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Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.: “Teacher”, Ted Varga , Anne Marie Murphy Alive?

Sandy Hook “Teacher”, Ted Varga , Anne Marie Murphy Alive?

Five teachers escape death as massacre rages in Newtown, thanks ...

  1. www.nydailynews.com/.../quick-action-saves-5-teachers-newtown-art...
    Dec 19, 2012 – Five teachers escape death as massacre rages in Newtown, thanks in part to some very special help from one. Ted Varga, 25, sprinted through ...

    by Kevin Dolak - in 95 Google+ circles - More by Kevin Dolak
    Dec 14, 2012 – The small town of Newtown, Conn. was shocked when gunmen killed ... Joan Varga, whose 24-year-old son Teddy is a fourth grade teacher of ...

    1. • According to the police dispatcher on the day of the shooting spree, an unidentified teacher called into 911, and detailed that he saw two shadows running past the gym towards the back of the school. The only male teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School was 25 year-old Ted Varga, so therefore it had to have been he who made the call.



Is Anne Marie Murphy Alive?

Anne Marie Murphy is the teacher who is hailed as a hero for wrapping her arms around Dylan Hockley, trying to shield him from the gunman.  Should it be any surprise that she too had a background in special education? … Continue reading 
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Sandy Hook “Teacher”, Ted Varga

I came across an article about a 4th grade teacher from Sandy Hook and a ridiculous story about how he escaped from the school that day.  He reported that he was in a conferenceted vargaroom meeting with four other fourth grade teachers.  He said that Dawn Hochsprung came in and offered them a box of chocolate, complimented his tie and then left.  Minutes later she was shot.
He fled the conference room, down the hallway and out an exit door.  He ran back into the school and rescued three of the other fourth grade teachers by removing a wooden board and pulling out the air conditioner.  They then escaped through the window.  The funniest part of the story – One of the teachers hid beneath Christmas donation items as there wasn’t room for all of them to hide:).
I searched for a “Theodore Varga”, age 25 in People Search.  Not one exists anywhere in the country. There is one older one listed in New Canaan, Connecticut,  age 82. I’ve been unable to locate any interviews with this “hero”.  He’s still listed as a teacher on the Sandy Hook website.
varga classroom
From the article:
Teacher Ted Varga, sporting his Christmas tie, was still stoked from the fourth-grade holiday concert when he entered Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Within seconds, his joy turned to horror as he and four colleagues scrambled for safety while countless bullets ricocheted through the hallway last Friday morning.
“You hear screams and gunshots, but it is still surreal,” Varga told the Daily News. “This is an elementary school. … I heard someone say, ‘Oh my God.’ And then you hear shot after shot after shot.”
Varga said he sprinted through a hallway filled with smoke and the smell of gunpowder to escape through an emergency exit and then returned to help three colleagues flee through a window.
A fifth teacher cowered beneath a pile of donated Christmas gifts for the needy, hoping the killer jiggling the door to the conference room would move on.
“She heard heavy breathing,” recounted Varga. “She knew it was him. … It’s a miracle we’re alive, but it’s still such a tragedy. You’re exposed to a myriad of emotions that even now I can’t really understand.”
There was a happy buzz around the school after the Thursday night choral concert.
The five fourth-grade teachers were discussing the event in a conference room when Principal Dawn Hochsprung stopped by with a box of chocolates.
The principal complimented Varga, 25, on his holiday neckwear before leaving. Minutes later, she was dead in the hallway after lunging at the mass murderer.
A janitor shouting outside was the first clue of the impending nightmare, followed by the sound of repeated gunshots.
“We suddenly realized there was no lock on the door, and there was no place to hide,” Varga recalled. “We’re sitting ducks, waiting to get killed.”
The second-year teacher dialed 911 and opened the door, peering into the hallway.
“You could taste the smoke in the air,” he said. “There were so many shots.”
Varga, after making it outside, came back to the conference room to help three other teachers slip out a window where he dislodged a wooden board alongside an air conditioner.
“If we didn’t leave when we did, we would have all died,” he said. “There certainly weren’t enough places for all of us to have hidden. We would have all been gunned down.”
Instead, the four who made it outside and the fifth protected by the mountain of presents all lived.
At the firehouse where the survivors were reunited, Varga and his fellow fourth-grade teachers were temporarily thrilled to learn all of their students escaped.
And then Varga heard a first-grade boy who greeted him by name every morning was among the 20 slain students.
“I thought, ‘I hope to teach him when he gets to fourth grade,’” the teacher said.
First of all, why were the teachers holding a meeting at 9:30?  The children arrive before then and they would have all been alone in the classroom.
I thought Hochsprung was in a meeting near the front office, not walking around the school handing our candy.
He left the room alone (why didn’t he take the others with him?), then goes right back in?  Why didn’t he go to the exterior window to rescue them?
The one teacher decided to hide under Christmas donations?  Really?
This is yet another completely ridiculous story about what happened that day.  Maybe it’s no surprise that the media didn’t bother to interview this guy, but then they did interview Rosen.  I don’t know.  If anyone comes across an interview, I would love to see it.
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81 Responses to Sandy Hook “Teacher”, Ted Varga

