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Connecticut Ralph Lambiase,Richard Blumenthal and Agora Inc.,James Dale Davidson Naked Short Selling Stock Money Laundering Lie

While the name of Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has surfaced during news of the Sandy Hook Newtown CT. incident , few are aware of his use of office in Connecticut over the years has been at the service NOT of Connecticut's asuffering middle class but at the servuice of offshore money launderers using American 'securities' or stocks to both defraud and launder the stolen proceeds offshore from the Caribbean to Switzerland and Israel and parts in between.Shortly after 9/11 it was CIA and UK elites connected James Dale Davidson who began circulating the lie on the internet and various fraudulent stock and 'penny stock' websites from his own Agora Inc. 'Vantage Point' blog to and Yahoo! company message boards that most or all penny stocks were loosing their stock value due to a thing called 'naked short selling'when in fact the shares were being illegally 'pumped and dumped' and the unaudited shares were being used for money laundering no doubt by the very scum who put people like Ralph Lambiase and Richard Blumenthal in their financial and political positions in the first place..

As a result of not stopping the 'naked short selling' lie and prosecuting and closing penny stock money launderinmg operations,the lie spread to major finance stocks in 2008 when the U.S.SEC itself and its corrupt Zionist prostitute Christopher Cox claimed that even Goldman Sachs shares ,(that would acknowledge its windfall profits from shorting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that were also included in SEC list of stocks that were 'naked shorted'),were victims of so-called 'naked shorting'.Everyone knows that the finance companies raped and looted their own clients accounts and never lost a thing - they just put all that money into offshore accounts and let Barack Obama continur the W Bush policy of cover up and reimburesment to them for their 'losses'.
Richard Blumenthal is part of this criminal and Zionist terrorism and looting and thus has no credibility in the area of Sandy Hook than does his fellow Zionist mafiosi Joe Lieberman.

SEC Enhances Investor Protections Against Naked Short Selling
Jul 15, 2008 – The SEC's order will require that anyone effecting a short sale in these securities arrange beforehand ... formation is more important now than it has ever been," said SEC Chairman Christopher Cox... GoldmanSachs Group Inc, GS ... Fannie Mae, FNM. ...

Ralph Lambiase,NASAA,and James Dale Davidson's 'anti-naked ...
Nov 26, 2005 – While Ralph Lambiase is Director of Connecticut Division of ... David Patch is part of the anonymous 'Bob O'Brien's' and Patrick Byrne's (of ...

NASAA: Agora Inc.& James Dale Davidson started 'anti-naked shorting' scam
by Tony Ryals Thursday, Nov. 24, 2005 at 7:58 PM (email address validated)
This story of penny stock fraud is Florida connected due to the number of penny stock 'companies' that reside in Florida.I have no idea how many of them have used the fraudulent 'naked short selling'claim to cover up their own illegal pump and dump activities in an effort to distract from their own massive dumping of U.S.penny stock shares.This may involve boiler rooms in another part of the world,such as Kuala Lumpur or Dubai and may serve the added or chief attraction of those U.S. penny stock shares,to launder money for criminal and or terrorist activities.
NASAA:Agora Inc.&James Dale Davidson's started 'anti-naked shorting' scam

Gary Valinoti and his Jag Media Holdings or 'jagh' of Boca Rotan is a fine example of insider and death spiral share dumping deals.'Management' cries 'naked shorting' all the way down,pointing at brokers or DTCC,but never documenting a single case,in order to draw attention from their own massive insider dumping as well as to protect their death spiral 'clients' who dump virtually free shares on retail or American investors.Gary Valinoti even had some relation with Mark Valentine of the 'Bermuda shorts' scandal which had everything with the dumping of very real penny stock 'company' shares not non-existent 'naked shorts'. Valinoti was recently cited by the SEC for his own dumping of 'jagh' shares in the past,all the while crying he and his company a victim of 'naked short selling'.

