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1. The Powers-That-Be may not want a president such as Clinton or Trump.

They may prefer a military man to be in charge.

2. Gen. David L. Goldfein 'is to be chief of staff of the US Air Force'.

Might he be a friend of the Powers-That-Be?

3. Retired Gen. Michael Hayden, who recently led the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency, has said:

"I would be incredibly concerned if a President Trump governed in a way that was consistent with the language that Candidate Trump expressed during the campaign." 



4. The Business Plot was 'a coup attempt in the United States' in 1933.

Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler claimed that wealthy businessmen were plotting to to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In 1935, John L. Spivak published the first of two articles revealing portions of Congressional committee testimony that had been redacted.

Spivak argued that the plot was part of a "conspiracy of Jewish financiers working with fascist groups".

He referred specifically to Felix Warburg, the McCormack–Dickstein Committee, and certain members of the American Jewish Committee in collusion with J. P. Morgan.

5. "Reports from many 'right of center' sources including The Daily Caller and the Military Times ... are saying that billionaires are working behind the scenes to basically circumvent our entire election process and the electoral college to install 'their guy.'

"Their guy is retired general James Mattis, former head of Centcom and arguably one of the Marine’s most popular leaders among the troops.

"According to the Times, the plan, while relatively simple, would probably be impossible to pull off unless you owned Congress.

"Fortunately, for the billionaires, they do own Congress."

Billionaires Drafting General Mattis. / Billionaires' choice for President

Below is what we wrote earlier:

19 MAY 2016

According to the above poll:

Only 11% of Hillary Clinton supporters actually like Clinton.

Only 6% of Trump Supporters actually like Trump.

According to a Fox News poll in May 2016:

61% of Americans have a negative view of Clinton.

56% have a negative view of Trump.

37% have a favourable opinion of Clinton.

41% have a favourable opinion of Trump.

Fox News Poll: Clinton's negatives surpass Trump's

Trump and his friend Henry Kissinger. THEY'RE ALL NATIONAL SOCIALISTS; TRUMP AND CLINTON...

With White voters, Trump leads Clinton 55% to 31%.

Trump pulls ahead of Clinton in new national poll

White voters like Trump's support of Israel, and Trump's attitude to Moslems.

Michael Glassner (above) arranged the deal that gave the lease of the World Trade Center to the Larry Silverstein Group.[7] Michael Glassner, formerly of AIPAC, is now Donald Trump's top political planner.

Google and the mainstream media tend to hide the anti-Trump stories about Roy Cohn, Jeffrey Epstein, 'Katie Johnson' and Trump's links to Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission.


Trump "receives glowing press from Israel Hayom, Adelson's ultra-right-wing daily newspaper."

Sheldon Adelson supports Trump.


Here is what we wrote on 12 May 2016:

On 6 April 2016, the Australian politician Crispin Rovere pointed out that Donald Trump is a Nixon-Kissinger Realist.

One could say that Kissinger is a realist when it comes to Clinton?

The latest Quinnipiac poll, May 2016, shows that in Florida and Pennsylvania, Clinton is ahead of Trump by only 1%.

Clinton 43% - Trump 42%.

Clinton is in trouble, as she has to win in Florida and Pennsylvania.

Trump is now ahead in Ohio.

Trump and Kissinger.

Back in 1969, much of the American public was fed up with 'interventionism'.

The Powers-That-Be got Nixon to pretend to be the friend of the non-interventionists.

Nixon got elected as president, in 1969.

In 1969, Nixon delivered a speech in Guam, and summarized what became known as 'the Nixon Doctrine':

"I want to be sure that our policies in the future, all over the world ... reduce American involvement."

To many, 'the Nixon Doctrine' meant Isolationism.

Donald Trump is a Nixon-Kissinger Realist

Donald Trump .

But Nixon, and his mate Kissinger, carried on with the war in Vietnam until 1973.

Trump isn't an isolationist.

He has admitted that he would bomb Syria, and put boots on the ground in Syria and in Iraq.

Trump and Kissinger both have German-Jewish origins, reportedly.

In a poll in early May 2016, 41% of 'likely' voters support Clinton, and 40% support Trump, with 19% undecided.

One might expect most of the 'undecided' to eventually opt for Clinton?


A Los Angeles Times poll from March 2016 found that eight out of 10 Sanders supporters would vote for Clinton - however reluctantly.

But at the Sacramento rally in May 2016, fewer than half of the 22 Sanders' supporters spoken to by the Guardian said they would even consider voting for Clinton if Sanders was not the nominee.

Several would write in Bernie Sanders instead - or vote Green, or simply not vote at all. 

Three indicated they would go as far as voting for Trump - and one said that faced with a choice of Clinton or Trump, he would move to Britain.