  1. Hattie says:
    My very first thought when reading this article was also who was with the students? If these four teachers escaped, who kept their classes calm during the rampage? Who led their students out to safety? (Also I think you might have mis-read, it doesn’t mention a fifth grade teacher, just a fifth teacher.)
  2. apollonian says:
    As Alex Jones would say, “what’s this, u don’t believe what u’re being spoon-fed?–u must be a terrorist–why can’t u show more patriotism and just beleeeeeeeeeeeeev?” That’s what this Sandy Hook stuff is now becoming, a matter of beleeeevin’–like it’s a religious thing. Have faith in big-bro.
    • lynne0312 says:
      I wonder if the people who write this stuff have fun with it? They have to be laughing and they now know that most people will believe anything.
      • apollonian says:
        Yes, and further, even if they don’t all-the-way believe, still they’ll just go along. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did have some fun; after all, it was surely HIGHLY funded and produced, going big-time on the mass-corp. media. Remember, if they need money, they just print it all up–it’s all they gotta do.
      • allisatx says:
        Do you think so? I think this time they may have gone to far.
  3. Ken says:
    This is a scam of gigantic proportions. Varga probably doesn’t exist.
    The CT chief coroner essentially confirmed this is a scam when he stated “I hope this doesn’t come crashing down on the heads of the people of Newtown.”
    After days of discussing this statement with others looking for the truth, we came to the conclusion that there is no other reason why he would have made such a seemingly bizarre statement.
    Every time I had second thoughts whether or not people were killed that day, I come back to this statement. Thankfully, it means nobody was shot that day. It was just a drill taken to the next level.
    I know that there is a youtube user who has been investigating those who allegedly lost a child that day. So far, it seems these people were financially and potentially legally compromised.
    Others, were local actors like Gene Rosen, Nicole Hockley and the Wheelers. Still others appear to have been shipped in, like the Phelp’s, Parkers. and the “Soto” family
    • lynne0312 says:
      Yes, that’s a good point. Why would he say that for any other reason? Although he’s in on the deception too.
      • Blondie says:
        I’m not sure if someone has already pointed this out, but someone saw Dr. Wayne Carver in Las Vegas at a casino sometime in late January. He was there for a medical conference. This person asked him about the possibility of Sandy Hook being a hoax. And he responded, “It was a hoax.”
        There’s also some stuff in there about Carver’s possible connection to a project to discover the GOD gene. Wasn’t there something earlier this year about Carver trying to do DNA analysis on Lanza to find an “evil” gene?
        • allisatx says:
          Check this out on the link you provided Blondie, 1/2 way down the page…
          “According to an article written by Red Dirt Report titled, SANDY HOOK: Links to AmeriCares, Knights of Malta?,
          “The AmeriCares angle was brought to the attention of Red Dirt Report via a comment made by a poster named “Ken” on the following story posted at The Intel Hub: “During my continuing investigations I’ve found that ‘AmeriCares’ paid for the renovations of several homes in Newtown a couple of years back. One of these homes just happened to be a ‘Parker’ family home. My research indicates they are related to Robbie Parker, who moved there 8 months ago.” Indeed, look at this link noting the Newtown Lions Club working with AmeriCares on houses in Newtown. And more interestingly, a 2009 article in the Newtown Bee reports that “AmeriCares Program brings spring renewal to two Sandy Hook homes.” A family named “Parker” does indeed receive some help via AmeriCares. But are those Parkers, and the Parkers who lost their daughter in the Dec. 14, 2012 massacre, related?
