the (Middle) East and Conecticutt has shown her willingness to lie defraud and steal from the very beginning of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Newtown deception that Barack Obama and Governor Malloy have aided and abetted.She has not only called for more money for Israeli 'security' companies such as that of ,(whereever a broke America waging war and with its own ex soldiers crippled and homeless and on the mean streets of America  is supposed to get it),but also for her children that we are supposed to send money to as well !

And now we hear she says we should plant trees in Israel for her mythological son Noah who no one has proven is either dead or even existed before he was allegedy killed at Sandy Hook Newtown,CT.!She has never called for an end to assault weapons held by Israelis in Palestine or Israel - only those of Americans

No photo  even exists of 'Noah Pozner' with his parents or with his alleged mother Veronique whose origens and date and place of birth are unknown as well.You will not find ONE much less the many that one would expect from such a 'loving mother' as the evil bwitch Veronique Pozner makes herself out to be !And we don't find any photos of the Witch of the Middle East Veronique Pozner posing with her twins Arielle and Noah either ! I do believe this shameless white woman who would erroneously and fraudulently believe she is a 'Semite' lends new meaning to the term 'Whore of Babylon' or 'Whore of Palestine' as she suggests planting trees for 'Israel' on the dead bodies of Semitic Palestinians that her and hers are responsible for the massacre of !

Note the 'first responders' on the scene of the Domodedovo Airport bombing in Moscow and blamed on Islamic terroists was actually Chasbad Lubavitxch although coincidentally not a single Jew was among the dead and dying. :

Feb 4, 2011 – In January 2011, a bomb went off at Moscow's Domodedovo airport. A man born as a ... Jewish folks have been influential in the Russian and other security services. (aangirfan: DO ... Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries were among the first responders to the bombing. No Jews were among the dead. (Chabad at ...
Note American David Headlety who is accepted as organizer of Mumbai massacres in 2008 that was blamed on Pakistan was actually a CIA-FBI agent and his mother was actually Jewisn NOT Islamic.He appears to have visited Chabad Lubavitch's Mumbai 
headquarters before the terrorist attack.:

India's 9/11. Who was Behind the Mumbai Attacks? | Global Research
Nov 19, 2012 – The Mumbai terror attacks were part of a carefully planned and coordinated ... center which houses Chabad Lubavitch, Mumbai's Jewish Center. .....linked to American terror suspect David Headley, who is currently in FBI…

 Chabad-Lubavitch Mafia Boss
    chabad = lubavitch = cult = mafia = crime = fraud = abuse = drugs = fake ... of the drug Methamphetamine, and that a Crystal Meth lab was being operated in the ...
  2. Chabad-Lubavitch Drug Dealing, Trafficking, and Production
    chabad = lubavitch = cult = mafia = crime = fraud = abuse = drugs = fake .... Investigators discovered active production of the drug methamphetamine and that a ...
  3. Clifford Meth - Biography and facts › AppendixM
    By the mid-1980s Meth became involved with Chabad-Lubavitch yeshivas, but in 1994 the group's reaction to the death of its leader, The Lubavitcher Rebbe, ...
  4. W Bush,Chabad-Lubavitch,Agriprocessors: Kosher Guns,Drugs,ICE ...
     W Bush,Chabad-Lubavitch,Agriprocessors: Kosher Guns,Drugs,ICE,Ilegal Rabbis,Guatemala Wage Slaves
    Jun 17, 2008 – As far as I can tell it appears the methamphetamine scandal is in cover ... the same Chabad Lubavitch that G.W. Bush praised and celebrated ..... Are the illegal alian rabbis in jail with them ?

The truth is that Connectricut Governor Malloy has no credibility in claiming even that he saw Noah Posner's body in the casket brfore burial because my experience is that just about all Connecticut politicians are corrupt Zionist liars whether of the Jewish persuasion (who are really white peoplw who lie about being Semites while orchestrating a holocaust against real Semites) or their 'goy' or 'gentile' prostitutes.Both CT Senator Joe Lieberman as well as ex Connecticutt Attorney General  Blumenthal are liars for Zionists and sttock fraud offshore money launderers who are given safe haven in and make Connecticutt their home.
Peter Lanza,money launderer for GE Captal and his ex presumably deceased wife Nany of John Hancock that aided the Israelis of Shin BET to take over Logan Airport Boston pre 9/11 are proof enough of that.
Governor Malloy not only knows he his an Israeli Zionist mafia in his state but gives then free office space.