Gary Valinoti who touts various stocks through his also seems to have a special relationship to including a contract to co-promote various stock selling clients.He and Jag Media Holdings connected David Patch seem to have the run of and besides its 'jagh' message board their various anonymous buddies post 'anti-naked short selling' propaganda on the various penny stock scam boards incessantly with links to such scammy 'naked shorting' sites as,,,and the newer
of Patrick Byrne of and 'Bob O'Brien'. 

While the name of Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has surfaced during news of the Sandy Hook Newtown CT. incident , few are aware of his use of office in Connecticut over the years has been at the service NOT of Connecticut's asuffering middle class but at the servuice of offshore money launderers using American 'securities' or stocks to both defraud and launder the stolen proceeds offshore from the Carribean to Switzerland and Israel and parts in between.

While the name of Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has surfaced in the Sandy Hook 

This site( is suspiciously like the old NAANSS site of Davidson located in Blaine,Washington office GMXX or Genemax pump and dump was located in 2002-2003.(Do a google search of 'naanss ncans'.You may note nor nor nor
never rail about shares dumped overseas nor illegal pump and dump of penny stocks that go on everyday.

Why ? Because the people promoting the distraction of 'naked shorting'are the very ones who run the'anti-naked short selling' websites.Illegal pump and dump scams and offshore deals with U.S.penny shares are what they live off of and regardless of their crocodile tears for the 'small investor',that's exactly who these penny stock bandits are out to get and its exactly through loopholes like SEC Reg.S shares and other aspects of using unaudited U.S. shares to hide and launder money that they live.

That they can virtually buy and sale penny stock shell companies and their shares for pennies on the penny and have pioneered internet penny stock fraud is how and why they open and close their scam penny stock sites overnight,yet maintain a longer audience and clientele through using or Yahoo message boards or the many internet tentacles of James Dale Davidson's Agora Inc.

This story is Utah connected due to Senator Bennett who claimed along with his constituent Patrick Byrne of that there was a 'naked short selling' conspiracy and it was run by a 'Sith Lord' at war with Byrne and his And Patrick Byrne now employs Brent Baker,ex-SEC attorney who let James Dale Davidson escape for illegal touting and dumping of penny stocks he manipulated.Brent Baker didn't even charge Davidson or Agora Inc. for making fraudulent claims about 'naked shorting' to divert attention from what in retrospect can only be seen as illegal pump and dump activities.

Below is both the announcement of North American Securities Administrators 'NASAA' to host a forum on November 30 in Washington D.C. on 'naked short selling' and my email to NASAA's Patricia D. Struck as well as to the California Dept.of Corporations.NASAA has members in every state who are in turn employed by the state's government securities offices whether they be a member of the Department of Corporations, as in the case of California, or the Dept. of the Secretary of State in some states or from the office of the Attorney General as in the case of Maryland.:

NASAA Member Contact Information

This link is to NASAA representatives in each state.

Unfortunately NASAA is also inviting some of the least credible experts on this subject.Not the least of which is James J. Angel of Georgetown whose quesionable involvement in an 'anti-naked short selling' infomercial
for Patrick Byrne (of 'Bob O'Brien'
who keeps his real identity hid and bought a $100,000
plus ad in the Washington Post with Byrne warning W.
Bush of the 'dangers' of 'naked short selling' to placing
SS funds in the markets.They also claimed that the ad-letter to Bush was paid for by 'mom and pop' investors before grudgingly admitting Patrick Byrne paid at least half the bill.I wonder if Nasdaq OTCBB officially agrees with their Georgetown University penny stock consultant James Angel ?

Does the OTCBB agree with James Angel that a huge amount of the stocks they host are being 'naked shorted' ? If so,by who,and what brokers or market makers are involved ? And does NASDAQ see a benefit in maintaining the smokescreen and pretending 'naked shorting' is the cause of what is obviously massive pump and dump activities of the very companies they host ? Does NASDAQ wish to aid in the pump and dump scams of many of its own OTCBB penny stock clients,or clean up its own and their corrupt operations ?