    • apollonian says:
      Absolutely, Ken: ck http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjqMngiOO7U; this guy says that EVERY one of the “victims” of Sandy Hook had just recently moved to Newtown. Consider: if it was all a sham, then if it EVER was found even one of them was actually killed, then the others might start spilling proverbial “beans.”
      • Blondie says:
        I’ve taken a look at that video already and it’s a good one! I’ve tried to find some info on the specific improvements made to the Newtown/Sandy Hook area over the last decade or so. Haven’t found too much yet, but I’m gonna keep searching.
      • lynne0312 says:
        I haven’t found evidence to support that they were all new to the area. Some have mortgages from several years prior, that’s not to mean they couldn’t have just taken on the identity of someone who had lived there for a while though.
      • Truthurts says:
        I’m the “Ken” that did the original investigation of Americares and posted it on Intelhub.
        I had intended to do a video about them, and still may. But, they are a CIA front organization with close ties to the infamous skull & bones Bush family.
        They were involved in the Bill Clinton HIV tainted blood scandal and gunrunning to the Contras and later to the neofascist militias in Croatia during the break-up of Yugoslavia. The fake charity is similar to NorAid, which at least kept up the pretense of helping orphans and widows with those donation boxes in every Irish bar across the United States. Despite AmerCares leasing of large cargo jets that took off from Bradley Field ­ the same airport that serves NEWTOWN – nary a jumpseat could be found to transport a single Bandaid or pack of aspirin.
        Zbignew Brezinski was a former “honorary” Chairman of the CIA front company.
        Their former VP, Father Ritter,, was involved in the Covenant House sex abuse scandal linked to the infamous Franklin Coverup case.
        They’re also responsible for delivering “flu vaccines” to low income people. Anyone familiar with the Bill Gates and his drive for a eugenics utopia, knows these shots are bioweapons.
        So, the CIA was in Newtown helping “rennovate” a Parker family home. BTW, this Parker family is listed as being connected to a Robert Parker. This would have allowed the CIA operatives a front to recruit individuals for this HOAX, etc.
        Here’s a few links from my research. There are plenty more. Of course, you won’t find any mention of this in the CIA controlled MSM.
        Father Ritter was a vice president of Americares, at least until he had to resign from Covenant House:
        Americares gun running and tainted blood scandal:
        • lynne0312 says:
          I want to say that I found a reference to Americares with one of the families. I can’t remember which one but I don’t think it’s a victim’s family. I’ll have to see if I can find it in my notes.
        • fancyideas says:
          In the post by Ken, I believe it was, he goes into a lot of detail about Americares – and lists the Parker family as one of the recipients of a ‘makeover’ on their house. He wondered if it was Robbie Parker – but I don’t think he was able to draw that conclusion with the information he had.
    • Sunny says:
      Varga does exist. He’s just 82 years old and unaware his name has been appropriated. Like the 19 Arab “hijackers” of 9/11, six of whom turned up after the pictures were published on Sept. 12, 2001, and said, “That’s me, that’s my picture, but I’m alive and well here in Saudi Arabia [or wherever] and I did not hijack any plane!”
  4. Also a lie that he called 911…only one call supposedly came in to 911, the call “Sally Cox” made. This is typical feel good hero type crap the media loves shoving down our throat.
  5. lynne0312 says:
    The class photo is very odd. Three of the kids in the back row, right appear to only have one arm. Look at it at 200-400%.
  6. Sunny says:
    Yes. How much older than Dawn Hochsprung was George? Because he looks late 50′s-early 60′s in that photo, and that was taken 19 years ago.
  7. Crystal says:
    This is a little off topic but a great article. It gives a lot of “details” about the Lanza’s.
    • Jen says:
      Wow, the photos of Adam Lanza are so strange. He hasn’t gotten much bigger for his Grade three photo.
    • Hattie says:
      In that first grade picture, I find it odd that Adam is wearing a turtle neck. Kids with sensory issues HATE turtle necks.
    • Sunny says:
      That IS a very detailed article. And something jumped right out to me: this guy Richard Novia being interviewed as someone with intimate knowledge of Adam Lanza, since he was the school district’s “security expert” and adviser to the high school tech club. A few weeks ago I googled “Dawn Hochsprung” and went to the end of the search results. At about page 80 was an article by Novia talking about the fact that HE sold the security system to Sandy Hook school. He has his own security company. In it he also described Dawn Hochsprung as a “good friend.” (I don’t find this link right now, but it was definitely there earlier.) So Novia is connected to two key players in this incident, and is the source for much of the information that’s been generated.
      The article is disturbing because it so much in it is hearsay. Several times it quotes an unnamed person “who is in contact with Peter Lanza.”
      Where the heck is Peter Lanza? Ryan Lanza?
  8. fancyideas says:
    Hello Lynne0312 –
    I’m still trying to put all “MY” pieces of the puzzle together – but it seems that WE ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. INSIDERS ADMIT THAT SH WAS A FALSE FLAG!
    We need some answers: Is Ted Varga a teacher or was the picture Photoshopped? If it wasn’t ‘shopped, could it have been taken with STUDENTS FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE? Does he have a teaching license? Any evidence of graduating from college with a degree in Education? If he does exist, I figure he is just one of the many actors.
    I searched for ‘Joan Varga, CT’ and didn’t turn up what I was looking for, after reading that she was Teddy’s mother (in the news article). I then searched for ‘Varga, CT’ and found her name associated with THEODORE J. VARGA. Maybe he still lives at home?
    Linda G.
    Joan R Varga
    Home (203) 264-7487
    299 W Flat Hill Rd
    Southbury, CT 06488-1164
    Age: 55-59
    Associated: Theodore J Varga, Stephen D Varga, Joseph V Varga, Cheryl L Varga


Zephyr says:
Barbara Halstead is listed as a sister to Nancy Kowalski – unknown whether this Nancy Kowalski is related to Chase Kowalski family. Yet another interesting echo.
Another interesting echo: I’m listening to the Newtown police audio of 12/16, the day St. Rose of Lima Church was allegedly evacuated for a threat of some kind. On of the officers joining that assignment just said,”Roger, 39 Yogananda.” Of course my ears pricked up at that street name – turns out to belong to Nicole Hockley, as well as Edgett Williams Consulting. The property went up for sale in January.
Hockley’s resume reveal yet another big finance exec, with a BA in English and Theatre.
So many of these people (not all, but some) seem to be so very rich; it does beg the question of how susceptible they’d be to bribes. I suppose they could have been not direct bribes, but perhaps government contracts for their businesses? Something really big.
This audio is just so incredibly revealing; I encourage anyone who can to go ahead and sign up for an account so as to have quick access, if you’re so inclined. I am very grateful to the RadioReference people for the incredible work they do making this audio available; I know my colleagues in China would give anything to have such a resource when investigating their government’s corruption. We’re also lucky it’s still legal; one reason I’m working on Sandy Hook is the fear that someday in America, these kinds of freedoms will be gone.

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