  1. Wednesday: Gov. Malloy Welcomes Attendees to Connecticut-Israel
    Jun 5, 2012 – Malloy Welcomes Attendees to Connecticut-Israel Business Summit Abstract: On Wednesday ... State of Connecticut Governor Seal, Dannel P. MalloyGovernor of Connecticut ... Facebook: Office of Governor Dannel P. Malloy ...
  2. Cooperation Between Israel and the State of Connecticut
    The Connecticut-Israel Exchange Commission, which is located in the Governor's office in Bridgeport, provides information about trade opportunities and helps ...

And of course Newtown is another Connecticut center of corrupt Zionist money launderers from New York and even the kindergarten teacher that was first mentioned to be Nancy Lanza is instead Janet Vollmer,the mother of Scott Vollmer,New York's Zionist Mayor and money launderer in chief Michael Bloomberg.:

The first reports said a kindergarten teacher's son was the shooter.

This is unconfirmed, but a guy named Scott Walker did some research and says that Scott Vollmer lives 1.6 milles from Ryan Lanza in Hoboken.

Someone did some digging on this guy Scott Vollmer. The Newtown Bee says he does catering and special events for Michael Bloomberg.


    Sandy Hook Newtown,CT.,Noah,Veronique Posner and 'husband' Reuben Vabner 

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     Attorney General  Blumenthal naked short agora ryals

    sec comment naked short lie and blumenthal


Here is a Google link to search  photos of 'veronique pozner noah photos'

 arielle  pozner noah photos

Even if the one possible photo of 'Noah' and his alleged twin sister Arielle is real it is too many years old to be believable because surely such a 'loving mother' as Veronique Pozner would have many more recent ones to share with us amd if she was so willing to share the alleged dead and muytilated body of Noah with the Governor Malloy of Connecticut,(but apparently with no one else and has refused an autopsy on the body that might share more light on the Sandy Hook incident),then surely she has many more recent photos of herself and the twins together as one happy loving family she claims to have had !

Israel to plant grove in memory of Sandy Hook victims - Israel Today ...
Jan 6, 2013 – When asked how sympathizers could honor her son, Mrs. Poznerreportedly told them to plant trees in Israel. Hadassah President Marcie Natan ...

Forest in Beersheva to Memorialize Newtown ... - United with Israel
The idea to plant trees in Israel in order to commemorate the young victims of the Newtown Massacre came from Veronique Pozner, the mother of the youngest ...