What they did not say in that letter to Bush was that this was only a claim of worthless penny stock companies,and what they their scammy site also does not say, is that a fraudulent 'naked short selling' claim has been made for some years now by various irresponsible U.S. penny stock 'management' and their promoters.You don't hear from any Blue Chip stocks complaining of being 'naked shorted'. Why not ?

And in this post 911 era it is not likely any anonymous individual can place an ad-letter to W.Bush in the Washington Post with nary an FBI or Homeland Security investigation, much less a journalistic one from the paper(Washington Post) where the ad-letter was placed - unless one was an insider,but not just any kind of inside - a Beltway insider as Davidson was and is !

Further while all of these companies may not have a direct Agora Inc.of Baltimore connection the massive penny stock scam called 'anti-naked shorting' was first used on a two penny stocks in particular - Genemax promoting a supposed cancer cure vaccine and Endovasc a fraudulent 'biotech' using a Stanford University patent to use nicotine to 'grow new blood vessels' as another prop to tout or promote worthless shares for personal gain.And in both of these pump and dump scams Agora Inc.'s James Dale Davidson was an or the insider both touting and dumping.

James Dale Davidson not only created NAANSS or 'National Association Against Naked Short Selling',(just as he was creator of the National Taxpayers Union coincidentally), but also was CEO of Genemax as it was being pumped and dumped and an insider at Endovasc when massive amounts of shares were being sold or dumped,including his own.

And where was he promoting these two pump and dump scams besides using touters like David Patch of on the genemax or gmxx message board ? Through his Agora Inc.'s 'Vantage Point' mailings,some of which sold for up to $1000, as well as any of Davidson's MANY Agora related or other less connected internet penny stock tout sites.It was Davidson who provided the link to NAANSS website in Agora Inc's 'Vantage Point' and decried the evils of 'naked shorting' as the SEC did a frivolous and wasteful litigation for his or Porter Stanberry's promotion of USEC a nuclear stock with supposed insider information. You can rest assured the illegal pump and dump of millions of unreported Genemax and Endovasc shares is where the real money was made,not in the selling of supposed 'insider information' on USEC as the has SEC maintained.

Although James Dale Davidson,for years a principal part of Agora Inc. was,if not the first to use the 'naked shorting' claim to divert attention away from his own illegal pump and dump of worthless,(and not even audited by the SEC in this day and age), penny stock shares,he was the first to take the claim to new levels as an organised penny stock scam.And to use the fraudulent claim that 'certs' or paper certificates were the only way to protect your investments in penny stocks from evil 'naked short'sellers who did their evil by way of 'electonic counterfeitting' of shares.

This is because Davidson and his ilk or very used to dealing in 'certs' through the penny stock companies he uses in his pump and dump scams.They could convert and sell their certs in no time with their experience and connections while their 'marks' shares devalue to nothing as the insiders dump.

While he and the other insiders dumped as they touted or promoted Genemax and Endovasc through Agora Inc.or even touting under various aliases on,they also,at least Davidson,Grant Atkins and Brent Pierce, created NAANSS which was part of their ICI scheme to be the new penny stock touters on the block,and the false 'naked shorting' claim was one of the new 'tools' in their bag of dirty penny stock tricks.

And James Dale Davidson did bring the fraudulent 'naked short' claim that he used to defend the penny stock scams he pumped and dumped so recklessly and to blame their abrupt collapse in share value from a 'pump' or promotion up to $20 a share down to pennies per share as insiders unloaded their millions of worthless shares on defrauded investors.

And then what did James Dale Davidson and NAANSS and Agora Inc and penny stocks related to Davidson and thus to Agora Inc. through him blame it on(their illegal but still unprosecuted penny stock pump and dump activities ?) Naked short selling of course,their illegal pump and dump activity of penny stocks with little liquidity but millions of worthless shares to dump.

And what you will not find on NASAA's agenda that should be there rather than lending more time to these cheap penny stock hustlers who cry 'naked shorting' to divert attention from their illegal pump and dump and possible money lundering activities with U.S.penny stocks as far away as Dubai or Kuala Lumpur, and certainly not from Bill Bonner or James Dale Davidson and their Agora Inc. is the need to do away with SEC Reg S that virtually encourages money laundering with U.S. penny stocks ! Why !?

