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Israelis Celebrate ISIS(False Flag) Attacks On Brussels,Belgium

Israelis Celebrate ISIS(False Flag) Attacks On Brussels,Belgium


Israel rejoiced at many attacks

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Syrian activist Mimi al-Laham uploaded to Twitter yesterday screenshots Israelis shocking reactions related to the Brussels attacks.
Hebrew-speaking left-wing turning social media messages Israeli Jews consider attacks as legitimate, because the victims were non-Jews.
israel in Brussels
Liat Mamus: "I'm actually happy about this. Now the world to realize how much we [Jews] suffer every day. Thank the Lord that none of us [Jews] did not hurt. "
Ariel Portinasky: "Let them explode into pieces, because they do not care about us [Jews]. Let them experience it, which we also had to endure. European Jews are hateful filth. Sending Breaking the Silence [Israeli war crimes documenting NGO] Belgium, together with all other Israel-haters.Have a nice holiday! "
Shai Levi: "As fate would! Europe will have to pay a high price! "
Nachum Pizem: "As many Europeans have to die. Europe is responsible for the murder of millions of Jews. I do not pity them. They are evil and ruthless people-goy [non-Jews, the Hebrew word for goy means also "tuholaisparvea" and "herd animal". Eng. Note.]. "
Avi Aziz: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! This is not the creator of Karma, but Revenge! "
Yaniv Hadad: "ISIS arranged for us the great gift of Purim celebrations. Belgium was a great destination. Next to bombard Sweden as punishment for their lutkamaisen Foreign Minister'sactivities. "

ISIS to implement the "Gentiles" mass murder

Hadad refers to the traditional Jewish Purim -juhlaan. The Zionists call their enemies often "Amalek".Amalek is the Hebrew Bible character who is often identified with Israel and fight. The Jews are according to tradition, received from his God command "to destroy the seed of Amalek". This is often interpreted to mean and fight genocide.
Purim celebration joy descendant of Amalek led tens of thousands of "Gentiles" massacre, which is described in the book of Esther.
We have previously reported on by the resident of the West Bank, for example, the leading Rabbi Baruch Ephrath , "the European Islamification is a good thing," for the destruction of European identity is a fitting punishment for centuries of "anti-Semitism".
Ephrath, it is, however, important to ensure that the European Islamification incur problems, "the people of Israel," that is, Jews.

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  1. The Jew in Israel to expose the right, genuine her coat. Demonic, murderous, naked truth.
  2. Are not those "chosen people" members have promised to begin to bombard the big cities sooner or later? At least I remember a Pamela Geller wonderful issuing an opinion. There are other sure to be found. Will correct any the wiser if you went into the woods.
    • That's right.
      Leading the Jews have created the concept of "Samson option".
      Samson option According to Israel, the Jewish state, destroys the whole world, if Israel is on the brink of destruction or under threat. Wikipedia can be found from controlling the Jews, so it is not anti-Semitism, but Jews own view of the world.
      Only the Jews have presented such. No other group of people perhaps with the exception of pathological psychopaths does not behave like this. The Jews are of this type.
      Israel reveals the Jew and Judaism, and there is not beautiful things exist, only a terrifying things. It is the Jewish country, oppression and established blood, oppression, and an open wound in the history of mankind. Hopefully in the near future history, which can be in schools to teach in the style of "this happens when there is a bad person."
  3. This is a black painting of Israel! There is certainly no Jews, they do not käyttädy about!Mangneettimedia responsibility for the wrong media coverage and the defamation of Israel.God keepeth Israel from this media.
    • Welcome to the scope of the truth. Every single Jewish opinion on the above is true. And they do not even represent the opinions of extremist Jews, but the description of the so-called. "Ordinary" Jews.
      You believers are being misled. From your hand to hold the Devil himself, who whisper in your ear the wonderful things about Jews and Judaism, however, when he takes the road and for your children to destruction.
      You have the demon magic circle.
  4. I need an
    Well, what kasaarivaltio Israel might otherwise expect.


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