Is Noah Pozner Planting Trees in Israel?
Sandy Hook Hoax of the Century: Is Noah Pozner Planting Trees in Israel?
Is Mrs. Pozner’s touting of “planting trees in Israel” a Freudian slip?
Where is Noah Pozner? He’s obviously not dead. His mother, Veronique Pozner, has made that categorically clear. Her behavior has clearly demonstrated that she didn’t lose a son. So, what did she do with him? Did she send him down to Florida with her father? Or, did she ship him off to the Zionist entity?
Nevertheless, her actions have been strange to say the least. Pozner is more concerned about the end-result of the AR-15 category of weapons than her son. However, keep on sending the money, she has made evident, all those trees being planted on Palestinian-owned land in the Zionist entity are much appreciated.
Her gun grubbing is the major cause for suspicion. Is this how a mother talks after losing a child in a senseless slaughter:
“Every mother can relate …. It takes nine months to create a human being,” Veronique Pozner said. “And it takes seconds for an AR-15 to take that away from the surface of this earth.”
How much more detached can anyone get? How about talking about how much you miss your son and the desperation you experience? How about saying nothing at all and receding into mourning with your family, refusing to talk to reporters, rejecting the public platform? Instead, one of the first sentences out of her mouth in this CNN interview is “an AR-15,” ban them!
Isn’t it odd regardless? There is not a single family picture of Mrs. Pozner with her son. Shouldn’t she be at least holding him at some point in her
arms? What about standing next to him: something, anything, to indicate that he is her son. Go and search the Interenet yourself for images of Noah Pozner with his mother. They don’t exist. If anyone finds one, post it here.
We’re supposed to believe the incredibly bizarre, which is that the way she channels her emotions is not through tears of sadness but instead through dreams. Thus reports the Huffington Post, according to Pozner:
In one dream, 6-year-old Noah brushes his teeth at the sink, his dark hair wet. He looks directly at his mother and says, “Mommy, I’m having fun.” In another, Veronique Pozner gives birth atop a mountain, is handed the infant by a midwife and walks down a long flight of stairs back to a village. But she drops the baby.
“When I got to the bottom, the baby was dead,” Pozner says, crying.
Really, no one in the entire United States has seen her shed a tear. Does she only cry, privately, for the Post, AP, and CNN?
The Post would also have us believe that since the ‘event’ Pozner has “struggled” with a “gaping hole” because of losing her son, while managing to “lead her family in pushing for reforms from the White House.”
She wants people to pity her, pity the Zionists. She is ‘struggling,’ and what choice does she have, “not getting out of bed?”, so sad, “sometimes it is hard to get out of bed.” Then, how in God’s name does she forge together such a powerful, damning piece of legislation as well as gain audience at the White House?
Even so, she’s not too tired to go into a rage about the Lanzas, saying that Nanzy Lanza was “at best blind; at worst aided and abetted him.” Got no mercy, Mrs. Pozner? How about some mercy for all those pitiful defenseless Palestinian children murdered by real assault weapons gained by the Zionists illicitly, including through the laundering of taxpayer funds, including, surely, through the countless millions you are collecting from easily duped Americans?
Pozner spouts nothing but lies. Thus, bombastically, she pushes and pushes more. She’s the new Golda Meir, it has been alluded, or according to some emotionally engaged Americans, Mamie Till Mobley, the mother of violently murdered Emmett Till. It was the senseless murder of Till that helped jump-start the civil rights movement. The implication is that the ‘murder’ of Noah will lead to a revolutionary movement in gun control, but, again, only against Americans, never for Israelis.
It a further slanderous campaign, she said, “That woman was negligent by putting those guns in reach of her son, taking him to shooting ranges,’ she spouts. Yet, the ATF says this is untrue. Doesn’t matter: she’s got Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper to back her up? Who cares about the ATF or FBI? Yet, continuing the libel, she spouts:
“Maybe she wanted to compensate for his feelings of inadequacy by letting him handle weapons of mass carnage (not proven, actually, proven on this blog as false) and taking him to shooting ranges (proven false by the ATF, FBI, and local agencies). I think there was gross irresponsibility(proven false by friends, including Russ Hanoman), and I’d like to think that maybe she was just as unwell (proven false by all neighbors and close friends) as he was to have allowed someone as obviously compromised as he was to have access (proven false by all close friends; any guns were in a locked case, no easy access).
Not bad, Mrs. Pozner. That’s, count them, five lies in two sentences. Looks like anything that comes from your mouth must be either a lie or distortion, if not malicious slander.
In fact, it is Veronique Pozner who is grossly negligent, as demonstrated by her malice, slander, and distortions as well as criminal fraud. With an apparently live and well Noah Pozner, how much more negligent can it get? What about the scam of collecting money? That was sort of covered in a sly way, when she posted on her Website that the funds would go in a foundation for Noah’s siblings: for their education and more. Will the more including arming them to the teeth in the kibbutz?
However, this is only a minor part of the scam. The greater one is the scheme of Zionist Jews to steal all of America’s guns. According to the Post this grieving mother of two has all the time in the world to achieve a wake, finalize a funeral, meet with relatives AND undermine existing gun laws:
“Pozner’s family has submitted a detailed proposal to a White House task force, recommending a range of legal reforms including federal grants to review security at public schools and requiring gun owners to lock weapons if mentally ill or dangerous people could access them otherwise.”
Notice that she is exceedingly pro-Zionist and wants the whole world to feel sorry for “Israel:” send more donations, plant more trees. Nothing here about the deranged actions of the Israeli invaders, the so-called settlers, as they poison shepherds’ wells, the bulldozing of tens of thousands of olive and fruit trees, beat up young children, and gun-down unarmed youths. Mental derangement is acceptable, as long as it is in the Promised Land.
She also seeks to impose the following:
“The family also is suggesting a new law requiring people to notify police within 24 hours if they know about an imminent threat of harm or death made by a person who has access to guns or explosive devices.”