The SEC is deathly silent.Do they want U.S.penny stock companies to be money launderers through unregistered prenny shares in terrorist suspect money laundering havens ? And then cover it up with a fraudulent claim of being 'naked shorted' ?


Below is one bright spot from NASAA who a a 'friend
of the court',wrote in favor of Agora Inc. client who paid $100,000 for Agora Inc.'s supposed insider info in 2003.:

NASAA’s Amicus Brief in Support of the Maryland Securities Divisions in the Case of Lubin v. Agora, Inc.

November 17, 2005
NASAA to Host Forum on Naked Short Selling
Experts to Examine Efforts to Curb Market Manipulation
by Stemming Abusive Naked Short Selling Activity

WASHINGTON—The North American Securities Administrators Association, Inc. (NASAA) today announced plans to host a public forum to explore
possible market manipulation through naked short selling activity.
The “NASAA Listens” Forum is scheduled for November 30 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Paris Ballroom of the Sofitel Lafayette Square Hotel,
806 15th Street NW, in Washington, D.C.

“NASAA commends the SEC for its efforts to address short-selling abuses through Regulation SHO and we encourage the agency to consider additional measures to limit the detrimental impact of abusive naked short-selling on the stock of small businesses, the entrepreneurial engines that drive our nation’s economy,” said NASAA President and Wisconsin Securities Administrator Patricia D. Struck.

Naked short selling refers to a stock transaction in which the seller agrees to sell shares of stock that he or she neither owns nor has borrowed in time to make delivery to the buyer within the standard
three-day settlement period. When done in large volumes, this sales tactic can be used to manipulate a stock’s share value while allowing the seller to profit. The SEC adopted Regulation SHO in 2004 to
update short-sale regulation and, in part, to address problems associated with abusive naked short selling transactions. Industry compliance with Reg SHO began in January and in May the SEC launched
a pilot program to determine the effectiveness of the regulation.

“Since the pilot program has reached the midway point, we believe this Forum offers a timely opportunity for a thorough discussion of the effectiveness of Regulation SHO from a variety of perspectives,”
Struck said.

The “NASAA Listens” Forum will bring together a panel of leading financial and academic experts to examine problems associated with abusive naked short selling and the impact of Regulation SHO on naked short-selling transactions.

The Forum is free and open to the public on a first come, first serve basis. To reserve a seat, please contact Lonnie Martin, at 202-737-0900 or, by November 28. NASAA is the oldest
international organization devoted to investor protection. Its membership consists of the securities administrators in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, and Mexico.

For More Information:
Bob Webster
Director of Communications

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Good Morning,

The California Department of Corporations has received your e-mail which has been forwarded to program staff for assistance.

>>> "Tony Ryals" <> 11/22/2005 9:09:11 PM >>>
Dear California Department of Corporations webmaster,
As I did several months ago with my previous communication to California Department of Corporations,I am asking your assistance in
forwarding thismaterial to both Wayne Strumpfer and Maria T Shimohara.

Thank you,
Tony Ryals

Dear Wayne Strumpfer and Maria T Shimohara,
Thank you for your reply of June 20,2005.Although as you know I am in Guatemala the letter sent to P.O.Box 216 Ben Lomond,Ca.95005 was forwarded to me.As I have said I resided in California for many years
before Guatemala and I bought the worthless Endovasc shares in question through Charles Schwab who hosted a pump and dump account of
'up to 30 million shares' for unnamed insiders who I believe may have used the Schwab LOM of Bermuda account because James Dale Davidson of
Agora Inc.and The NATIONALTaxpayers Union of Alexandria,Virginia was once a substantial
shareholder of LOM and recommended it in his book,'Sovereign Individual',with the Lord William Rees-Mogg.