What if Kissinger and the Powers-That-Be see Hillary Clinton as being the unpopular Hubert Humphrey and Donald Trump as being the more popular Richard Nixon?

Kissinger, when asked about Trump said: "Well, I like Donald Trump. I know him personally....

"China ... If they challenge our fundamental interests, we're going to confront them."


What surprises might there be between now and November 2016?

A lot will depend on the economy.

BELOW, is what we wrote earlier:

In a 4 May 2016 CNN/ORC Poll Clinton leads Trump 54% to 41%, a 13-point lead, her largest lead since last July 2015.

Clinton is also more trusted than Trump on many issues voters rank as critically important, with one big exception. 

By a 50% to 45% margin, voters say Trump would do a better job handling the economy than Clinton would.

Sanders would beat Trump 51-to-38 percent, based on aggregated polling data on the Huffington Post.

"U.S. political analysts say the last quarter century of presidential elections also would seem to favor Clinton. 

"One map showed this week that to win the presidency, she would need only to capture 20 of the country's 50 states in November's national election against Trump, the 19 that have voted for Democratic candidates in the past six presidential elections, plus the large southeastern political battleground state of Florida, where one poll shows her ahead of Trump by 13 percentage points."

On 2 May 2016, a rogue Rasmussen poll had Clinton and Trump tied.

Rasmussen Reports gave voters the option of staying home on Election Day if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the big party nominees, and six percent (6%) said that’s what they intend to do for now. 

Clinton and Trump were tied with 38% support each; 16% said they would vote for some other candidate, and two percent (2%) were undecided.

Below, you see what we wrote earlier:

2 Apr 2016

In recent Trump versus Clinton polls, Trump  trails Clinton in every key state, including Florida and Ohio.

Clinton leads Trump by double digits in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Politics|Electoral Map Is a Reality Check to Trump's Bid

Clinton is not popular with many 'swing voters', but, Trump is unpopular even with lots of republican voters.

Trump could turn otherwise safe Republican states into tight contests. 

Politics|Electoral Map Is a Reality Check to Trump's Bid

The people who hate Trump the most include large majorities of women, nonwhites, Hispanics, voters under 30 and those with college degrees. 

Among independents, 19 percent have a favorable opinion of Trump, but 57 percent view him unfavorably.

Trump is viewed unfavorably by a majority of whites without college degrees.

With white women, 23 percent view Trump favorably, while 54 percent have an unfavorable opinion of him. 

Neil Newhouse, a veteran Republican pollster, says: "In the modern polling era, since around World War II, there hasn't been a more unpopular potential presidential nominee than Donald Trump."


The share of Americans with an unfavorable view of Trump: 

68% in the most recent Bloomberg poll, 

67% in the CNN/ORC survey, 

67% in the ABC/Washington Post poll, 

65% from Gallup.

Having a positive view are 23% of women and 36% of men, Gallup found.

Donald Trump is now the least popular American politician in three decades.

Conclusion - Trump is deliberately trying to help Hillary Clinton to win.

Donald Trump Won't Rule Out dropping Nuclear Weapons on Europe.

Trump has been trying to lose.

The Powers-That-Be want to keep the USA as a right-wing state that helps the rich to rob the poor.

- You actually think that socialism is anything other than a colossal failure everywhere its been tried.

You actually think that Capitalism is anything other than a colossal failure everywhere its been tried.

"The world's wealthiest 62 people now own as much as the poorest half of the planet's population."

"The richest 1% now own as much as everyone else put together."

global inequality.

Countries such as Singapore, Norway and Switzerland are part capitalist and part socialist. We are talking about "borderline socialist states, with generous welfare benefits and lots of redistribution of wealth." The World's Happiest Countries - Forbes. All of the above countries are wealthier than the USA.

Many American voters have been brainwashed into thinking that only extremist Capitalism works.

What does moderate socialism mean?

1. Regulation of dodgy banks and dangerous corporations.

2. A social security system that looks after the handicapped.

3. Decent public transport.


In the early 1900s, socialists led the movements for votes for women, child labour laws, consumer protection laws and the progressive income tax.

The UK is mainly Capitalist.

Patricia rents a small flat in a poor area of London London.

Patricia gets up at 3.30am, and then catches the first of three buses to take her to work.

Patricia works seven days a week as a cleaner.

Patricia's last day off was in December 2015.

Patricia has been earning £6.70 an hour.

She works for a cleaning company and cleans toilets, dishes and carpets.

Dawn workers forced to clean toilets seven days a week / UK companies look for loopholes around living wage

Big capitalist corporations receive billions annually from governments "under the guise of stimulating job growth."

Moderate socialism/capitalism is not necessarily problematic.

Support for torture in US grows to 63 percent – poll

Miscarriage of Justice in America - Ivan Teluguz 

Donald Trump Foreign Policy Team Member Connected to Offshore Gas Drilling in Israel

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