Does her document exempt the Dancing Israelis and other explosives-planting scoundrels who blow up Americans and others through Zionist machinations? What about the planters and detonators of explosives, which these same operatives use to blow to shreds the homes of Palestinians. She will be believed when she adds that to the legislation as well as legislation for the qualified arrest, imprisonment, and prosecution of any Zionist mole found in this country with explosives, forged passports, and/or the intent to cause “an imminent threat of harm or death…” That would be grand, Mrs. Pozner, to apply that legislation to the litany of Zionist threats, including all the threats arising from the Sandy Hook scam.
Let her add that to the legislation, if she is sincere. Oh, but she won’t. That would mean that she herself could be arrested.
Pozner is a hypocrite.
This is what it is all about for this Zionist operative. She didn’t lose a son. That’s a ruse for the purging of America’s last bastion of power, which is the Second and First Amendments. According to the Forward:
Recently, the Pozners sent a set of suggestions for stopping gun violence to the White House, including that desperately compromising demand for people to essentially spy on their neighbors. This is ideal, since, with the Zionists in control of the espionage apparatus, they could do great damage to freedom-loving Americans. Jewish operatives would simply issue an anonymous report about a “threat,” targeting specific individuals,well-armed ones, and the forces of the federal government would descend upon them. That would include potential arrests and surely confiscation of firearms. This is a well-orchestrated agenda, not by a mere ‘angry’ oncology nurse but, rather, by world Jewry itself. Remember, the Pozner fraud calls for notification, done anonymously by anyone in this country, perhaps even out-of-country, like from Tel Aviv, of “the of the police within 24 hours.” This is, essentially, a scam to attack and destroy all Americans who are opposed to Zionist occupation, not merely of Palestine but of this country as well. “Serious physical harm or threat” is a dire piece of legislation. Any weapon has the potential of causing this. Thus, any American who is targeted could be attacked under this Zionist legislation.
So, what happens immediately after this?
“This week, President Obama presented a dramatic new set of gun control proposals,” the Forward reports. “As of this writing, it was still unclear how much, if any, of the package might become law, or what impact it may have on the epidemic of gun violence in the U.S.”
More about those trees
Who is behind the tree scam? It is none other than the notorious Jewish National Fund. This entity is one of the most rabidly pro-Zionist organizations known, fully and unabashedly supporting not only Apartheid but also what are essentially NO gun control regulations. The proof is seen, here:
Moreover, if this isn’t sufficient reason to comprehend the fraud, what about the anomalies surrounding this family? Recall that instead of staying to support the family Mr. Pozner disappeared, reportedly to Florida. Is he busy handling all those countless millions in donations, laundering it to the Israeli entity, including the tree planting scam organized by the Apartheid-promoting Zionist women’s organization Hadassah?
So what is really happening to all this money the Pozners are collecting? Clearly, Israeli operatives are enthused with the flow of money, according to the Forward the “Zionist women’s organization” coordinating the funds. According to historical documents in a report by the Palestine Land Society the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and the Zionist women’s funds, with their operations in the Zionist entity.
“expropriated illegally most of the land of 372 Palestinian villages which had been ethnically cleansed by Zionist forces in 1948. The owners of this land are over half the UN registered Palestinian refugees. JNF had actively participated in the physical destruction of many villages, in evacuating these villages of their inhabitants and in military operations to conquer these villages. Today JNF controls over 2500 sq. km of Palestinian land which it leases to Jews only. It also planted 100 parks on Palestinian land.”
Yet, she care so much about human life. So much so that she made a special deal with one man to open up the casket. That was Connecticut Governor Malloy, who she claims was the only one to see the dead body, you know, the one she claims was missing a left hand, the face blown apart. That was just in case some “legislation comes across his desk,” that he will remember Noah’s mutilated body.
If anyone believes this crock of nonsense, it is a sad day, not for just America but for the whole world.
Stop the emotions for a moment. Study these words. Does anyone find this believable?
Where is Noah Pozner, now? Is he with his farther, planting trees in the Zionist entity? Is Noah holding the shovel? And to think that unknown thousands of Americans have been duped into donating to this cause. We trust way to much. We allow our emotions to take charge of us way too much. For those who have, it’s time to ask for a refund, because donating to the Pozners means donating to death.
Note: Veronique Pozner really is the culprit for this money-grubbing scheme, that is the use of the money to drive Palestinians off the land: her goal is the reaction of greater Israel (see here):
pozner,t ree
Yet, it’s not just planting trees, it is where they are planted, which is on illicitly confiscated land, the same thieves that are now stealing the rights of all Americans to bear arms. “I fully support tighter regulation,” Pozner says, adding she is demanding a reduction in “magazine capacity.” Yet, it can be assured that the hypocritical Pozner will never make the same demand for the criminals at-large in the Zionist strip.
Pozner wants Americans systematically stripped of this last bastion of freedom. She is an avowed opponent of the American people. Seeking to uniltaterally disarm Americans, she simultaneously wishes to expand the realm of the heavily armed Israeli ‘settlers.’ She must be stopped at all costs, before it is too late.
Death to the Zionist entity, the source of all wickedness in the world. Let the miserable Pozner ponzi scam be crushed. It is, no doubt, well design to solicit emotional responses. Surely, these Zionist operatives have been successful at extracting money from the trusting, compassionate public. Yet, then, again, these same arch-antagonists achieved the same, when they blew up the World Trade Center and then successfully solcited money, billions, from the American people for their crimes. For the countless thousands who have donated to the Pozner scam, it’s time to demand a refund: Noah Pozner is still alive. Ask Governor Malloy. He knows it, too.

The Claw Hands of Sandy Hook
Carlee Soto’s Iconic Fraud

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