You may realise I first complained to the California Dept.of Corporations in 2003 ? Why ? Because my situation was desperate then.
So I am now totally exhausted having used the internet since then both to warn others everyday on ,evsc message board to stay clear and only now beginning to use the world wide internet and indymedias to expose the frauds as best one individual can.

Below is my recent communication with NASAA and Patricia Stuck and my email to Mr.Lambiase who was head of NASAA in the past.You may do a google search,'yahoo mafia cabby guatemala machete',to get some idea of threats I receive for trying to expose a major penny stock securities fraud whose has a San Diego Wells Fargo account and San Diego attorneys Barrera & Sadr to represent them and their
fraud in California.I still can't say if Mr.Lmbiase is sincere in this November 30 'naked shorting forum' mentioed in correspondence below but David Patch of who is allied with 'Bob O'Brien of just as he was with James Dale
Davidson in the past appears to be pulling his strings so far.

What I would like to know is,are any California Department of CORPORATIONSmembers going to attend ? Do google search,'ncans naanss',to see how
I claim is just a reincarnation of Davidson's 'naanss'.Also do a google search,'daniel kadlec john o'quinn' and remember that Houston attorney John O'Quinn is part of litigation team of Patrick Byrne of who is presently litigating against hedge fund Rocker Partners in Marin.And's 'Bob O'Brien'threatened Marc
Cohodes on Yahoo's NFI message board and released Marin address of Cohodes as well as his wife and handicapped son on Yahoo NFI board.So
my Endovasc problems are mixed up in that somewhat.Byrne is a major funder of NCANS.NET and claims is being 'naked shorted'
by a 'Sith Lord'!!!

I could give you so many google searches by now.Try google search 'james angel georgetown university lap dancers'.And while it may be in poor taste I didn't make it up,Bob O'Brien of HAS listed
his address or that of and as Cheetah Club of Las Vegas !!! And the San Diego Cheetah Club bribed the San Diego
city council you may recall.These are the types who are promoting an 'anti-naked short' scam to mask their own penny stock pump and dump operations and Davidson as you might imagine has plenty of influence in the Beltway.Do google 'agora inc. bill bonner james dale davidson',also,'senator bennett cheetah club striptease'.
There is another suspicious California 'anti-naked short selling' websitecalled by the way.It's promoter I belive has been in trouble for securities fraud previously.Why does the California Dept.
of Corporations let so much of this slide ? You must know the SEC DOES NOTHING,DON'T YOU ?

Immediately below before my communication with NASAA,is a letter from Mary Helburn titular head of 'BOB O'Brien's'and Patrick Byrne's '' with its San Diego bank account.It tears me up to hear of her brag of her Schwab account on Yahoo NFI board because she may be one who benefitted from ripping me off through that pump and dump account.Note how she makes suggestions about SEC and a 'scythe' and 'heads roll' or that if they were in 'Japan' they'd commit mass suicide !!?? Do you want these kinds of people running stock scams out of a San Diego bank account ?Another who posts on Yahoo NFI and OSTK boards has alias 'rev_jim_jones_lives if you can imagine that and they are the 'good guys' who are fighting 'naked shorting'!!!

Mr.Strumpfer and Maria Shimohara,do you not see the importance of having Schwab acknowledge that Endovasc pump and dump account ? It would prove that attorney O'Quinn,who is representing Byrne against Cohodes in Marin, lied about 'naked sorting' to conceal the pump and dump from Schwab.Why should Schwab be allowed to rob me and aid major
penny stock fraud and cover all this up ? Do a google,'attorney john o'quinn stock fraud money laundering'.Since I put it on internet O'Quinn has been silent,he has already been criticised in Texas by a
judge for faking 'silicosis' case histories. After reading the Mary Helburn letter below do a google,'mary helburn los altos'.She-it lied about NCANS as being in 'Ohio' below.

So please let me know if anyone from California Dept.of Corporations will attend and if so could you allow me to fill them in on what's really going on.Just do a google,'nasaa naked short' to see the
November 30 forum is really happening and remember is in California to a great extent and also the Beltway I believe.And international in the sense that U.S. penny stocks are dumped and used
for money laundering everywhere.Please help me expose one of the largest penny stock scams in years.Or an ongoing one years in the making.

