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India Right Wing Terror:Sushilkumar Shinde,Hermant Karkare and Hindu,CIA,FBI,Mossad,UK Fascism

India Right Wing Terror: Shinde,Hermant Karkare and Hindu,CIA,FBI,Mossad,UK Fascism

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Hemant Karkare « Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Terrorism
Sep 30, 2010 – The arrest of right-wing militants in connection with the blast in Ajmer Dargah isn't surprising and is just another in the series of arrests of ...


Five days before he was killed in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, the then Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare had told Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat that he was under tremendous pressure to “nail” Sangh activists in unsolved blast cases. This is what Bhagwat has claimed.........


There's nothing called saffron terror: Deoband

Shinde, while speaking at the Chintan Shivir of the Congress in Jaipur recently, that BJP andRashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) were involved in training their cadre in terror activities and those allegedly involved in 'Hindu terror acts' were affiliated to them. "Nobody can deny that," he had said, adding that there were statements by witnesses to prove this. "After investigations, we have seen that be it the BJP or the RSS, their training camps are promoting Hindu terrorism. This is a matter of concern. We are keeping a strict eye on it," Shinde had said in his speech at Jaipur on January 10, 2013.

Commenting on the issue, senior Muslim cleric and member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) Maulana Khaleed Rasheed Firangi Mahali, maintained that he was against the very concept of painting a religion or a community with a name on the basis of the actions of a select few who claimed to be representing the entire community. "I was equally averse to the idea of Islamic terror coined by the west. Hence there cannot be any saffron terror as well," Maulana Khalid Rasheed said.

"It is an irony that we in India tend to go by what the US does. They are the most powerful nation in the world but that does not entitle them to dictate terms to anyone and everyone," Mualana, who is also the Imam of Lucknow's largest Idgah at Aishbagh, said. "The idea of Islamic terrorism was coined by the west and a section of the world lapped it up. Now in the Samjhauta Blast and Mecca Mazjid blast I read that some Indian leaders have been claiming that the Central Investigating Agency (CIA) of the US has maintained that the two incidents were not a handiwork of the terrorist who have been arrested and are presently languishing in jail," he said.

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