Remember I never would have bought into the EVSC fraud had it not been for a Stanford patent to use nicotine for 'angiogenesis',a virtual patent on the acetylcholine receptor I thought.Stanford profited from an illegal pump and dump and I lost everything.And if
you conclude that you can't help me get a simple acknowledgement from SCHWAB that they hosted a pump and dump account in November 2002,(I
know that's when it would have been dumped because that's when Davidson and Agora Inc.touted),what do you suppose I can do ? Can I
at least come to California and picket Schwab San Francisco ? You see this Stanford patent-Endovasc fraud has taken everything AND I PAID
years !!! So do you all at least agree I should have free speech to call a fraud a fraud right where it was committed,at Charles Schwab ?
Also do a google,'ragingbull lycos money laundering'.

Also I greatly appreciate that you send any communication to my email address.It was through the internet I was defrauded and it is still me prefered method of communication in dealing with it.I don't get prompt communication by letters to Ben Lomond.

Tony Ryals

Bare truth about naked shorting

A letter from Mary Helburn, USA

Dear JUST Response and Joel Hirschhorn,

Re: Economic corruption US style

Wall Street depends on volatility, and volatility is a function of news. Reuters owns Instinet. We should be able to invest in a company without worrying that its capitalization is going to be withdrawn by
short-sellers. We should be able to invest in a company without worrying about the DTCC watering down our investment with counterfeit shares. Bob O'Brien is a real person. I admire him so much for what he is doing and because of him I was willing to put my real name on this.

The rules have changed to suit the foxes. This one is the most subtle and lies at the heart of the fraud. A broker hires someone to locate a share to borrow. This gives him "reasonable expectation of
delivery". When the shares are not located and becomes an FTD, the system kicks in and the DTCC prints up a new counterfeit shares borrowed from the pool they control. Wham, bam, thank you, Mam! He
games the system by transferring the legitimate responsiblity to someone who is in place simply to help execute the fraud. The DTCC has committed fraud by lending shares rather than having the broker
buy-in the open market as the law requires. We have a sell-side bias then that allows the price to be manipulated down.

I think George Bush earnestly believes in this privatization and I also believe that Charles Schwab is behind it. Schwab was behind the tax cuts and consults with the President.

The whole system is pretty complex. People's eyes glaze over when you start talking about naked shorting. Two per cent doesn't sound like
much to start, but it is a huge amount to be administered by the banks and brokers. It is 2% more than the banks and brokers currently have. They are fighting for market share with decreased
commissions and that is why the market is becoming so nasty. There are going to be take-overs. The NYSE will probably go public and be owned by the seats. It will eliminate the specialists and compete in the pre/after hours.

I would like to ax everyone at the SEC since they have failed. I would like a prosecutor-type to come in with a scythe and cut off heads. In Japan, this kind of failure would call for suicide. Is there anyone that has the integrity to pull this off?

Your article was so good and so deep! Thank you.

Thanks again for taking a lead role in exposing a huge and important issue.

Mary Helburn
Executive Director
National Coalition Against Shorting
Cleveland, Ohio - USA

Note: This letter was published by JUST Response on February 27 2005.

From: "Tony Ryals" <> [Save Address] [Block
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Subject: Naked Short claim used for fraud.
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 21:49:31 -0500


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Dear Patricia Struck,

Below is email I sent to NASSA today.I can't believe after losing100% of my 'investment' between 2002-2003 in what I thought was alegit company with a Stanford University 'nicotine for angiogenesis'
patent that James Dale Davidson's and Agora Inc.'s 'anti-nakedshorting' fraud still goes strong.And David Patch of'' who is connected to Davidson at least sincethe pump and dump of Genemax on and through AgoraInc.and who dominates along with Mark Faulk of' continue with their 'you're being naked shortedso buy a cert scam',which is really James Dale Davidson's and thus
Agora Inc.'s scam to mask his many penny stock pump and dump ops.

How can you all be so naive ?(I hope you are not and I will bepleasantly surprised.)I have been doing my best ever since 'BobO'Brien' appeared on the scene with Patrick Byrne and their ''to warn others it's a scam to tout worthless penny stocks mainly. Immediately below is a link to,'Senator Bennett is Patrick Byrne's ncans a fraud ?',that I first wrote for North Carolina indymedia but made the longer Utah version.

I do believe a plagiarism expert would agree with me that no one would have created two anti-naked shorting acronyms with 'National'in the title without having heard of the older one first.On top of it
all David Patch would surely have told 'Bob O'Brien' about NAANSS of James Davidson, yet 'Bob O'Brien',on blogmaverick in February,denied
ever hearing of NAANSS and went on and on about 'NCANS' or 'North CAROLINA ASSOCIATION OF NURSING STUDENTS'!!

I'm in Guatemala broke.What I placed on Endovasc was what remained of an inheritance,my only retirement.I thought I was investing in
America, not a share-money laundering operation around the world including Kuala Lumpur and possibly Dubai !!If you do a google search
of 'schwab lom'or better 'schwab share money laundering' you will find a link to a pdf file that will show Endovasc,(that NASAA reported as early as 1999 was being touted by internet spam),in 2002 filled a Schwab account with 'up to 30 million shares' even before its supposed reverse split that should have left less than 3 million shares.And they paid the corrupt transfer agent Aexander Walker $200,000 in freely dumpable shares a year later as an 'insider' !!

And after Davidson touted through Agora November 2002,which I didn't know then because I don't subscribe,the 'famed attorney O'Quinn' did a press release and claimed it was naked shorting BY
AS I DISCOVERED LATER.Schwab did not 'naked short' me,THEY PROVIDED THE PUMP AND DUMP ACCOUNT !! Capisce ? They all worked togather to
defraud me and I don't know,the SEC doesn't want me to either,but I suspect it was the Schwab LOM account.Davidson seems to have been using it to dump Genemax though even the SEC seems to be in on the cover up.

I believed 'famed attorney O'Quinn' then because Schwab would not reply so I bought a 'cert' from the fraud ex SEC employee Alexander Walker of the 'Nevada Agency and Trust Co'.Now I know the truth but what good does it do ? David Patch who wrote you to lobby for his 'anti-naked short' scam knows it too,meaning he is lieing and I have no idea of his means of income but I can guarantee you he does not
run that scammy investigatethesec.con out of the goodness of his heart.

Tony Ryals

P.S: Also do a google search of,'ragingbull lycos endoscam' or 'senator bennett's favorite constituent buys yahoo'.I can no longer post on ragingbull to warn others,nor on Yahoo.All my email gets deleted or confiscated on Yahoo along with posts.To me my experience with David Patch and James Dale DAVIDSON,is a form of terrorism.Do a google
seach,'yahoo mafia tony guatemala cabby machete'.No doubt David Patch, among others,is very pleased 'free speech' on ragingbull and Yahoo message boards should only be used for fraud.

I have been in shock ever since reading on the fraudulent penny stock anti-'naked short' scam website that you were hosting a forum on naked shorting.And even more so when I read your
own site that seemed to say in the title you had already reached your conclusion that it was the problem rather than that many penny stock
touters have been using it for fraud.Such is the case with Endovasc for one that you in 1999 had already recocognized was a scam but I bought in 2001 not knowing that and felt its connection to Stanford
U.gave it credibility but I was wrong.

I have no idea who in NASAA organized this event but I do hope you don't bring in penny stock scammers like David Patch of 'investigatethesec' and lend them credibilty.That would be tragic.If it were not too late and you could entice Mark Cuban to speak,that
would be perfect.Then you would have an eloquent spokesman for the other side of the issue.He became interested shortly after thhe scammy letter to W.Bush appeared on February 8 in the Washington Post.

The letter was announced on ragingbull where David Patch holds forth and they give him all the space he needs to promote the 'you're being naked shorted so buy certs' fraud. Even those who criticise the scam such as myself are censored and our posts deleted on ragingbull and even Yahoo where 'Bob O'Brien's your being naked shorted so buy a cert' fraud is given full reign on NFI and OATK message boards among others.So why should you lend your credibilty to
him and 'Bob O'Brien' of ncans who will not even identify himself and uses the Cheetah Club striptease joint as his address ?

I was pleased to note you had represented yourself as 'friend of the court' in favor of an investor deceived by Porter Stansberry and Agora 2003.The USEC deal though was actually one of their least controversial calls in the history of Agora Inc..I believe,in fact KNOW,that if you did you 'due diligence' you would find a connection between Agora,Inc. and what I term the 'anti-naked short' scam or fraud. James Dale Davidson claimed both Endovasc and Genemax were being 'naked shorted'.The truth is they were both being pumped and dumped by James Dale Davidson, CEO of Genemax and touter in chief
through his Agora Inc. Vantage Point.


I could write more about David Patch and investigatethesec connection to Davidson and Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins of Genemax and 'NAANSS' and the similarities to NCANS that Patch also
immediately became connected to after the letter in the Post appeared that cost Patrick Byrne and 'O'Brien over $100,000 though they fraudulently claimed it was paid by 'mom and pop' investors at first.

I have the 'select shareholders' agreement from Endovasc of 2002 to deposit 'up to 30 million shares' into ONE Schwab acccount even BEFORE they were promoting a 'reverse split' that should have left
fewer than 3 million !!! They hid the float for almost a year and attorney O'Quinn claimed he could prove Schwab was 'naked shorting' to further divert attention from James Dale Davidson's and Agora Inc.'s illegal, yet SEC IGNORED,PUMP AND DUMP.So I have proof the naked short claim has been used for masking illegal pump and dump activities including in terrorist suspect Kuala Lumpur by the Bellador Group with Dubai connections as well.

This IS major fraud but the fraud lies with those who are using the 'naked short selling' claim to promote fraudulent penny stocks and companies with failing or non-existent businesses that only sale shares for an income,at least for themselves and their promoters at
the expense of defrauding investors.PLEASE DO NOT HELP THEM !!

Below is the beginning of my email to Ralph Lambiase of sometime back when David Patch posted a letter from him and proudly announced he
had suckered him into his and 'Bob O'Brien' and Patrick Byrne's you're being naked shorted so buy a cert' scam.You may do a number of google searches including 'schwab lom' or ' ncans naanss' to find
some of my writing including on the indymedias.No doubt I will be doing another after your November 30 forum and hope you don't join the 'Cheetah Club' naked short conspiracists that cover up illegal
pump and dump ops and possibble money laundering with that false claim.

Note links to 2 of my writings below including,'James Angel, GeorgetownUniversity,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia'.

Tony Ryals

Subject: Naked short claim is used mask illegal pumps and dumps
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 18:10:25 -0500

Dear Mr.Lambiase,

I read in shock the kind letter you wrote to 'Mr.David Patch',that he reposted under his present alias,'repeat05',(meaning to me yet another repeat of what to me is a vicious con much worse than any
Nigerian letter scam),what I call the 'naked short fraud',which is the opposite of what those who promote it claim it to be.

I had the most hits on spitzer2006,about 30 to 50 per day until that was closed down around the middle of June.I still plan to write and ask why and see if I can create another site with my old spitzer2006 material that was 'ss funds in manipulated markets.It appeared to be started by someone who wanted to promote the naked short fraud scam,which I feel is used to mask the pump and dump mainly of penny
stocks and to divert attention from shares that are unaudited by the SEC and may even be used for money laundering.

Daniel Kadlec duped by Wes Christian,John O'Quinn

James Angel,Georgetown,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia

Senator Bennett:Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a fraud ?

Did Utah SEC's Brent Baker cover up for National Taxpayers Union founder ?

Is Lycos RagingBull profiting from penny stock scams,money laundering ? 

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